Will Engdahl

and his dogs

Will Engdahl graduated from the U.W. in sculpture and uses his art in many different projects. When I lived with him in 1982, he had constructed a birdhouse and had 150 budgies in it. Then he got into digging for quartz crystals, which are basically mini sculptures, and he spent much time collecting quartz and other gems. After and during the "quartz" faze, he got into creating fractals. A friend of his was so fascinated by his work that he created a website for it. Will's fractals can be seen by clicking here.

Now he has a fascination for husky dogs. The dogs are too funny in that they want to eat what Will eats. Will is a vegetarian and it is too weird to see the dogs eating a big carrot just like they would eat a large bone. Will can be a bit rough around the edges but overall is a damn fine guy.

Leaving for a movie His Trail Blazer
this_movie_better_be_good and_its_got_a_v8_too

Thought it was Maggie but it is Butch Charlie
good_doggie scared_of_its_own_shadow

Butch on the move Wrestling with Butch
looking_for_petting butch_could_be_in_wwf

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