Bill Ritchie - Newspaper, magazine inclusions

15/09/02 "Nurturing an artistic future for Uptown", Queen Anne & Magnolia News, Seattle WA
14/06/15 "Chocolate Ink lets printmaker eat his own words", Cowichan News Leader, Duncan, BC
13/06/15 "Mini Press wins Design Award", Printmaking Today, Witney, Oxon, UK
13/04/15 "36 Small Paintings About James Joyce", Seattle Weekly, Seattle, WA
05/05/01 "Seems like some people never stop…", TIAA/View, New York, NY
02/06/05 "Technology puts its stamp on art in Bill Ritchie's work", Queen Anne / Magnolia News, Seattle WA
00/10/18 "Former Wapato resident opens Seattle Art Gallery", Wapato Review & Independent, Wapato, WA
00/09/07 "The Art of Selling Art". Review by William Eickhorst, Editor, Artist's Proof.
91/11/01 "The IBIS Experiment: 10 years after" IEEE Computer Graphics Magazine, (location unknown)
91/04/01 "Dialogs." Spring  Issue. Visions Magazine, (location unknown)
89/05/08 "An artist who means business", The Seattle Times, Seattle
87/11/08 "The computerized palette", The News Tribune. Tacoma, WA
87/04/00 "An Artist Speaks: Bill Ritchie", Artist Trust Newsletter, Vol. I No. 1, Seattle
86/10/19 "Artists use video medium to communicate their message", Journal-American, Bellevue, WA
86/04/11 "Printmaking exhibition reveals individuality and vitality", Seattle Times, Seattle
86/03/01 "Drawing Power: When artists meet computers, the possibilities are electric", Pacific NW Magazine, Seattle
86/03/04 "Tech Art comes to North Seattle CC", Community Newspaper, Seattle
85/11/01 "PLU gallery features first video art exhibit", Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA
85/05/17 "Art prof uses TV for his canvas", The Daily, UW, Seattle
85/04/18 "Video art is more than MTV says art professor Ritchie", University Week, UW, Seattle
85/03/00 "Editorial: The marriage of high tech and art", Northwest Computer News, Seattle
85/02/00 "Editorial", Northwest Computer News, Seattle
85/01/05 "Art in the Lobby", Arts Line, A Contemporary Theater (ACT), SEATTLE/USA
84/11/26 "Former CWU student returns for art lecture", Daily Record, Ellensburg, WA
84/06/24 "Painting at the Speed of Thought", Everett Herald Venture Magazine, EVERETT/USA
84/03/30 "Gallery features special presentation", The Daily Record, Ellensburg, WA
84/03/01 "The Northwest Collection", The Arts, King County Arts Commission, Seattle
82/05/22 "The challenge of new technologies", Artweek, San Francisco, CA
82/04/09 "MSU hosts print seminar", Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Bozeman, MT
82/02/00 "Cover", Madison Park Post, Seattle
82/01/10 "Diversity by Four Printmakers", Northwest Magazine, PORTLAND/USA
81/12/00 "The Post's Incomplete Gift Guide", Madison Park Post, Seattle
81/12/06 "Artists turn old Seattle buildings into economical studio space", Seattle Times, Seattle
81/10/25 "Japanese influence is elusive element in Northwest art" The Seattle Times
81/08/25 "Summertime Blues: The art of the cyanotype", The Weekly, Seattle
81/08/08 "Cyanotype shows brilliance of blue", Seattle P-I, Seattle
81/04/24 "Boob Tube Art", Argus, Seattle
80/09/21 "Technology Serves Their Art", Seattle P-I, Seattle
80/03/29 "Information Through Topology", Artweek, San Francisco, CA
80/03/00 "Bill Ritchie, Norie Sato, Alan Lande", Artweek, San Francisco, CA
80/03/23 "Bill Ritchie: Art in the Eye of the Hurricane", Seattle P-I, Seattle
80/02/03 "Artists exploring new forms for the video tool", Seattle Times, Seattle
79/07/00 "Video artist to judge show", Renton Record-Journal, Renton, WA
78/06/00 "New Video Production Facility Opens", The Arts, King County Arts Commission, Seattle
78/03/00 "Vintage Video: a look at our `Roots'", And/Or Members Notes, Seattle
78/02/13 "The Tube's Getting Arty", Seattle P-I, Seattle
77/10/28 "Best Bets", Seattle P-I, Seattle
77/10/07 "Former students exhibit art in Sarah Spurgeon Gallery", Ellensburg Daily Ellensburg, WA
77/10/01 "Video Art Goes Northwest", Videography, October, NEW YORK/USA
77/06/05 "Footprint", Seattle Times, Seattle
