Bill Ritchie - Events, public speaking, workshops

2008 "Workshops and Lecture series," Baker University and three public schools, Baldwin City, KS
2007 "Seattle Print Fair," International Fine Print Dealers Association, Seattle, WA
2006 "Seattle Print Fair," International Fine Print Dealers Association, Seattle, WA
1998-1999 - "Dental Office Technology Development," Lake Union Dentistry, Seattle, WA
1998 "Emeralda: Gamification for life," UW Graduate Seminar, Seattle WA
1998 "Computers in the Arts," Amrican Association of University Women, Seattle Chapter, Seattle WA
1992 "Cross over the bridge: Use of computers as artists' tools," Distinguished Artists Series, UNLV, Las Vegas, NV
1991 "Artists' Self-Publishing," Artists Equity, Seattle Chapter, Seattle WA
1991 "Educational videotape and book production," Kuroiwa-Leonard Media Arts, Seattle, WA
1991 "Multimedia Roots", Nine-One-One Media Center, Seattle, WA
1991 "Marketing with Multimedia", Independent Computer Consultants Association National Convention, Seattle (Chapter Keynote), Seattle, WA
1991 "Focus on Interactive Art," First annual art show, International Interactive Computing Society, Seattle, WA
1990-1988  "Consulting Service and Video," Colorline Design Communication Network, Seattle, WA
1990 "The Perfect Studios", Western Washington University, Center for Apparel Design and Fashion Marketing, Seattle, WA
1990 "Colorline: CAD and Marketing," American Society of Interior Designers National Conference, Atlanta, GA
1989 "Media and Medium," Artists Equity, Seattle Chapter, Seattle, WA
1988 "CD/ROM Publisher's Club," Co-founder with C. T. Chew, Seattle, WA 
1988 "The Art of Selling Art," Seattle Co-Arts, Edmonds, WA
1988 "The Art of Selling Art", University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
1988 "Art of Selling Art Booksigning," Elliot Bay Book Co., Seattle, WA
1988 "On Artists Selling Art," Artists Equity chapter meeting, Seattle. WA
1987 "Graphics consultant," Slightly West, 3rd Edition, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA
1987 "Technology and Art", Contract Award for course development, U. of W. Dean's Office , Seattle, WA
1987 "Computer Graphics from A to D," Educators' Workshop: Washington Community College Humanities Association, Seattle, WA
1987 "Printmaking Traveling Display", Washington State Arts Commission Artmobile, Olympia. WA
1987 "Bookworks Revisited," Workshop organizer for Carrión, Ulises (d), The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA
1987 "Bridges" Conference workshop, Seattle, WA
1986 "Dance Documentary," Skinner Releasing Company: Joan Skinner, Director, Seattle, WA
1986 "Art, Computers, and Printmaking", North Seattle Community College, Seattle
1986 "Art, Technology, and Human Creativity", St. Martin's College Human Creativity Conference, Olympia WA
1985 "Artist in Residence," Centrum Foundation, Seattle/Port Townsend, WA
1985 - Present, "Video Archivist, Technician and Distributor," Lisel Salzer, Seattle, WA
1985 "Barcelona Art Studios", videotape and lecture, Frye Art Museum, Seattle
1985 "Culture and Technology", Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA
1985 "Microcomputers and Arts Management", Women Painters of Washington, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA
1984 "Papermaking with Lawrence Barker," Producer, Laurence Barker Studio, Barcelona, Spain
1984 "Tea Ceremony," Mark Leonard, Producer for Seattle Art Museum Education Department, Seattle, WA 
1984 "Video Artists Compilation," for the Henry Art Gallery, UW, Seatle, WA
1984 "Online Marketing Consultant," Cerulean Blue, Inc., Seattle WA
1984 "Information Technology", Fred Meyer Foundation Proposal, Office of the Provost, UW, Seattle WA
1984 "Computers and Introduction to Media Arts: A Curriculum Proposal", UW Art School, Seattle, WA
1984 "Art and Technology Lecture", Hosted Case Western University Professor Miriam Levin, UW, Seattle, WA
1984 "Aesthetics and Art: Aesthetics of Computer Graphics", Tacoma Community College Honors Colloquia, Tacoma, WA
1984 "Corn, Peas, and Perfect Studios", Central Washington State University, Ellensburg, WA
1984 "Evergreen Expressions Arts Symposiums", The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA
1984 "Munch, Micros, and MacRitchies", Personal Computer Fair, Seattle Center, Seattle WA
1984 "Video: My Art," Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA
1984 "Pinhead Printmaking", Book Arts Guild, Seattle WA
1984 "Computer Artist-in-action," Personal Computer Fair, Seattle Science Center, Seattle WA
1983 "Art and Time", School of the Art Institute, Chicago, IL
1983 "Guest Artist", Cornish School of Allied Arts, Seattle, WA
1983 "Guest Artist", Gallery Nishida Contemporary Seminars, Nara, Japan
1983 "Guest Artist", Melbourne State College, Melbourne, Australia
1983 "New Works: Lithos and Cyanotypes", Rockford College, Rockford, IL
