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1991   Articles "Goal-setting," Crafts Report. November, 1991. "What you get is what you earn." Crafts Report. Oct., 1991. "Marketing is more than putting out a sign." Crafts Report. September, 1991. Crafts Report. August, 1991 "How to find your way out of a slump." Crafts Report. Jul., 1991 Crafts Report. May, 1991 "The Art of Selling Art." Artist Trust Newsletter, Spring, 1991.

1989  Museum catalog: Ritchie, Bill H. "Printmaking: Gateway to Media Art". Catalog article for New Perspectives: 100 Years of Washington Art, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma WA.

1988  Art Portfolio Ritchie, Bill, and C. T. Chew. "CD/I Folio". Four screenprints in portfolio with provenance/newsletter. CD/I Publishers' Club. Seattle. WA.

1987   Artist bookwork Ritchie, Bill. "Thirty Six Signs of the Station-points for `The Thirty Six Views of the Locus of Beauty'". Hand-made book of computer prints. Edition of 2. Collection of Keith Beckley. Seattle. WA. Newsletters

1986-1987  Newsletters: Ritchie, Bill. "Video 'N Print". Volume I, Four issues. Tabloid newsletters for Ritchie's Video. Co-published with Lynda Ritchie. Seattle. WA.

1986   "Magalog" Ritchie, Bill. "Video 'N Print Magalog". Issued once. Magazine - catalog for Ritchie's Video. Co-published with Lynda Ritchie. Seattle. WA.

1984   Artists and writer collaboration - Ritchie, Bill, and Stevan Worley. "Lunar Concerns". Broadside. Co-published with Stevan Worley, writer. Seattle. WA.

  • - Ritchie, Bill. "The Handmade Dogs". Thirty-two computer graphics paintings in inkjet print. Morgan Fairfield Graphics. Seattle. WA.

  • - Ritchie, Bill. "The Handmade Dogs". Thirty-two Ektagraphic copier prints. Loose leaf. Seattle. WA.

  • - Ritchie, Bill. "The Handmade Dogs". Thirty-two cyanotype prints. Loose-leaf. Triangle Studios. Seattle. WA.

  • 1984  Artists' T-shirt - Ritchie, Bill, and Stevan Worley. "Handmade Dogs, Be Your Own Pet". Commemorative T-shirts in limited edition. Co-published with writer Stevan Worley. Handmade Dog Productions. Seattle. WA.

  • 1984   World Travelers' Newsletter: Ritchie, Bill. "Ritchie World Travelers' Newsletter". Volume I. Five tabloid issues. Produced in Australia, Germany, Spain, Amsterdam, and the United States.

  • 1984  Artist's bookwork, Ritchie, Bill. "Daybook of the Thirty-six Views of the Locus of Beauty". Handmade, fan-folded book of computer prints. Published by the artist Carolyn Staley Fine Arts. Seattle.

  • 1982   Commemorative posters: Ritchie, Bill, and World Print Council. "New Printmaking Technologies". Four-color offset poster. West Coast Print Center. San Francisco CA.

  • Ritchie, Bill. "Cyanotypes Prints Drawings 1982," Second version. Six-color offset poster for Stone Press Solo Show. Atomic Press. Seattle. WA.

  • Collaborative art portfolio: Ritchie, Bill, Ed. "Graduated Students Folio". Portfolio of selected student works on paper from the University of Washington School of Art Printmaking Division. Seattle. WA.

  • 1981   Commemorative poster: Ritchie, Bill. "Cyanotypes 1981". First Version. Five-color offset poster. Atomic Press. Seattle. WA

  • 1980  Commemorative poster: Ritchie, Bill. "Bill Ritchie Exhibit". Hand-printed screen monotype posters for Erica Williams/Anne Johnson Gallery Solo Show. Triangle Studios. Seattle. WA

  • 1979   Artist's bookwork Ritchie, Bill. "Views of the Wave Square". Unpaginated variable editions of seven series of computer plotter drawings, 20, 36, 54, and 108 views. Seattle. WA.

