Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 5, No. 9
September 15, 2052

Web Posted October 13, 2002
Updated October 13, 2002


Welcome back acceleration addicts. This issue is a catch-up edition, a presentation of old reports finally received by the CWIN office. Once again, AAIE and SCAB are responsible for most of the content in this issue. Speaking of catching up on work . . .

WADA Updated

The 2052 WADA League Standings have been updated twice (!) this past week. The tournament is now an AAIE-SCAB all-out fight to the finish, both teams dominating the top ten positions. Three duelists have are now quadruple aces: "Leapin'" Tom Lentz of AAIE, Aaron Cappocchi of SCAB, and Bryan Rider of AAIE. Congratulations on your mayhem-causing excellence. While on the subject of WADA . . .

WADA WebRing Revised

The WADA WebRing has been like what remains of a standard radial tire when the tire runs over catalytic spikes. I apologize for not paying attention to the network for a very long time.

I have reorganized the member list and (finally) made the Ring codes on my Web sites functional. If you are interested in joining the WADA WebRing, you can apply by clicking on the WADA WebRing links found on SWAT HQ and WADA HQ (or the link below). You will, however, need to have a Web site that is updated regularly to remain a member of the WebRing.

WADA WebRing

WADA WebRing Submission Form

Maryland Metal Mayhem

Tentatively, I will be in Annapolis, Maryland from Sunday, October 20th to Friday, November 1st. Most of my time there will be spent on work-related training, however, I will have some time to duel. If you are close to Annapolis, drop me a line so we can make plans for gaming.

I am aiming for an October 1st release for Vol. 5, No. 10. If you have submissions for the October issue, send them to me before September 28th.

Drive offensively,

Michael P. "Lab Rat" Owen



Aviation Week Online 2002

Lasers Being Developed For F-35 and AC-130

Microwave Weapons May Be Ready for Iraq

Directed-Energy Weapons To Arm Unmanned Craft

Lasers, HPM Weapons Near Operational Status

U.K. Developing, Testing Directed Energy Weapon


Thales AFV Systems



The Daily Illuminator
September 14, 2002

Well, virtually live, anyway . . .

Steve Jackson and Michelle Barrett hosted a seminar at Dragonflight over the Labor Day weekend, which was digitally recorded. The MP3 file is
now available at for streaming. There are pictures, too! Check it out. Dragonflight 2002 Steve Jackson Seminar



The title says it all . . .


This page has four vehicle designs and a variant frame type, the Sport Utility Vehicle.


Car Wars is a game of vehicular combat in a post-apocalyptic future. You get to be the road warrior and blow the other schmucks off the road! Car Wars is a fun game that any one can easily learn and even a novice can quickly master. With the re-release of Car Wars, it is coming out in Matchbox scale, so you can have all kinds of fun.

I was inspired to create an Amateur night scenario with Hot Wheels for a small gaming gathering locally. Check the links above for the modeling and the event.


This Ogre site has vehicle designs built using rules from Boat Wars and Car Wars Tanks.


Doolin's site has vehicle designs and the very useful Spencer Doolin Car Wars Car Builder Utility.


From: Curtis Cooper <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2002 4:05 AM
To: RASC Mailing List
Subject: RASC Realism Package is now Available

Dear RASC Driver,

The Realism Package is available! Thank you for your patience, and we hope you feel the realistic add-on for RASC was worth the wait. We debuted the Realism Package at Origins 2002, and it was one of the best shows we've ever had. The price is $24.95, and it can be viewed and ordered online at <>.

Thank you again for your patience,

Curtis Cooper

"Makers of the Ultimate Racing Board Game."
Dartmouth, MA



The September 6th edition of BADM has an article on sizes of playing materials, and another on cloning.


Web Watch continues its look at the Car Wars content on the Web available today. This month, the column locks its radar onto the independent sites.


Doug Maltais has provided tips for upscaling Car Wars since 1997. The site has not been updated for a few years, but it is still packed with useful information, especially for players of Fifth Edition Car Wars.


This site is dedicated to Owen Cooper's custom auto-combat miniatures game Axles and Alloys. It has many photographs of modified Hot Wheels, Matchbox and other 3X miniatures.


Jeff Barrett's site is one of the legendary Car Wars sites. Jeff's record sheets and reference charts are excellent. The Jumping and Falling Table has been used at the AADA WDC for several years.


All that is here is Garth's reply to an editorial, written by former NOVA member Michael Garrity, about the 2047 AADA WDC.


BMC only has a few vehicle designs, but it does have nice schematic graphics for AFV record sheets, and "Civilian Action," a scenario for Aeroduel.


