Ephemera is a category of collectible art, craft and design rarely discussed outside collector's circles. These are items and artifacts of great interest insofar they are usually mysterious, arcane things that only creative artists know about and use. Bill's printing plate, which he framed in written, fragmentary exchanges with one of his mentors, Rolf Nesch, in 1969-1972, is an example of ephemera.

Icarus from Planet of the Apes view 1 by Walter Cotten  Icarus from Planet of the Apes view 2 by Walter Cotten
Icarus, perhaps the original spaceship for making the film, "Planet of the Apes," scenes
from which Bill Ritchie made numerous prints. These are from slides taken by Walter Cotten
which he mailed to Ritchie sometime around 1982. Rumor has it that the sign was blown
down by a windstorm, and the wreckage' whereabouts is still unknown. Bill asks anyone
who knows to please contact him.

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