Bill Ritchie - Teaching and work experience

1992-present - Owner, Emeralda Works, SEATTLE/USA
1998-1999 Consultant, Dental Practice Technologies, Lake Union Dentistry, SEATTLE/USA
1990-1992 CEO, Ritchie's, Inc., SEATTLE/USA
1985-1990 Visiting Faculty of Art, The Evergreen State College, OLYMPIA/USA
1985-1990 Teaching (Temporary), Cornish College of Art, SEATTLE/USA
1985-1990 Adjunct faculty of Art, University of Oregon, EUGENE/USA
1985-1990 Consultant, Devereux Designs, Ltd. and Project Director, "Colorline", SEATTLE/USA
1985-1990 Owner, Ritchie's Perfect Studios, SEATTLE/USA
1966-1985 Professor, University of Washington School of Art, SEATTLE/USA
1966 Instructor, College of Notre Dame, BELMONT/USA
1966 Teaching Assistant, Art department, San Jose State University, SAN JOSE/USA