RMADA Rule Variants

The equipment on this page is currently in play-test by RMADA. It should be considered official only for those matches that specifically allow it.
See Play Test Rules
See Play Test Equipment

Play Test Rules
Miles Messervy Speed Modifiers*

The MMSM system was introduced during the High Velocity Duelling Car Wars Play-by-Email League in 1997. The rules have been in play-test for almost seven years, but they have not changed significantly in the last three or four.

The MMSM system was developed as an alternative to Car Wars Compendium's targeting modifier due to speed. The modifier is based on relative speed, and is designed to encourage not simply *going* fast, but rather carefully maneuvering to *use* your speed to the best possible advantage.

  1. Place special turn key next to each vehicle, with arrow pointing in direction of travel.
  2. Drawing a line between the centers of vehicle counters, you will note that a percentage (50% or 100%) of each vehicle's speed contributed to the relative speed.
  3. Multiply each car's speed by the percentage on the turn key, add if they're both on the blue side or both on the green side, subtract if one is blue and the other green. This gives the relative speed.
  4. Modifier is -1 per full 15 mph of relative speed and is applied to both vehicles, so there is no need to figure it again if both cars are firing.


*These rules are commonly used in ALL RMADA matches except for regional tournaments.
Multiple Movement per Phase

  1. A car is allowed to make multiple movements per phase.
  2. Maneuvers will be assigned a difficulty value equal to the difficulty of the maneuver plus the number of maneuvers preceding it.
      EXAMPLE: a D2 bend as the first maneuver is D2 + D0 since there are no preceding maneuvers, as the second maneuver = D2 + D1 (1 preceding maneuver), etc.
  3. Maneuvers can incur a momentum penalty, depending on the direction of the immediately preceding maneuver. The momentum penalty equals the difficulty value of the immediately preceding maneuver and is incurred in the following situations:
    • Current maneuver = bend
      Previous maneuver = bend in opposite direction
    • Current maneuver = drift
      Previous maneuver = drift in opposite direction
    • Current maneuver = bend
      Previous maneuver = drift in same direction
    • Current maneuver = drift
      Previous maneuver = bend in same direction
    The momentum penalty is in addition to the sequential penalty.
      EXAMPLE 1: Car M has 2 'inches' of movement. On the first inch, Car M takes a D2 bend to the right, incurring a D2 penalty. On the second inch, Car M then takes a D3 bend to the left. The total penalty for the second maneuver is D6 (D3 + D2 + D1). The car receives a total of D8 for the phase.
      EXAMPLE 2: Car A has 3 'inches' of movement. On the first inch, Car A takes a D1 bend to the right. On the second inch, Car A then takes a D1 drift to the right. Total maneuver penalty for the second phase is D3 (D1 + D1 + D1). Finally, Car A takes a D3 bend to the left. The total maneuver penalty for the third maneuver is D5 (D3 + D2). Total penalty accrued in the phase is D9.
      EXAMPLE 3: Car R has 2 'inches' of movement. On the first inch, Car R takes a D3 drift to the right. On the second inch, Car R takes a D4 bend to the left. The total penalty is D5 for the second maneuver (D4 + D1), D8 for the phase so far (D3 + D5).
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Play Test Equipment
High Torque Motors(HTM)

No longer in playtest. Published in Uncle Albert's Auto Stop and Gunnery Shop 2051 Catalog Supplement in Pyramid Webzine and considered copyrighted material. Support Steve Jackson Games and Car Wars ! Subscribe to Pyramid Webzine today!

Metal Spoiler or Airdam

No longer in playtest. See above for HTMs.
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Posted by Michael Fal, April 2001.
Reprinted and updated by the Seattle Washington Autoduel Team, January 14, 2016.
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