Hot Asphalt Logo Stardust Arena - PR 1.5
Las Vegas, Nevada

P. 22

The Stardust is another glitz arena on the Las Vegas duelling scene. Outsiders be warned: The Stardust management has an elitist attitude, and only those who are deemed "socially acceptable" are allowed to duel here (translation: amateurs, politically incorrect, and unattractive people need not apply). It's hard to break in, but once you're accepted, you're on easy street. Since the arena sponsor is a global satellite news station (BGN), careers can take off in an instant . . . but they can crash just as quickly.
Arena Notes:

The arena outer and inner walls are 10 feet high and 40 DP. The six outer spikes have 1" by 1" tunnels and are indestructible. The seven interior columns are 45 feet high and 10 DP. Destroying one will make it fall in a random direction, creating a debris field 3" by 1". Anyone caught underneath a falling column will take 2d6 damage to their top armor and a D4 hazard.
Arena Map:
Stardust Arena Map - 10.1K

Arena Schedule:
Monday Closed
Tuesday Corporate Cup
Wednesday Challenge Night
Thursday Special Events
Friday AADA Divisionals
Saturday Team Events
Sunday Cycle Night

Arena Special Events:

Double Weave: Due to the Stardust's configuration, various forms of racing patterns emerge. One of the more popular forms is the "double weave" (see diagram). The first contestant to make three laps wins. No dropped weapons are allowed and offensive firepower is limited (nothing higher than 2d6 weaponry per side). Gunners and passengers are not allowed.