Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 5, No. 8
August 30, 2052

Web Posted October 13, 2002
Updated October 13, 2002


Greetings from the Arena of the Undead. Yes, CWIN has risen from the grave. I imagine you saw one month go by and thought you would get away from my grasp. You thought wrong. Let us get on to the mayhem.

Although the release of Car Wars Fifth Edition is in full swing, the arenas appear to be quieter than usual. Los Angeles and Spokane have not followed this trend, however. Throughout the summer the AAIE and SCAB have been climbing the WADA points ladder. Thanks to Rob Hagmaier, Jeremy Willis and Edgar Lincoln yet again for detailed duel reports.

To compensate for the lack of submissions, I am continuing the survey of Car Wars groups and Web sites started last issue. This month, CWIN turns its radar scope to the inactive chapters of WADA.

Dragonflight was a lot of fun. Dragonflight staffmembers -- and former SWAT members -- Mark Verdeck and Glenn Berry ran exciting Car Wars events. Glenn's urban gang scenario was well-planned. Mark used the polodueling rules from Arena Book 2038 with two interesting twists: run the event as a soccer match . . . in 6X scale.

Playing games with Steve Jackson for the first time in seven years was great. X-Bugs is harder than it appears. Chez Greek will be a huge hit when its released, especially if SJ Games can get the title into college bookstores. It was very fun to play Star Munchkin that had one player draw Level 20 Great Cthulhu, who . . . Read the August 2002 Daily Illuminator to find out what happened.

During a Q&A session, Steve made many interesting comments about gaming's past and future. When asked (not by the editor) about the status of Car Wars, Steve mentioned the company was focusing its efforts on the Vehicle Design System because of high demand. Demonstration models of an Ogre Macrotures G.E.V. and Cardboard Castles were passed around, products that looked great.

I also tried the collectible adventure board game Crypt, and the non-collectible card game Burn Rate. I left the convention with both games in my backpack. It was nice to discover these fun games are produced in Seattle.

John Carpenter and Debra Hill, the team behind Escape From New York and Escape From L.A., are relaunching the Snake Plissken franchise in a big way. Details are in the VADR column.

Triple X has been on the big screen for a month. Reviews on the firm vary, but it should be worth watching to see the heavily-armed GTO.

Thunderball Rally

The July 2002 issue of Dragon/Polyhedron Magazine has a d20 supplement titled, "Thunderball Rally." It is a set of rules for running a Cannonball Rally-style of road race across 1970s America. There are many options for vehicle design, including several weapons. Thunderball Rally is a rough draft of sorts for the modern combat d20 sourcebook to be released in the coming year. I highly recommend picking up a copy of the magazine, as the campaign can easily be adapted to Car Wars, GURPS, Dark Future, and other auto-combat RPGs.

I will be publishing the next issue of CWIN on September 10th. Please continue to send me event results for the WADA League . . . which was updated this morning.

Drive offensively!

Michael P. Owen


LEAN, MEAN DRIVING MACHINE,12543,322333,00.html

Popular Science
August 2002



The Daily Illuminator
August 10, 2002

We've had several items drop from the schedule, at least temporarily, in the last couple of months. Here's what's going on:

Car Wars Supplements

Some announced supplements for Car Wars have been pushed back. Fan interest in the Car Wars Vehicle Design System is strong . . . strong
enough that (except for the books now at the printers) we're not going to work on anything else until the VDS is out. A lot of people have told
us we should have had that product out instantly on the heels of the Starter Sets, if not before. Maybe so. At any rate, all Car Wars effort now
is going to the VDS.



Josh Grossberg
E! Entertainment Network
Jul 31, 2002, 10:20 AM PT

Everyone's favorite eye-patched mercenary -- played by Kurt Russell in director John Carpenter's sci-fi classic Escape from New York and its 1996 sequel Escape from L.A. -- is going the way of animé.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Carpenter, producer Debra Hill and Russell are looking to resurrect their famed B-movie character Snake Plissken in a new animated feature film in the style of such famed Japanese 'toons as Princess Mononoke and Akira.