  • 1978, 1979  Scroll: Ritchie, Bill. "Emergency: Sound". Scroll, 32 feet, drawing and assemblage on paper, framed in four-foot sections. Collection of SeaFirst Bank, Seattle. Triangle Studios. Seattle. WA. Collaborative

  • 1976   Collaborative artists' bookwork: Ritchie, Bill, Ed. "Graphic Video Video Graphic". Handmade, fan-folded book of prints and statements by faculty, students, and visiting artist Akira Kurosaki. University of Washington School of Art Printmaking Division. Seattle. WA. Collaborative art

  • 1975  Portfolio: Ritchie, Bill, Ed. "Student Prints: 1975". Casebound, unpaginated collection of prints. University of Washington School of Art Printmaking Division. Seattle. WA.

  • 1974  Collaborative book: Ritchie, Bill, Ed. "Book: No Title's Boring". Unpaginated bound prints and poems by faculty and students. University of Washington School of Art Printmaking Division. Seattle. WA.

  • 1971  Museum catalogue: Ritchie, Bill, Ed. "Prints/Multiples". Fifty-six page catalog for the exhibition. Henry Gallery. University of Washington and the Junior League of Seattle, Inc. Seattle. WA.

  • 1970  Collaborative book: Ritchie, Bill, Ed. "Reports from A Printmaking Seminar". Unpaginated project report. University of Washington School of Art Printmaking Division. Seattle. WA.

  • 1969  Collaborative artists' bookwork: Ritchie, Bill, and Keith Achepohl, Stephen Hazel, Charles Stokes, Kathleen Rabel. "Liners". Five-page case bound handmade book of original prints. Seattle Group. Seattle. WA. Thesis report

  • 1966   Ritchie, Bill. "An Ideography in Printmaking". Graduate thesis report. San Jose State College. San Jose. CA

  • - Ritchie, Bill. "Prints: Trees". Artists' bookwork. Fourteen-page handmade book of original prints by the artist. San Jose. CA

  • - Ritchie, Bill. "Prints: Trees". Commemorative Poster. Four-color lithograph poster for traveling exhibit in Turkey. San Jose State University, CA.

  • Included in books by other authors and publishers:

    1998 "Contemporary Printmaking in the Northwest." Lois Allan. 1997. Craftsman House. Sydney Australia.

    1992  "Who's Who in. . .." Who's Who in American Education (3rd Edition)

    1992 - 1990   Who's Who in Professional Speaking, National Speakers Association

    1991 - 1976   Who's Who in American Art, Current (18th Edition); R. R. Bowker

    1976   Eichenberg, Fritz. "The Art of the Print". Harry N. Abrams, Inc. New York. Illustration, pp. 240-241.

    1976   Schneider, Ira, and Beryl Corot, Eds. "Video Art". Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovitch. New York. NY. Illustrations, pp. 106-107.

    1974   Wadden, Doug, Ed. First Proof. University of Washington Press. Seattle. Illustration,.

    1973  Edmondson, Leonard. "Etching". Van Nostrand Reinhold. New York. NY. Illustration.

    1972   Heller, Jules. "Printmaking Today". Holt, Reinhart, Winston. New York. New York.

    Included in periodical magazines:

    91/00/00 "Dialogs." Spring  Issue. Visions Magazine.

    91/11/01   "The IBIS Experiment: 10 years after" IEEE Computer Graphics Magazine, November issue, pp. 8-9 (sidebar);

    85/01/05   "Art in the Lobby", Arts Line, A Contemporary Theater (ACT), Seattle, WA;

    85/03/01   "Drawing Power", Pacific NW Magazine. Seattle, WA;

    84/06/24   "Painting at the Speed of Thought", Everett Herald Venture Magazine, Everett, WA;

    82/08/00   "Printmakers Take a Creative Approach Toward Technology", Screen Printing (address unknown);

    82/01/10   "Diversity by Four Printmakers", Northwest Magazine, Portland, OR;

    77/00/00   "Artist' Video in Seattle", Videoscope (address unknown)

    77/10/00   "Video Art Goes Northwest", Videography, New York, NY;

    77/06/00   "Bill Ritchie: The Leap from Print to Video", Videography, New York, NY

    76/11/07   "New Ideas from Up North", Northwest Magazine, Portland, OR

    71/03/21   "Printmaking -- A Fortunate Marvel", Northwest Today, Seattle P-I, Seattle, WA 

    70/00/00   "The Print Hang-up"by David Mendoza, 1969 Director of Richard White Gallery in ThePrint Hang-up during exhibit of prints and drawings by Ritchie, Leo Kenney, Steve Hazel, Kathleen Rabel, Charles Stokes, and Keith Achepohl.