Lord Korath's Keep has a small number of Car Wars product reviews.


The step-by-step conversion of the Hot Wheels Mini Cooper subcompact to a Combat Cooper on this site is a must-see for autoduelists.


This site has Ogre vehicles translated into Car Wars terms.


This site, as expected, is the home of the Bughunter Car Wars Vehicle Designer, one of the best play-aids for Car Wars available today.


This page only has a collection of images from Grand Theft Auto useable as Car Wars counters.


Spencer Doolin's Scrapbook features the Spencer's Web-based Car Wars Utility, approximately 10 vehicle designs, and a HTML version of the 10-phase (!) Movement Chart.


Dragon's Car Wars Creator can be found here, a custom vehicle design program similar to Perl forms.


The Frothers have unusual variants for damage, maneuvers, targeting and handling on their Car Wars pages.


Guy Fullerton's comprehensive Car Wars Product Index is back online but it is still unfinished. Please contact Guy and offer to help finish this project that would be great on Car Wars HQ.


Death Race 2000 meets the classic auto rally card game on this page.


Dragonmaster's site has four . . . unusual . . . scenarios for the Midville maps.


This German language page still exists after several years. Besides having several vehicle designs, it has a German language translation of the Autoduel Earth chronology.


All that is on this Web site is a list of new types of frame armors and a GURPS character sheet.


Dirtside was going to be a RPG based on Games Workshop auto-combat miniatures game Dark Future. The RPG was never produced but Suzy posted some of her artwork from the project.


Michael Miller of SPARK has on his personal site the Killebrew Memorial Dueling Arena, several sets of counters, and the two volumes of the Car Wars Referee Questionnaire.


In addition to a few new vehicle designs, this page also has rules for a new frame: the Sport Utility Vehicle.


Patric Rogers moved to SWAT's backyard of Washington State, but his Web site site still has all of the old goodies. Visit here for the Gray Industries Gunner Pool and unofficial errata for AADA Vehicle Guides 2 and 3.


Originally two sites, Notworthy's Car Wars information is now only one site. Only one vehicle design is present. Unfortunately, there are several spelling errors and the color of the text matches the background, requiring the "Select All" command on one's browser to read all of the site's pages.


Although this site only has one report of a Car Wars event, the photographs of the duel are nice.


Thomas Morton's PA Media is the definitive Web site on post-apocalyptic mythology.


All that is here is a report of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre duel that took place several years ago. There is a link to SWAT HQ, however.


Another Web site dedicated to a custom auto-combat miniatures game, Road Rage has articles about auto-combat miniatures Car Wars players will find informative.


A very cool interactive Car Wars grid map can be found here. It would be a great foundation for a PBW league. Unfortunately, the site has been unfinished for two years.


Look here if you want to combine the Dream Pod 9 RPG Gear Krieg with Car Wars.


This Italian language Web site has a vehicle design spreadsheet and a Zip folder containing vehicle record sheets.


This Car Wars page is the place to visit if you like low-tech dueling. The site has Wormspeaker's House Rules for Mad Max Car Wars games.


WyrmDog's site focuses on GURPS play-aids, but it does have a Car Wars character sheet.


Only one deadly vehicle design on this site. Although spelling errors are widespread, the site does have rotating graphics for its page titles.

Next issue, CWIN will finish off this series by reviewing the magazines, discussion forums and the rest of the Car Wars sites not yet mentioned.



Subject: Car Wars Report
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 09:21:26 -0700 (PDT)
From: John "Possum Knavel" Blaylock <>
To: Michael Owen <>

These are excerts from the various MIB reports from Origins about the Car Wars Championship. I do not know if someone else has sent these to you.

I was going to write some fiction for you, but I did not have it ready by today.  I will endeavor to send you some soon.

John Blaylock
SHAAG Webmaster

Sunday was the big Car Wars tournament. We were planning on 32 players, but we had only 10 actually show up on Sunday. I think the Sunday time slot and the fact that both rounds were scheduled for one day (GAMA's fault) prevented more folks from signing up. We'll handle it better next year to ensure a livelier turnout. As it was, the tournament was still a blast. More details can be found below.

SUNDAY: Arrived early (about 9 am) to help set up arenas for the Car Wars World Championships. I and MIB Ralph Melton had four people in our arena, of whom, one actually survived to move on to the finals.

CarWars 5th Edition. Blair ran a 3-D Car Wars game in the miniatures room for 6 people. He taught rules and brought cars (Hot Wheels). He did not play, but stood by as a referee. There were a few cars with flamethrowers, but nobody caught on fire through the entire game. When I came by there was lots of debris especially in one area of the board.

