Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 14, No. 2
February 09, 2011


Greetings autoduellists. As a scientist, I am performing an experiment this month. I am posting this issue directly to the Web. I am writing subscribers only to announce the availability of this issue and not mailing the newsletter itself.

Death Race 2 is now on DVD and Blu-ray in most stores. I watched it two nights ago. The movie is a good origin story how Death Race was formed. Death Match, the cage fighting death sport that evolved into Death Race, was shown to have Equipment Activating Points (EAPs) as in Death Race. These EAPs would be a good mechanic in Obstacle Racing from ADQ 7/2.

A new edition of the classic computer game Death Rally will be available for iPhones and iPads next month.

I received my copy of Gearmageddon last month. The game has fast-moving gameplay and includes rules for the law enforcement PIT Maneuver.

Gear Jammer Motor Works is gone, however I am slowly uploading its files to SWAT HQ. The vehicle construction information will not be published, but I will include the site's other content.

If anyone has ideas for articles for this newsletter or resources for SWAT HQ, please drop me a note.

Until next issue, Drive Offensively.

-- MPO


Fantasy Role Playing Games

Net Ten: The Ten Best Apocalypses in Gaming


Car Wars
Crash2014 on deviantART

Gearmageddon Cover Art
explodinggoatgames on deviantART

Mad Max Roadwar
alexr2222 on deviantART

Post Apocalyptic Recon Buggy
SniperWolf87 on deviantART


BATMOBILE from WB Movie Batman Returns - BEST ORIGINAL
eBay Motors
Item Number:    270691960611
Item Location:    Clearwater, Florida, United States
Ended:    Jan 19, 2011 18:00:00 PST
Bid history:    25 bids
Winning bid:    US $370,100.00


Dice Fest Games releases Outrider
Tabletop Gaming News
January 28, 2011

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Road Rage, Mini Game #112
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Road Warriors: Post Apocalypic Skirmish Rules For No Limits
Wasted Roads Blog and Wargames Unlimited

Rollerball v4
Curufea's Homepage

George Duff, Miniature Wargaming and freewargamesrules


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Car Wars Fan
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Warlands - Box Contents and Scale Comparison
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What post-apocalyptic hell to play in?
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October 20, 2010


ThunderRoad Special Power Cards


OwlCon XXX - Miniatures Events
January 28-30, 2011
Rice University, Houston, Texas


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no limits road warriors expansion. very necroish style game
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Gearmageddon Review and Interview on Chance of Gaming Podcast
Exploding Goat Games Blog
January 31, 2011

Last night (January 30th, 2011) Adam Chance of Chance of Gaming Podcast aired his weekly podcast covering many aspects of the gaming industry. Adam and his crew reviewed Gearmageddon and sat down with Exploding Goat President, Jay Hyland for an interview.

To listen in on this podcast (and the rest of his archives… trust us, its worth it), check out Chance of Gaming here! Beware though, mom and dad, they tend to cuss a little so listener discretion is advised!

Gearmageddon Review and Interview
Chance of Gaming Podcast #40

* Caution: This podcast has explicit language. The music at the beginning of this podcast uses a racist term several times. *


Livin' la Viva Las Vegas
These New Dark Ages

Savage V-Mods
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A Wushu Guide to Car-Fu and DriveThruRPG


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Savage Wheels: Handy PDF for Converting Hot Wheels
It's Alive: Miscellaneous projects by Snizitch
May 08, 2008

Savage Wheels: Converting Your Hot Wheels
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Savage Wheels: Standees and Markers
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Speed Rally
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[Savage Wheels] 25-28mm Sports Car Paper Model Redux
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An Interview with Jason and John Waltrip
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10 flamethrowing contraptions that'll keep those dang kids off your lawn

By Cyriaque Lamar
January 16, 2011

Errr . . . a confession to make . . .

StarDestroyer.Net Bulletin Board
February 14, 2009

Fender Bloody T-Shirt
Nerd Kung

Description -- I can't let the whole Fender thing go without linking something on guitar lessons. In retrospect, I wish I had spent 1/2 the time I spent playing Car Wars and D&D back in high school learning to play guitar. I might have actually gotten a girl back then.

Whiny little Sports Illustrated p***y complains that football is too violent.
September 17, 2010


FTA: "If one player died on the field in every NFL game, we would feel too guilty to watch like Romans."

Isn't it about high time we brought back "death sports"? Think about it, with all the unemployed people that have no chance to better themselves, why not allow sports that thin the herd? They have the chance to make gobs of money fighting for the entertainment of others. And if they die, it's one less person on the dole.

