CAR WARS MAILING LIST VERSION : 3.01            1 - FEB - 2048.
            Published/Typed by James Barton.

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    "Americain Autoduel Association" (AADA)  are all registered trade
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            Remeber however that the AADA regulations given here are HVD
    archives, and are unofficial at the time of printing.  Hopefully
    however the AADA will sanction all additions by HVD.  All care and
    no responsability is taken in the presentation of these rules.  The
    AADA championship referees are the final arbitrator of any regulations.

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      This document was originally presented by the AADA World
    Headquarters in AutoDuel Quarterly 9/1 (Spring 2041). The original
    compilation of all documents was performed by Michael P. Owen of the
    Seattle/Spokane Washington AutoDueling Team (SWAT) in August, 2045.
    This document was updated by Michael P. Owen of SWAT in January 2048.

    American AutoDuel Association World Headquarters

    Michael P. Owen / SWAT Headquarters

      These guidelines should be used to define the parameters of
    sanctioned AADA Tournaments. Areas covered by these rules include
    vehicles acceptable and vehicles prohibited in the arena, quantity
    and quality of crew, acceptable types of arenas and scoring of these
    arenas. These regulations will be used for all events related to the
    AADA World AutoDueling Championships and the AADA World Racing
    Championships, specifically all Club Championships, all Regional
    Championships, all Qualifying Rounds of the Championships and the
    Final Rounds of the Championships themselves.

      These regulations are the official tournament policy of the World
    Headquarters of the American AutoDuel Association and of Steve Jackson


      All AADA-Sanctioned Competitions will be run using the rules found
    in the following sources: Car Wars Compendium Second Edition (CWC2),
    Uncle Albert's Catalog From Hell (UACFH), and any official rules
    changes or errata released the publication of these two products
    previously mentioned  (CWC2 and UACFH).

      All AADA-Sanctioned Competitions will also follow errata and rules
    changes found in the following publications: AutoDuel Quarterly (ADQ),
    Pyramid (PYR), and the AADA Newsletter.

      In both areas listed above (textbooks and addenda) rules and errata
    with a later date of publication shall take precedence over earlier
    rulings. All applicable rules from AADA Tournament Guidelines
    published in AutoDuel Quarterly, Pyramid, and the AADA Newsletter will
    also be in effect.

      Rules and equipment unique to Car Wars Tanks, AeroDuel, and similar
    Car Wars supplements not found in CWC2 and not listed as
    "AADA-Sanctioned" in UACFH (p.6) are not suitable for the arena and
    will not be used. Rules published in ADQ articles and in Pyramid
    articles are considered optional unless specifically identified as
    "official rules." Optional rules will not be used in the arena.



      AADA-Sanctioned events should be limited to those vehicle types
    found in the following chapters present in both CWC2 and in UACFH:
    Cars, Cycles/Trikes, and Racing Cars. For most Dueling (as opposed
    to Racing) arenas, body types should be limited to all body types
    found in the following chapters of CWC2 and UACFH: Cars and

      In general, all vehicles should be of a standard, non-oversized,
    wheeled vehicle without the capability for extended self-propelled
    flight or the ability to operate on water.

      Unless specified, vehicles shall be limited to electric power plants
    (PPs). If the arena is open to gasoline internal combustion engines
    (ICEs) this must be specified before the event. All vehicles shall
    have a range of at least 150 miles at cruising speed as per Vehicle
    Range in CWC2 and in UACFH.

      The total amount of money that each competitor may spend building
    and equipping the vehicle, the monetary limit termed a "Division,"
    shall  be specified before the event. This notice should have enough
    lead time for each competitor to build and outfit an acceptable
    vehicle. The acceptable Divisions for AADA-Sanctioned events shall be:
            Division 5 ($0 - $5,000)
            Division 10 ($5,001 - $10,000)
            Division 15 ($10,001 - $15,000)
            Division 20 ($15,001 - $20,000)
            Division 25 ($20,001 - $25,000)
            Division 30 ($25,001 - $30,000)

      It is suggested that in a multiple-round tournament setting earlier
    or preliminary rounds be of a lower Division than the Divisions of
    the later rounds. Each competitor should be limited to one vehicle of
    an acceptable type, according to these guidelines: restrictions
    included here in these AADA Rules and Regulations, any specific
    equipment restrictions of the arena, and the Division restrictions of
    the arena.