1983 "Sabbatical on Video", UW School of Art, Seattle WA
1983 "Video in Seattle", Gallery SCAN, Tokyo, Japan
1983 "New printmaking technologies: Global trends," University of Washington: Sabbatical Report 35-hour videotape, Seattle, WA
1983 "Screen stretching technique," Producer, Garry Coleman, Technic Art, Sydney, Australia
1983 "Video artists survey: Seattle," Il Bisonte International Graphics School, Florence, Italy
1983 "Video artists survey: Seattle," Gallery Nishida, Nara, Japan
1983 "Video artists survey: Seattle," Videoarte Centro, Pallazzo Diamante, Ferrara, Italy
1982-1984 "IBIS Artists Management Group," Youngman/Mathews Computer Graphics, Woodinville, WA
1982-1986 "Video 'N Print Publisher," with Marianne Hanson, Assistant Publisher, Seattle, WA
1982 "Behind Time in the Electronic Age," World Print Council Conference on New Technologies in Printmaking, San Francisco, CA
1982 "Poster Design and Technical Consulting," World Print Council, San Francisco CA
1982 "Collecting Prints and Multiples", Spectrum Series, UW, Seattle
1982 "Computer Graphics and Art Traditions", Computer Week, College of Urban Planning, UW, Seattle
1982 "Guest Artist," 6th Annual Printmaking Symposium, Montana State University, Bozeman MT
1982 "Video Art in the Northwest," Noncredit Courses, UW, Seattle
1982 "Where is the Artist in the Media Arts?" KALA Institute, Berkely CA;
1982 "Professional Practices for Artists," Producer for Ed Marquand Video, Seattle, WA
1982 "Technical Consulting," Crown Point Press, Oakland, CA
1982 "Artists Network Design Project," Digital Systems International Shuttle Corporation, Renton, WA
1982 "Video Archiving Systems," Consulting for Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA
1982 "Technical Assistance," The Kitchen, New York, NY
1982 "Technical assistant," New City Theater, Seattle, WA
1981 "Cyanotypes explained," Erica Williams/Anne Johnson Studio, Seattle, WA
1981 "Artist in the Studio", Bellevue Art Museum Docents at Triangle Studios, Seattle, WA
1981 "Art program proposal," Boeing Computer Services Facility, Bellevue, WA
1981 "Matting and Framing Graphics,' Training videos, Plasteel Frames, Seattle, WA
1981 "Dance Video Compilation," Louis Durkee: Dance Connection, Seattle, WA
1981 "Glimpses: Artists survey,"  King County Arts Commission, Seattle, WA
1981 "Technical Demonstration," Northwest Print Council, Public demonstration, Seattle, WA
1981 "Technical Demonstration," Mercer Island Arts Council, Mercer Island, WA
1981 "Technical Demonstration," Pilchuck Glass School, with Norie Sato, Pilchuck, WA
1980 "Glimpses: Making the Video", Four Lectures for the King County Arts Commission, Seattle, WA
1980  "Artists' Self-Management and Options," Cornish School of Allied Arts, Seattle, WA
1979 "Visiting Artist John Dowell, Jr.," Project Lead, UW Art School Graduate Seminar, Seattle, WA
1979  "Panelist: Artists' Survival," Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, Green River Community College, Auburn WA
1978 "Marketing with Educational Videotapes," Daniel Smith, Inc., Seattle, WA
1977 "Media Arts: Print, Video, and Multimedia", Fort Worden High School Student Workshop, Port Townsend, WA;
1977 "Equipping a Printmaking Studio,' Consultant for the University of Alaska, Anchorage, AK
1976 "Video Surprises! My work of the early 70s", Anchorage Historical and Fine Arts Museum, Anchorage, AK
1976 "Lithography Workshop Design and Implementation", Visual Arts Center, Anchorage, AK
1975 "Founding Board: Seattle Association for Media Artists", (SAMA), Seattle. WA
1974 "Alumni Lecture", Central Washington State College Alumni Association, Ellensburg WA
1974 "Media Arts in the High School", Bellevue High School Art Development Council, Bellevue WA
1974 "Video Art", Archdiocesan Commission of Sacred Art, Seattle, WA
1974 "Video Art", Henry Gallery, UW, Seattle, WA
1973 "Video Artists Open Studio," Bumbershoot `73, Seattle Center, Seattle, WA
1973 "Lithography on Stone Workshop", The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA
1973 "Art and Video", Lake Sammamish High School, Sammamish WA "Video Art", Henry Gallery, UW, Seattle, WA
1972 "Service Gallery: Stephen Hazel and Kathleen Rabel," Installation, UW Instructional Media Services, Seattle, WA
1972 "Founding Advisor: Student Printmakers Services Association", UW School of Art, Seattle, WA
1971 "Edvard Munch: Graphics and paintings," Joint Lecture, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA
1971 "Lecture: All about video art", Seattle Art Museum Couples Guild, Seattle, WA
1971 "Printmaking and Video", Henry Gallery Docents, UW, Seattle, WA
1971 "Lecture: Art and Video", Seattle Art Museum Docents, Seattle, WA  
1970-1985 - "Educational Video Productions,"   IMS, UGL, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
1971 "Temporary Print Center", (Director), Henry Gallery Installation, UW, Seattle, WA