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MONTREAL (WPI) - The 2036-37 CADC season got off to an interesting
start this year, with one team being delayed at the Canadian border.
With a light rain falling, and a race time temperature of 23 C, things
were warm but wet at the start of racing.  In qualifying earlier, Sean
Stewart (France, Renault/Dessault) took the pole with a searing lap of
13.76 seconds and an average speed of 168.72 MPH.

        In a major crash, Tim Gould (Texas, Chaparral-Colt) and Kevin
Kujawski (Italy, Ferrari/OTO-Melara) both hit a puddle caused by a
clogged drain in turn 7 and rolled into the wall.  Gould survived the
crash, but Kujawski was killed instantly.  Unfortunately, both Teams
Germany and Belgium were forced to run 1 car when their teammates
failed to show at pole time.  Also, Team U.S.A. showed up too late to
race after a hassle at the Canadian border with a Team U.S.A. mechanic
and a Canadian customs agent.  It seems that the mechanic joked about
smuggling drugs in the equipment, but the guard took it seriously, and
for 6 hours the Team U.S.A. equipment was disassembled and reassembled
again in the search.

        As the green flag dropped, the neat order of the starting grid
was broken up as N20 came into use.  Mike Manderachia (Germany,
Porche/HK), in an obvious attempt to make up for the loss of a
teammate, along with Stewart, and Jay Sackett (Argentina, BMW-HAFDASA)
all jumped to a quick lead over the rest of the pack, while Jerry Mack
(Britain, McLaren/Vickers) and his teammate Rob Bruce (Britain)
dropped to the very rear.  Stewart held his lead through turn 5, and
the field developed into 3 packs.  It was Stewart over Manderachia,
followed closely by Sackett.  The second group was led by Rich Samul
(Belgium, Lola-Matra), followed by Gould, Matt Hampton (Texas), Matt
Falk (Argentina), John Carlson (France), Kevin Kujawski (Italy) and
Paul Swarzenberg (Italy).  The rear was brought up by Mack and Bruce.

        As Stewart rounded turn 6, Manderachia moved up to pass,
causing Stewart to place his two spikedroppers and a minedropper on
automatic.  Manderachia managed to pass Stewart before the spikes
crossed his past, but Sackett wasn't so lucky and lost one of his
front wheels.  The jolt from losing a wheel caused his car to vault
into the air.  The resulting debris sealed the safe passage through
turn 6.  Samul came into the turn and lost control of his vehicle
while trying to avoid the mine/spike combination.  This gave Stewart
solid control of second place, a chance to keep up with Manderachia,
and two kills in as many seconds.  Now Stewart accelerated in an
attempt to pass Manderachia.  The next cars to hit Stewart's
mine/spike trap were Gould, Hampton and Falk.  All three had solid
tires however, so the spikes posed no threat.  Gould and Falk hit
mines and almost lost their control and tires, but the tires and their
nerve held, and they came out in control and with four wheels.
Swarzenberg came upon the mines and spikes, but was unable to weather
the damage.  He lost his front tires to spikes and vaulted, giving
Stewart kill #3.  Meanwhile, Stewart and Manderachia were locked in a
tight race for first with Manderachia holding a slight lead.  Then
came Gould, followed by Hampton and Falk.  Next were Carlson,
Kujawski, Bruce and Mack.  As Carlson entered the dreaded turn 6,
he hit his teammate's spikes and lost two tires, but miraculously
kept control due to a low speed.  Italy's Kujawski went through the
debris rather than risk the mines and spikes, his gamble paid off as
he rolled away with tires intact.  Mack and Bruce also came through
unscathed thanks to low speeds and some daring maneuvers.

        About the time Mack pulled through turn 6, Hampton and Falk
caught up with Stewart.  They had triggered N20 4 seconds before, and
Stewart had been too busy with Manderachia to notice their approach.
Falk swung wide to get a clear shot, and his twin MFR pods lanced out,
with 9 of 12 rockets hitting home.  Stewarts's armor held, but Hampton
added twin bursts of HD MG rounds and the combined pounding from these
two attacks caused Stewart to lose control.  Hampton received his
first kill of the day as Stewart's car vaulted into the air and turned
over 3 times before striking the pavement.  Two seconds later Hampton
narrowed the field even further when he used an infrared targeting
laser to cut through Manderachia smokescreen and guide twin MFR pods
into Manderachia's turret.  His armor held on, but the pounding from
multiple rockets hits caused him to lose control and vault down the
length of the bottleneck, where he narrowly missed clogging the exit
with debris.

        Hampton and Falk had a bit of trouble getting past, but from
here on out it was smooth sailing for this pair as Hampton finished
first, and Falk second.  But before the end of the race, a few more
place changes occurred.  Carlson was forced to drop out when his
tires came out of alignment from the uneven load and forced him to
crawl into the pits at 35 MPH.  Overall, he finished ninth behind his
teammate Stewart.

        Amazingly, 3 of the rear-running car at the start of the race
finished in the top 6.  Kujawski quietly crept up in the standing to
finish forth, while Mack and Bruce finished fifth and sixth,
Name                    Team            Place   Points  Money Won
Matt Hampton            Texas           1       9       $107,448
Matt Falk               Argentina       2       6       $98,949
Tim Gould               Texas           3       4       $89,540
Kevin Kujawsk           Italy           4       3       $80,586
Jerry Mack              Britain         5       2       $71,632
Rob Bruce               Britain         6       1       $62,678
Mike Manderachia        Germany         7       0       $53,724
Sean Stewart            France          8       0       $44,770
John Carlson            France          9       0       $35,816
Paul Swarzenberg        Italy           10      0       $26,862
Jay Sackett             Argentina       11      0       $17,408
Rich Samul              Belguim         12      0       $8,954
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