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Nevada is divided between the Carson-Reno Alliance and the Las Vegas Corporate. Both faction's leaders proclaim their city as the rightful capitol, and the other side isn't fit to command. Recent squabbles over resources and real estate have become small-scale battles. A state-wide civil war appears imminent. The U.S. Government has pledged to contain the war only if it spills out of the state. State Department officials are calling this a "minor local matter". Only when there is a clear winner will the Feds call for a truce and start negotiations.
Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city where money talks and losers walk. Since the Dark Years, Las Vegas has consolidated considerable power and influence within the region. The local government is controlled by a select group of wealthy and powerful industrial leaders (a syndicate-oligarchy). The more influential parts of the city are walled off and guarded. The rest is up for grabs. Tourism is heavy along "the casino strip" and museums (which are fully demilitarized).

Las Vegas has some of the richest arenas, and toughest opponents, and most amazing arenas that the country can offer. Corporate duelling is extremely popular here.

Reno is the western power nexus of Nevada's political landscape. Its government plots constantly for state-wide domination. In an attempt to thwart the growing influence of the Las Vegas Corporate (LVC), Reno joined forces with the nearby town of Carson City, forming the Carson-Reno Alliance (CRA). The CRA is in the process of building a powerful military force to defeat the LVC.

The city of Reno itself is an attractive, "family-oriented" tourist center. Security and safety are high priorities inside the business centers, but on the outside it's a social nightmare. Police units in the unlawful areas have full discretionary powers, which includes the right to be judge, jury, and executioner.
Carson City

Carson City was the "official" state capital until the Dark Years when riots and chaos changed the political power structure. Part of the Carson-Reno Alliance, its political leaders secretly vie for power in an underground (and not-so-underground) war against its arch-rival, the Las Vegas Corporate.

The town itself is quiet, peaceful, and very orderly. Dissension from the "lower ranks" is heavily frowned upon.