CAR WARS MAILING LIST VERSION : 2.2             15 - JAN - 1997.
        Published/Typed by James Barton.

        -"Car Wars", "Autoduel Quarterly" (ADQ), "Midville" and
"Americain Autoduel Association" (AADA)  are all registered trade
marks of Steve Jackson Games.

        G'day and welcome to the 2nd issue of the CW newsletter for
1997.  I hope all of you have had / are having a good christmas
break.  In this issue I'm just going to tie up a couple of loose
ends, such as a final comment on the sand duelling, a summary of
the White Dwarf articles, and some news & updates.

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        Any contributions, news or questions can be sent to.
<A HREF="mailto:dbarton@medeserv.com.au">


        A play by email game is starting at the moment, currently
being played by 4 people, and 1 referee.  Currently the system is in
play-testing w/ a simple intial, duel (using killer karts).  Once the
rules and method of playing look OK, more complex duels will
definately be played.  If you are interested in trying PBEM CW, then
visit the site, from the links list.

        This convention is holding CW, as an event:
        Feburary 21-23, 1997, Johns Hopkins University, USA
        email to: death@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu,

        The 3rd issue of HVD is out, this times it's the Antarctic
special.  The HVD reporters travel down to the great Southern land to
see the people, places and duelling of this cold, cold place.
        No changes or updates.


Official AADA page:                                     OLD
        Updated their list of chapters.
                                        Last mod: JAN-1

BladeTech:                                              DEAD
        Has currently disappeared.
                                        Last mod: N/A

IADA:                                                   DEAD
        This page hasn't worked for a while, does anyone know what
has happened.  My server doesn't get any response, and continues
looking for hours on end.  If any one can get it, please tell me.
                                        Last mod: N/A

NOVA:                                                   OLD
        Updated their front page, no other modifications.
                                        Last mod: JAN-1

DTM:                                                    OLD
        Have added another issue to the HTML file, doesn't look bad,
but I haven't had a chance to read it.
                                        Last mod: JAN-7

PBEM:                                                   **
        A play by email page has been set up (by me) for the group
currently playing.
                                        Last mod: JAN-10
                SAND SPECIAL:
        This is the final word (from Robert F. Deis) on whether IR
gear can see through sand:
  Realistically, no, it prolly couldn't.  But then, IR couldn't
really see through smoke, either.  The problem isn't so much
absorbtion as it is obstruction.
  Sand and smoke particles physically block line of sight.
If they're thick enough, the block ALL light, if not they only block

  However, to conform with the style of current rules, IR equipment
should be allowed to see through all clouds unless the clouds are
specifically designmend for otherwise (i.e. hot smoke).

  So I reccomend you let them see.


WD 41 May 1983  "Assignment: Freeway Deathride"
        An adventure "mini-scenario" written by Marcus L Rowland. It
is set in the Los Angeles to San Diego area of California (with map),
and is set in the era before the legalization of road duelling. The
players are part of a team of 'enforcers' set up by the Pro-Am
Autoduellists Association to hunt down the predators who kill unarmed
civilians on the highways, in an effort by the APAAA to gain
legislative support in making road duelling legal. It includes 3
vehicle designs, and 4 mission ideas: #1: Hunt down a loner killing
unarmed civies, #2 Rescue the governor of Texas from a bike gang, #3
Go after terrorists who have hijacked an atom bomb convoy, #4 Hired
by the Mafia to hunt down an assassin.

WD 53 May 1984  "Spare Parts"
        An article by Steve Jackson himself which was to be the
beginning of a bi-monthly column "Crash Course" covering the CW
universe. This particular column just lists descriptions of up and
coming products, including ADQ #5 and "a computerized version" by
Origin Software Systems for the Apple II+, Atari, and IBM PC (in that
order :-) ) Only of use for nostalgia purposes.

WD 55 July 1984 "Punks in 2034"
        The second "Crash Course" by SJ, this details the 3 types of
"punk" gangs: Town, Cycle, and Society. It details typical equipment
and appearance, how to roleplay them as a ref, and a few scenario

WD 59 Nov 1984  "Two Decks Are Better Than One"
        The third "Crash Course" by SJ, this gives the details for
using double-decker buses in CW, a set of floor plans, and 2 scenario

WD 62 Feb 1985  "The Scrap Pile"
        The final "Crash Course" is a collection of bits and ends. It
mentions the 100,000th copy of CW being shipped, some gaming hints,
upcoming products, the expanded power plant rules from Convoy, and
errata for the double-decker article.

        Thanks to Michael P. Owen, and Paul Darius for sending in
this information.

        This is a fairly short newsletter, and is a bit of a filler,
until midville is ready (1-FEB).  Have a great holiday, and hope to
hear some more replies from out readership (which is constantly
growing - now up to 46 people).