Hot Asphalt Logo Sun Dog Arena - PR 0.75
Tucson, Arizona

P. 14

Under a storm of controversy, the University of Arizona's Sun Dog Arena has opened its doors to professional duelling events (as a means of raising much needed revenues). This has caused sore feelings amongst the more traditional-thinking alumni and college regents, but the lure of potential megabucks is starting to convert them, albeit slowly . Rumors of corporate bribes have been denied categorically .
Arena Notes:

The arena outer walls are 30 feet high and 50 DP. The second level walls are 30 feet high and 25 DP. The second level (shaded) is 15 feet higher than the ground level and sits upon a solid rock surface rendering it immune to weapons fire. All arena ramps are indestructible. The jumps are angled at 35 degrees and have 40 DP. The arena gates are left open during contests.
Arena Map:
Sun Dog Arena - 12.7K

Arena Schedule:
Monday Amateur Night
Tuesday Advanced Amateur Night
Wednesday AADA Divisionals
Thursday Closed
Friday Cycle Night
Saturday College Duelling or Corporate Cup
Sunday Challenge Night / Ped Wars

Arena Special Events:

Jump Jousting: This event emphasizes scoring points by kills, jumping, and hitting your opponent while "airborne" (either your opponent, you or both are in the air). Points are scored as follows:

Using a jump and landing on the second level. 1/4 point
Going from a jump to another jump. 1/2 point
Airborne hit (either you, your opponent, or both are in the air).. 1/2 point
Standard kill (both vehicles are on the ground). 2 points
Standard kill (both vehicles are on the ground). 3 points

No dropped liquid or solid weapons are allowed. Points are cumulative (i.e.-going from jump to jump while killing a ground traveling vehicle is 3.5 points). This event has a time limit of thirty seconds.