Think of all the opportunities there are. Combat Football, Gladiator Fights and Autoduelling. No more lame obstacle course shows. Death awaits those who fail to reach the objective. The money made from these shows would be rolling in by the truckload.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to talk to some representatives from Kia to see about making what I call a "Killer Kart".

/where's "Crazy Joe" Harshman when you need him?

PacManDreaming: I have to talk to some representatives from Kia to see about making what I call a "Killer Kart".

They call it "Sportage."


Breakthrough Laser Could Revolutionize Navy's Weaponry

Photo: The battleships of the future will be equipped with mega-watt free electron lasers.
January 20, 2011

The Navy has passed a major milestone in its quest to build an incredibly powerful new anti-aircraft gun.

Scientists with the Navy's Office of Naval Research have demonstrated a prototype system capable of producing from thin air the electrons needed to generate ultrapowerful, "megawatt-class" laser beams for the agency's next-generation system.

"The injector performed as we predicted all along," said Dinh Nguyen, senior project leader for the Free Electron Laser (FEL) program at the Los Alamos National Lab, N.M. "But until now, we didn't have the evidence to support our models. We were so happy to see our design, fabrication and testing efforts finally come to fruition."

He said the group is hoping to set a world record with the futuristic new weapon -- which could be the Holy Grail of military lasers.

FEL technology generates powerful laser beams by passing a stream of electrons -- those tiny, charged particles of matter -- through magnetic fields. Using electrons means avoiding the hassle of chemical fuels that are required for ordinary gas lasers, and bypassing the heating issue of electronic lasers.

FEL lasers can also be calibrated more specifically for anti-aircraft purposes, the Navy said, to adjust for precipitation, cloud cover, or humidity.

Quentin Saulter, FEL program manager for the Navy's research arm, said the implications of the FEL's progress are monumental. "This is a major leap forward for the program and for FEL technology throughout the Navy," Saulter said. "The fact that the team is nine months ahead of schedule provides us plenty of time to reach our goals by the end of 2011."

The research team hopes to have a full-power prototype by 2018, which would have the ability to instantly blast targets in the sky.

Navy ships have become vulnerable in modern times to supersonic missiles because of their slower defense systems, the agency worries. "The FEL is expected to provide future U.S. Naval forces with a near-instantaneous laser ship defense in any maritime environment throughout the world,” Saulter said.

Moreover, because future ships may very well use a form of electronic propulsion, there would be a readily available supply of electrons to power the raygun.

Originally invented by John Madey in 1976 at Stanford University, the project was picked up and pursued by the ONR in the 1980s -- and may finally become a reality.

Chrysler battery-less hybrids announced

Photo: Chrysler engineers will adapt the EPA's hydraulic hybrid system to larger vehicles like the Town & Country minivan.

By Peter Valdes-Dapena, senior writer
January 19, 2011

New York -- Chrysler Group is working on a new hybrid minivan that doesn't use batteries or electric motors to drive it, the automaker announced with the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday.

By the end of next year a Town and Country van built around a hybrid system that relies on pumped-up hydraulic fluid, rather than expensive batteries, will be up and running, Chrysler said.

The so-called hydraulic hybrid system was developed at the EPA's Ann Arbor laboratory and the agency has been testing the system for years in commercial trucks.

Chrysler wants to use it for light-duty trucks, minivans, and large passenger cars.

Instead of storing electricity in a battery pack, the hydraulic hybrid system stores energy normally lost during braking to drive pumps that squeeze hydraulic fluid into a large on-board tank that also contains a nitrogen-filled bladder. The nitrogen bladder acts like a spring, pushing back against the fluid.

When a driver is approaching a stop sign, some of the braking energy pumps fluid into the tank. As with most hybrid vehicles, the gasoline engine shuts off completely when the vehicle stops. When it's time to go again, the pressure in the tank is released to push hydraulic motors that turn the wheels. When it's needed, the gas engine takes over again.

The system increases fuel efficiency by about 30% to 35% in overall driving and up to 60% in city driving, according to the EPA.

Among the benefits of the system, according to the EPA, is its low cost and simplicity. Once produced in high volumes, the system will pay for itself through fuel savings in less than three years, the EPA predicts. Battery-electric hybrid cars typically take much longer.
Detroit Auto Show: The future is here

"The EPA and Chrysler are working together to explore the possibilities for making this technology affordable and accessible to drivers everywhere," EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.

Hybrid cars currently make up less than two percent of all new car sales, with Toyota's Prius model making up the largest number far, with Toyota introducing a new version later this year. Chrysler is working to improve the fuel economy of its vehicle line-up and has been working to rapidly revamp its offerings, but does not currently have any hybrids on the market.