CAR WARS MAILING LIST VERSION : 2.3             1 - FEB - 1997.
        Published/Typed by James Barton.

        -"Car Wars", "Autoduel Quarterly" (ADQ), "Midville" and
"Americain Autoduel Association" (AADA)  are all registered trade
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        This issue the look at Midville, will be finished with the
tour moving to East and North Midville.  Lets cut straight to the

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        I hope everyone recieved the information from Robert Deis
about the convention.  Regretfully I learned about this only a couple
of days before RD sent out the message.

        Geosh Fauthauer sent in a report of what he is going to run
at Origins:

    "I just sent in the registration form for events at Origins 97
in Columbus, Ohio, July  17-20. I submitted three events to GM:
    Fri, 8:30 pm- Classic Car Wars- Div 30 in Armadillo Autoduel
Arena. Any standard automobile body-type.
    Sat, 12:30 pm (noon-30)- Dumbarton slalom, Div 40 Racing.
Gas + electric.
    Sat, 8:30 pm - Boats + hovercraft- Div 50; open water.
    All are BYO Vehicle...
    Also, depending on time available, possibly spontaneous
or pre-planned games during in open-gaming areas. If any
of you are going to origins, let me know and we can set something
up... (i'd like to get to play a bit also)
    I've requested space in the minutures gaming room. The worlds
were held in the board-gaming room at origins 96, and there
just wasn't any space for anyone to move around, let alone
    There will also be the World Championships sponsered by
Steve Jackson games at Origins again this year, from what
they said at Origins 96."

        The game has started with all players taken.  The pages have
been updated, and now include a map of the first turn.  Anyone
interested in playing, a duel will start soon after this one has
finished, just visit the page, and send on a mail message.

        The 2041 world champion has just joined the mailing list, he
(Todd Macdermid) was the 51st subscriber to this list.  I'm very
pleased that the readership has reached 50, a 1/2 century (I'm better
than Taylor).  I'm hoping that more of you will contribute articles,
news, etc.  To both this and HVD, thankyou to all of you who have
contributed and I hope the readership reaches 100 fairly soon.

        Check out ADQ 5-1 (go to the ADQ archive and add 5/1/ to the
location name).  This has some great stuff, in terms of new equipment
and rules.


AVRO:                                                   OLD
        A new page is being added, at the moment there isn't much
there, the old page is still there, look for a link at the front page
of the old AVRO system.
                                        Last mod: JAN-15

SAADA:                                                  *
        This is a new chapter that has added a page to the WWW, at
the moment there isn't much information.  The chapter is called the
San Antonio Autoduel Association.
                                        Last mod: JAN-17


PBEM:                                                   OLD
        These pages have seen a couple of updates, including a better
map of the arena, with current car locations, and a description of
the play so far.
                                        Last mod: JAN-24

HVD:                                                    OLD
        Issue #3 is out, The Antarctic Special, it features a cover,
fairly large, as well as a whoel heap of new articles.
                                        Last mod: JAN-20


        Again we are touring Midville, let's continue on from the
East, but first a couple of words, about Steve Jackson's Midville:

"Midville is Northwest Austin.  Not really, but a modified Northwest
Austin.  You see, Steve Jackson, as most people know, is from Austin,
Texas, and went to the University of Texas.  The store where I buy
many of my games is King's Hobby.  It can be found on the map of
Midville in the strip mall... you see, Steve was friends with the
owner, Bob King, who is a friend of mine, too.  Several of the other
places on the map are slightly modified portions of Austin as well."
        Thanks to Thax Black for sending this in.

Block #13:
        Sams' Midville Groceries was partially damaged, but fully
repaired.  The only damage to the apartment was the destruction of
the walled garden.  This was actually part of a revenge attack,
performed about 2 months after the battle.  This is now a memorial to
those that were killed and without clones.

Block #14:
        The club and restaurant to the east are still there, but the
restaurant has changed hands.  It is now an Indian place, which sells
a wide range of foods, from take-away / fast food in the club (south)
to a fully licensed restaurant (north part).  The store in the north
is now part of the club, being the restaurant.  The house in the east
was destroyed, and now has been rebuilt to become the 'Rocking House'
nightclub.  The nigh club was built on the original foundations, and
was made to look like a one story house.  As part of the entertainment
the house rocks in time with the music.  This is owned by the same
people as the restaurant.  The parking area has also been enlarged.

