AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide Unofficial Addenda
Midvile, Ohio 2047 Update

Published by the HVD Car Wars Mailing List, January-February 1997
Reprinted by the Seattle Washington Autoduel Team, October 1998
Updated August 05, 2000


This issue we visit Midville, the little town that got it's reputation thanks to autodueling. The reputation, was tough, mean and with the firepower to back it up. Things have changed, no longer does this town have an easy ride, and since the last time it was visited (2039) things have dramatically changed.

Firstly a little of what happened in the past seven years. In 2041, things started to go bad for Midville, or at that stage "Crash City", the show by which Midville had become famous. The viewing audience had shifted away from this type of show, they now preferred live dueling (and got sick of the predictability of "scripted dueling"), and ratings slumped. By early 2042 this had reached a critical point, and there was talk at UBN of axing the show.  In mid-2042, someone had the idea of staging a huge live battle, where all the cast would be flown in and the action would be completely live.

However events of this magnitude are not common, and indeed UBN could have to wait months before something small happened, and they needed something big. It was decided that it would have to be staged, that is UBN would have to "encourage" the battle to take place. The battle was to be between three large cycle groups and a couple of hired guns against the MONDOs, police and autoduelists of Midville. The chance of a confrontation between cycle gangs, as well as between the MONDOs and autoduelists, was also developed. This was all done by UBN undercover agents preparing both the sides, and developing the chance of encounter. Despite all this, it was not until early 2043 that the encounter was ready.

UBN flew in four extra helicopters and ten extra vans, as well as 20 extra film crews, most of these were secret, however there were still some the television corporation could not hide. These were there under the guise of a double episode of "Crash City", as well as the filming of a 15th anniversary special even though it was another couple of years away.

On the March 15, 2043, the three cycle gangs rode into town from the southeast, expecting little trouble. Midville intelligence knew they were coming and an ambush was prepared, however Midville was only expecting one gang. What ensued was a massive firefight, during which the gangs tried to destroy as much as possible. The entire southeastern corner of Midville was destroyed as well as countless cycles and cars. On top of this, the city hall and hospital were also destroyed.  In all, 952 bodies were found, of various groups and gangs, many impossible to identify.  The battle lasted about six hours, the fires still burning and the last cyclist being rounded up 10 hours after the fight had started at about 2100 hours. UBN had the whole thing on tape, and showed the fight live as it progressed. The coverage was much like that of the late 20th century, than the modern coverage, where only the fight is showed and nothing else. Experts were flown in, and there was constant dueling and tactical comments being made by the experts in the box.

The ten-hour coverage rated through the roof, with over 50 percent of America watching this incredible event. It was also seen in 200 countries, and was the largest single ratings event, bar the final Olympic Games, in 2016. This did not transpose across to "Crash City." It still rated poorly, on top of this the residents of Midville had become suspicous of UBN, due to all this the final episode was on the 20th of May in 2043.  "Crash City" had ended and now Midville would have to stand up for itself.

The first thing to be done was the rebuilding of the city, the hospital and city hall were rebuilt first, and finished in late 2044. However there was not sufficient funds to rebuild much more, and the southeastern corner had to be left in the state it was: rubble. This was taken over by cycle gangs, those that had been almost destroyed in 2043. The police of Midville were constantly at work to keep them at bay and only in the last couple of years have they begun to make progress. The finishing of Crash City and destruction of half the city almost destroyed this town, and probably would have destroyed many weaker towns. However Midville is still around, and despite all that has happened, it looks on the up.  In the last couple of years things have improved, UBN still has an office, although it is not popular with the locals. The cycle gangs are being beaten from the south, and thanks to the "Big Fight" as it is now called, all the dregs of the city have been killed. Tourism is increasing, as repeats of  "Crash City" are played, and the town is becoming a popular stop for truckers.

Now a block by block description (to be continued in issue 2.3 FEB-1-97).


This area is still a mall, although the shops have changed from luxury clothes, toys and other non-essentials to more rural equipment. Agricultural eqipment, tools and the like are now sold there, with there still being some non-essentials, other than that the layout has
not changed.


The hospital was rebuilt in 2044. It is now better protected, with a single car protecting the hospital, as well as the Ambunaught 2031 and 15 guards. The layout of the hospital is similar, but it is now more fortified, with 8 DP, and it has three floors.


This was also desroyed in 2043 and was rebuilt in 2045 into apartment blocks to replace some of those lost in 2043.  It has four floors, and 5 DP.


This region escaped intact from 2043, except for the "Wrecked Edsel Bar," which was wrecked (again) and has never been rebuilt. The office supply is now the officed of UBN in the area, other than that the block is unchanged.


The park remains well kept, as does the museum, which was almost destroyed in 2043, and required almost complete rebuilding. The museum contains much information about the "Big Fight," and a memorial has been set up in the park for those that died.


The only part of this block to change has been the town hall, which was destroyed. A newer, more fortified hall (10 DP) has been erected. It has three bunkers on top of the original ones. The new bunkers hold VFRPs with 90 rockets and Hi-Res targeting computers. The VFRPs are controlled by a man in the bunker. The number of guards has also been increased to 15 combatants.


These buildings are unchanged.


Like Block #3, this has been rebuilt into appartments. The "Bar None" still remains here and is under the apartments. The apartments have three stories and have 5 DP.

BLOCK #9 -- mixed BLOCK

These buildings are unchanged.


These buildings are unchanged.


This area was destroyed and has not been rebuilt.


