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Web Posted March 03, 1999
Revised August 16, 1999

Participation points have been increased to be dependent upon placing. Number of events allowed for submission for WADA championship points has been increased.

The CWIN Editor discussed the idea of a WADA Car Wars League in the CWIN 02.01 article Car Wars Y2K. SWAT has discussed this idea for many weeks and is now going to start this type of tournament. There are some general guidelines presented below which will be placed on a separate Web Page for the league. Some of these rules will likely change but for now they should give the league a good start.

The 2049 WADA Car Wars League will run from February 01, 1999 and will end on December 01, 1999. Events held from January 01, 1999 to January 31, 1999 may also be used for WADA Car Wars League standings.

AADA membership is not required to join the tournament. No fees will be charged for participants. The only qualification to enter the WADA Car Wars League is to register via E-Mail with SWAT.
League autoduelists around the world will compete against each other for championship points. At the end of the Car Wars League in December, the Car Wars player with the most championship points will be declared the WADA World Champion Autoduelist of 2049.

Each autoduelist has the opportunity to earn championship points four times per month (or once per week). League athletes may earn points in local gaming group play or tournament play. Matches may use any rules, AADA-Sanctioned or variant, but it is highly recommended that games follow many of the AADA-Sanctioned Tournament Rules and Regulations: HVD/SWAT Revised Edition, a document available on the SWAT Web Site. Military weaponry and military equipment should not be used. Cost limits should not be higher than Division 30, however it is acceptible for racing events to have higher budgets, to permit players to have larger power sources, which permit higher speeds. If using a Division higher than Division, a restriction on the spaces of weaponry able to be mounted is a good idea, to promote speed over firepower. Note that these guidelines are simply guidelines. As long as everyone in a game agrees to the rules being used, WADA Car Wars League participants are free to use any rules they want in their games.

Car Wars League gamers can earn championship points entirely by playing in autoduels and races with their gaming groups or entirely by playing in tournaments. Because one of the goals of the WADA Car Wars League is to promote Car Wars, more championship points can be earned by playing in Car Wars tournaments than in gaming group competition. The WADA Car Wars League scoring system, discussed below, encourages participation in tournaments because those events will gather together Car Wars players in a region to play, which should create new friendships and more Car Wars gaming groups.

The only rule mandated by the WADA for Car Wars League games is there must be a minimum of four players in a game.

For AADA Chapter and Regional Championships (Dueling and Racing) only, the minimum number of players can be lowered to three but championship points will be given only for a first place finish and entering combat. Points for entering arenas will still be awarded.
Entering the arena (participation): [(Number of entrants + 1) - place finished] * round of the tournament   EXAMPLE a 5th place finish out of 10 entrants...[(10 + 1) - 5] * 1 = 6

First Place: 5 * number of players * round of the tournament

Second Place: 2 * number of players * round of the tournament. Championship points for a second place finish will be earned only if there are 4 or more players in the tournament.

Third Place: 1 * number of players * round of the tournament. Championship points for a third place finish will be earned only if there are 6 or more players in the tournament.

Fourth: 0.5 * number of players * round of the tournament. Championship points for a fourth place finish will be earned only if there are 10 or more players in the tournament.

In a single match, the round of the tournament shall be considered as 1.

In preliminary matches, the round of the tourney shall be considered as 1. Each successive round increases by 1.
Autoduelists may use four events per month (or one per week) to use for earning championship points in the WADA Car Wars League. A multi-round tournament is considered one event.

League members may enter several games in the same round of a tournament, but the championship points for entering an arena are only earned once per round and only the highest finish in each round counts for championship points. For example, an autoduelist places 6/8 and 2/8 in two quarter-final rounds of a tournament, places 3/6 and 1/6 in two semi-final rounds and finishes 3/8 in the final round. The autoduelist would earn championship points for a second-place finish in the first round of the event, a first-place finish in the second round of the event and a third-place finish in the third round. The autoduelist earned the entering arena point award three times because three rounds were entered.

The rules above are for the WADA Individual Car Wars League. There will also be a WADA Team Car Wars League. The recommendations above should be used but the Team League will follow the rules that follow.

Team matches should have a minimum of four players. The number of players on each team do not have to be equal. If a game has unequal teams, each team should be given an equal budget instead of each player given the same budget. For example, if one team has five players and another team has two players, each team would be given a set amount of money to purchase as many vehicles as desired. Restricting the cost of each vehicle is probably a good idea but that rule can be decided by the participants in the match.

No championship points are earned in team matches. Each game in the WADA Team Car Wars League is strictly a Win/Loss format.

Ties are not possible in WADA Team Play. If the teams determine a game was a draw, no points are awarded to either team.

Participants in a WADA Team Match do receive WADA Individual Car Wars League championship point(s) for entering the arena, but do not receive championship points for victory because the effort of the duelist was performed for his or her team.