Block #15:
        The BANG building was where many people died, this was one of
the main targets, and was defended by both MONDO and Duellist.  The
building was never captured, nor destroyed.  However the damage was so
great that it had to be rebuilt.  During this battle the two houses
were destroyed, and the warehouse partially damaged.  Ed made a
fortune from the fight, giving out IOU's and re-arming the town.
He now owns the warehouse, and has built a substantial mansion over
the site of the two houses.  The BANG shop was also enlarged, the
County Library was also extended, and took over the barber.  Security
is very good, as it is close to the gangs area.

Block #16:
        These two houses were completely destroyed, and are only now
being reclaimed from the gangs.  Gang activity was never that great
here, and it is not for another few blocks south that the gangs are
heavily entrenched.  The houses form the 3 block gap, that is no
mans land and seperates the gangs from the city.  This is one of the
most heavily patrolled areas, and 4 police cars are on full time
guard duty in this area.

Block #17:
        The northen block is undamaged, but the southern was
destroyed.  It has not been rebuilt and is currently a vacant block,
used as a playground by kids from the north apartments.

Block #18:
        The south-east house was destroyed, but was quickly rebuilt,
otherwise this block is unchanged.

Block #19:
        These houses were only minorly damaged, however only the very
north house is still occupied, this is due to the cycle gang threat
to the south.

Block #20:
        These houses are empty, and very badly damaged, rooves falling
in, etc.  They are currently no man's land.

North Midville.
        This area was not badly effected, as the gangs attacked from
the south, however parts were still damaged.

Block #21:
        Unchanged, this is still car parking.

Block #22:
        This hotel still stands, even though it was badly damaged.  It
now caters to the many tourists that still visit, and is full of
nostalgia and relics of the 'Big fight'.  Including the bullet that
killed the cycle leader James L. Brooks.  UBN has no stake in this
house, forming part of the compensation package to Midville.  It is
currently run by city hall.

Block #23:
        Many of the trees were killed, however it was quickly cleaned
up, and the trees are starting to grow once again.

Block #24:
        This is still the site of a large crater.  Thsi was blown up
by the cycle gangs, and left a crater 30' deep.  No one has thought
of what to do with this, yet.

Block #25:
        The donut express was another site of battle.  The gangs
attacked this, knowing how much it meant to the police.  The police
defended it to the last men.  The diner still stands, and now there is
a memorial to the 6 police that were killed defending it.

Block #26:
        The car lot was completely destroyed, as were many of the
cars.  Scott had however heard wind of the battle, and drove many cars
out to safety.  He then returned and made a fortune selling spare
parts and new cars to Midville.  Seeing another oppurtunity, he
invested all his money into a new charging station.

Block #27:
        This is the charging station that Scott built.  This is now a
recharge station and mechanic, the block was fully destroyed, and
ransacked, whether by the gangs or citizens looking for spare parts
is unknown.  Scott has now become one of the richest citizens of
Midville, along with Ed.

Block #28:
        The waters a little muddier, but no real changes.

Block #29:
        These two buildings hit boom after the 'Big fight', both
were barely damaged, and earned massive amounts of money rebuilding
and resupplying the city.  The pump became a very popular place for
builders and duellers and becme one of the biggest bars in midville.

Block #30:
        The hanger and offices were all ransacked by the citizens,
once word of UBN's involvment spread.  The offices are now general
offices, a couple owned by law firms, banks and UBN still reatain 2.
The hanger is now used for the police choppers, and for general
public use.  UBN have been all but marched out of town.

Block #31:
        These two blocks were relatively undamaged, and not much
changed, except for minor repairs to the building's exterior.

        Midville hasn't changed that much.  A couple of people have
gotten rich (Ed and Scott), a couple lost a lot (UBN), many died.
But after all is said and done, the town still is there, there are
still the normal combats.  The MONODs and duellists will never get
along.  The cyclists will be out of the town within 6 months, things
are pretty much back to normal in Midville.  But remember things are
always normal in Midville before something big.


        I'm  going to say bye to Midville for now, it was good to take
a trip back down, and relive some of the memories, I recomend it for a