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Matilda, at age 12, trying out the printmaking camp and making a relief print. Click on GO and see a video of Matilda working.

Printmaking experiences for in school, after-school, summer vacations, home school or anytime learning, PrintmakingCamp is a program of support for intaglio printmaking which includes a real etching press. See the printmaker chest in the video that may have everything you need to be a printmaker. Professor Bill Ritchie is constructing a Website for PrintmakingCamp.


In this video you see the first PrintmakingParty by Bill Ritchie, which was in the demonstration room at Daniel Smith Inc. in Seattle, 2010.

Similar to PrintmakingCamp but primarily a get-acquainted program, PrintmakingParty is a fun way for people to try their hand at intaglio printmaking. All you need is a few Halfwood Presses and a space. It's like a Tupperware Party without the plastic.