Governor's Arena - PR 0.5
Topeka, Kansas

P. 17

The Governor's Arena, built on the foundation of the old Governor's mansion, is the only arena in the city. Known as the Clear Death or Empty Box, the arena design was the result of countless months of bickering between the city council, local investors, and the state assembly. When the issue was brought to the state Supreme Court, the judges came to a compromise . . . there would be nothing in the arena as all!
Arena Notes:

The arena walls are 15' high and have 60 DP. The eight gates have 10 DP and take two seconds to open or close.
Arena Map:
Governor's Arena Map -

Arena Schedule:
Monday Amateur Night
Tuesday Amateur Night
Wednesday Challenge Night
Thursday Closed
Friday AADA Divisionals (5-20)
Saturday Cycle Night
Sunday Closed

Arena Special Events:

Pin the Tail on the Donkey: This event is played only at night. The arena lights are turned off and the contestants are only allowed to use their headlights. The object of the game is to ram a small, remote controlled dummy car that constantly drives at 100 mph. At the beginning of every phase, the vehicle makes one manoeuvre in a random direction (roll 1d6, and perform the bend of that difficulty . . . 1-3 left, 4-6 right). It does not need to make a control roll. It will avoid colliding with all cars, obstacles and arena walls. The event ends when someone runs into the dummy car. Dropped weapons and searchlights are not allowed. Headlights have a range of 30' (2" in Car Wars scale).

Of course there's nothing in the rules that says the dummy car can't be armed or have dropped weapons (heh, heh, heh). A dummy car can range from Divisions 5 through 15.

For GMs keeping track of the players can be a challenge. The best way is to have two identical arena maps. One map for players to use, the other map for the GM to keep tabs on the objects inside. Remember the players can only see what is illuminated (which can come from their own headlights or from other contestant).