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Web Posted January 04, 2000
Updated January 14, 2001

The 2050 WADA CAR Wars League is a tournament that has autoduelists around the world competing against each other for championship points. At the end of this tournament December, the participant with the most championship points will be declared the WADA World Champion Autoduelist of 2000.



The 2050 WADA Car Wars League (CWL) will begin January 01, 2000 and end on December 31, 2000.

The last day to submit results of Car Wars games for 2050 WADA CWL championship points is January 31, 2001.

February 02, 2001 (Groundhog Day in the U.S.) will be the date when the standings of this tournament are final and a champion is declared.


General Guidelines

games in the 2050 WADA CWL must have a minimum of four players for any championship points to be awarded.

Autoduelists may use four events per month to use for earning championship points in the WADA Car Wars League. A multi-round tournament is considered one event.

League members may enter several games in the same round of a tournament, but the championship points for entering an arena are only earned once per round and only the highest finish in each round counts for championship points. For example, an autoduelist places 6/8 and 2/8 in two quarter-final rounds of a tournament, places 3/6 and 1/6 in two semi-final rounds, and finishes 3/8 in the final round. This individual would earn championship points for a second-place finish in the first round of the event, a first-place finish in the second round of the event and a third-place finish in the third round. The autoduelist would have earned participation points three times because three rounds were entered.

Any type of Car Wars game can be played in the WADA CWL, however it is recommended most events should be duels, races, or scenarios. Most events should have budgets that follow one of the AADA Divisional classes listed below.
  • Division 5 ($0 -- $5,000)
  • Division 10 ($5,001 -- $10,000)
  • Division 15 ($10,001 -- $15,000)
  • Division 20 ($15,001 -- $20,000)
  • Division 25 ($20,001 -- $25,000)
  • Division 30 ($25,001 -- $30,000)
  • Division 40 ($30,001 -- $40,000)
  • Division 60 ($40,001 -- $60,000)
  • Division 80 ($60,001 -- $80,000)
  • Division 100 ($80,001 -- $100,000)
  • The rules used are up to the discretion of the event's referee and players, but WADA recommends games be operated according to the rules found in Car Wars Compendium Second Edition, Classic Car Wars, Uncle Albert's Catalog From Hell, and rules that can be found on the Steve Jackson Games Car Wars Web site.

    Variant or house rules are permitted in a WADA League match as long as all players in the game agree to those rules changes.


    Every player in a WADA League battle receives championship points based on their finishing position and the total number of players present.
    Entering Combat: [ (number of entrants + 1) - place finished ] * round of the tournament. For example, in a 10-vehicle race, the first, second, and tenth drivers that cross the finish line will receive 10 points, 9 points, and 1 point respectively for participation.
    To reward courage under fire, the top finishing drivers in every game will gain bonus points.
    First Place: 5 * number of players * round of tournament
    Second Place: 2 * number of players * round of tournament.
    Third Place: 1 * number of players * round of tournament. Awarded only if there are 6+ players in event.
    Fourth: 0.5 * number of players * round of tournament. Awarded only if there are 10+ players in event.
    Fifth: 0.25 * number of players * round of tournament. Awarded only if there are 15+ players in event.
    In a gaming group or demonstration session, the round of the tournament shall be considered as 1.

    In preliminary matches, the round of the tournament shall be considered as 1 and each successive round will increase by 1.

    In a multi-round tournament, no more than half of the players in a lower round may proceed to next higher round. If a tournament's organization does not adhere to this rule, all rounds of the tournament will be given a level multiplier of 1.


    American Autoduel Association

    AADA membership is not required to be a participant in this tournament.

    Winners of the AADA events listed below will receive bonus points to their championship point totals.
    Chapter Dueling Championship: +10
    Chapter Racing Championship: +10
    Regional Dueling Championship: +25
    Regional Dueling Championship: +25
    World Dueling Championship: +50
    World Racing Championship: +50
    If a participant wins a match that is considered both a Chapter Championship and a Regional Championship, only the 25-point bonus for winning a Regional Championship will be awarded. The winner of this type of event does not receive double the amount of participation points.

    A combatant is eligible to receive the bonuses above only once during the 2050 WADA League. For example, if an autoduelist won two Regional Dueling Championships, both of these events would provide victory and participation points (as long as the four-event-per-month limit had not been exceeded), but the 25-point bonus for winning a Regional Championship would be earned only for one of those victories.



    Questions, concerns, and comments about the 2050 WADA League should be submitted via e-mail or posted on Car Wars discussion forums.

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    November 04, 2000: Suggested by Edgar T. Lincoln of the AAIE, championship points for ties are now awarded by adding together the championship points for all of the positions in the tie divided by the number of players in the tie. Both victory and participation points are used in this formula.

    Example 1: Duelists in a three-way tie for first place in a 10-person duel would normally receive 60 (50 + 10), 29 (20 + 9), and 18 (10 + 8) points if the tie did not exist. These drivers would receive 35.67 [(60 + 29 + 18) / 3] points because of the tie.

    Example 2: Duelists in a three-way tie for fourth place in a 6-person duel would normally receive 3, 2, and 1 points if the tie did not exist. These drivers would receive 2 [(3 + 2 + 1) / 3] points because of the tie.

    This new way of scoring ties has been used to recalculate all of the events recorded in this year's tournament. The advantage of this new method is more points are earned than using the previous system where the points for one position are divided by the number of duelists.