With three or more teams, a win is given to the team that "kills" the last vehicle of another team and a loss given when last vehicle "killed". For example, a three-team match could be scored in the following manner: Two Wins to Team A, one Loss to Team B and one Loss to Team C. Another scoring system for this example could be one Win to team A, one Win to Team B, one Loss to Team B and one Loss to Team C.
Reports of an event being used for WADA Car Wars League standings should be reported to SWAT no later than 30 days after the event. Sending reports after this 30-day period, unless SWAT is contacted in advance, may result in points being reduced. A report of a WADA Car Wars League game should include the following information: After both leagues end in December of this year, the ratings of each autoduelist and each team will be calculated to determine the 2049 WADA World Champion Duelist and the 2049 WADA World Champion Team. It is possible a WADA play-off tournament for the highest-scoring Car Wars gamers and WADA chapters might be held in several years, but in 1999 such an event is not scheduled.
The winners of each event will not receive any prizes, however they will be given bragging rights for 12 months. Advertisement of those victories in every issue of CWIN during 2050 is one possible reward for the victors. Computer graphics for the winners to place on their Web Sites are also possible awards. Prizes such as gift certificates and gaming products will not be given to winners in the WADA Car Wars Leagues until the system has been in place for at least 12 months. If the demand for the tournaments increases and there are many more gamers playing Car Wars, it is possible there will be prizes for WADA competitions.
A very good question was asked on the Dueling Debate Car Wars message board about the format of the WADA Car Wars League. This question is presented below followed by responses by WADA League Officials.
I'm very excited to see how the WADA points race works out this season. There are a couple of things about it that bug me, but I think I've had enough discussion about it and want to move in to play-test. The AADA will be starting a league system of its own in the not too distant future, probably with a slightly different take on things than WADA is going to use. It will be interesting to see how thw AADA League, AADA WC Tournaments, and WADA League standings end up. I do want to make one WADA suggestion, though. How about putting a limit on the number of rounds in a tournament, or maybe a minimum percentage on advancement or a round to count as a Final? As-is I could set up a four-round tournament, and the winner of the last round would get beucoup points, even it the first three rounds didn't eliminate anybody. And if ALL the players in the first round are also in the fourth, then why should winning the last one be worth more? Make sense?
I see your point, but I still hold the old adage that people will do the right thing (You can beat me up all you want on that Philosophy another time).

So I know everyone will try and optimize how they do, but setting up a tournament where everyone in the first round makes the fourth round is absurd, and only a tactic of rules lawyers. They would all be considered preliminary rounds in that case, regardless of the title given to them.

So if you would like a hard and fast rule, here is one off the cuff that may be amended later, but I will use as a guide. For someone to get credit for going to a next "round" only half or less of the competitors in the previous round can advance. And no person can have multiple entries in the same match.

And if you play in multiple matches in the same round you only get the best outcome for credit for the round.

If it looks like a tourney was set up that wants to circumvent the rules, WADA will investigate as much as possible (i.e. contact those involved, players and refs) to determine if it was a valid match. If not, it will not count in the points standings.

There are a lot of "What if's" in the world, and I can't think of an answer to everyone of them beforehand. That's why this is a trial run for WADA . . .  just like the AADA's first attempt at running a league with new rules, it will also be a trial run.

Philip White
Seattle Washington Autoduel Team
World Autoduel Association League Official

I actually think that this sort of thing wouldn't be a huge problem, the reason:
There aren't any significant prizes (the time/money you spend playing is going to far outweigh any prizes there). Rather you are playing merely for the joy of the game and respect of other players.
If you're playing for enjoyment then that shouldn't be a problem and if you're playing for admiration, respect then no ones going to be too keen on the ppl who pull that sort of crud. I'd hope that no one is going to try that sort of bending of the spirit of the rules. Any way put in a final clause; The No-Wanker Clause: "Anyone playing not in the spirit of the game can pack up their dice and counters and go home".
Sort of like cricket when you aren't playing against Arjuna Ranatunga.

James D. Barton, Ph.D.
High Velocity Dueling
World Autoduel Association League Official 
The two WADA Car Wars Leagues are experiments. SWAT does not know if the idea of Car Wars Leagues will be successful. In order to perform a scientific experiement properly, the experiment must have a control, a process that produces results that can be predicted with excellent accuracy. The two AADA World Championship Tournaments are the controls in the WADA Car Wars League experiment. The tabletop gaming community knows how those events operate and they work fairly well. The success of the two WADA Tournaments will be measured by comparing the opinions of the events by its participants versus the opinions of the members of the two AADA WC Events.

The WADA Car Wars Leagues are entirely independent of the AADA World Dueling Championship Tournament and the AADA World Racing Championship Tournament. The WADA Car Wars Leagues are not intended to replace the two AADA WC Events. SWAT does hope that someday, if the WADA League concept is found to be useful and fun, the AADA will adapt the system for its WC Tournaments.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact SWAT via E-Mail or via posting to the Dueling Debate message board.

To all of the participants in the WADA Car Wars Leagues and in the AADA WC Tournaments, may all of your rockets always follow their targeting lasers and may your tire armors always protect their wheels.