Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 13, No. 3
March 28, 2010


March came in like a lion with autoduelling news.

The Interstate '76 Arsenal and the MegaRace Trilogy are now available for purchase on Good Old Games. Axles and Alloys 2 is being discussed around the Internet. A few copies of the first print edition of
Atomic Highway are still available. Aberrant Games is producing several new miniatures for Warlands.

SWAT member Austin Searles has been building 3-D Car Wars materials set in 3X scale. The photographs I have received of an arena with Jada Battle Machines driving on multiple levels are awesome. Austin is in the process of creating a video or photographic diary of how the arena was built and plans to upload the diary to the Web. If you are interested in this project, contact me and I will forward your information request to Austin.

I decided to open the 2010 WADA Car Wars League to several other automotive combat game systems including Axles and Alloys 2. The other systems need to have car construction, strategic movement and strategic combat like Car Wars therefore roll-and-move games like ThunderRoad are not eligible for the tournament.

Thanks to Hank Harwell for submitting an excellent article for "Autoduelling Technology Today."

Drive Offensively!



Errata - Car Wars Division 5 Vehicle Guide
February 09, 2010


Subject: Playing Axles & Alloys 2‏
From: Glenn Jupp
Sent: Sat 2/20/10 4:54 PM
To: Owen Cooper, Michael P. Owen

I just wanted to let you two autoduelling Owens know of the inauguration of an Axles & Alloys 2 league today. We're playing at the Hamilton Road Gaming Group in London, Ontario.

It was a good beginning, I think. A total of five players and seven games.

On the off chance either of you find yourselves in southwestern Ontario on a Saturday, you're more than welcome to drop in for a game.

Still driving offensively,

Glenn Jupp

Hamilton Road Gaming Group

Hamilton Road AutoDuelling League and Cookie Club (HRADLaCC)

Autocombat Odds and Ends


Convention Report: New York Toy Fair 2010 – Hasbro, Bucephalus, Asmodee

By W. Eric Martin
February 25, 2010

The third expansion track for Formula D is now scheduled to be released at Gen Con 2010 in August.



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Report: Warner Bros. Developing Spy Hunter Movie

Moviegoers may be hearing the Peter Gunn theme soon if Warner Bros. has its way.

By Gus Mastrapa
Posted March 24, 2010

According to Variety, the studio is developing a movie based on the classic arcade game Spy Hunter. Producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee are steering the project for Warners, with Chad St. John writing the script.

Spy Hunter debuted in arcades in 1983. The top-down driving game, produced by Bally Midway, let players drive a badass exotic car armed with nifty spy gadgets like oil-slick sprayers and hood-mounted machine guns. Before going bankrupt in 2009, Midway managed to squeeze out a couple of Spy Hunter updates including 2006’s Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run.

It’s not the first attempt at turning the game into a movie: Universal Pictures attempted to get a Spy Hunter flick starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson off the ground in 2003. Warner Bros. nabbed the rights to Spy Hunter along with many other Midway assets after the floundering game company went belly up last year.

For those keeping score at home, the Spy Hunter movie joins a growing list of retro games in development by Hollywood. Missile Command, Space Invaders and Mortal Kombat movies are all in the works.


ESRB: Death Track: Resurrection to get new life on PS3

JC Fletcher
February 15, 2010

Gaijin Entertainment Corporation plans to publish 1C's PC combat racing game Death Track: Resurrection, on PS3. At least, the publisher secured an ESRB rating for a PS3 version, which it probably wouldn't do if it didn't plan to release the game. Death Track: Resurrection, released last year, is about a violent racing competition set far in the future, in which cars have weapons and stuff. As a rookie driver, the player must make their way up the tournament ranks by driving well and not exploding.

Resurrection is the sequel to a PC game, Deathtrack, created by Red Baron/Tribes developer Dynamix and originally released in 1989. That actually goes a long way toward explaining how you can have "Death Track" and "Resurrection" in the same title. It's the death track that was resurrected.