      Additional prohibitions may be made for specific arenas at the
    discretion of the tournament officials provided that the competitors
    are given adequate notice of the prohibitions. It is suggested that
    Racing events prohibit or severely limit the use of dropped weapons
    of any type as these tend to destroy the expensive track surfaces of
    Racetracks/Dueltracks. Any regular Dueling event which has critical
    checkpoints that vehicles must cross, either because of arena design
    or to satisfy victory conditions, should consider restricting the use
    or availability of dropped weapons.

      The Referee (DuelMaster) should inform the competitors if the
    third-spaces rule will be in effect. The Vehicle Design sections in
    CWC2 (p.73) and UACFH (p.160) state that "no more than one-third of
    the total spaces in a vehicle can be devoted to weapons that fire
    from any one side (round down)." Vehicles in past AADA events have
    often violated this rule therefore competitors are advised to ask the
    Referee about the use of this restriction. Note that motorcycles and
    sidecars are both exempt from this restriction.

      Vehicle designs should be checked before the event by the DuelMaster
    or another independent and impartial Official. Illegal designs shall
    be modified. If the design cannot be made legal, the duelist should be
    offered a choice of the following actions:
            (1) Submitting an alternative vehicle
            (2) Using a stock vehicle that is provided by the Referee
            (3) Withdrawing from the Competition

      If a vehicle is found to be illegal during competition, whether it
    was checked or not before competion, the vehicle will be modified by
    the DuelMaster to make it legal. After this process the duel will
    continue from the point it was stopped with the modified vehicle.

      If a vehicle is found to be illegal after the competition is over,
    where it was checked or not before the competition, the duelist will
    be stripped of the won standing/position only if in judgement of the
    Referee, based on the course of the event, it would have been
    impossible for the duelist in question to have attained the final
    standing with a legal design.



      Not every item that is useful on the road will be acceptable in
    Tournament Competition. In the interest of fair play and sportsmanship
    the AADA has declared several devices illegal in the arena.

      The following devices and accessories from CWC2 and UACFH are
    prohibited from use in Official AADA-Sanctioned competition or have
    their use restricted in some way. Page numbers and the reasons for
    the prohibition or restriction are cited for each item.

      Please see the attached "AADA Restrictions on Weapons and
    Equipment."  (Supplied at end of Section - ED).



      Vehicle crews for AADA-Sanctioned events will be limited to a
    maximum of two crew members per vehicle. No vehicle in an
    AADA-Sanctioned event may carry passengers. Therefore, vehicles in an
    AADA-Sanctioned event will carry a Pilot (Driver/Cyclist) or a Pilot
    and a Gunner. All equipment supplied to the crew members will count
    against the Division cost limit and against the weight of the vehicle
    as per the Alternate Encumbrance Rules in CWC2 and in UACFH.

      The number of skill points available to each crew member, as per
    the section "Continuing Characters" located in CWC2 shall be specified
    before the event. It is suggested that no crew member in any event be
    allowed more than 50 skill points with no more than 30 skill points
    (+2 skill level/bonus) to be spent on one skill. Points for skills
    for each crew member must be allocated and recorded on the Vehicle
    Record Sheet (Schematic Sheet) before the beginning of the event. It
    is also suggested that Reflex Rolls be fixed at four (4) for each
    Pilot. This is to reduce the possibility of some Pilot being
    irreparably advantaged or disadvantaged in an event by a single,
    random die roll.



      Arenas in AADA-Sanctioned events are classified into one of two
    general catagories: (1) Dueling and (2) Racing.

      Any of the events below may be fought in off-road (OR) terrain. If
    an event is to be fought OR, this must be announced to competitors
    before the beginning of an event with sufficient lead time to allow
    competitors to design an appropriate, legal vehicle.

      All restrictions on any event, above and beyond those required by
    these guidelines, must be announced to competitors before the
    beginning of an event. The type of event should be announced
    (Survivor Dueling, Points Dueling, Simple Racing, Dueltrack Racing)
    and which arena or track (previously-published design or custom
    design) is to be used.

    I.  Dueling Arenas

      Dueling Arenas are the most common and can be further divided into
    two subdivisions: (A) Survivor or (B) Points. Both types of Dueling
    Events should be limited to standard body types (Cars, Cycles, and
    Trikes) with Racing Cars being prohibited. All restrictions shall be
    announced to competitors before the beginning of the event, with
    sufficient lead time to design an appropriate vehicle.

