Westroads Arena - PR 1
New Omaha, Nebraska

P. 23

Westroads is an oddity in today's AADA arenas; it is one of the few indoor arenas in North America. Besides autoduelling, Westroads schedules a variety of concerts, conventions, trade shows and pro-wrestling matches. Considering how big the complex is, several of these activities can be run at the same time.

The Westroads has had a ragged history since its inception in 2034. The arena has had to be rebuilt twice (the first time due to an ARF attack, the second due to an over-zealous duellist carrying plastique). The current owner, Clyde "Doc" Savage, has beefed up the arena structure and its defenses. He has vowed to protect his investment at all costs.
Arena Notes:

The outer walls are 90' tall and have 70 DP. The interior buildings are 15' tall and have 30 DP. The ceiling has 100 DP and can slide open (in order to receive helicopters). The four banks are angled at 25 degrees and can be used to access the upper levels.

The cornered upper levels are 15' high and have a universal-turreted 75mm tank gun (+2 to hit, 100 DP, +2 Gunner). Each 75mm tank gun has a magazine switch and four magazines to choose from (standard, armour-piercing, APFSDS, and flame cloud).

Anyone brave enough (or foolish enough) to go off the banks and onto the maintenance buildings may do so, but at the risk of falling through the ceiling! Roll 1d6. Vehicles weighing between 2,000 to 6,000 lbs. have a 1-2 chance of falling through. Vehicles weighing over 6,000 lbs., but under 7,200 lbs., have a 1-3 chance of falling through. Any vehicle over 7,200 lbs. will automatically fall through. Vehicles weighing less than 2,000 lbs. need not roll. Falling through does 4d6 damage to the underbody and requires an automatic roll on Crash Table #1 with a +5 modifier. Spoilers, airdams and Driving skill will not help.
Arena Map:
Westroads Arena Map - 8.2K

Arena Schedule:
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Challenge Night
Thursday Team events
Friday AADA Divisionals
Saturday Special events
Sunday Amateur Night / Ped Wars

Arena Special Events:

Ped Wars: One of the ways New Omaha controls its gang problem is by getting the gangs off the streets and into the arena. There, the violence can be controlled and the gangs can vent their frustrations without endangering the public. Each team has twelve people and $12,000 to buy weapons, ammo, and body armour (no vehicles). the arena floor is scattered with wrecks, barriers and traps to make things interesting. The team that drives off or kills off their opponent(s) is the winner.

House Rules:"Doc" is an active duellist himself and he loves to challenge local or outside hotshots to a team event. "Doc" has Driver-4, Gunner-5, Handgunner-4, and Runner-2. His two teammates are Driver-3, Gunner-3, Handgunner-3, and Runner-2. The challenges are in the higher divisions (40K to 100K) and "Doc" doesn't like to lose (but not to the point of playing dirty; he does have a reputation to protect). Prestige and prize money are doubled in this event.