    Reviews in newspapers and newsletters:

    90/07/00   "The Art of Selling Art". Review by William Eickhorst, Editor, Artist's Proof.

    87/11/08   "The computerized palette", The News Tribune. Tacoma, WA

    87/04/00   "An Artist Speaks: Bill Ritchie", Artist Trust Newsletter, Vol. I No. 1, Seattle;

    86/10/19   "Artists use video medium to communicate their message", Journal-American, Bellevue, WA;

    86/04/11   "Printmaking exhibition reveals individuality and vitality", Seattle Times, Seattle;

    86/03/04   "Tech Art comes to North Seattle CC", Community Newspaper, Seattle;

    85/11/01   "PLU gallery features first video art exhibit", Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA

    85/05/17   "Art prof uses tv for his canvas", The Daily, UW, Seattle;

    85/04/18   "Video art is more than MTV says art professor Ritchie", University Week, UW, Seattle;

    85/03/00   "Editorial: The marriage of high tech and art", Northwest Computer News, Seattle;

    85/02/00   "Editorial", Northwest Computer News, Seattle;

    84/11/26   "Former CWU student returns for art lecture", Daily Record, Ellensburg, WA;

    84/03/01   "The Northwest Collection", The Arts, King County Arts Commission, Seattle;

    82/05/22   "The challenge of new technologies", Artweek, San Francisco, CA;

    82/04/09   "MSU hosts print seminar", Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Bozeman, MT;

    82/02/00   "Cover", Madison Park Post, Seattle;

    81/12/00   "The Post's Incomplete Gift Guide", Madison Park Post, Seattle;

    81/12/06   "Artists turn old Seattle buildings into economical studio space", Seattle Times, Seattle; -

    81/10/25   "Japanese influence is elusive element in Northwest art" The Seattle Times

    81/08/25   "Summertime Blues: The art of the cyanotype", The Weekly, Seattle;

    81/08/08   "Cyanotype shows brilliance of blue", Seattle P-I, Seattle;

    81/04/24   "Boob Tube Art", Argus, Seattle;

    80/09/21   "Technology Serves Their Art", Seattle P-I, Seattle;

    80/03/29   "Information Through Topology", Artweek, San Francisco, CA;

    80/03/00   "Bill Ritchie, Norie Sato, Alan Lande", Artweek, San Francisco, CA;

    80/03/23   "Bill Ritchie: Art in the Eye of the Hurricane", Seattle P-I, Seattle;

    80/02/03   "Artists exploring new forms for the video tool", Seattle Times, Seattle;

    79/07/00   "Video artist to judge show", Renton Record-Journal, Renton, WA;

    78/06/00   "New Video Production Facility Opens", The Arts, King County Arts Commission, Seattle;

    78/03/00   "Vintage Video: a look at our `Roots'", And/Or Members Notes, Seattle;

    78/02/13   "The Tube's Getting Arty", Seattle P-I, Seattle;

    77/10/28   "Best Bets", Seattle P-I, Seattle;

    77/10/07   "Former students exhibit art in Sarah Spurgeon Gallery", Ellensburg Daily Ellensburg, WA;

    77/06/05   "Footprint", Seattle Times, Seattle;

    77/06/05   "Movie Notes", Seattle Times, Seattle;

    77/05/22   "The Trouble With the Northwest Exhibition", Seattle P-I, Seattle;

    76/00/00   "Printmakers in current art school exhibit", Burien Newspaper, Burien, WA;

    76/00/00   "Video: State of the Art", Working Papers, The Rockefeller Foundation. New York. NY;

    76/11/00   "And/Or", The Seattle Times, Seattle;

    76/09/16   "New press goes into operation", (caption) The Anchorage Times, Anchorage, AK;

    76/09/03   "Art Review", Seattle P-I, Seattle;

    76/08/30   "Printmaker To Present Video Show", Anchorage Times, Anchorage, AK;