    A. Survivor Arenas
      Survivor Arenas are those arenas where the last operational vehicle
    wins. The physical layout of these arenas should be kept simple. The
    Armadillo AutoDuel Arena (Car Wars Expansion 4; if there are a large
    number of competitors) and the Double Drum AutoDuel Arena (Arena Book
    2038; or even half of the Drum if there are a small number of
    competitors) are examples of arenas which are good such events. In
    general, arenas for Survivor Duels should be kept on the small side
    for the competitors involved, with few, if any, obstacles to encourage
    participants to engage in combat and to limit the ability of Pilots to
    avoid combat to survive through inaction.

    B. Points Arenas
      Points Arenas are those arenas where points are scored by each
    vehicle for completing specific objectives (driving specific circuits,
    making jumps, shooting targets, crossing checkpoints, mobility and/or
    firepower kills, etc.). These arenas may be larger, especially if
    there are checkpoints to cross to score points, as this will tend to
    draw vehicles together. These arenas may also be more complicated,
    the added complexity providing the Officials more challenges to put
    the competitors through and to award points for tackling these
    challenges. The Hammer Downs AutoDuel Arena (Arena Book 2038) and the
    Boston AutoDuel Arena (Arena Book 2038) are examples of good arenas
    for Points Duels.

    II. Racing Arenas

      Racing Arenas can also be broken down into two general catagories:
    (1) Simple Races or (2) Dueltrack Races. In both Racing Events body
    types may be limited to Racing Cars only or left open to all body
    types allowed in other AADA-Sanctioned events. All restrictions shall
    be announced to competitors before the beginning of the event, with
    sufficient lead time to design an appropriate vehicle.

      No dropped gas, solid or liquid weapons of any kind will be allowed.

      Weapons are restricted to direct fire only (no grenades or grenade
    launchers), and individual weapons that do more than 2d damage are
    prohibited (linked combinations that do greater damage are permitted).

      No temporary speed boosters, including nitrous oxide, rocket
    boosters, supercharger capacitors, jump jets, etc.

      No participant may fire until that participant has completed one

      Tire shots are completely forbidden in all Racing Events.

    A. Simple Races
      Simple Races are somewhat equivalent to the Survivor Duels described
    previously in that the first competitor to cross the finish line wins.
    Racetracks should, however, be complex, providing the competitors with
    navigation challenges. Weapons should be prohibited in Simple Races.

    SWAT Addendum:
      The Road Course on the Daytona Racetrack (DuelTrack 2035) and the
    Ontario Racetrack (DuelTrack 2035) are examples of good arenas for
    Simple Races.

    B. Dueltrack Races
      Dueltracks are those races, whose, though the object of the event
    is still to cross the finish line first, there is also combat
    involved. Dueltracks should be simpler in layout, since the attrition
    due to weapons fire should make up for the attrition due to loss of
    control found in Simple Races. Dropped weapons should be heavily
    restricted in any Dueltrack event and it is suggested that intentional
    tire shots be prohibited entirely.

    SWAT Addendum:
      The Scotio Downs Racetrack (Arena Book 2039: L'Outrance) and The
    Muskogee Fairgrounds and Family Emporium Racetrack (oval layouts and
    partial-oval layouts; Car Wars Expansion 10, DuelTrack 2035, and
    Muskogee Mayhem) are examples of good arenas for Dueltrack Races..



      Scoring, awarding points or determining kills, is largely at the
    discretion of the DuelMaster. These scoring regulations will define
    how points should be awarded or kills determined to a large degree,
    but situations will arise which must be adjudicated by the Referee.

      In Points Dueling arenas, the specific tasks and the number of
    points to be awarded for the competition of each task must be
    specified and announced after the vehicles have been designed and
    approved. Awarding points for completion of these tasks, should, in
    most cases, be self-evident and not require adjudication by the
    DuelMaster. Points gained through completion of these tasks should
    not be great enough to discourage competitors from trying to gain
    vehicular kills (i.e. vehicular kills should be worth enough points
    to encourage combat).

      Points should be awarded for both types of kills: (1) Mobility and
    (2) Firepower.

    1. Mobility Kills
      A vehicle is declared a Mobility Kill when it has lost the ability
    to move or maneuver under its own power - a vehicle on its roof is a
    Mobility Kill. A vehicle on its roof with unfired rocket boosters
    containing sufficient thrust to slide it along the arena floor is
    still a Mobility Kill, since the vehicle cannot maneuver.

