Hot Asphalt Logo Golden Horseshoe
Las Vegas, Nevada

P. 30

Owner(s): Golden Horseshoe Casino.
Administrator: Dan Yazkremski.
Cost: $80,000,000.
Seating: 20,000.
Projected PR: 1.5.
Opening Date: May 1, 2047.
AADA Affiliation: Yes.
Levels: Upper (15' tall) and lower.
Outer Wall: 30' tall, 70 DP.
Inner Wall: 15' tall, 70 DP (between levels).
Obstacles: 3* rectangles (35 DP), 4* barriers (50 DP).
Banks: D1 banks on all sides and corners.
Ramps: Eight, indestructible.
Gates: Six (25 DP, one turn to open/close).
Medical Facilities: On-site trauma center, full medical staff.
Pit Facilities: Six
Special Effects: None.

Industry Speculation:

The Golden Horseshoe is a relative latecomer to the autoduelling industry; political in-fighting and poor planning are the main reasons why. Recent infusions of new casino staff members have changed the situation. Current designs show a lavish structure displaying the same innovation and creativity as the Coliseum (Santa Fe) and Caesar's Palace (Las Vegas). The Golden Horseshoe will be the biggest arena in the city. None of the other casinos have plans to best it.
Arena Map:
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