CarWars 5th Edition. Blair ran another 3d Car Wars game. There were 6 players. Blair didn't play this time either, but stood by as referee.
The same man that played in the first one and won, also won this one.  He was quite happy because he wanted to get his 10 year old into it, and now he has a good start to play.

Helped Andy Fix run the Car Wars Tourney on Sunday. Quite a few MIBs there. Went longer than expected, total of about 6 hours, we had to cut the first round short, but everyone there had fun. Top five went to finals. I had fun playing the gunner manning the flamethrowers in the middle of the arena (extra points for circling or weaving the barriers around the FTs). Winner was Tammy (not mine) with 2 kills, second with a successful weave, and third with 1 kill.


Subject: July AAIE Results
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2002 00:25:25 -0700
From: Wesley Twitchell <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Here you go Michael, the missing races. Game Faire to come soon this time!

Greetings Duel Fans!

Tonight's battle was a slow one, and part of it was the heat. We were dueling on an oval racetrack, with a prestige point for every lap completed. Right as the game starts off, Bryan dropped all of his dispensers on the track, three layers of oil and ice covering the entire width. Steve got a shot lined up on Howard, and took off his entire left side's worth of armor. Tom started off playing tire sniper, taking out one of Edgar's front tires.

I catch up to Bryan's mess on the track, and manage to keep control as the racing slicks hit it. Steve kept up his job as armor remover, with his next shot going through Howard's cargo space and taking out his far side for some good ventilation. While Tom took out another tire of Edgar's, making him a mobility kill as he slowly ground to a stop on the track.

Howard wounded Edgar some, but going out of control off the edge of the track, and clipping a TV box, we was quite unprepared for Edgar unleashing a hidden tank gun, which took out Howard's crew compartment for the only full kill of the game. Meanwhile, Bryan, driving along like a screaming banshee, caught up to Steve, and flamed him a good couple of times with his heavy-duty flamethrowers. Steve counteracted by taking out Bryan's rear armor and gun with a good solid blast from his rapid-fire tank gun.

During this, I was slowly making my way around the track, not accomplishing anything, and Tom cut through the center on one of the diagonals, making a beeline for Steve.

Bryan then went past Edgar, and so caught a blast on his left side taking out his second gun, making him a firepower kill.  Steve then drew a bead on Edgar, and sent a shot through his crew compartment, finishing off Edgar.

Shortly after this, I hit Tom's spike patches, and ended up taking out all of my tires, so I just slowly ground off to a stop away from all the action.  But Tom had caught up to Steve, harassed him, and passed him by. Bryan, continuing his screaming banshee part, went to make a lap, but the hazards of his goop on the track made him fly out of the arena out of control.

With just Tom and Steve still active on the track, and time getting short, Steve took his last shot at Tom, but missed.  Being out of ammo, and slowly burning, he drove into the pits for the end of the game.

July 16
AAIE Div 50 Duel
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 6
Special Rules: 3X scale

1. Tom "Leapin'" Lentz (36)
2. "Disco" Steve Carder (17)
3. Edgar T. Lincoln (10, VK x 1)
4. Bryan Rider (3)
5. Wesley Twitchell (2)
6. Howard Lalicker (1)

Next week will be a Div. 10 battle in the Junkyard. See you there.

Greetings Duel Fans!

Tonight's duel was a short and sweet one. It was a Div. 10 in the Junkyard with nothing else special going on.

Tom and Howard were the first ones to mix it up. As Tom closed in on Howard, Howard double-tapped Tom's front tires with a pair of flamethrowers. Tom then t-boned Howard, taking out his entire left side, for a kill.

Trying to avoid Theo's ram car, I did a steep turn away from him, but only succeeded in going out of control into the wall, and lessening the impact from Theo's car.

Wishing to not be squished between two ram cars, I turned away from Tom and went to circle around the arena.  Theo, on the other hand, didn't turn, and Tom and Theo had a nice head-on collision that hurt Tom, and took out Theo's front armor and weapon.

Steve, who had started out on the far side of the arena, caught up to the fray.  He shot off Theo's side armor, injuring his engine, and rammed Tom's car. The collision took out Steve's front end, and Tom just waved and started puttering off.

Tom didn't get too much further when his front tires burned off, making him a kill.  Steve, all out of weapons and engine, slowly rolled to a stop, and Theo, with most of his offensive weaponry gone, hopped out of his car. So the game ended, and I was still trying to loop back around to all of them. Oh well.

