CAR WARS MAILING LIST VERSION : 2.11            1 - JUN - 1997.
        Published/Typed by James Barton.

        -"Car Wars", "Autoduel Quarterly" (ADQ), "Midville" and
"Americain Autoduel Association" (AADA)  are all registered trade
marks of Steve Jackson Games.

        Well, this was meant to come out last week - but didn't,
a couple of last minute editorial things came up - so it just didn't
happened.  What I have for you is a batch of Car Wars Limosine
variants - I know these have ben done before - by ADQ, but here are
some alternative rules.

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        Any contributions, news or questions can be sent to.
<A HREF="mailto:dbarton@racp.edu.au">


        I would like a couple of people to volounteer to judge the
entries.  I will accept the first two people to send me in a request.
Anyone who has a design sitting around - please send it in to be
judged, you might just win.


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   These have been submitted by Timothy D. Jacques, and I hope you
enjoy them - designs will be coming in the next issue (I'll include
a couple of my own and a couple by TDJ).  If you have any questions
direct them through me and I'll forward them to TDJ.


   A couple of images are also to be added - see the CWML homepage
during the next few days.

A.   The limousine marker will be a half inch by one and one half
inches (1/2" x 1 1/2").

B.   All suspension modifications are to be at normal cost.
Suspension modifications are not negated for a limousine (a
heavy suspension for a luxury limo is a +3).

C.   All chassis modifications are to be at normal cost.

D.   Targeting a limousine is a plus one (+1) on the sides and top
of the vehicle.    Normal targeting modifiers for front and back
of vehicle.

E.   The three body styles are:

Luxury   $1,600  2,700   8,250     32(9)   $40 / 17lb
Sedan    $1,400  2,550   7,650     27(6)   $36 / 15lb
Midsize  $1,200  2,400   7,200     22(3)   $32 / 13lb

F.   If a limousine is equipped with a heavy chassis it must be
equipped with a third axle ($100) to provide proper weight
distribution, HC stays the same. A limousine can be equipped with
a fourth axle at regular cost ($100) with a minus one (-1) to its

G.   A Luxury & Sedan Limousine can be equipped with two one space
turrets (on the same level) or one of any size that the cars are
allowed (a Luxury Limo. can mount the maximum size a Luxury car
can). When mounting a single turret specify if the turret is on
the F or B of the roof (turret locations are not separate armor
locations). A Midsize Limousine can not mount two one space
turrets.  All Limousines can mount one three space turret
centermass on the vehicle (turret in the middle of the roof.)

H.   A limousine can NOT mount a tank gun, but any other CAR WARS
weaponry is legal.

I.   All normal driving difficulties (D1 to D3 drifts and D1 to D4
turns) have no added effect on the limousine. Any greater
difficulty will be increased by a D1(a D5 turn is increased to a
J.   Acceleration, top speed, and range is calculated the same way
for standard cars.

K.   A Limousine is equipped with a standard CB radio and intercom
system between the passenger(s) to the driver.

L.   The allotted space is for passengers (a passenger accommodation
three spaces and 200 lb.)  which is included in the weight of
vehicle. The seat(s) equipped like the safety seat. It costs $200
per passenger accommodation.

M.   A Limousine can mount any CAR WARS equipment that a car can

N.   A Limousine can mount any Military equipment that cars can
mount, but can not be converted into a Military vehicle.

O.   A limousine has six armor locations, the roof on the car can
mount as if it was two locations ( see letter G).

P.   A limousine requires a drivers skill to operate the vehicle.


        Well it is now time to get down to designing that limo -
your top dueller or arena manager will surely need something like
this to protect them.  What could be better than arriving in a bullet
proof limo and showering the crowd with bullets?