"We want to take Japanese sensibility and combine that with Western storytelling," Hill tells the Reporter.

The animé movie will be executive produced by Carpenter and Hill with the aid of a Japanese animé firm that they will hire to do the animation.

It's just one of several projects being eyed for a multimedia Snake revival. The creative partners also are teaming up with Hurricane Entertainment to develop a comic book series following Snake's adventures, dubbed John Carpenter's Snake Plissken Chronicles, which will debut simultaneously with MGM Home Entertainment's special edition DVD of Escape From New York.

And fans will be happy to learn that Russell has gladly signed on to provide the voice to Snake (whom he's often said is his favorite role) not only for the animated movie, but for a planned video game. The game will also include some live footage of the actor, filmed through a process
called motion capture.

All of these projects are part of an effort to keep Snake up-to-date in the ever-growing pantheon of homegrown American action heroes -- at a time when Hollywood studios are more anxious than ever for money-making franchises.

"When we made the original film in 1981, there was no video or DVD or video games," Hill, one of the original supervisors of Escape from New York, told the Reporter. "I look at the movie industry at large today and most movies are in some way branded, whether they're spinoffs of a comic book, video game or novel or a sequel to a film franchise. We've done two movies, set up a TV series that didn't happen and now want to relaunch Snake Plissken back into the vernacular of pop culture."

The TV show was meant to be an hourlong syndicated action series featuring the former war hero and condemned criminal. Though the series sounded like a great idea, Tinseltown didn't bite and Carpenter and company couldn't make it fly for the 2001 television season. But Hill says
they've already put out a couple of Snake novels expanding on the Escape universe, and they have high hopes the mercenary will make his way to the tube.

"We introduced a lot of legends in the first two films, and with the comics, novels, video games and animé, we'll be able to explore some of these things," Hill added. "How did Snake lose his eye? What happened in the Battle of Cleveland or at the Battle of Leningrad? What is New Las Vegas? We'll explore these stories as well as introduce new stories."

While producers try figuring out which post-Armageddon city-turned-penal colony Snake should escape from next, video game publishers are currently bidding for the rights to the first game, which should hit store shelves around the same time the 'toon is released to theaters -- sometime in 2004.


© Hurricane Entertainment
Comic Book News
Carpenter's SNAKE PLISSKEN to have comic comeback
And that's not all . . .

Christopher Allan Smith, News Editor
Dateline: Monday, July 29, 2002


One of the genres most loved and most under-used anti-heros, Snake Plissken of John Carpenter's ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and ESCAPE FROM L.A. is returning to the eyes of fans, this time in a new comic book series.

Spring 2003 will see the launch of JOHN CARPENTER’S SNAKE PLISSKEN CHRONICLES, a collaboration between the iconic genre director and VIOLENT MESSIAHS penciller Tone Rodriguez.

As Carpenter gushed in the a press release heralding the series, "They're great. We've got a great artist here. I grew up with comic books, going way back, and I was always interested in the art. So I'm very delighted, very delighted."

Another MESSIAHS powerhouse, co-creator William O'Neill, will write the series which begins after the events of L.A.

But here's the big news:

As Debra Hill, ESCAPE producer, reveals, "Our goal is to brand SNAKE PLISSKEN like other movie or comic book icons such as Spider-Man, Batman and Superman starting with the new comic . . . In addition to the comic, 2003 and 2004 will see a release of novels, a Japanese Anime feature and a video game. A new DVD collection of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK will be coming out next spring from MGM. It will feature missing footage, lots of new commentary and interviews from the original."

Questions? Comments? Let us know what you think at <>.





According to its Web site, Axles and Alloys is "a miniatures ruleset for playing 'post-Apocalypse' games with hordes of converted Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. Axles and Alloys News discusses the rules of the game and miniature conversions.



Road Rage is, "The Tabletop Game of Racing, Chasing and Autocombat." In addition to the rules for Road Rage, there are articles about strategy and miniatures customization.