    76/07/28   "Winning entries selected", Anacortes American, Anacortes, WA;

    76/07/04   "Prints Are Everywhere, Even Seattle", Seattle P-I, Seattle;

    76/06/27   "`Footprint': big show of small images", Seattle Times, Seattle;

    76/03/13   "Seattle Printmakers", Artweek, San Francisco, CA;

    76/03/07   "Seattle's Revolution in Printmaking", Seattle P-I, Seattle;

    76/02/27   "Gallery celebrates printmaking--14 times", Seattle Times, Seattle;

    76/01/10   "Library has top-quality Bill Ritchie Exhibition", Everett Herald - Panorama, Everett, WA;

    75/10/23   "Bill Ritchie art in exhibition in Oslo", Queen Anne News, Seattle;

    75/10/14   "Gets Bid to Norway", Seattle Times, Seattle;

    75/03/09   "What makes an `original print' original?", Seattle Times, WA;

    75/02/25   "PANACA shows videotapes", Seattle Times, Seattle;

    75/02/21   "Printmaking show, demonstration set", Bellevue American, Bellevue, WA;

    74/00/00   "Former student to show art", Ellensburg Daily Record, Ellensburg, WA;

    74/08/21   "$3,000 grant for printmaker", Seattle; Times, Seattle;

    74/05/02   "New channels for video art", Seattle Times, Seattle;

    74/04/03   "Ritchie exhibits work at Central", The Herald Republic, Yakima, WA;

    74/03/28   "Central Graduate to present art exhibit", Crier, CWSC Student paper, Ellensburg, WA;

    74/03/00   "Alumn Art Show Due", Central Today, CWSC Alumni Newsletter, Ellensburg, WA;

    74/03/15   "Ritchie to talk about prints", Seattle Times, Seattle;

    73/09/02   "Four Lane movies win top awards", Register-Guard, Eugene, OR;

    72/11/17   "The Visual Arts", Seattle Times, Seattle

    72/00/00   "Bill Ritchie: Guest artist", Prosser Record-Bulletin, Prosser, WA;

    72/03/07   "Art--a continuing process?", Everett Herald, Everett, WA

    72/02/27   "Landscapes of a different sort", Seattle P-I Book World, Seattle;

    72/02/24   "To Speak on Graphics", Mercer Island Reporter, Mercer Island, WA

    72/02/21   "Gallery Features 2 Exhibits", Tacoma News Tribune, Tacoma, WA;

    72/02/27   "Can `Newsweek ' be Art?", Seattle P-I, Seattle;

    72/02/20   "Will the real Harris Sweed please stand up?", Seattle Times, Seattle;

    72/02/13   "Space Mouse", Seattle P-I, Book World, Seattle;

    71/11/07   "...A Bunch of Munch: A joint lecture by professors Ritchie and Lundin", Seattle Times;

    71/10/25   "Art Notes: Joint lecture by professors Ritchie and Lundin, Seattle Times;

    71/01/24   "Personal, popular artists in new shows", Seattle Times,

    71/01/17   "At Seders Gallery", Seattle Times;

    71/01/09   "Printmaker Bill Ritchie at Seders", Everett Herald, Everett, WA;

    71/01/08   "A one-man showing ...", Seattle P-I;

    71/04/05   "Sixteen artists represented in April show at gallery", Bellingham Herald, Bellingham, WA;

    70/09/04   "The Fine Art of Printmaking", Alaska Daily News, Anchorage, AK;

    70/09/01   "Skills Develop At Print Making Workshop", Anchorage Daily Times, Anchorage, AK;

    70/08/11   "Prints headed for Japan", Seattle Times, Seattle;

    69/00/00   "Ritchie's `Three Targets Three Trees' a Puzzlement", Seattle P-I, Seattle;

    69/12/00   "Boundaries Disappear from World of Prints", Seattle Times, Seattle;

    69/12/00   "The Appreciation of Prints", Everett Herald, Everett, WA;

    69/12/00   "Print Exhibit Previewed", Seattle Times, Seattle;

    69/12/00   "Ex-Yakimans stage exhibit in Seattle", Yakima Herald, Yakima, WA;

    69/11/30   "Let Each Print Speak For Itself", Seattle; P-I, Seattle;

    69/11/12   "Creativity `Back Stage'", Seattle P-I, Seattle;

    69/11/14   "`New Wave' Graphics in Henry Show", Daily, UW, Seattle;

    69/02/16   "Bill Ritchie on Target At Maple Valley Library", Auburn Globe-News, Auburn, WA;

    69/01/25   "Young Artist Has One-Man Show At Seligman Gallery This Month", Everett Herald, Everett, WA;

    69/01/15   "Ritchie Hits Targets In Show at Seligman", Seattle Times, Seattle.

