CAR WARS MAILING LIST VERSION : 2.19            15 - OCT - 1997.
        Published/Typed by James Barton.

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        Both our pieces of fiction are still in the pipeline, and I
know I promised them, but you'll all have to wait.  Instead I have
another vehicles type from an earlier contributor, let's see if I can
get his name right this time.  It's Dan Myers with some rules for
putting a hearse or ambulance together, every duellist is going to
need one, eventually...

        While I'm here I'd just like to say I'm sorry for not putting
out the last CWML.  As I said somewhere I was away at the time this
was to be released, I didn't return until 7/8-OCT.  Thus there really
didn't seem any point to b4ringing out 2 in such quick succession, for
anyone who was really hanging out for it on the 30-SEP, I'm really
sorry, but rest assured for the rest of the year I'll be sending these

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        For those of you who have contributed and are waiting for
HVD-7, I'd just like to send out a big apology.  I've been putting
this on the back burner for a couple of reasons, however that is no
excuse.  I said I'd have it done by the 20-SEP, it's now the 15-OCT
and I'm nowehere near finished.  All I can ask for is understanding
and a reassuring that when my time frees up (after the exams in NOV)
I'll bring out 7, and it will be well worth waiting for.

AADA Champions:
        I'd just like to personally congratulate those who won/did
well at the recent championships, there are a couple of you here on
this list.  But a word from myself and a couple of the other
international players (waiting for an invitation) come and play with
us at the PBEM site, for a truly international challenge.


NOVA:                                                   OLD
        Always update their pages, you'll have to check this one out
for yourselves.  but duelling slang and more designs should give you
an idea.
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OFFICIAL CAR WARS PAGES                                 OLD
        They've added the winners of the AADA championships, so have a
look, I'm sure they'll be adding descriptions/vehicle designs soon.
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CAR WARS PLAY-AIDS                                      MINE
        I'd like to give this new page a star rating, but seeing as I
put it together it isn't really appropriate.  It's another of those
pages which really needs people to submit stuff to it.  Send in any
ideas/tools you use to play Car Wars, at the moment not much is
available, but as more people send in stuff hopefully it can all grow.
                                                Last Mod: 10-OCT

CAR WARS TUTORIAL                                       MINE
        Another page I'd had put together, but just hadn't put up
anywhere, this is a quick little tutorial to help new players into
Car Wars, I haven't fully plugged this or anyhting, what it needs is
input for other, more experienced players than I.  Any ideas/errors
or improvements you can think, just give me a bell.
                                                Last Mod: 10-OCT


  A. The hearse/ambulance marker will be a half inch by one and one
half inches (1/2" x 1 1/2").

  B. All suspension modifications are to be at normal cost.
Suspension modifications are not negated for a hearse/ambulance.
(heavy suspension for a hearse is a +3).

  C. All chassis modifications are to be at normal cost.

  D. Targeting a hearse/ambulance is a plus one (+1) on the sides and
top of the vehicle.  Normal targeting modifiers for front and back of

  E. The body style is:

TYPE                  COST     WT.    MAX. LD.   SPACES      ARMOR
Hearse / Ambulance   $1,600   2,700    8,250     23/(12)   $40 / 17lb

  F. If a hearse is equipt with a heavy chassis it must be equipt
with a third axle ($100) to provide proper weight distribution, HC
stays the same. A hearse/ambulance can be equipt with a fourth axle
at regular cost ($100) with a minus one (-1) to its HC.

  G. A hearse/ambulance can be equipt with up one turret, up to three
spaces.  If a hearse/ambulance mounts a three space turret it has to
be centermass on the vehicle.  All spaced turrets have l,f,r firing
arc (because of a high roof of the cargo area.

  H. A hearse can NOT mount a tank gun, but can mount any other CAR
WARS weaponry.

  I. All normal driving difficulties (D1 to D3 drifts and D1 to D4
turns) have no added effect on the hearse/ambulance. Any greater
difficulty will be increased by a D1(a D5 turn is increased to a D6).

  J. Acceleration, top speed, and range is calculated the same way
for standard cars.

  K. A hearse/ambulance is equipt with a standard CB radio and
intercom system between the passenger(s) to the driver.

  L. A hearse/ambulance can mount any CAR WARS equipment that a car
can mount.

  M. A hearse/ambulance can mount any Military equipment that cars
can mount.

  N. A hearse/ambulance can be converted into a Military vehicle.

  O. A hearse/ambulance has six armor locations.

  P. A hearse/ambulance requires a drivers skill to operate the


        While we all hope we won't be needing this vehicle, we can
surely use these as surprise and decoy trucks.  After all who'd
suspect a hearse/ambulance would be looking for business.  Once again
I'd like to say sorry for missing the SEP-30 edition of the CWML.