    2. Firepower Kills
      Firepower Kills are more at the discretion of the Referee. Any
    vehicle which cannot significantly affect the outcome of an arena
    with its weaponry or a vehicle that does not have (combat-effective)
    weapons, shall be declared a Firepower Kill. A Mobility-Killed vehicle
    with its weapons against a wall or other obstacle is a Firepower Kill,
    even though its weapons may still be functional. A vehicle which has
    been Mobility-Killed and does not have direct-fire weapons (ramcar,
    vehicle with only dropped weapons, etc.) will usually be a Firepower
    Kill. An abandoned vehicle is considered both a Mobility-Kill and a

      There should always be point penalty for competitors having their
    own vehicles killed, either Mobility-Killed or Firepower-Killed and
    the penalty should be great enough to discourage competitors from
    killing their own vehicles to gain points.

      Points kills scored after the vehicle has been eliminated should be
    awarded to that vehicle. For example, a Mobility-Kill scored by a mine
    dropped by an eliminated vehicle.

      Awarding points for kills is entirely at the discretion of the
    DuelMaster. Normally, it should be clear to whom the points should be
    awarded - the car that destroyed the tire, the car that laid the mine,
    the car that rammed, etc. In some cases, however, the determination
    may be unclear - two vehicles fire simultaneously at the same vehicle
    and that vehicle loses control and rolls. In such cases, awarding
    points is at the Referee's discretion. In the specific case mentioned
    above, points should be spilit between each attacker.



      While the AADA does hold Team events, the AADA World Dueling
    Championships and the AADA World Racing Championships do not qualify
    as such. In order to prevent collusion in the arena, the following
    guidelines are offered as suggestions for Tournament DuelMasters.

    1. Make Them Take the Shot
     If a car has a good shot at a target and is not currently engaged
    with a target, make the Pilot take the shot. A "good shot" means an
    eight (8) or better to hit, with at least five (5) shots of ammo left
    in the weapon (or five or more dropped weapon counters still on the
    map). At one point in the Final Round of the 2042 AADA World Dueling
    Championships one competitor was inclined to take an easy shot at a
    participant from the same club. The Referee enforced the shot, which
    turned out to be in the attacker's favor.

    2. No Talking in the Ranks
      Do not allow players to make deals. Do not allow secret
    communications; anything that is said everyone can hear. In combat
    events, if two or more players start driving around without shooting
    at each other (if possible), promise to dock Victory Points if combat
    does not increase.

    3. Surrenders
      Only allow surrenders if a vehicle cannot continue fighting. Only
    allow the surrendering vehicle to surrender to the closest enemy
    vehicle that can seriously damage destroy it.

      The AADA World Dueling Championships and the AADA World Racing
    Championships are supposed to be "lone-wolf bloodbaths" and
    "lone-cheetah rallies" respectively, not "scratch my back, I will
    scratch yours." Enforce this attitude.



      The Referee is the final and only arbiter of any dispute that
    arises at an AADA-Sanctioned event. Excessive arguingg of any rules
    point, especially after the DuelMaster has made a ruling, is grounds
    for disqualification.



      Foul language, harassment of another player, coaching by a
    non-player, or any other non-sportsmanlike activity (as determined by
    the DuelMaster) are grounds for disqualification. There are no



      These Regulations are intended to bring some parity to the AADA
    events held at conventions and by clubs around the world. The use
    of these Regulations will allow participants to be able to know what
    to expect when they appear at a convention, a Regional Championship,
    or the World Championships themselves. These Rules and Regulations
    are official AADA policy unless altered or amended in ADQ, Pyramid,
    or the AADA Newsletter.



      Have fun!



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      The following weapons are usually effective only on vehicles that
    are traveling on water. If an OR arena that contains a significant
    amount of water is utilized, the DuelMaster should declare which of
    these marine weapons, if any, are permitted for use in the event. All
    restrictions regarding this weaponry shall be announced to competitors
    before the beginning of the event, with sufficient lead time to design
    an appropriate vehicle.

        Depth Charges (UACFH, p.15) - Marine Item
        Depth Charge Modifications (UACFH, p.15) - Marine Item
        Torpedoes (UACFH, pp.25-26) - Marine Item
        Torpedo Modifications (UACFH, pp.25-26) - Marine Item
        Torpedo Launcher Anti-Homing (UACFH, p.26) - Marine Item
        Foxer (UACFH, p.127) - Marine Item



      "Damage Sinks," items whose sole purpose in a dueling vehicle would
    be to absorb damage that would otherwise destroy more necessary
    systems, are prohibited. Any item that has DP and is not directly
    useful in an arena (spare tires, searchlights in an illuminated arena,
    weapons or accessories carried as cargo, etc.) will be considered
    illegal in AADA-Sanctioned events. The label "Campaign Item" means
    that an accessory is primarily useful in a role-playing or campaign
    situation, therefore is not permissible in a tournament setting. The
    label "SWAT" means that these items were not classified as
    AADA-Restricted in the original AADA Regulations in Spring 2042
    therefore SWAT has changed the AADA status of these accessories
    because of their Damage Sink nature.