    On radio, television, and cable TV

    89/03/28   "Washington: The Year 2089", TV Interview of community leaders, KCTS-TV, Channel 9, Seattle;

    88/01/15   "Painting with light", TV Broadcast program produced by Tacoma Municipal Television, Tacoma, WA;

    87/09/13   "Northwest Computing: Computers and Art", Three-person discussion with Frank Catalano, Radio KING 1090 AM, Seattle;

    85/02/04   "Good Company" Interview on computer art. KING-TV, Channel 5, Seattle;

    84/03/13   "Computer Art", Interview, KIRO TV Channel Seven, Seattle;

    83/01/26   "The Billie Karen Show: Original Prints Versus Reproductions". Interview, Radio 3AW , Melbourne, Australia;

    82/00/00   "PM Northwest". Interview, KOMO Channel Four, Seattle;

    81/01/00   "Speakout", Thirty-minute Interview, KCTS Channel Nine, Seattle;

    80/11/29   "Personality Profile: Bill Ritchie" Radio KCMU. Interview by Angela Henrick. Seattle;

    80/00/00  > "Media Art: Print", Instructional Video Series, CABLELEARN, Seattle Educational Access Consortium, UW, Seattle.

    Video Art Shows, Broad/Narrowcasts

    1981  "Clinton Street Series", The Media Project, Portland, OR; "VideoSpace 300", Gallery Iteza, Kyoto, Japan

    1980   "Image: Artist/Machine", Henry Gallery, Seattle; "Seattle Video (with Norie Sato)", Anthology Film Archives, NY; "Three Seattle Video Artists", Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC; "New Seattle Video", NW Film Study Center, Portland, OR; "Athens Video Festival", Athens, OH; "Local Produce", And/Or and High Hopes Productions, Seattle; "Inserts", Seattle Arts Commission's Video Art in Public Places Project

    1979   "Project: Video", Museum of Modern Art, N.Y; "Direct from New York", And/Or Gallery, Seattle "Seattle Video", And/Or (Seattle), P.S.1 (NYC), and Media Study Buffalo (NY)

    1977   "Invitational Video Exhibit", Galleri Paloma, Stockholm, Sweden; "Vintage Video", And/Or Gallery, Seattle; "Video Landscape", Seattle Public Library

    1976   "Group Show", And/Or, Seattle

    1975   "International Video Exhibition", Center of Art and Communications, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    1974   "Video Art Month"; telecast series on KCTS Ch. 9, Seattle; "First Northwest Film and Video Festival", Portland Art Museum, OR

    1973   "First Northwest Film and Video Festival", Portland Art Museum, OR

    Videography - 1970- 1986

    Produced over sixty videotapes on printmaking and media arts, interviews with artists, documentaries, video and computer art, co-produced by the University of Washington Instructional Media Services and Ritchie's Video.

