2048 AADA World Duelling Championships
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Last Updated 10 September, 2048

NOTE: Rulings in this document were used at the 2048 World Championship match, but may have been changed since then. For the current Official AADA Word on these matters, see the CWRQ.

These clarifications are presented to help players know what to expect when they arrive. Rulings are made directly from the text of SJG publications whenever possible. Wherever rules to cover the situation can not be found, a ruling is made that reflects the spirit of existing rules as closely as possible.

If a player believes the referee to be in error at any time, the player will be allowed 5 minutes to locate the rule in question in print. After reading the rule, the referee's interpretation is final.

Page numbers refer to the Uncle Albert's Catalog from Hell or the Car Wars Compendium, 2nd edition, black cover printing. Some rules answers are quoted from Autoduel Quarterly and Pyramid magazine, as well.

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