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There are a couple of things that need to be accomplished before the ground rules can be layed down.
  1. You must have a copy of the QCarz Handbook version 2.0 or higher. This handbook is available for download in both Acrobat and MS Word format. If you have any problems getting the rules, LET ME KNOW!
  2. Following the rules within the Handbook, create a character (with a brief description), and equip that character with a maximum $40,000 of weapons, vehicles, and equipment. When you create the character, be honest with your die rolls (if you don't have dice you can use the online dice server at, the die used in the game is a 10-sider). I'm not going to be too picky, but as the organizer of this PBeM I encourage role-playing characters with weaknesses. Any equipment that you will need for the "scenerio" that is not included in the rules of the Handbook will be supplied by me (ie. espionage gear).
  3. Mail the character to me, formatting does not matter except for vehicle designs. For vehicle designs follow the format described in the handbook.
Rules for the PBeM:
  1. QCarz is a role-playing game without a game master. However, this is impractacle for PBeM, because each die roll would then have to be generated online to keep everyone happy. I will do all of the die rolling... don't worry, I'm as honest as they come.
  2. A post of results will be made by me at least once every week. You can send mail to me as often as you would like, I check my mail at least once a day. The more often you all post, the more turns will be made. If you know you will be unable to post for a week, let me know. If you do not post for a week without informing me as to why, your character may meet an untimely death!
  3. If your character dies, you may start another character, but they begin with no equipment other than a pistol and the clothes they wear. The reason for introducing a character will be worked into the storyline.
  4. I will not go away! I can't stand PBeMs that fizzle out after a few weeks. This stuff is too fun! I won't change the rules, either, unless a real problem arises.

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