77/06/01 "Bill Ritchie: The Leap from Print to Video", Videography, NEW YORK/USA
77/06/05 "Movie Notes", Seattle Times, Seattle
77/05/22 "The Trouble With the Northwest Exhibition", Seattle P-I, Seattle
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76/09/16 "New press goes into operation", (caption) The Anchorage Times, Anchorage, AK
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76/07/04 "Prints Are Everywhere, Even Seattle", Seattle P-I, Seattle
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76/03/13 "Seattle Printmakers", Artweek, San Francisco, CA
76/03/07 "Seattle's Revolution in Printmaking", Seattle P-I, Seattle
76/02/27 "Gallery celebrates printmaking--14 times", Seattle Times, Seattle
76/01/10 "Library has top-quality Bill Ritchie Exhibition", Everett Herald - Panorama, Everett, WA
75/10/23 "Bill Ritchie art in exhibition in Oslo", Queen Anne News, Seattle
75/10/14 "Gets Bid to Norway", Seattle Times, Seattle
75/03/09 "What makes an `original print' original?", Seattle Times, WA
75/02/25 "PANACA shows videotapes", Seattle Times, Seattle
75/02/21 "Printmaking show, demonstration set", Bellevue American, Bellevue, WA
74/00/00 "Former student to show art", Ellensburg Daily Record, Ellensburg, WA
74/08/21 "$3,000 grant for printmaker", Seattle Times, Seattle
74/05/02 "New channels for video art", Seattle Times, Seattle
74/04/03 "Ritchie exhibits work at Central", The Herald Republic, Yakima, WA
74/03/28 "Central Graduate to present art exhibit", Crier, CWSC Student paper, Ellensburg, WA
74/03/00 "Alumn Art Show Due", Central Today, CWSC Alumni Newsletter, Ellensburg, WA
74/03/15 "Ritchie to talk about prints", Seattle Times, Seattle
73/09/02 "Four Lane movies win top awards", Register-Guard, Eugene, OR
72/11/17 "The Visual Arts", Seattle Times, Seattle
72/00/00 "Bill Ritchie: Guest artist", Prosser Record-Bulletin, Prosser, WA
72/03/07 "Art--a continuing process?", Everett Herald, Everett, WA
72/02/27 "Landscapes of a different sort", Seattle P-I Book World, Seattle
72/02/24 "To Speak on Graphics", Mercer Island Reporter, Mercer Island, WA
72/02/21 "Gallery Features 2 Exhibits", Tacoma News Tribune, Tacoma, WA
72/02/27 "Can `Newsweek ' be Art?", Seattle P-I, Seattle
72/02/20 "Will the real Harris Sweed please stand up?", Seattle Times, Seattle
72/02/13 "Space Mouse", Seattle P-I, Book World, Seattle
71/11/07 "A Bunch of Munch: A joint lecture by professors Ritchie and Lundin", Seattle Times
71/10/25 "Art Notes: Joint lecture by professors Ritchie and Lundin", Seattle Times
71/03/21 "Printmaking -- A Fortunate Marvel", Northwest Today, Seattle PI, SEATTLE/USA
71/01/24 "Personal, popular artists in new shows", Seattle Times,
71/01/17 "At Seders Gallery", Seattle Times
71/01/09 "Printmaker Bill Ritchie at Seders", Everett Herald, Everett, WA
71/01/08 "A one-man showing ...", Seattle P-I
71/04/05 "Sixteen artists represented in April show at gallery", Bellingham Herald, Bellingham, WA
70/09/04 "The Fine Art of Printmaking", Alaska Daily News, Anchorage, AK
70/09/01 "Skills Develop At Print Making Workshop", Anchorage Daily Times, Anchorage, AK
70/08/11 "Prints headed for Japan", Seattle Times, Seattle
69/00/00 "Ritchie's `Three Targets Three Trees' a Puzzlement", Seattle P-I, Seattle
69/12/00 "Boundaries Disappear from World of Prints", Seattle Times, Seattle
69/12/00 "The Appreciation of Prints", Everett Herald, Everett, WA
69/12/00 "Print Exhibit Previewed", Seattle Times, Seattle
69/12/00 "Ex-Yakimans stage exhibit in Seattle", Yakima Herald, Yakima, WA
69/11/30 "Let Each Print Speak For Itself", Seattle P-I, Seattle
69/11/12 "Creativity `Back Stage'", Seattle P-I, Seattle
69/11/14 "New Wave' Graphics in Henry Show", Daily, UW, Seattle
69/02/16 "Bill Ritchie on Target At Maple Valley Library", Auburn Globe-News, Auburn, WA
69/01/25 "Young Artist Has One-Man Show At Seligman Gallery This Month", Everett Herald, Everett, WA
69/01/15 "Ritchie Hits Targets In Show at Seligman", Seattle Times, Seattle.