Wyoming Road Atlas Entry

P. 30

The people of Wyoming's small towns are friendly to travellers, provided they're not known criminals! Wyoming drivers seldom start highway duels and are eager to trade information on road conditions they've encountered. Native folk seldom offer personal information on themselves, and it's considered impolite to probe any deeper than what they're willing to tell you. In general, road companions can be trusted; The Code of the New West is followed closely on Wyoming's highways.

A majority of Wyoming citizens view "recreational duelling" as offensive and barbaric. Local duelling matches gravitate toward rodeo-like events as opposed to death sports. With this attitude deeply entrenched, Wyoming has the fifth lowest AADA fatality rate in North America.

Cheyenne is the only city in Wyoming with a significant interest in recreational duelling. The Holiday Park Arena is the city's only sanctioned arena and is home to the Hell-on-Wheels Derby. The Derby is also held in conjunction with the Wyoming Auto Rodeo. The Rodeo is a series of driving events designed to test the autoduellist's skills without engaging in actual combat

Laramie is the only other duelling-oriented city in the state and is home of the Laramie Double-Loop.