Friday: Division 20; Arena Dueling.

Saturday 9:00-12:30PM: Division 30; Off-Road Arena Dueling.
1:00-6:30PM: Division 15; Arena Dueling.
5:00-8:30PM: Division 30; Arena Dueling.
8:30-11:30PM: Division 50; Off-Road Arena Dueling.

Sunday 9:00AM: Championship Game Starts; Qualified Players Only. Division 30 Plus Kill Money; Off-Road Arena Dueling.

The player with the highest prestige points at the end of the game will qualify for Championship Game. Two Wild Card Spots, for the Championship Game, will be given to the two players with the highest running Prestige point totals but did not win a game. The game ends when only one player is left or when time is out for the period. In case of a tie the player with the least amount of damage to his car will be the winner.

Scoring Prestige

For entering combat: +1
Winning an event: +2
For each kill your vehicle scores: +2
You kill a vehicle while being a pedestrian: +6
You attack with hand weapons while outside a vehicle: +1
You become an "ace" (5 kills): +5
You become a "double ace" (10 kills): +10
You perform an outstanding deed, maneuver, kill, etc.: +1 to +3 per game.
You leave your vehicle while it can both move and fire: -1
You leave the arena in a vehicle that can both move and fire: -1
Your vehicle "killed" but you survive unhurt: -1
Your vehicle "killed" but you survive with injury: -2
You die a heroic death: -1
You die an ordinary combat death: -2
You die a mundane death: -3
You die a cowardly death: -5
You kill a surrendered character: -1

Car Wars Tournament. Game Faire. Spokane, Washington State. 1990-1997.
Reprinted by the Seattle Washington Autoduel Team, April 06, 2015.