Editor Chris Johnston says his magazine is about, "News, comments, rants and idle thoughts regarding automotive combat gams in general, including Car Wars, Axles and Alloys, and my own Road Rage rules, plus my adventures in the wacky world of Hot Wheels collecting and customising."


Forum: Dueling Debate
Subject: General / New Car Wars Magazine Online
From: C. J. Burke (CJBURKE)
Date: August 16, 2002, 1:01 pm

While we're waiting for Autoduel Times to show up, there's a new Car Wars magazine online: It's Burke's Autoduel Magazine Monthly <>.

I'm hoping for enough hits on the counter on the main page to show that there is interest out there for an official online magazine, which may or may not be in the offing. (I'm still hopeful that SJ Games will put ADT up at some point.)

-- C. J. Burke


Editor's Note: Thanks to Kurt Aldinger for publishing this miniatures source on Dueling Debate.


Arena Watch: San Antonio Arena


The long wait is over. All the begging, pleading, and threatening to get dad's keys to the ultimate autoduelling vehicle is presented here for your enjoyment. At the end of the road, we've got a winner whose sure-fire speech would definitely get the keys away from us. If we hadn't already lost them in a death race, that is.

The "Borrow the Car" contest rules clearly stated your task. To wrest the keys from dear old dad and take the car for a spin, you had 100 words or less. Let's see what you did with them.

The Big Winner

Finally, here's the winning entry, from Dann Webster of Austin, TX (must be something in the water). With the right mix of autoduelling flavor and humorous outcome, Dann takes the prize with these words . . .


The CWIN Editor is back in charge of the Car Wars section on the ODP. Contact the editor if you know of good (i.e. updated regularly) sites about Car Wars and other auto-combat tabletop games that should be on the ODP.


Remote control cars that have body parts fly off when they take damage = nirvana for Car Wars players. (Editor's Note: Thanks, Mom, for telling me about the Rumble Cars commercial now airing.)


Last issue, CWIN surveyed the list of active Car Wars gaming groups. This month, CWIN visits those chapters that have not survived the slings and arrows of arena circuits. The players are retired, and though many of their Web sites are still online, most of them are likely to disappear at a moment's notice.

U.S. East Coast

Associated Autoduelists of Vermont (AAV)
Lebanon, New Hampshire

The AAV Web site features character generation rules, a personal equipment list, a critical hit table and house rules. It also has links to play-aids such as Jeff Barrett's record sheets, and vehicle designs from Car Wars rulebooks.

Game Designers' Network (GDN)
Worcester, Massachusetts

GDN has house rules for espionage actions, movement and team play. The color of the text is the same as the background, therefore you need to use the "Select All" feature on your browser to read the page.

Hot Asphalt Short Tempers Unholy Rites (HASTUR)
Fredericksburg, Virginia

The AADA chapter started by former Car Wars Line Editor S. John Ross, HASTUR has a large collection of vehicle designs. It also has links to S. John's Sonic Cannon Pyramid Online article and his GURPS Autoduel Carmaker Cribsheet.

Princeton Games Union
Princeton, New Jersey

Most of the information on this site is event reports from past dueling seasons, however, the LoTek Dueling Rules are interesting.

U.S. West Coast

Bay Area Autodueling Association (BAAA)
San Francisco, California

The BAAA site has a cool logo but nothing else to accompany it.

Death Racing Association of Washington (DRAW)
Omak, Washington State

Once a platinum Car Wars Web site, the scattering of DRAW's members to the Four Winds has left a Web site that is a reminder of glorious combats of the distant past. Even after five years, the house rules, photographs of past events and arenas are still great.

U.S. Southeast

Rebel Outlaw Autoduelists (ROAD)
Charleston, South Carolina

ROAD HQ is now debris on the Information Autobahn.

Tampa Wrecking Crew
Tampa, Florida

The TWC is a gaming group that usually plays CCGs. A few years ago, the group played a Carmageddon/Death Race 2000 style of Car Wars campaign, and created a Web site for the variants used. Like the ROAD site, TWC is roadkill.

U.S. Midwest

Amorphous Blob Games
Ypsilanti, Michigan

ABG has a small vehicle collection used at a convention several years ago.

