Hot Asphalt Logo Firebird Arena - PR 1.5
Phoenix, Arizona

P. 18

Newly built and gaining popularity, the Firebird has acquired a reputation as a deathtrap . In most cases, this would scare off a majority of the contestants, but it's doing quite the opposite. Duellists from near and far have come to see if the Firebird's reputation is fact or just media hype. The pros tend to leave this arena alone, making it more accessible to amateurs and emerging champions. The sign-up lists are booked solid three weeks in advance.
Arena Notes:

The outer walls are 40 feet high and 60 DP. The six interior walls are 45 feet high and 20 DP (and may be set on fire). Encircling the arena are eight concrete wall bunkers. Each bunker is 10 feet high and can be used as a standard obstacle (30 DP), escape room (45 DP and can hold six people) or as an automated defense bunker (30 DP, 180-degree arc of fire, 3 spaces for weapons). Each of the 36 barrels are 5 feet tall (which blocks all but turreted fire), have 6 DP, and can be targeted at a -3 penalty. The barrels can be standard barriers or booby-trapped hazards. If booby-trapped, their area effect is 1 inch (and can deploy explosive, gas, liquid or solid ordnance). The barrels can be set on fire.
Arena Map:
Firebird Arena Map - 8.1K

Arena Schedule:
Monday Amateur Night
Tuesday Amateur Night
Wednesday Challenge Night
Thursday Cycle Night
Friday Ped Wars
Saturday AADA Divisionals
Sunday Closed

Arena Special Events:

Random Madness: One of the many reasons why the Firebird is so dangerous are its interior obstacles. Most of the time they are simple barriers, but on rare occasions, they become deadly traps.

At the end of every turn, the referee will roll 2d6 and consult the following chart.

2-4: Interior wall falls (50% North, 50% South) creating a 3" by 3" debris field. Anyone underneath will take 3d6 damage to their top armor. Dropped ordnance will be covered up or detonated (remote-controlled ammunition is immune).

5-9: Barrel explodes. Roll 2d6 for ordnance used. Burst effect is one inch.
2-3: Explosive. One inch blast/debris field. 2d6 damage to armor location(s). 1d6-1 to tire(s).

4: Smoke. Roll another 1d6 to determine the type of smoke (1-3 is regular smoke, 4-6 is hot smoke).

5: Paint.

6: Ice.

7: Flaming Oil.

8: Oil.

9: Mines. Roll another 1d6 to determine the type of mines (1-3 is standard, 4 is napalm, 5 is Spear 1000, 6 is TDX).

10: Spikes. Roll another 1d6 to determine the type of spikes (1-4 is standard, 5 is explosive, 6 is incendiary).

11: Flame Cloud.

12: Cloud Bomb Smoke Screen or roll twice.
10-12: Bunker explodes. Same as "Barrel explodes" above.

 Additionally, if an obstacle was destroyed by ramming or weapons fire, roll 2d6 and consult the above chart.