This area was destroyed and has not been rebuilt.


This issue the look at Midville will be finished with the tour moving to East and North Midville. Let's cut straight to the chase.

Again we are touring Midville, let's continue on from the East, but first a couple of words, about Steve Jackson's Midville:

"Midville is Northwest Austin.  Not really, but a modified Northwest Austin. You see, Steve Jackson, as most people know, is from Austin,
Texas, and went to the University of Texas. The store where I buy many of my games is King's Hobby. It can be found on the map of
Midville in the strip mall . . . You see, Steve was friends with the owner, Bob King, who is a friend of mine, too. Several of the other
places on the map are slightly modified portions of Austin as well."

Thanks to Thax Black <thax@yak.net> for sending this to HVD.


BLOCK #13 -- mixed block

Sam's Midville Groceries was partially damaged, but fully repaired. The only damage to the apartment was the destruction of the walled garden.  This was actually part of a revenge attack, performed about two months after the battle. This is now a memorial to those that were killed and without clones.

BLOCK #14 -- mixed block

The club and restaurant to the east are still there, but the restaurant has changed hands. It is now an Indian place, which sells a wide range of foods, from take-away / fast food in the club (south) to a fully licensed restaurant (north). The store in the north is now part of the club, being the restaurant. The house in the east was destroyed, and now has been rebuilt to become the "Rocking House" nightclub.  The nightclub was built on the original foundations and was made to look like a one-story house. As part of the entertainment the house rocks in time with the music. This is owned by the same people as the restaurant. The parking area has also been enlarged.

BLOCK #15 -- mixed block

The B.A.N.G. building was where many people died. This was one of the main targets and was defended by both MONDOs and duelists. The
building was never captured nor destroyed. However, the damage was so great that it had to be rebuilt. During this battle the two houses
were destroyed, and the warehouse partially damaged. Ed made a fortune from the fight, giving out IOUs and re-arming the town. He now owns the warehouse, and has built a substantial mansion over the site of the two houses. The B.A.N.G. shop was also enlarged as well as the County Library, which took over the barber shop. Security is very good as it is close to the gang area.

BLOCK #16 -- residential block

These two houses were completely destroyed, and are only now being reclaimed from the gangs. Gang activity was never that great here, and it is not for another few blocks south that the gangs are heavily entrenched. The houses form the three-block gap, that is no mans land and seperates the gangs from the city. This is one of the most heavily patrolled areas, and fpir police cars are on full-time guard duty in this area.

BLOCK #17 -- apartment block

The northen block is undamaged, but the southern was destroyed. It has not been rebuilt and is currently a vacant block, used as a playground by kids from the north apartments.

BLOCK #18 -- residential block

The southeast house was destroyed, but was quickly rebuilt, otherwise this block is unchanged.

BLOCK #19 -- residential block

These houses suffered only minor damaged, however only the very north house is still occupied, due to the cycle gang threat to the south.

BLOCK #20 -- residential block

These houses are empty, and very badly damaged, roofs falling in, etc. They are currently no-man's land.


This area was not badly effected, as the gangs attacked from the south, however parts were still damaged.

BLOCK #21 -- parking area

This region is unchanged and is still car parking.

BLOCK #22 -- the small arms motel

This hotel still stands even though it was badly damaged. It now caters to the many tourists that still visit and is full of nostalgia and relics of the "Big Fight," including the bullet that killed the cycle leader, James L. Brooks. UBN has no stake in this house, forming part of the compensation package to Midville. It is currently run by city hall.

BLOCK #23 -- cordray park

Many of the trees were killed, however it was quickly cleaned up and the trees are starting to grow once again.

BLOCK #24 -- maxxon charging station

This area is still the site of a large crater.  The block was blown up by the cycle gangs and left a crater 30' deep. No one has thought of what to do with this yet.


The Donut Express was another site of battle. The gangs attacked this place, knowing how much it meant to the police. The police defended it to the last man. The diner still stands and now there is a memorial to the six police that were killed defending it.


The car lot was completely destroyed, as were many of the cars. Scott had however heard wind of the battle, and drove many cars out to safety. He then returned and made a fortune selling spare parts and new cars to Midville. Seeing another opportunity, he invested all his money into a new charging station.


This is the charging station that Scott built that also has repair facilities. The block was fully destroyed and ransacked. It is unknown whether the gangs or citizens looted the block, looking for spare parts. Scott has now become one of the richest citizens of Midville, along with Ed.


The water is a little muddier but there are no real changes.


These two buildings prospered after the "Big fight. Both were barely damaged and earned massive amounts of money rebuilding and resupplying the city. The Pump became a very popular place for builders and duellers to become one of the biggest bars in Midville.


The hanger and offices were all ransacked by the citizens, once word of UBN's involvment spread. The offices are now general offices, a couple owned by law firms, banks and UBN still reatain two. The hanger is now used for the police choppers and for general public use. UBN has been all but marched out of town.


These two blocks were relatively undamaged and not much has changed, except for minor repairs to the building's exterior.

Midville hasn't changed that much. A couple of people have gotten rich (Ed and Scott), a couple lost a lot (UBN) and many died. But after all is said and done, the town still is there and the normal combats still occur. The MONDOs and duelists will never get along and the cyclists will be out of the town within six months but things are pretty much back to normal in Midville.  But remember things are always normal in Midville before something big.

I'm going to say bye to Midville for now. It was good to take a trip back down and relive some of the memories. I recommend it for a visit.

James "Dr. Death" Barton
HVD Editor