CAR WARS MAILING LIST VERSION : 2.12            15 - JUN - 1997.
        Published/Typed by James Barton.

        -"Car Wars", "Autoduel Quarterly" (ADQ), "Midville" and
"Americain Autoduel Association" (AADA)  are all registered trade
marks of Steve Jackson Games.

        I would like to start of this issue with a brief apology, in
the last issue 2-11, I attributed the Limo article to Timothy D.
Jacques, this was an error for which I completely apologise.  This is
not an attempt by be to credit TDJ as one of the greatest CW minds of
the decade (all be it that he has contributed B4).  It was rather a
result of incompetence.  I humbly apologise to Dan Myers, who along
with some help from his brother Chris sent this article to me.  Once
again I would like to apologise to all concerned in particular Dan

        Now on to happier things, as a continuation of the Limosine
special I have included a design sent in by DM, yes by Dan Myers - I
don't need to be reminded of my earlier errors.  There are also a
couple of pictures available on the website, also submitted by DM.

        The special feature isn't huge, however there are two new
projects currently in developement, one is a serialised piece of
writing by Chris Burke.  The other is something I'm working on,
revised collisions roles.  The current rules just don't seem to
react realistically, do you know it is safer to be t-boned than
actually t-bone someone.  So I'll be writing them and putting them in
the list.

        All these links can be found at

        Any contributions, news or questions can be sent to.


AVRO Championships:
        AVRO have announced the date, location, arena & rules for
thier 1997 championships.  They have also put up a web site, I'll
just say here that they are on JUN-29 at Douglas College, BC.  Any
questions direct them to Bruce Lam (brucel@unixg.ubc.ca) or visit
the following web site.  A great idea, both duelling and racing at
the same time.  How much destruction can be fit into one arena.

Chapter Championships:
        A couple of other chapters have also announced their
tournaments, NOVA and SPARK have also announced their championships,
and of course we can't forget the official AADAs this year.  So all
of those who live near Car Wars events, get along and support them.
I know I would if didn't live over 10,000 km away.  DRAW have also got
RADcon omcing up, so check out all those AADA chapter websites.

        Issue #6 will be out late this month, or more likely early
next month.  I'll have some more info next CWML, a couple of the
features planned are, "Refuelling on the Go", refuel your racing
vehicles without stopping, a great new idea from GTR.  And the return
of the "Diary of a Road Deullist", including a look at the vehicles
and exactly what's been happening.  Also the HVD budget has afforded
a 3D programme (in other words Dr Death got one and is now using it
for HVD, rather than any genuine useful purpose),  so expect great new


        No changes, never are any, but hopefully one day...


DRAW                                                    OLD
        Have updated their pages, included are some photos of arenas,
I presume / think the dungeon.
                                                Last Mod:  10-JUN

NOVA                                                    OLD
        Again another update, more designs, articles and issues of
                                                Last Mod:  1-JUN


        No new updates, I don't think...


        Here is a limosine design, by dan Myers for his Limosine
feauture.  This design does not count tyres and other wheel mounted
accessories (hubs, etc) against chassis weight, which is a reasonable
way to do things.  If you have a problem with this, just whack off
some armour.  He submitted a couple of extra designs which I'll put in
to the CWML for a future issue.

The Peek-a-Boom:  By Dan Myers.

        Luxury Limosine w/ CA frame, extra heavy 6-wheeled chassis,
heavy suspension, thundercat PP w/ PC SC and extra power cells, 6
solid steel-bleted radial tyres, driver, 3 passengers, galley,
armoured beer refrigerator (packed w/ VB), active suspension, ATAD,
autopilot linked to computer navigator, ERIS, fire extinguisher, HD
brakes, ABS, HD shocks, computer gunner, autopilot & computer gunner
software, LD radio, no paint windshield, over drive, radar detector
& jammer, radar, safety seat, sunroof, surge protector, vehicular
computer, pulse TwL in unviersal turret cyberlinked to driver, AC
front w/ HD ammo, 2 vehicular cameras in turret, 3 laser batteries,
HDFCE back, DSP underbody, tinted windows. FP armour: F-26, R-26,
B-26, L-26, T-26, U-26, 6 * 10 point hubs.  $172,870, 10842 lb.,
HC 5, Acc 10, top speed 147.5.


        Well that's all there is, sorry it's a bit spartan, but the
future will hold a lot better things.  I'm currently working on the
new collisions rules and CJB is working on his fiction, so stay tuned.