CWIN 1.02
Uncle Schmalbert's 2049 Catalog Update
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
by Howard Lalicker and Wesley Twitchell

Web Posted April 1998
Updated August 28, 2014

Unless otherwise stated, the rules listed below are in effect:
Uncle Albert's Catalog From Hell. Craig Sheeley et al. Steve Jackson Games. 1991. p.147

Uncle Schmalbert's Auto Stop and Gunnery Shop 2037 Catalog. Steve Peters. Autoduel Quarterly: The Journal of the American Autoduel Association. Volume 5 Number 1. Steve Jackson Games. Spring 2037 (1987). p.31

After a Grilled Cheese Sandwich (GCS) has been fired, the Gamemaster rolls 2d6 and compares the result on the dice to the table below.

2. The GCS scores a direct hit on the engine's air intake. The GCS clogs the engine, causing it to stall. The vehicle slows by 20 mph per turn until it stops. To remove the GCS a person without the Mechanic skill will require two hours while a Mechanic will only take 30 minutes. Power plants and gasoline engines are both affected in the same manner.

3. The GCS hits the side targeted and smears over the armor. There must have been too much preservative in the GCS because it makes the armor extremely brittle. The next volley of damage on the affected side will not penetrate the armor however the entire facing of armor will drop off the vehicle! For every 10 points of plastic armor dropped place a debris counter next to the damaged vehicle. For every 20 points of plastic armor or one point of metal armor place a obstacle counter next to the damaged vehicle. If there is not any armor on the targeted side the GCS destroys an internal component. Do not count any living components as targets (i.e. Driver or Gunner). For each volatile item destroyed by a GCS give the vehicle a Fire Modifier of 4 and Burn Duration of 0.

4. The GCS hits the barrel of a weapon on the targeted vehicle (roll randomly). The weapon cannot be fired until the GCS is removed. If the weapon is fired anyway or was being fired when hit by the GCS the weapon explodes causing 1.5x the amount of damage from one shot of the weapon to the interior of the vehicle.

5. Splat! The GCS hits the windshield of the targeted vehicle. All occupants of the affected vehicle receive D2 hazards to all firing actions for the next two turns. If the front armor is missing or the target does not have a windshield, the GCS hits the driver in the face. Vehicles with drivers hit by a GCS have their HC lowered by 3 for two turns and their drivers may not perform firing actions for two turns.

6. The GCS lands under a tire causing a D2 hazard.

7. The GCS hits the vehicle and the GCS explodes, covering the vehicle with little bits of cheese and toasted bread. The GCS must be cleaned off after the event or a prestige penalty will be applied by the Gamemaster.

8-12. The GCS misses and lands randomly somewhere. Use the grenade tables in CWC 2.5, p. 36 or Car Wars Classic, pp. 34-36 to determine the location.The GCS acts like debris on the arena floor.

13. An extreme paradox is created by the GCS, causing an explosive chain reaction that results in the destruction of the universe.

Howard Lalicker and Wesley Twitchell
Associated Autoduellists of the Inland Empire (AAIE)
Spokane, Washington State, USA