1C Publishing - Death Track: Resurrection - Overview

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September 1, 2009


Cellulosic Biofuel Finally Ready For the Road
February 16, 2010

wdebruij writes "After years of research, promises, and plenty of discussion here, biofuel from inedible greens such as switchgrass — and even from corn cobs — may finally be getting economically viable. Two enzyme producers, Novozyme and Genencor, have both announced that they can now produce fuel at prices competitive with current corn and petrol-based methods. This is particularly good news in the wake of another report that food-based biofuels could cause hunger."

Economics Improve for First Commercial Cellulosic Ethanol Plants

Jessica Leber of Climate Wire
New York Times
February 16, 2010

Many cellulosic fuel producers are working with enzymes to break down tough, inedible plant parts, such as corncobs or switch grass, into simpler sugars that can be fermented to ethanol. Now enzyme companies say they are near to breaking down another tough obstacle: the cost of enzymes that will make the next generation of low-carbon fuels.

The progress may help put cellulosic ethanol on course to compete commercially when the first large plants open next year.

Novozymes, the world's largest industrial enzyme producer, today launched a new line it says will yield ethanol from plant wastes at an enzyme price of about 50 cents a gallon. The latest product of a decade of research, this marks an 80 percent price drop from two years ago, according to Global Marketing Director Poul Ruben Andersen.

The advances, Andersen said, will help bring cellulosic ethanol production prices to under $2 a gallon by 2011, a cost on par with both corn-based ethanol and gasoline at current U.S. market prices.

Yesterday, Novozyme's competitor, California-based Genencor, a division of enzyme giant Danisco, announced its own new enzyme product, which falls within a similar price range of about 50 cents to make a gallon of fuel, according to Philippe Lavielle, executive vice president of business development.

"What we can see now is that it's feasible to do this today. Of course, that being said, you have to bear in mind that you have to build the large-scale factories to do this," Andersen said.

That capacity, though nearer than ever, has long been a future prospect. Next year, the nation's first commercial-sized plants are expected to open their doors. Among the climate benefits experts see are that the use of corn stover and other waste products rather than corn will cut the need for fertilizer, plowing and other greenhouse gas-producing steps currently used to make ethanol.

A big-ticket necessity suddenly gets cheaper

In the United States, Novozymes is working with Poet LLC, the nation's top corn ethanol producer, which plans in 2011 to open a 25-million-gallon cellulosic plant fed with corn husks and corncobs. Over the past year, Poet has nearly halved its total production costs to $2.35 a gallon, and expects to fall below $2 by the ribbon-cutting.

"A big part of getting to our cost structure was having an enzyme company drive their costs down, as well," said Mark Stowers, Poet's vice president of research and development.

Historically, enzymes have been the most expensive component of making cellulosic fuels. A few years back, enzymes ate up more than half of the production price. This was at a time when it cost $5 to $10 to make 1 gallon of fuel -- nowhere near cheap enough to compete with even grain ethanol.

Now, the dropping enzyme costs mean they will only account for 25 percent of the production price by next year, Andersen said.

The improvements come as the enzyme makers have optimized and fine-tuned the exact cocktail needed at each stage of the process. Genencor said it has managed a threefold improvement in the efficiency of its enzyme, which means less needed per gallon of fuel.

To bring costs down, the companies have worked closely with emerging cellulosic producers such as Poet, or in Genencor's case, with a joint venture of its parent company, DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol LLC.

Another 50% price drop may come with greater production

Genencor's Lavielle cautioned that the 50-cent-per-gallon estimate for the cost of cellulosic ethanol is closely tied to the particulars and efficiencies of the production process. He said that, over the next several years, the company hopes to halve the enzyme costs again, to 20 or 30 cents a gallon of fuel.

Doing that, said Lavielle, will require larger production scales. Both Novozymes and Genencor have plans to ramp up their enzyme production in the next several years as cellulosic producers grow their demand. "I can assure you that the enzymes will not cost the same from one plant to another for quite a long time, until all these processes have shaken out," Lavielle said.

Poet is in part betting on further enzyme cost reductions to help meet its goal of cutting productions costs to $1.50 a gallon over the next five to seven years, Stowers said.

Costs will need to come down for cellulosic ethanol to compete with conventional biofuels and with petroleum without tax credits. Right now, at $1.01 a gallon, cellulosic ethanol enjoys twice the tax credit that goes to the corn-based variety.