Brotherhood of Lawless Autodueling Enthusiasts (BLADES)
Carbondale, Illinois

This URL is the address of the Castle Perilous gamestore Web site. It does not have Car Wars information but it has in its gaming schedule BLADES meeting once a month.

Championship Autodueling Circuit (CADC)
Detroit, Michigan

The combat racing fanatics that dominated WADA for years have recycled their cars and dismantled their Web site. Tim Gould, CADC's president and Webmaster, maintained one of the best Web sites for Car Wars or any other subject. It will be missed by SWAT and many other autoduelists. Thanks, Tim, for the high-octane fun.

Gateway Archangels Autoduel Association (GAADA)
St. Louis, Missouri

The GAADA site has a few arenas and vehicles and local copies of AVRO's schematic graphics. Unfortunately, it has several broken links.

Iowa Underground Story County Irregulars
Ames / Nora Springs, Iowa

When the group was active, the Irregulars were heavy into the heavy-metal action of Aeroduel and Car Wars Tanks. The site still has aircraft and AFV designs, unofficial Road Atlas entries for Iowa, and house rules.

North American Duelist Association (NADA)
Indianapolis, Indiana

NADA was going to be a combat racing group using the rules of the CADC. After the site was launched, the chapter folded soon after. The site has two challenging racetracks, and the one-and-only issue of "In the Crosshairs," the NADA journal.

U.S. Mountain West

House of Distraction Autoduel Association (HDAA)
Morrison, Colorado

HDAA had a nice set of corporate dueling rules on its Web site, but like the endurance of a vehicle with nitrous oxide, the HDAA ran out of gasoline as soon as it started.

Rocky Mountain Autodueling Association (RMADA)
Boulder, Colorado

One of the playtesters of Car Wars Fifth Edition, the only activity from RMADA is an occasional comment from its vocal member Rob Deis on Dueling Debate. The site has the Miles Messervy Speed Modifier System, previously used by the now-defunct HVD PBEM League.

Free Oil States

Eat Flaming Death (EFD)
Dallas, Texas

The title of this group is appropriate for its status. After running two events, EFD went "down in a blaze of glory." The site still has nice photographs of the two 3-D games it played.


Autoduelists of Vancouver Regional Organization (AVRO)
Vancouver, British Columbia

AVRO had one of the first Car Wars Web sites on the Internet. Even though the chapter has been dissolved, its Web site still is one of the best ever created. Bruce Lam's computer graphics skills have made this site an oil field for autoduelists. The arenas, house rules, vehicle designs and play-aids (especially the vehicle schematic graphics) are fantastic.

Duelists of Alberta (DOA)
Edmonton, Alberta

Like Eat Flaming Death, this chapter's name accurately describes its situation. The DOA site still has several VRML versions of arenas, a collection that includes Hammer Downs, and a partial collection of the HVD Car Wars Mailing List. DOA is notable for its vehicle design spreadsheet, a file that is used by many Car Wars players in several updated forms.

New Toronto Autoduel Association (NTAA)
Toronto, Ontario

Canadian winter weather has knocked this chapter off the map. The only content on its Web site was a set of photographs of customized Micro Machines.


Down Under Dueling (DUD)
Unlisted City, Australia

Featuring a few vehicle designs and a great Car Wars logo, DUD can unfortunately be considered a dud round. SWAT does own DUD many thanks because its logo is used on most SWAT pages.


Bristol University Games Society (GameSoc)
Bristol, United Kingdom

This gaming group stopped playing Car Wars when Deluxe Edition was the core rulebook. The guidelines for the league it ran in the early 1990s are still on its Web site, rules that may be useful for campaigns.

Death Race Labohov (DRL)
Unlisted City, Sweden

The DRL site was created to support an arena circuit. Although the chapter rolled a "Disaster!" result on the Critical Engine Damage Table, there are useful campaign rules on the DRL site.

Lappenranta Autoduel Association (LADA)
Lappeenranta, Finland

Founder of the Car Wars WebRing, LADA has a small collection of vehicle designs.

