Hot Asphalt Logo Arizona Road Atlas Entry

P. 12

Arizona suffered harshly during the Dark Years. Sparse population and a weak territorial government has made the region wild and unpredictable. Fortress towns often battle one another for food and water rights. Travel here at your own risk.

Tucson can be described in three words: Fire, death and suffering. It is a miracle the town is still functioning, considering the effects of the Dark Years, the Second Mexican-American War, jefe incursions, and countless turf battles between competing city districts. While in Tucson, stay out of local politics and keep your sidearm handy. Reliable safety and lodging can only be found in nearby truck stops or suburban fort districts.

Unlike its turbulent neighbors, the citizens of Phoenix insulated themselves from the outside world during the Dark Years. After successfully repulsing several invading cycle gangs and jefe hordes, outsiders realized that Phoenix was not worth the hassle. With the outside threats gone, the city populace focused itself on culture, infrastructure, and commerce. This has made Phoenix one of the few oases within the region.

Yuma is a prime example of "might makes right". The town's wealthy retirement communities hoarded the few remaining resources and walled themselves off from the rest of the world. Bodyguards and mercenary units protect their elderly clients with ruthless dedication. This has caused considerable resentment from the town's younger citizens, but the status quo is still in check . . . for now.