    Acid Room Practices for Etching. Length: 17 Min. 1979 Color

    Aluminum Plate Lithography. Length: 60 Min. 1981 Color

    Art, Computers, and Printmaking. Length: 50 Min. 1986 Color

    Artists' Bookworks. Length: 30 Min. 1984 Color

    Behind Time in the Electronic Age. Length: 54 Min. 1982 Color

    Beveling Plate. Length: 19 Min. 1979 Color

    Cage, John, at Crown Point Press. Length: 45 Min. 1982 B

    Carrion, Ulises: Bookworks Revisited. Length: 37 Min. 1987 Color

    Chew, Carl: Sacrifice. Length: 23 Min. 1980 Color

    Cutting Metal Plate. Length: 43 Min. 1979 Color

    Cyanotype with C. T. Chew. Length: 30 Min. 1981 Color

    Cyanotypes: 1981 with Bill Ritchie. Length: 28 Min. 1981 Color

    Dowell, John, Jr.. Length: 57 Min. 1979 Color

    Evans/Waugh at the Whatcom. Length: 49 Min. 1980 Color

    Ferris, Suzanne, on Book Arts. Length: 30 Min. 1980 Color

    Framing Graphic Art with Tom Blue. Length: 60 Min. 1978 Color

    Hands of Carl Chew on My Father's Farm. Length: 7 Min. 1973 B&W

    Hands of Carl Chew on My Father's Farm. Length: 7 Min. 1974 Color

    How I Printed, "My Father's Farm from the Moon". Length: 45 Min. 1976 Color

    How Serigraphy was Invented. Length: 5 Min. 1980 B&W

    Inks in A Printmaking Workshop. Length: 19 Min. 1979 Color

    Intaglio Ink Modifiers. Length: 22 Min. 1973 B&W

    Intaglio Plate Making. Length: 30 Min. 1972 Color

    Intaglio Press. Length: 29 Min. 1979 Color

    It's Your Portfolio. Length: 60 Min. 1982 Color

    Kathmandu Rug with C. T. Chew. Length: 18 Min. 1985 Color

    Kurosaki Prints Again. Length: 28 Min. 1980 Color

    Kurosaki Prints!. Length: 54 Min. 1978 Color

    Kurosaki: Watercolors for Woodcuts. Length: 12 Min. 1981 Color

    Kurosaki: Woodcut Tools and Woodcutting. Length: 43 Min. 1980 Color

    Leather Roller for Lithography. Length: 20 Min. 1980 B&W

    Making A Screen for Screen Printing. Length: 30 Min. 1980 Color

    Making Inks for Printmaking. Length: 22 Min. 1984 Color

    Making Slides of Your Graphics. Length: 55 Min. 1982 Color

    Matting Graphic Art, with Nancy Mee. Length: 60 Min. 1978 Color

    Moser, Barry: A Workshop in Wood Engraving. Length: 56 Min. 1982 Color

    Never Mind the Chimes. Length: 30 Min. 1985 Color

    Papermaking with Laurence Barker. Length: 30 Min. 1984 Color

    Papers for Printmaking. Length: 30 Min. 1984 Color

    Perfect Studios. Length: 10 Min. 1989 Color

    Printmaking Videozine. Length: 30 Min. 1985 Color

    Registration of a Printing Plate. Length: 21 Min. 1979 Color

    Ritchie, Bill: Printing "The Locus and the Sea Squares". Length: 25 Min. 1982 Color

    Ritchie, Bill: Speakout. Length: 29 Min. 1981 Color

    Rolling Sorcerer I. Length: 3 Min. 1978 B&W

    Rolling Sorcerer II. Length: 3 Min. 1978 B&W

    Sabbatical!. Length: 30 Min. 1991 Color

    Sato, Norie: Nihon Chine Colle. Length: 50 Min. 1979 Color

    Scraper and Burnisher, The. Length: 20 Min. 1973 B&W

    Screen for Screen Printing, The. Length: 30 Min. 1981 Color

    Shellac Reversal in Lithography. Length: 30 Min. 1984 Color

    Smith, Dan, Makes Ink. Length: 36 Min. 1978 B&W

    Smith, Dan, Makes Ink. Length: 20 Min. 1978 B&W

    Students can Manage. Length: 29 Min. 1981 B&W

    Summers, Carol, Demonstrates. Length: 30 Min. 1985 Color

    "Technic" for Screen Stretching . Length: 23 Min. 1984 Color

    Two Screenprint Workshops:1970-84. Length: 29 Min. 1984 Color

    Van Vliet, Claire: Relief Etching. Length: 60 Min 1982 Color

    Video Dig (Length unknown) 1978 B&W

    Videoism. Length: 29 Min. 1980 Color, B&W

    Viola, Bill, at the University of Washington. Length: 46 Min. 1982 Color

    Viscosity Printing. Length: 48 Min. 1977 Color

    Yang, Janet, Prints Hanga. Length: 26 Min. 1980 Color

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