As cellulosic ethanol comes closer to the market, technological barriers may be giving way to other obstacles that could slow its growth.

Today, until there are big changes either to the nation's fueling infrastructure or in regulations on the amount of ethanol that can go in today's car engines, there are limits on the expanded use of the fuel, regardless of the feedstock.

Cellulosic producers have, meanwhile, struggled to find capital to build the first commercial plants, which can cost upward of $100 million. And as more plants open, they face the crucial question of how to contract, collect and transport their unconventional raw materials -- which can be anything from waste wood chips to municipal trash.

"The technology is almost there. It needs to be assembled and demonstrated at the large scale. The bottlenecks are somewhere else," Lavielle said.

For more news on energy and the environment, visit

Hungarian Electric Car Splits Into Two Smaller Cars
February 24, 2010

anxon writes to mention that Antro, a Hungarian car manufacturer, is developing a new electric car that can split into two smaller cars. Antro plans to have it on the market by 2012. "The environmentally-conscious company started research back in 2002 and, with backing from various local sponsors, has invested 1.5 million euros in market research and development of a working prototype. The Antro Solo concept is a three-passenger car, with a hybrid drive and solar cells on its roof that the company says could generate enough electricity for up to 20km a day at city speeds. Futuristic looking in itself, the grander plan for the car is much more audacious: Antro intends to allow users to be able to connect two Antro Solos to form a six-passenger Antro Duo. Or perhaps more interesting still, owners of a Duo could split the car into two smaller Solos should Mum have different weekend plans to Dad. Or if they divorce."

Military Helicopters May Get Gunshot Location System

By Nathan Hodge
March 24, 2010

Military helicopters have sophisticated electronic countermeasures to detect and defend against surface-to-air missiles, by jamming or fooling the seekers that guide the missiles to target. Now the Pentagon’s far-out research arm wants to take things a step further, by protecting against unguided — but equally dangerous — small arms fire.

In testimony yesterday, Regina Dugan, the new head of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, described a new acoustic sensor the agency was developing to alert aircrews to ground fire.

The system — called HALTT, for Helicopter Alert and Threat Termination — is a hostile-fire indicator that would give the pilot a warning of attack, and pinpoint its origin. It would work by detecting the distinct acoustic signature (or “crack”) of a bullet as it passes through the air. It would then indicate the shooter’s position. HALTT, Dugan said, “would make it very dangerous to shoot at U.S. forces — because the first shot may very well be the adversary’s last.”

Dugan also gave an interesting statistic: Incoming small arms fire, she said, accounted for 85 percent of hostile engagements against helos. A prototype of the system has been installed on an Army UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, and Dugan said the military was planning to deploy several systems to Afghanistan for real-world evaluation.

Gunshot location systems like Boomerang are already in service on some military vehicles. Integrating this system on an aircraft represents a logical — and rapid — next step. Dugan said: “From funding allocation to live fire test completion, this effort took an unprecedented 5 months and will be fielded in less than a year from identification of the need.”

Piezo Crystals Harness Sound To Generate Hydrogen
March 18, 2010

"Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have discovered that a mix of zinc oxide crystals, water, and noise pollution can efficiently produce hydrogen without the need for a dirty catalyst like oil. To generate the clean hydrogen, researchers produced a new type of zinc oxide crystals that absorb vibrations when placed in water. The vibrations cause the crystals to develop areas with strong positive and negative charges — a reaction that rips the surrounding water molecules and releases hydrogen and oxygen. The mechanism, dubbed the piezoelectrochemical effect, converts 18% of energy from vibrations into hydrogen gas (compared to 10% from conventional piezoelectric materials), and since any vibration can produce the effect, the system could one day be used to generate power from anything that produces noise — cars whizzing by on the highway, crashing waves in the ocean, or planes landing at an airport."

Danger very much alive in NASCAR after weak slap at Carl Edwards
Lars Anderson
Sports Illustrated and
March 9, 2010

Story Highlights
NASCAR wanted to inject danger adrenaline into the sport; Carl Edwards delivered
The Edwards-Keselowski crash has generated more attention than Danica Patrick
Edwards' three-race probation ensures more dangerous on-track retribution

Photo: Lone wolf: Carl Edwards keeps to himself to not let sentiment get in the way of his willingness to dish retribution.