        Armored Beer Refrigerator (CWC2, p.108; UACFH, pp.51-52)
            - Damage Sink / Campaign Item
        Armored Mini-Fridge (CWC2, p.108; UACFH, pp.51-52)
            - Damage Sink / Campaign Item
        Cargo Safe (CWC2, p.108; UACFH, p.52)
            - Damage Sink / Campaign Item
        Cargo Safes Mini (CWC2, p.108; UACFH, p.52)
            - Damage Sink / Campaign Item
        Car-Top Carriers (CWC2, pp.111-112; UACFH, p.66)
            - SWAT Damage Sink / Campaign Item
        Bulk Ammunition Boxes (CWC2, p.111; UACFH, p.65) - Damage Sink
        Fake Passengers (CWC2, p.112; UACFH, p.72) - Damage Sink
        Galley / Deluxe Galley (CWC2, p.112; UACFH, p.72)
            - Damage Sinks / Campaign Item
        Medical Kit (CWC2, p.63; UACFH, p.141)
            - SWAT Damage Sink / Campaign Item
        Medical Kit Portable (CWC2, p.63; UACFH, p.141)
            - SWAT Damage Sink / Campaign Item
        Pickup Racks (UACFH, p.79) - SWAT Damage Sink / Campaign Item
        Portable Field Radio (CWC2, p.63; UACFH, p.141)
            - SWAT Damage Sink / Campaign Item
        Portable Shop (CWC2, p.114; UACFH, p.80)
            - SWAT Damage Sink / Campaign Item
        Searchlight (CWC2, pp.114-115; UACFH, p.84)
        Searchlight Armored (CWC2, pp.114-115)
        Searchlight Portable (CWC2, p.63; UACFH, p.141)
        Solar Panel (CWC2, p.116; UACFH, pp.85-86)
            - SWAT Damage Sink / Campaign Item
        Sound Enhancement (CWC2, p.116; UACFH, p.86)
            - SWAT Damage Sink / Campaign Item
        Sound System (CWC2, p.116; UACFH, pp.86-87)
            - SWAT Damage Sink / Campaign Item
        Tool Kit (CWC2, p.63; UACFH, p.142)
            - SWAT Damage Sink / Campaign Item
        Tow Bar (CWC2, p.116; UACFH, p.89)
            - SWAT Damage Sink / Campaign Item
        Trailer Hitches (CWC2, p.78; UACFH, pp.164-165)
            - SWAT Damage Sink
        Vehicular Camera (CWC2, p.116; UACFP, pp.89-90 )
            - SWAT Damage Sink / Campaign Item



      Component armor (CA) may be used normally as specified in CWC2 and
    in UACFH unless it used as a Damage Sink as defined above. Use of CA
    to protect an empty cargo area or a cargo area containing another
    Damage Sink is not permitted.

        Component Armor (CWC2, p.108; UACFH, p.52)



      The AADA promotes and glorifies the skill, cunning, daring, and
    resourcefulness of its (ground-motive vehicle) pilots and gunners
    in the arena, not the skill of their team programmers. Therefore the
    items listed below are prohibited from use in AADA-Sanctioned

        Automatic Target Acquisition Device (CWC2, p.111; UACFH, p.63)
            - Electronics
        Autopilot (CWC2, p.111; UACFH, pp.63-64) - Electronics
        Autopilot Software (CWC2, p.112; UACFH, p.67) - Electronics
        Bollix (CWC2, p.111; UACFH, p.64) - Electronics
        Computer Gunner (CWC2, p.112; UACFH, p.67) - Electronics
        Computer Gunner Software (CWC2, p.112; UACFH, p.67) - Electronics
        Computer Navigator (CWC2, p.112; UACFH, p.68) - Electronics
        Identification Friend or Foe System for Vehicles
            (CWC2, p.113; UACFH, p.74) - Electronics
        IFF Sender for Pedestrians  (UACFH, p.140) - SWAT Electronics
        Remote-Control Guidance System (CWC2, p.114; UACFH, pp.81-82)



      These items are prohibited from use in AADA-Sanctioned events
    because of the potential for abuse. Note that tripod gunshields can
    be used with pintle mounts as long as Gunners are using pintle mounts.
    Note that the description for the CBSS in CWC2 states this weapon can
    only be mounted on aircraft. The description of the CBSS in UACFH
    does not state the aircraft restriction.

