Nathan's WVU CSEE Web Page

Welcome to my WVU Computer Science and Electrical Engineering homepage. I spent about a week on it approximately three years ago, and did not make any changes to it, mainly due to acedemic probation (oops). Now that I'm back in the program and am a reformed student, I decided to update it just in case someone happened to stop by...

My new web page is The Hraefn's Den, located on my employer's server. I work for Literati Information Technology of Morgantown, WV.
  • The Carz Home Page. Carz has undergone both a name-change and extensive game rewrites. The QCarz Home Page contains all of the necessary information.
  • Avatar, my first home in Cyberspace
  • The WVHTC Foundation, my former employer. Note the Virtual Company logo... I wonder who came up with that?
This page was written using emacs via VT102 terminal emulation.
October 13, 1998

Reprinted by the Seattle Washington Autoduel Team, December 25, 2014