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If you have an item of traffic you would like to see posted on this site, whether they be serious or not, email the design (with a description, if you want) to me at

Horse and Cart - can move 15 yd/sec. Horse: 8 hits, 600 lbs Cart: 10 hits, 2 wheels have 2 hits ea. 2 passengers, no armor, with shiny orange triangle on back.

Marathon - Several hundred runners taking up 2 whole lanes avg. length: 50 yards, when driving through, roll two dice for percentile, upon rolling less than your current speed in mph, you have hit one runner. runners: 4 hits, 150lbs, marathon can move 8 yds/sec.

(Any mass of pedestrians may use the rules above... for Mardi Gras, Rock Concerts, or Block Parties.)

Potholes - Two types, Small and Large. Treat Small as if it were a piece of debris, Large as if it were an obstacle.

Roadkill - can distract drivers..."ohh wook at the wittle dead puppy..." If within 10 yards of roadkill the driver must roll against Brains.

RV - RWD, 200hp, SR 7, TS 95, 16mpg@65, no armor. 4 passengers. Cargo: 80cf, maxload 1500lbs. $50,000 4000 lbs. 58 hits

Ice Cream Truck - Urban traffic only. One lane over contains several children if not moving. usually travels under 15 mph. Annoying repetitive dinging noise can distract a driver as per Roadkill (see above). 1 passenger RWD, 150hp, SR 6, TS 75, AC 5 (Max 9), full of ice cream and maybe $100 in quarters, nickles and dimes. No armor, 20mpg@65., cargo: 50 cf. Maxload:1,000lbs. $15,000 3,450 lbs. 30 hits.

Thanks go to Logan Taylor for these great ideas. Will be posting more traffic whenever I get them.

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