In the end, NASCAR got exactly what it wanted: The re-injection of danger -- and the specter of death -- into its sport.

Let's review. This past offseason, NASCAR announced it would no longer vigorously police the on-track behavior of drivers. If one had a beef with another, well, NASCAR said it would essentially turn a blind eye to whatever a driver did to achieve retribution. As Robin Pemberton, the vice president of competition, said this winter, "We will put it back in the hands of drivers, and we will say, 'Boys, have at it.'"

This brings us to Sunday's race at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Early in the event, Carl Edwards, a four-time winner in Atlanta, was bumped from behind by Brad Keselowski, which sent Edwards into the wall, wiping out any chance Edwards had of taking the checkers.

Keselowski and Edwards have a history. Keselowski sent Edwards airborne at Talladega last fall as the two charged toward the checkered flag. Edwards' No. 99 Ford soared into the catch fence and parts flew off his car like shrapnel, right into the front-stretch grandstands. A young woman's jaw was broken.

On Sunday, Edwards sat in the garage for the better part of an hour while his car was being repaired. In other words, he had plenty of time to think about what he wanted to do when he returned to the track. Once he fired his engine, he had one objective in mind: Wreck Keselowski.

Mind you, Edwards was 156 laps down at this point and Keselowski was running in the top 10. But once Edwards reached Keselowski on the track, he spent over a lap trying to get to his rear bumper to spin him. Once he finally did, a worst-case scenario unfolded: After Edwards nudged Keselowski's No. 12 Dodge, the car went airborne. It was a harrowing wreck, as Keselowski smashed into the catch-fence, the kind of wreck that can seriously injure or kill drivers and fans. No one was hurt, but someone easily could have been.

So what does NASCAR do to Edwards? Does the governing body suspend him for a race, for two, for 10? Fine him $50,000 or $100,000? Put him on probation for the rest of the season? Certainly in years past NASCAR would have dropped the hammer on Edwards, but not this year.

On Tuesday, NASCAR announced he would be put on probation for three races. That's it. Probation for three races. In the garage, this isn't even considered a slap on the wrist. It's more like a love tap with a wink, wink.
Is NASCAR doing the right thing? Only time will tell. But this is certain: NASCAR has received more publicity this week because of the Edwards-Keselowski affair than the sport did when Danica Patrick was making her stock car debut at Daytona. That is the entire point of the "Boys, have it" directive.

NASCAR's TV ratings and attendance figures have been sagging for the better part of four years now, and the governing body realized it needed to do something to inject the sport with a shot of adrenaline. For better or worse, mission accomplished.

Many national NASCAR writers and commentators have already, via Twitter and other means, labeled NASCAR's decision on Tuesday as one of the worst the governing body has ever made. I wouldn't go that far, but if I were king of NASCAR for a day, I would have put Edwards on probation for at least two months, which would have sent a warning to the other drivers. As it stands, no stern warning was sent, which will green-light more payback justice on the track.

The biggest winner to emerge from Tuesday's announcement obviously was Edwards. I've spent a lot of time with him during the last two years, and I can report that as long as he's in NASCAR, he will never -- NEVER -- back down to another driver.

Want to know why? Well, unlike almost every other driver in the sport, Edwards doesn't live in Charlotte, N.C., and instead makes his home in Columbia, Mo. He doesn't hang out socially with any other drivers. Generally, he avoids living in the so-called "NASCAR bubble" as if it's infected with the plague. And the reason is he doesn't want to be friends with other drivers because he doesn't want anything to cloud his judgment on the track. No one in the sport really knows Carl Edwards, which is exactly the way he wants it.

"I fought very hard to make it here to the Cup series, and if people don't show me respect, I will stand up against that," Edwards told me last year. "I believe you should treat people the way you want to be treated. If I don't get that in return on the track, then we'll have a problem."

Keselowski learned the hard way on Sunday. But based on what NASCAR said on Tuesday, the Edwards-Keselowski story probably isn't over yet. Yes, the element of danger is very much alive and well in NASCAR. The governing body has made sure of that.

