World Autoduel Association (WADA)
WADA Car Wars League Event Worksheet

Seattle Washington Autoduel Team

Please fill out this form to the best of your ability (each game of a tournament is considered a separate event) and submit it to WADA within 30 days of the event's date. The SWAT HQ Web site will list your results within two weeks of your submission date.

Michael P. Owen

owenmp AT seanet DOT com

Event (Please specify if duel or race.):

Date (Month and Day):
Location (City, State/Province, Convention):
Referee (Name and E-Mail Address):
Host Gaming Group (Name, E-mail Address, Web Address):


Arena Name:

Total Number of Players:
Tournament Round/Level (This value is considered 1 for gaming group and demonstration autoduels.):

Special Rules (teams, off-road, ice, only one type of vehicle frame used, etc.):
Results (Please list all places, first through last. If a player is not a member of a gaming group, list the player as an independent duelist from his or her state/province. If possible, please differentiate between Firepower, Mobility, Completed, and Total Kills.) 

Player Name
Gaming Group
Vehicle Kills