CAR WARS MAILING LIST VERSION : 2.8             15 - APR - 1997.
        Published/Typed by James Barton.

        -"Car Wars", "Autoduel Quarterly" (ADQ), "Midville" and
"Americain Autoduel Association" (AADA)  are all registered trade
marks of Steve Jackson Games.

        I've recieved a couple of offers of assistance, both of which
appear to be long term offers.  What does this mean??  Two extra
contributors to HVD - the result a better quality magazine.  James
A. Leasure and Mark Buckingham are the two new staff.  I'd personally
like to welcome them.

        Along with this, I have recieved word of a great new page
which is starting up.  It is to become an index of the Car Wars
players around the world.  I have recieved quite a few ppl asking about
other players - but what I can do is fairly limited.  If this is
supported, then it could really take off.  Allowing ppl in the less
autoduelling proficient regions to play.  In short visit the site, and
send him an email.

        All these links can be found at

        Any contributions, news or questions can be sent to.


        Support this new idea please, visit the 'Autoduellist' site
below and sign up.  I know I have.

        I've recieved / found a fair bit of extra info about this, so
it will comprise the special feature.

        The release of HVD-5 has been pushed back 5 days to the
30-APR, this is to allow a little bit of extra time for the new
graphics to arrive, as well as further editing of the articles and
a couple more to be posted.

        Again I'd like to welcome the two new staff to HVD, James A.
Leasure the Assistant Editor and Mark Buckingham the photgrapher.
        Although the Webmaster at SJ-Games has told me that it is all
being processed, no updates have as yet prevailed.


NOVA:                                                   OLD
        Again more stuff has been added to the NOVA pages - a few
new articles, designs, and a bit of other stuff.  Check this page
reguarly it is constantly updated.
                                                Last Mod: 14-APR


THE AUTODUELLIST                                        ****
        A new page, being run by Jeff Poteralski, it is to consist of
a player listing for Car Wars - support it, because with out ppl
sending in their personal info then it can't survive.
or email: 'jpoteral@moccasun.utc.edu'
                                                Last Mod: 9-APR

OFFICIAL CW PAGES:                                      OLD
        These have seen a major update, new graphics as well as
convention information, and an auction of some old CW stuff - check it
out and have a new loko around.
                                                Last Mod: 8-APR
AADA OFFICIAL HOMEPAGE:                                 OLD
        Has also been updated, including the new chapter listing.
                                                Last Mod: 8-APR

        Conventions are springing up everywhere, as should happened
with a great game like Car Wars - of course nothing in Australia.
However the more fortunate readers in the U.S.A. have plenty to be
happy about.


        SJ-Games have just released info about the upcoming
championships.  Racing, Duelling and a new competition, B.L.U.D.
championships (no rules) will be run.  Here's some info, BTW
there will be prizes:

  -The 2047 AADA World Duelling Championships
   GenCon in Milwaukee, WI, August 7-10.

  -The 2047 AADA World Racing Championships
   Origins in Columbus, OH, July 17-20.

  -BLUD World Championship, a no-rules slugfest
   DexCon in East Rutherford, NJ, July 2-6.
  -It would be really good if someone trialed the new Zenner 2E
at this event. :-).


        I have recieved some additional information from one of the
referess / organisers of CW at Origins.  Geosh Fathauer
(geosh@svaha.com).  Please direct all question to him.

        SJ-Games will be running Car Wars, AADA World Racing
Championships on Saturday at noon (event 921). "The official 2047
World Racing Championship", held at Origins for the first time. See
pyramid #25 for all rules, or visit SJG booth." This is the
preliminary/qualifying round. The finals round will be Sunday at noon.
These are in the board game category, so they will be in the board
gaming room.

        The events I have volunteered to run are:

Friday, 9pm, (#113), Classic Car Wars. Div 30 Armadillo Arena,
Standard Vehicle Body types, 30pt characters. Bring your own vehicle.

Saturday, 9pm (#111), Car Wars, Boats and Hovercraft. Div 50 BYOV,
open water with targets.

        I had also scheduled a Saturday noon game, slalom racing in
dumbarton, but I am going to try to reschedule due to the conflict
with the Racing prelims. These are under the Miniatures category, so
these games will be in the more spacious miniatures room (i.e. more
room to sit and move around the table).

        If I am unable to locate maps/counters in decent condition,
I may need to locate an individual who would be willing to supply
maps.  As above, I will be using Armadillo, two of the open water
maps from Boat Wars (possibly four, haven't decided), and the
Dumbarton Slalom.

        If you have any other questions, let me know.
        It would be great if ppl could support these events, and the
directory pages - as it could really show SJ-Games just how popular
CW is as well as introducing the game to many new players.