Bill Ritchie - Professional development, conferences, displays

1999-Present “Inventing Emeralda: Games for the Gifts of Life”, Private enterprise, SEATTLE/USA
1999 “Founder Member of Digital Media Alliance”, Washington Software Association, BELLEVUE/USA
1998 “Founder Charter Member”, US Tech Corps, SEATTLE/USA
1993 “Associate Development”, Emeriti Placement Program, BUFFALO/USA
1992 “Participant”, International Interactive Communications Society, BELLEVUE/USA
1991 "Computers and Creative Process", Traveling Exhibition. U of O, EUGENE/USA
1988 “IIC Society Interactive Multimedia Art Show”, SEATTLE/USA
1988 “National Speakers Association Conference”, ATLANTA/USA
1988 “CD/ROM National Conference”, Microsoft Corporation SEATTLE/USA
1988 “CD/ROM Publisher's Club Portfolio Fund”, SEATTLE/USA
1987 “Computer Graphics Conference”, Northwest Print Council, PORTLAND/USA
1987 “Annual Conference” Northwest Print Council, PULLMAN/USA
1987 "Computer as Drawing Tool", American Art Company Gallery, TACOMA/USA
1986 “Video Archive 1970-86”, University of Washington, SEATTLE/USA
1986 "Tech Art", North Seattle Community College Art Gallery. SEATTLE/USA
1985 "Video and Media Arts", Wekell Gallery Multimedia, PLU, TACOMA/USA
1985 "Computers and the Creative Process", Traveling Exhibition. U of O, EUGENE/USA
1984 "Compufair '84", Workstation display and lecture, SEATTLE/USA
1984 "Computer Graphics", TACOMA/USA
1984 "Computer Graphics", PORTLAND/USA
1984 "Computer Art: C. T. Chew & Bill Ritchie", Davidson Gallery, SEATTLE/USA
1984 "Our Own Cliches" (with C. T. Chew), The Evergreen State College, OLYMPIA/USA
1983 “Fifteen-nation Sabbatical” WORLDWIDE
1983 “International Papermaking ERC” KYOTO/JAPAN
1982 "Six Male Storytellers North of Tukwila", Pacific Lutheran U., TACOMA/USA
1981 “New Printmaking Technologies”, World Print Council, SAN FRANCISCO/USA
1981 "VideoSpace 300", Gallery Iteza, KYOTO/JAPAN
1981 "Clinton Street Series", The Media Project, PORTLAND/USA
1980 "Image: Artist/Machine", Henry Gallery, SEATTLE/USA
1980 "Seattle Video (with Norie Sato)", Anthology Film Archives, NEW YORK/USA
1980 "Three Seattle Video Artists", Vancouver Art Gallery, VANCOUVER/CANADA
1980 "New Seattle Video", NW Film Study Center, PORTLAND/USA
1980 "Athens Video Festival", ATHENS/USA
1980 "Local Produce", And/Or and High Hopes Productions, SEATTLE/USA
1980 "Inserts", Seattle Video Art in Public Places Project, SEATTLE/USA
1979 "Project: Video", Museum of Modern Art, NEW YORK/USA
1979 "Direct from New York", And/Or Gallery, SEATTLE/USA
1979 "Seattle Video", Traveling Group Show: And/Or SEATTLE/USA
1979 "Seattle Video", Traveling Group Show, P.S.1 NEW YORK/USA
1979 "Seattle Video", Traveling Group Show, Media Study BUFFALO/USA
1977 "Invitational Video Exhibit", Galleri Paloma, STOCKHOLM/SWEDEN
1977 “The Wave Square”, Bumbershoot Installation, SEATTLE/USA
1977 "Vintage Video", And/Or Gallery, SEATTLE/USA
1977 "Video Landscape", Seattle Public Library SEATTLE/USA
1976 “Professor Sabbatical”, Tokyo, Kyoto, and US, TOKYO/JAPAN
1976 "Target and Reflection", Installation, And/Or Gallery, SEATTLE/USA
1976 "Video Art Group Show", And/Or Gallery, SEATTLE/USA
1975 "International Video Exhibition", Center of Art and Communications, BUENOS AIRES/ARGENTINA
1974 "Video Art Month" KCTS Telecast, Channel 9, SEATTLE/USA
1974 "First Northwest Film and Video Festival", Portland Art Museum, PORTLAND/USA
1974 “National Center for Experiments in TV Intern”, SAN FRANCISCO/USA
1974 “Global TV Conference Electronic Concert”, SMU, DALLAS/USA
1974 "First Northwest Film and Video Festival", Portland Art Museum, PORTLAND/USA
1973 “Live Video Art Studio” Bumbershoot Art Fair SEATTLE/USA
1971 "Temporary Print Center", (Director) Henry Gallery Installation, UW, SEATTLE/USA
1969 "Prints/Multiples", (Director) Henry Galllery Exhibition, UW, SEATTLE/USA
1969 “Study with Rolf Nesch”, AL/NORWAY
1969 “Artist-Scholar in Residence”, Munch Museum, OSLO/NORWAY