CAR WARS MAILING LIST VERSION : 2.1             1 - JAN - 1997.
        Published/Typed by James Barton.

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        I feel to start this issue, I should wish everyone a happy new
year, as well as a Merry Christmas.  I hope all of us in the Northern
hemisphere are enjoying the weather (nice and sunny with a top of 24'
C down here.)  I hope everyone has had a safe holiday period, and
wish everyone a safe and happy end to their holiday, this includes
any duelling one does.

        This issue we visit Midville, the little town tht got it's
reputation thanks to autoduelling.  The reputation, was tough and mean
with the firepower to back it up.  Things have changed, no longer does
this town have an easy ride, and since the last time it was visited
(in 1989) things have dramatically changed.

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        March 1 & 2, 1997, Ames, Iowa, USA.
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        The latest issue is out (as of DEC-20), It is written by me,
with some contributions (huge thanks to Michael Owen).


        Firstly a little of what happened in the past 7 years.  In
2041 things started to go bad for Midville, or at that stage "Crash
City", the show by which Midville had become famous.  The viewing
audience had shifted away from this type of show, they now preferred
live duelling (and got sick of the predictability of "scripted
duelling"), and ratings slumped.  By early 2042 this had reached a
critical point, and there was talk at UBN of axing the show.  In
mid-'42 someone had the idea of staging a huge live battle, where all
the cast would be flown in and the action would be completely live.

        However events of this magnitude are not common, and indeed
UBN could have to wait months before something small happened, and
they needed something big.  It was decided that it would have to be
staged, that is UBN would have to 'encourage' the battle to take
place.  The battle was to be between 3 large cycle groups and a couple
of hired guns against the MONDOs, police and autoduellists of
Midville, the chance of a confrontation between cycle gangs, as well
as between the MONDOs and autoduellists was also developed.  This was
all done by UBN undercover agents preparing both the sides, and
developing the chance of encounter.  Despite all this, it was not
until early '43 that the encounter was ready.

        UBN flew in 4 extra helicopters and 10 extra vans, as well as
20 extra film crews, most of these were secret, however there were
still some that UBN could not hide.  These were there under the guise
of a double episode of "Crash City", as well as the filming of a 15th
anniversary special even though it was another couple of years away.

        On the 15-MAR-43 the three cycle gangs rode into town from the
south east, expecting little trouble, however Midville intelligence
knew they were coming and and mabush was prepared, however Midville
was only expecting 1 gang.  What ensued was a massive firefight,
during which the gangs tried to destroy as much as possible.  The
entire south eastern corner of midville was destroyed as well as
countless cycles and cars.  On top of this, the city hall and hospital
were also destroyed.  In all 952 bodies were found, of various groups
and gangs, many impossible to identify.  The battle lasted about 6
hours, and the fires were still burning and the last cycslist being
rounded up 10 hours after the fight had started at about 9 am.  UBN
had the whole thing on tape, and showed the fight live as it
progressed.  The coverage was much like that of the late 20th century,
than the modern coverage, where only the fight is showed, and nothing
else.  Experts were flown in, and there was constant duelling and
tactical comments being made by the experts in the box.

        The 10 hour coverage rated through the roof, with over 50% of
America watching this incredicble event.  It was also seen in 200
countries, it was the largest single rating event, bar the final
Olympic games in 2016.  This did not transpose across to 'Crash City',
it still rated poorly, on top of this the residents of midville had
become suspicous of UBN, due to all this the final episode was on
the 20th of May, 2043.  'Crash City' had ended and now Midville would
have to stand up for itself.

        The first thing to be done was the rebuilding of the city, the
hospital and city hall were rebuilt first, and finished in late 2044.
However there was not sufficient funds to rebuild much more, and the
South Eastern corner had to be left in the state it was, rubble.  This
was taken over by cycle gangs, those that had been almost destroyed in
2043.  The police of midville were constantly at work, to keep them at
bay, and only in the last couple of years have they begun to make
progress.  The finishing of Crash City and destruction of half the
city almost destroyed this town, and probably would have destroyed
many weaker towns.  However Midville is still around, and despite all
that has happened, it looks on the up.  In the last couple of years
things have improved, UBN still have an office, although it is not
popular with the locals.  The cycle gangs are being beaten from the
south, and thanks to the 'Big fight' as it is now called, all the
dregs of the city have been killed.  Tourism is increasing, as repeats
of 'Crash City' are played, and the town is becoming a popular stop
for truckers.

        Now a block by block description (to be continued in issue 2.3

Block #1:       Town Mall.
        Is still a mall, although the shops have changed from luxury
clothes, toys and other non-essentials to more rural equipment.
Agricultural eqipment, tools and the like are now sold there, with
there still being some non-essentials, other than that the layout has
not changed.

Block #2:       Hospital.
        Was rebuilt in 44, it is now better protected, with a single
car protecting the hospital, as well as the ambonaught and 15 guards.
The layout of the hospital is similair, but it is now more fortified,
with 8 DP, and it has 3 floors.

Block #3:       Office Block.
        This was also desroyed in 43, and was rebuilt in 45, into
appartment blocks to replace some of those lost in 43.  It has 4
floors, and 5 DP.

Block #4:       Block of Stores.
        This escaped intact from 43, except for the 'Wrecked Edsel
Bar', which was wrecked and has never been rebuilt.  The office supply
is now the officed of UBN in the area, other than that the block is

Block #5:       City Park.
        The park remains well kept, as does the museum, which was
almost destroyed in 43, and required almost complete rebuilding.  The
museum contains much information about the 'Big Fight', and a memorial
has been set up in the park, for those that died.

Block #6:       City Government.
        The only part of this block to change has been the town hall,
which was destroyed.  A newer more fortified hall (10 DP) has been
erected.  It has 3 bunkers, on top of the original ones, the 3 new
bunkers hold VFRP with Hi-res computers, 90 shots, and are controlled
by a man in the bunker.  The guards have also been increased to 15.

Block #7:       Office Blocks.
        These are unchanged.

Block #8:       Office Blocks.
        Like Block #3, this has been rebuilt into appartments, 'Bar
None' sill remains here, and is under the appartments.  The
appartments have 3 stories, and have 5 DP.

Block #9:       Mixed Block.
        Remains unchanged.

Block #10:      Retail Block.
        Remains unchanged

Block #11:      Retail Block.
        Destroyed, and not rebuilt.

Block #12:      Reatail Block.
        Destroyed, and not rebuilt.


        Well, that's it for this issue, next issue will be tieing up
a few loose ends, and the issue after that I'll finish of the Midville
thing.  The next HVD is out on 20-JAN, you can check out a title
graphic for this issue at the following address.
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