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Highway Prophets. You see them everywhere. Some wear togas and sandals. Others have long beards. Some scream at passing cars from the side of the highway. Others are more content to simply push their shopping carts, look up at the sky and blow kisses to Vishnu.

Our Highway Prophets are all that and more. They're writers with something to say about the Car Wars system. Through ADQ and elsewhere, tons of trees have been felled to express great ideas about this brilliant game. On on this page those trees get to have their revenge.

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SJ Games

Hi guys

We'll still have some place in our CAR WARS FRAG tournament.
A mix between Car Wars and Darkwind.

it's a PBEM games.

just take a look

greschen, a.k.a JnJ

RHAD Rules - Handling


A modified version of the Car Wars handling system streamlined for quick and easy play. It revamps both the speed table and the crash tables to center around a vehicle's Handling Class.

Posted by Rick Havok, 2000-2010.
Reprinted by the Seattle Washington Autoduel Team, February 02, 2011.

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