Printmaking Games and Toys

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People watching video game and collectible card game trends say it's art of the 21st Century. Considering this possibility, Bill Ritchie made games a "sandbox" for games to teach printmaking.

When the Internet opened up, Bill's first project was a virtual region he named "Emeralda," over-arching all his games he calls it a suite of game, Emeralda: Games for the Gifts of Life, begun in 1992. Online he mapped out a artist's paradisiacal artist's retreat where these are the norm of skillsets.

In 2004 he made "Stamps 'N Stories," on a CD/ROM set in Emeralda Region and featuring artistamps.

In 2012 he sketched "Rembrandt's Ghost" and self-published a 400-page novel for a back story.

By 2011 he had the concept for a patentable method for teaching college-level printmaking online.

Up to 2020, he continues to dream up games as user experiences for learning printmaking online.

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