July 23
AAIE Div 10 Duel
Hoolihan's Junkyard
Duelmaster: Tom Lentz
Players: 5
Special Rules: 3X scale

1. Howard Lalicker (30, VK x 1)
2. Tom Lentz (14, VK x 1)
3. Wesley Twitchell (3)
4. Steve Carder (1.5)
4. Theo Hill (1.5)

Next week's game will be something Howard wants to try out; details in another message.

From: Wesley Twitchell <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: AAIE Weekly Rumbles: Aug 20, Sept 3
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 01:50:21 -0700

Greetings Duel Fans!

I've been a touch bit late with the last couple of reports. There's a gap of a week in there, not enough people showed up to really warrant a game, so it was only delayed a week. So without further ado, here's the first report, absent of details.

August 20
AAIE Div 30 Duel
Spokane County Fairgrounds Carousel
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 7
Special Rules: 3X scale

1. Harry Reed (42, VK x 2)
2. Bryan Rider (20, VK x 2)
3. Steve Carder (12, VK x 1)
4. Heather Hartman (4, VK x 1)
5. Edgar T. Lincoln (3, VK x 1)
6. Howard Lalicker (2)
7. Wesley Twitchell (1)

The next week, only Harry, Howard, and I showed up for the game, so Edgar and ourselves decided to delay the game until next week which
was . . . Feynman visits the Junkyard. It was a general Junkyard game, but with teleporters!

Teleporter Rules: Once your car is at least halfway on a teleporter, roll a die. On a 1, nothing happens.  2-5, you move to the corresponding teleport pad, and roll a 12-sided die to randomly determine orientation, with 12 pointing  north and working clockwise. 6 indicates "limbo", or being stuck in the buffer pad. You stay stuck in the buffer until someone else rolls a 6, pushing you out and getting stuck themselves, or randomly at the end of a turn.

In addition to the regular walls, there was the Tofu Pit in the middle, and Edgar created some model scale (8X) walls.  One of them is dedicated the "Tom Wall" as it was all wrecks of his cars. The second wall was all Edgar and Theo. As with them being under construction, they didn't have an extra damage modifier if rammed. And with that, the game starts!

Bryan decided to challenge Harry's winning streak, and his humiliation last game, so the both of them, using dedicated ram cars, zoomed off
towards each other.

Steve managed to be the only person to actually move over to another telepad instead of just turning around, and was ported across the arena to start messing with Lafe.

Steve t-boned Lafe, and the collision, along with scattered shots, was enough to breach Lafe's left side, killing his driver.  Steve on the other hand, was trying to recover when Howard showed up, slammed him around some, and dropped spikes all over the place before speeding off.  The spikes took out Steve's tires, but he still had functional weaponry, and Lafe was in sight.

Back to the middle, Bryan and Harry AAIE'd at over 200 mph, which was enough to confetti both cars and kill both drivers. Edgar, trying to avoid the Tofu Pit in the middle, skidded out of control and slammed head first into some of the arena walls. It was just too much for his subcompact, and he confettied.

I hit a teleporter after avoiding Bryan's discount spikes, and only changed my orientation, which unfortunately was right for a wall. I managed to turn away, but lost control and skidded into the wall. Fortunately, I had loads of armor, so I survived that and took back off trying to regain speed and handling.

Lafe, after his car hit a wall, had his pedestrian passenger climb out of the car and onto the wall. Upon which, he took at shot at Steve with his
grenade launcher.  Steve fired back, and just barely missed him, to the disappointment of the arena.  But that was only shortlived. Lafe had fired a thermite grenade, and it was enough to set Steve on fire and burn up through his exposed underbody killing him.

Meanwhile, Carol circled around the arena and came up to Howard, who had fought his way through debris and obstacles from the earlier collision. They, being both ram cars, went off in the usual AAIE maneuver. Carol survived, Howard didn't, and such was this game.

September 03
AAIE Div 20 Duel
Hoolihan's Junkyard
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 8
Special Rules: 3X scale, Fenyman Proving Grounds transporters

1. Carol Daugherty (48, VK x 1)
2. Harry Reed (23, VK x 1)
3. Howard Lalicker (14, VK x 1)
4. Bryan Rider (5, VK x 1)
5. Lafe Daugherty (4)
6. Wesley Twitchell (3)
7. Steve Carder (2, VK x 1)
8. Edgar T. Lincoln (1)

Next week's game will be a Division 30 game in the Carousel. With school starting, we'll soon be missing the second Tuesday due to school meetings, but as for now, we're still good for the next game. See you there!

From: Wesley Twitchell <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: AAIE New Ruling
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 01:45:16 -0700

With the recent surge in ram cars, and ram-only victories, we've decided on a slight rule change.

