CAR WARS MAILING LIST VERSION 1.1:                      NOV - 1 - 1996.
        Published/Typed by James Barton.

        -"Car Wars", "Autoduel Quarterly" (ADQ) and "Americain Autoduel
Association" (AADA) are all registered trade marks of Steve Jackson Games.
        -"Autoduel" is a registered trademark of Victor Maxx P/L.

        The main function of this newsletter will be to discuss and inform
on the information that is available, on the internet rather than adding
much new information.  The main reason is that any submissions I recieve
from people, or things I come up with are put on HVD.  It would make my
job a lot easier, if those of you running a CW page, could inform me of
any updates and changes made.  Also if anyone wants to publish any news
regarding CW, this could hopefully become a place to do it.  Any rules
informationm, questions or ideas will be published in this list, so
please send them in.

        This first issue, will be a brief description of what is out
there, subsequent newsletters will be much shorter, and deal with updates
and new pages.  All sites are given a ranking (from 5 stars) in terms of
usefullness and interest to those not involved in the specific chapter.
   All stars are based on information currently available.
        *       Not really useful.
        **      Doesn't include much.
        ***     Fairly good.
        ****    Contains a lot of good information.
        *****   Really good and really interesting.

        All these links can be found at

        Any contributions, news or questions can be sent to.

        Anyone interested in playing CW by e-mail, just mail me.

        SJ games have expressed interest in archiving this mailing list,
more information in the next issue.

        Rumour of an official on-line CW magazine, rival to HVD.

        If you know anyone who would like to subscribe to this, then just
get them to send me a mail message (above adress).
        Please send in any news you have regarding CW.


        Many of you have been probably watching the HTMLing of the ADQ.
While it appears that SJ games have stopped updating their pages, at least
for the moment.  There are still issues being HTMLEd, and hopefully they
will soon be updated.  Some 1/2 issues are available on the internet.
Any further progress will be published in this news letter.


Official AADA homepage:                                         *
        This page contains a list of all AADA chapters, including links to
some of those on the internet, no other information.

AVRO:                                                           *****
        Autoduellists of the Vancouver Regional Organisation.  This page
is one of the largest and best CW pages available.  It includes Arena
descriptions, car designs (including ice and strange vehicles) and new
equipment - mainly relating to ice duelling.  There are also descriptions
of tournaments and rules used.  A great guide for anyone thinking of
starting a CW page on the internet, or an AADA chapter.
                                                Last mod: AUG-8

BADAss:                                                         ***
        Boston Autoduel Association.  This is one of the first chapters on
the internet, and includes some good information.  Full tournament
descriptions are given, and descriptions of the teams and vehicles of the
competition are being added.
                                                Last mod: SEP-14

IADA:                                                           **
        Irish Autoduel Association.  This is a small page, devoted to the
Irish chapter, it does not include much information, the main item of use
is a guide on vehicle design, particuarly for the newer CW players.
                                                Last mod: MAY-??

NOVA:                                                           ****
        New Omaha Vehicular Association.  This page includes heaps of
designs, for almost any vehicle imaginable.  This list is being continually
updated, the page also includes back issues of the newsletter for the
NOVA chapter.                                   Last mod: OCT-20

SPARK:                                                          *
        St Paul Area Road Knights.  This is a developing page, that looks
like it could be really good, most of the links are unfilled, but should
hopefully be filled soon.  At the present doesn't include much information,
any updates will be published in this newsletter.
                                                Last mod: MAY-??


Official CW Pages:                                              **
        Doesn't contain much information, a bit of administrative
style stuff, and links to the ADQ and AADA sections.
                                                Last mod: JUN-??
HVD:                                                            *****
        High Velcity Duelling. This is my magazine, it is set up in a
format similair to todays car magazines, any contributions, in particular
of designs, fiction and complete articles are welcome.  I suggest visting
to get a feel of the magazine before any submissions are made.  The next
issue will be updated for Christmas (DEC-20) and all submissions must be
in by DEC-10.                                   Last mod: OCT-10

DTM:                                                            *****
        Driving Tiger Magazine. This is an old CW magazine that folded, it
is now being HTMLed, other than the magazine, there is information regarding
fiction published by the group.                 Last mod: OCT-22

JAVA Design Page:                                               ****
        This page includes a JAVA designing programme, the features are
extensive, and include most CW accessories and features.  Also being added
are the designs created on this page, regretfully only cars can be designed,
any updates will be published.                  Last mod: AUG-16

rec.games.board:                                                ***
        This is the newsgroup, used by CW, the only other one is at io.com,
and is only available to those with out Illuminati passwords.  Look for
[CAR WARS] or CW as the subject, in amongst other postings for other games.
Current topics are the Speed Mods and Design programmes.  There is also
another newsgroup rec.games.board.marketplace, for those interested in
purchasing 2nd hand CW products, there is however, very little available.

Jeff Barret's Page:                                             **
        This page includes some usefull designing aids, that is all, and it
is not being updated.                           Last mod: JAN-??

German Page:                                                    **
        This page contains only some vehicle sheets. Doesn't look like
it's being updated.                                     Last mod: SEP-9-95

French Page:                                                    *
        This page looked really good, it was going to have designs,
descriptions, etc - All in French.  However it disappeared, and I can not
find it again.  Any information, please contact me.

Corporate CW:                                                   *
        This page is just a description of the tournament, being run at
Princeton University, includes some descriptions of tournaments, crew and
budgeting.                                      Last mod: SEP-28

Autoduel:                                                       **
        This is a new game, being desinged by Victor Maxx.  It is for your
computer, based on CW, it is looking for people to test it, however it
needs a 3D graphics card to function.

        Bye for now, the next update, will be in about a fortnight (15-NOV)
, or a month, or earlier if someone updates their page.