'Flame-throwing' scooter's owner arrested

United Press International
March 28, 2010

London -- A British man who created an anti-tailgating flame-throwing device for his scooter has been arrested, police say.

Lincolnshire, England, plumber Colin Furze's modified scooter, which threw out flames with a flick of a switch, was shown in a press feature last week. When police spotted Furze riding his scooter on a public highway, they arrested him, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

Furze was detained on possessing an object converted into a firearm before being released on unconditional police bail without charge until May 6, pending police investigation.

Possession of a firearm can carry a maximum prison sentence of five to seven years.

Furze declined comment, the Telegraph said.

Editor's Note: Thanks to Hank Harwell for submitting this article.


The rubber meets the road and the pedal hits the metal as Activision's funky four-wheel battle-fest, "Interstate '76," drives onto retail shelves nationwide.

Business Wire and The Free Library
March 31, 1997

Los Angeles, CA -- Full tank of gas, half-pack of cigarettes, 400 horsepower and 10,000 rounds of ammo . . .

Smokin'-hot funk and muscle car combat are blowing consumers away now that Activision Inc. (NASDAQ :ATVI) has shipped its highly anticipated action simulation game "Interstate '76."

Featuring a unique, 1970s-style storyline, state-of-the-art 3-D technology and an original funk soundtrack, the game launches players on 40 high-octane, single and multi-player missions. Available now at retail outlets throughout the United States and Canada, "Interstate '76" carries a suggested retail price of $49.95.

Set in a gasoline-starved American Southwest, "Interstate '76" challenges players to defend the largest American oil reserve from a gang of auto terrorists. Players drive across roads, deserts and towns in '70s-style, fat-tired, high-horsepower muscle cars equipped with machine guns, rockets, cannons, grenade launchers and flame-throwers.

Chasing down their opponents through real-time 3-D environments, players wage war over dynamic terrain complete with oil slicks, water, mud, gravel and potholes. Featuring engaging characters and a compelling plot, "Interstate '76" seamlessly integrates gameplay sequences with cut-scene movies that are rendered in the same graphic style, creating a compelling cinematic experience.

"`Interstate's '76' launches a new breed of combat simulation games," stated Bobby Kotick Robert "Bobby" Kotick, chairman and CEO of American computer game company Activision, Inc., is credited for transforming Activision from a near bankrupt game company into one of the most successful publishing houses to date. , chairman and chief executive officer, Activision. "The title's fast gameplay, realistic car performance, original funk soundtrack and superb graphics deliver an adrenaline-boosting combat-driving experience."

In "Interstate '76," players choose between two modes of cobat: the T.R.I.P., a single-player multimission, narrative-driven adventure, and Melee, a free-for-all battle set within several combat scenarios. Within Melee, players can experience the fast-action thrill of multiplayer battle, either head-to-head via modem or with up to seven friends over the Internet.

As players battle across roads and open desert terrain, the game's unique 3-D engine simulates realistic driving conditions, including impact collisions, rapid acceleration and braking, jumping, independent suspension, skidding, fishtailing and rolling.

The game's advanced artificial intelligence adjusts driving performance according to not only car model and road conditions but also the status of the engine, wheels and suspension, and the level of damage.

"Interstate's '76" challenges PC-players to try to save the United States from a gang of hard-driving terrorists headed by auto-mercenary Antonio Malochio. Bankrolled by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Malochio intends to deliver the finishing blow to the already-crumbling U.S. economy by destroying the largest American oil reserve in Texas.

Accompanied by wingman Tauras, players - as auto-vigilante Groove Champion - seek to avenge the death of Groove's sister Jade Champion, who was murdered by Malochio after she uncovered his evil conspiracy. By mastering the firepower mounted on Groove's '72 Picard Piranha players must defeat Malochio and his army of auto-mercenaries to save the United States.

Activision is a publicly held developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS-compatible, Macintosh and other computers, as well as Nintendo, Sega and Sony PlayStation game systems.

With headquarters in Los Angeles with offices in London, Tokyo and Sydney, the company sells and markets products under the Activision and Infocom trade names. Activision's World Wide Web site is located at .

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