        Blast Cannon with HEAT Ammunition (UACFH, p.22)
        Cloud Bomb Smoke Screen (CWC2, p..99; UACFH, p.12)
        Deadman Sensor (UACFH, p.69)
        Deadman Switch (UACFH, p.69)
        Kamibombs (CWC2, p.113; UACFH, pp.75-76)
        Plastique Explosive (CWC2, p.63; UACFH, p.141)
        Plastique Shaped-Charge Explosive (CWC2, p.63; UACFH, p.141)
        Plunger and Contact Wire (CWC2, p.63; UACFH, p.141)
        Rocket Sidecars (ADQ 10/4, p.7)
        Tripod Weapons (CWC2, p.63; UACFH, p.142)
        Tripod Weapon Gunshield (CWC2, p.63; UACFH, p.142)



      These accessories permit vehicles to have extended self-propelled
    flight or the ability to operate on water. These two capabilities are
    not allowed in AADA-Sanctioned events therefore these devices are

        Amphibious Modifications (CWC2, p.110; UACFH, pp.61-62)
        Grasshopper Modifications (CWC2, 94; UACFH, p.182)



      Backpack-style items cannot be worn while piloting unless the Pilot
    is controlling a motorcycle. Each backpack-style accessory is assumed
    to occupy ½ space when carried as cargo. Note that scuba gear cannot
    be worn for defense by a Pilot in a car or in a trike because the
    item is a backpack accessory. Backpack items cannot be
    component-armored because that action would create a damage sink
    situation as described above. The weight of these accessories does
    count against the weight of the vehicle carrying them. The label
    "SWAT Backpack Item" means these accessories were not discussed in the
    original AADA Regulations in Spring 2042 therefore SWAT has changed
    the AADA status of these items because of potential abuse and their
    potential for becoming Damage Sinks.

        Backpack (CWC2, p.62; UACFH, p.139)
            - SWAT Backpack Item
        Portable Backpack Flamethrower (CWC2, pp.64-65; UACFH, p.133)
            - SWAT Backpack Item
        Power Pack Backpack-Style (CWC2, pp.64-66; UACFH, p.135)
            - SWAT Backpack Item
        Portable Fire Extinguisher (CWC2, p.63; UACFH, p.141)
            - SWAT Backpack Item
        Riot Shield (UACFH, p.142)
            - SWAT Backpack Item
        Scuba Gear (UACFH, p.142)
            - SWAT Backpack Item



      Weapons that are spinal-mounted ARE permitted in AADA-Sanctioned
    events as long as the weapon itself is allowed in AADA-Sanctioned



      Weapons may be used in lock-down mode in AADA-Sanctioned events.
    Weapons can be locked and unlocked via a firing action normally
    during AADA Events.



      No more than one fuel tank may be installed in an ICE-powered
    vehicle. Using more than one fuel tank would create a Damage Sink
    situation as described above. Electrically-powered may not mount
    fuel tanks for the same reason. A fuel tank,  however, may be
    protected by CA normally.


            Well hopefully that will let everyone now play by the rules,
    of course the AADA has to be more stringent in it's testing of
    championship designs.  Many stories leave the chapionship of illegal
    designs slipping past the officials.  Let's hope that they can stop
    that and get things together.


    Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 10:19:02 +1100
    From: "Dr Death (James Barton)" <dbarton@racp.edu.au>  Save Address Block Sender
    To: dbarton@racp.edu.au
    Subject: CWML 3.01, Addenda

    Sorry about this folks, forgot to add this into the news section:

      If it's impractical for you to get to GHengiscon in Denver, disregard
    this message. Sorry to bother you.  For the rest, read on:

      My wife and I will be hosting a Bumper Tag event at Ghengis Con in
    Denver, CO on Saturday, 14 February.

      The game is scheduled to run from 6:00 to MIDN at the convention.
    Last year we finished in 6 hours, but we generally have the space
    available if it needs to run long.

      Division 25, AADA Tournament sanctions apply.

      We will be adding a scoring zone in the center of the Choke Points
    between the second and third bays.

      This is the third running of this event, and it has been well
    received. For complete rules and a look at a game in progress, check

      Contact rdeis@io.com if you have further questions.