CAR WARS MAILING LIST VERSION : 2.5             1 - MAR - 1997.
        Published/Typed by James Barton.

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        As many of you may alrady know the Melbourne Grandprix starts
up in a week and a bit (and some ppl say Melbourne isn't the sports
capitol of Australia - probably got more international sporting events
than any city in the world).

        As a dedication to this, we look at the sport of motor racing
in 2047.  Motor racing as opposed to duelling is just that, no
weapons allowed, and virtually no armour (it's racing) - all PP, gas
and driver.  We interview two of the upcoming stars,  Michael Mound
and Damon Shoemaker, and describe the general rules.

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        Motor Racing can be seen as the father of duelling, it has
been going on for ages.  However weapons were never considered a
part, even ramming being considered illegal.  It was once the most
popular event involving cars, but has now been surpassed by duelling.
The amount of racing has reduced, but it still continues, using
much more advanced PPs and Gas Engines than duelling vehicles.  A
world championship is still held, and it has strict rules, as well as
some great racing action.

        The rules are very strict, many of them are tchnical involving
car specifications and the like - money restrictions are not imposed,
rather other restrictions even out the competition.  The other rules
relate mainly to conduct of the race, and regulations once the race
has started.

-No cars may intentionally ram any others (nuts, no fun).
-When there is an accident the yellow flag will be brought out, and all
cars must slow, no overtaking is allowed (why ???).
-No weapons are permitted on vehicles (what do you do then??).
-Vehicles may not have computers which aid driving (is it possible to
driver w/ out the handling computer ?).
-Drivers must be protected (why no combat).  This translates to 10 pts.
CA around the driver.
-The gas tank must be fire insulated from the vehicle (but then cars
don't explode).
-The engine must be protected (again, how do you get the engine to
explode?).  This is 10 pts CA around the engine.

        The rules go on, as you can see, there is a surprising lack of
action, I personally can't see how this could still be done.  When
duelling was illegal - I guess it was all that was available.  But now
?? - Why ??  It's popularity can not be denied however, big crowds
still go to the championship races, we talk to 2 drivers, and find out

CWML:   Hello Damon, Micahel.
Dam+Mic:        Hello.
CWML:   Now you are both drivers in the world Championship (WC) - can
you explain why it is still so popular, despite it's lack of action?
Mic:    Well, I think you are being a little harsh there, while it
is true that the WC doesn't have the same violence or destruction of
autoduelling, however there is still action.  Accidents still occur
nd in all honesty they are often more spectacular then the duelling
accidents, as the cars are going faster and are on the edge more.
CWML:   That might be, but we can just run cars into walls if we
want to see accidents.
Dam:    Yea but there is more to it than that.  Much more skill is
required to race, than to duel - with the contest being purely
driving the skill in passing, and catching up with opponents is
amazing.  It is incredibly exciting to see a car close in on another,
then pull out of the slipstream to zip around, just before a corner.
CWML:   So you think that the increased driving skill makes up for
the lack of violence?
Dam:    Yes we do.
CWML:   Do injuries ever occur, because I know that people still like
to see injuries?
Dam:    Yes injuries do still occur, even deaths - however this is a
relatively safe sport.  The cockpits are almost impenetrable, and
all drivers wear fire retardent suits.
CWML:   Who do you find watches the races.
Mic:    All sorts of people watch the races, many watch both duelling
and racing.  It is a truly international competition, the races are
held all over the world.  Drivers race for their country as well as
for the company they are hired by.
CWML:   So racing is a very corporate and patriotic event.
Dam:    Yes, people love to see their country beat another, and people
also like to support their brand of car - or a car they greatly admire.
CWML:   But you drive for Camel, which is a cigarette and pet store
Dam:    Yes that is true, but we use BMW engines and CTG chassis, and
bridgestone tyres.  People like to see what they use winning events -
it also allows companies to say how good their products are.
CWML:   What about you Mic, who do you drive for?
Mic:    I drive for Salo.
CWML    Who??
Mic:    Salo, they are an international motor racing company.
CWML:   So all they do is race cars?
Mic:    Yes, is there something more to life?
CWML:   Well no, of course not.  So you are both on top of the
Mic:    Well actually I am on top of the table, he is second.
Dam:    But I'm the better driver.
Mic:    I have the most points.
Dam:    I've won the most races.
CWML:   Could I just....
Mic:    But you have crashed the most times, Nelcon Mansella is a
better driver than you.
Dam:    But no, he can not fit in the car.
Mic:    But yes, he beats you.
Dam:    And you.
CWML:   Hold on, an I ....
Mic:    He only beat me because I had a mechanical failure.
Dam:    Which is why I don't finish most races.
Mic:    Yes you hit a wall, and then your car stops.
Dam:    That's it you bastard.
Mic:    Let's go then.
CWML:   Sit down, sit down, no stop fighting - shit no - not me,
I'm just the interviewer.
        Microphone suddenly goes dead.

        Well I don't know about motor racing not being violent.
There has been violence in motor racing, even as far back as the
1980s and 90s.  Cars frequently hit one another in passing.  The
first example of a driver leaving his vehicle to attack the other,
was in an Australian event.  It must be noted however that that
action did not help the other driver to win.

        Well I can not promise much for the next NL, I will be at the
GP, etc.  So unless I recieve somethign it looks like there isn't
going to be a special feature.