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Alamagordo, New Mexico

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The Scorpion Arena is a joint venture between the Air Force, the local commerce department, and private investors as a means of promoting tourism and "stress reduction". On an average night, the arena spectators are a varying microcosm of wealth, race, religion and ethnic backgrounds, all cheering and jeering as one big happy family. Arena attendance peaks at the end of each payday as rowdy soldiers search for cheap thrills and "primordial pleasures".
Arena Notes:

The outer walls are 30 feet high and 40 DP. The four interior walls (diagonal) are 20 feet high and 15 DP. The other four interior walls are 10 feet high and 10 DP. The two jumps are indestructible and are angled at 25 degrees. All arena gates are left open.
Arena Map:
The Scorpion Arena Map -

Arena Schedule:
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Amateur Night
Thursday AADA Divisionals
Friday Military Corporate Cup
Saturday Challenge Night
Sunday Closed

Arena Special Events:

None. The Scorpion Arena only runs a standard schedule of events.