For the time being, dedicated ram cars are highly restricted. Whether a layered ram plate, or just loads of metal armor, there have been a large
number of wins and kills going to such vehicles.

However, we are not banning ramplates at all; just requiring aimed weaponry along with any type of ramplate. Dropped weapons such as
spikedroppers do not count, as well as pedestrians firing hand weapons from inside the vehicle.

If you have any questions, or want more clarifying, just e-mail me or Edgar.

Wesley Twitchell
AAIE Reporter

From: Tom Lentz <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: RE: AAIE New Ruling
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 21:07:25 -0700

 *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

Yea! Although I think if people made more use of the "joy package" it would help discourage ram cars too. And I'll be back playing next Tuesday!

From: Edgar Lincoln <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: Ram Busters
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 08:30:41 -0700 (PDT)

Hey Guys,

Tom's right. Combos of dropped stuff should help discourage rammers and they will still be there. The two items that will help a lot are Sticky
Foam and Pyrophoric Oil. Those should help make sure that ram car that just killed you is sorry! Another item that will make life interesting for those speed demons is the Harpoon Drag Chute, which slows them down by lots and messes with handling.

(Editor's Note: Uncle Albert's 2050 Catalog Update in Pyramid Online contains Sticky Foam, Pyrophoric Oil and Harpoon Drag Chutes. You will need to be a subscriber to Pyramid to access the article.)

Uncle Albert's Auto Stop and Gunnery Shop 2050 Catalog Update

As a clarification, I think we should go with metal being required on all sides if used and won't need to restrict thick metal fronts, at least I don't think so. Comments welcome.

See you all Tuesday (except for those I'll see on Sunday).


P.S. I found some good 1 1/2" (Micro Machines, 1.5X) scale figs at White Elephant in the Valley last week. Some modern stock cars (Matchbox, I think) and some boxy, military looking stuff (by Micro Machines, but not distorted like they usually are). They were both in 3-packs with some
extra background parts that I didn't pay attention to for about $5 each. I mention them because I can't afford them currently and they would be
very handy for the $100K Bloodbath at Incon.

Yes, this was just a long, drawn out plug for Incon! The Bloodbath will be at Noon on Sat. (Oct. 19) at Incon at the Shilo Inn in Spokane, WA (509-535-9000 for reservations; please specify loud or quiet) and will be played in 1.5X scale in all six (!) maps of Midville. See you there.


Subject: RE: WADA League September 7th Update
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 07:45:28 -0700
From: Rob Hagmaier <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>


Actually, after re-reading what got posted on WADA, I now see the problem. The Car Wars Frag duel that we played on August 25th (the week before Gateway 2002), got reported as occurring at the convention. The Car Wars Frag duel that we actually played at the convention (on September 1st), didn't get included.

I have included both duel reports below for your review. Thanks a lot!


On Sunday, August 25th, the Southern California Autodueling Brotherhood hosted a game of Car Wars Frag! This set of hybrid rules, developed by Rob Hagmaier, blended the autodueling mayhem of Car Wars with the insanity of Frag. Results follow:

1. Rob Hagmaier, 4 frags
2. Jarett Weintraub, 3
3. Joe Reynolds (visiting autoduelist from TSAR), 2
4. Bob Steinke, 2
5. Sean (no last name, Joe might be able to help with this one), 1
6. Tom LaLonde, 1
7. Jeremy Willis, 0
7. Michael Hording, 0

The Sunday evening duel at Gateway 2002 was an interesting event. I have developed a hybrid of Car Wars and Frag, which I have cleverly named "Car Wars Frag".

Basically, each duelist starts the game with a stripped-down $7,000 car of their own design (no accessories or engine mods permitted, only a single 1d weapon allowed). They can then drive around picking up weapons and gadgets (just like in Frag), which they can mount on their vehicles (weight and space permitting, of course). Each player also has a Game Hack card that allows them to do stupid stuff, like hit each other with Elks or commit Gunnercide. Players that are killed (AKA "Fragged") automatically "respawn" in a random gate the very next phase.  Winner is determined by who gets the most frags, but being fragged only counts towards tie-breakers.

We ask that kills in this event not be counted towards WADA kills, as it was possible for random draw of cards to dramatically effect the result of the game.

The final standings for Car Wars Frag were:

1. Peter Cossaboom, 1.5 frags, fragged once
2. Jeremy Willis, 1, fragged once
3. Rob Hagmaier, 1, fragged twice
4. Aaron Cappocchi, 0.5
5. Tom LaLonde, 0, survived
6. Michael Rosenberg, 0, fragged once