CAR WARS MAILING LIST VERSION : 1.4             15 - DEC - 1996.
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        Here we are again, I hope you can all read this O.K., the
width has been reduced, and everyone should now be able to read this
perfectly.  I'm not going to fill this section up with rubbish, as I
did last time, rather it's straight onto the sites available.  This
fortnights special feature is the Whitedwarf articles that have
featured Car Wars (there haven't been that many, but what the hell).

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Mailing List:
        The width has changed, it has been reduced to 70 characters,
from the original 80, which should have worked, but didn't.  The
reason this problem arose, is that my mail viewer has a variable
width, up to about 100, I type this on a simple text programme, which
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will stay at 70, unless someone mails me to tell me that it is still
to wide.  Any problems (I don't care how small) please tell me, as if
you don't, I don't know.

        The next issue will include something about X-Mas and the new
year, a special feature, as well as a return to "Midville", to see
how this town has changed in the past 7 years.  The last visit to
midville was in 1989, since then the hit series and much has moved on
from midville, but this town still has something to offer.

        Thanks to all of you who sent test messages, my problems have
disappeared, and I should have no more problems, fingers are srongly
crossed here.

        Submissions are now closed for the DEC-20 issue of HVD, but
they are still open for the issue due for release late JAN.  Any
further submissions will be in that issue.  Thankyou to all of those
who sent in articles, some of which have been held back for future
issues, this is to keep the magazine of a relatively consistent
length, the 2nd issue is more typical of the length than issue #1.  A
huge thankyou goes to Michael P. Owen for his two submissions this
issue (marked with an *).

This issues table of contents:
        -The tests we run on our featured vehicles.
*       -Don't (Auto)duel and drive.
*       -Uncle Edgar.
        -The winners of our "Bumper Stickers" competition.
        -The VOLVO catlogue (both parts).
        -Who will drive the new VOLVO (2nd and final part).
        -Christmas Presents for Autoduellers.
        -A word from the editor.
        -Duellists Diary.
        -Responses to the 1st issue.

        No change, but who cares?  As long as their are quality
publications like this and HVD about to fill the void.

ADQ 9-2:
        Is no longer available on on-line version, I have not yet been
able to find out what is happening, but the link no longer works, and
the issue is no longer there.


        While this chapter is not currently on the internet, a plan
is currently being developed to add their page.  The page should be
up in February, and is being written by Michael P. Owen.  A subscriber
to this list and someone who has written a couple of articles for HVD.
Good luck on the page, and I and most others are probably keen to see
it develope.

        Other than the news of this future page, their have been no
other updates.


Mailing List:                                                   OLD
        The list of subscribers, without email addresses has been
added, if anyone wants their email address there, just tell me.
                                                Last Mod: 15-DEC

        There are 2, minor features this issue, one is an errata and
adjustment of the sand duelling rules, special thanks goes to Scott
Orr (a subscriber and rules guru) who sent in solutions to some
of the rules, he saw as questionable.

        One of the 1st issues was the failing of fans and gas engines,
which he viewed as a bit harsh, I agree with him (in hindsight), and
the errors highlight the difficulty of changing real life to numbers.

        The modifications are that, the check is only made once, when
the engine is turned on, a new role must be made every time the engine
is started.  This was meant to be included in the original version,
but was unfortunately left out.

        Secondly the chances of operating are a bit excessive, both
for the fans and engines, weapons looks O.K.  Gas Engines now fail on
a role of greater than 4, and fans on a role of greater than 5.

        Also the issue of whether IR equipment could "see" through the
dust clouds (kicked up by the vehicles) was raised.  The questions are
, does sand absorb IR radiationand if so, how much does it absorb.
The absorbtion is dependent on whether the particles vibrate at IR
frequencies, organic molecules tend to, thus we take in IR energy and
give it off.  Does sand, I don't know, and I can't seem to find out.
This isn't a commonly asked question.  However, as sand warms up on
a sunny day, there is obviously a degree of absorbtion.  How much of
this is from visual light, UV, etc I don't know, but some of it will
most likely come from the absorbtion of IR radiation.  The amount of
sand in a cloud of this sort, will not be very much, and it will be
mostly the fine sand, as the heavy stuff will quickly fall, in short
dust remains.  Because of this, and the fact that IR passes through
smoke, all be it that this is slightly larger than smoke, I feel that
there should be no penalty on top of a smoke screen, in regards to IR
gear.  If anyone has any specific knowledge or thoughts, just send
them in, I don't have any specific knowledge, and haven't been able
to find any references.  This is a guesstimation.

        Here is another addition, using sand skis (or for that matter
ice skis) on road or other off-road terrain.  While this is not
advisable, it may become necessary.  The vehicle has it's HC reduced
by 3, because it can barely steer, and the skis take 1 point of
damage for every 5 minutes on the road.  On off road terrain, the HC
penalty is reduced to -2, and damage is only taken every 15 minutes.
Ski guards do not protect from this type of damage.  Acceleration is
not adversely effected, however the maximum maneuver is a D3, this is
due to the fact that there is no steering being offered from the front
1/2.  In fact a vehicle with sand skis AND tracks can only perfrom D1,
maneuvers.  As the back and front wheel locations have very little
steering power, 3 point turns are the order of the day.

        Here is the list of the Car Wars articles from White Dwarf
magazine, this list was found while doing a search for Car Wars, and
the entire list, with many other gaming systems can be found at the
address below.  I don't know about the usefullness or contents of
these articles, no White Dwarf magazines.  If anyone has any idea,
guess what...  Please send it in.

Issue #         Title                                   Contents

#41             Assignment: Freeway Deathride           CW scenario
#53             Spare Parts                             CW column
#59             2 Decks are better than 1:                ???
                        The Double Decker Bus
#62             The Scrap Pile                          New ideas



        The Car Wars Mailing List has reached a brave new frontier of
70 characters, hopefully this will result in a new found perfection
for this list.  This issue has been fairly light on, partly due to
the fact that the next HVD is out on DEC-20, thus most of my time has
gone into this.  Also not much has changed since the last issue.