Mekaniseret Ultra Krikkit (MUK)
Unlisted City, Denmark

MUK liked to drive in the muck of monster trucks. The variants for those vehicles the group wrote are still on the site. Unless you speed Danish, you will need to access the Babel Fish translation engine <> to understand the rules.

That's it for Car Wars gaming groups. Next issue, CWIN will look at the Web sites from independent autoduelists.



From: Wesley Twitchell <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: AAIE Weekly Rumble -- August 6, 2052
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2002 12:58:11 -0700

Welcome Duel Fans!

Tonight's duel was a messy one. We had a full table of players going at it in The Junkyard. The only other thing that was in the arena was a
immobile van in the middle of the arena that held various pedestrian weaponry, but it remained untouched.

The duel started off with the usual pairing off of the corners. Any two people sitting at a corner of the table are more likely to go after each other at the beginning of the game. We try to play it quick and bloody.

Ken started if off by going after Bryan's ramcar. Ken lost, and was confettied. Edgar tossed down a flame streamer in an attempt to take off the
tires of my ram car, but that didn't succeed. He however, was too fast for me to pursue, so I took of towards the other side of the arena. Over at
where Tom and Howard were dueling. Tom's dual-blast trike didn't like the looks of Howard's car, so he scooted off after Bryan, trying to take out his front.

Back at the last corner of the table, Suzie and Heather started off trying to take each other out. Heather missed with her rockets, but Suzie didn't, and took a nice chunk out of Heather's left side. Heather, turned towards Edgar, with Suzie right behind her. Heather shot past Edgar with little effect, and ran right into his spike field. She managed to survive it, but spent a couple of turns skirting the edge of the arena trying to gain control and handling of her vehicle. Suzie on the other hand, went full bore at Edgar, and t-boned him in the right side. The collision wasn't too debilitating to either vehicle, but the dispensers Edgar had bumper-triggered on his side made Suzie's path a pain. After losing her underbody to explosive spikes, Edgar's flame cloud poofed up and onto the oil that was dropped in the collision, engulfing Suzie's car, and burning her driver.

Howard, still in pursuit of Tom, wasn't able to hit him before Tom missed Bryan's front armor with his guns, but not his car. Tom had turned hard to avoid Bryan, but ended up skidding into his car anyways.  Bryan racked up a second kill, and a second batch of confetti to drive through.

By this time, I had caught up to the fray, and deciding not to dodge the spikes Howard started laying down, I turned into Bryan's front. My compact car happily exploded on Bryan's front end, but I did enough damage to take out his engine and finally make him a kill. Howard, then refusing to deal with the spikes Bryan dropped as a final one-fingered salute to him, went and drove all the way around the accumulated debris of three vehicles.

Edgar, being the speed demon in this game, circled back around and started chasing down Heather. Edgar chased her through another flame
streamer, and up to one of the arena gates. Heather lost control trying to turn into the gates and slammed into the arena wall with enough force to kill her crew through her already weakened left side.

As Edgar came towards the center of the arena, Howard circled back in and the two started down a path towards each other. Edgar maneuvered into a position where Howard would have to ram him, or go past and let Edgar fill him full of holes. Howard turned into the ram. The resulting collision was enough to kill Edgar, but only killed Howard's car.

AAIE August 6, 2052 Weekly Rumble
Hoolihan's Junkyard
Div. 20, 3X scale, CW2.5 Rules.
Edgar Lincoln and Tom Lentz, GMs
8 Players

1. Bryan Rider    48, 3vk
2. Wesley Twitchell    23, 1vk
3. Howard Lalicker     14, 1vk
4. Edgar Lincoln        5, 2vk
5. Ken Fourn            4
6. Tom Lentz            3
7. Suzanne Haller       1.5
7. Heather Hartman      1.5
Next week's duel will be a Division 40 in Matchbox scale at the Hammer Downs. See you there!

From: Wesley Twitchell <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: AAIE August 16, 2052 Weekly Rumble
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 15:40:25 -0700

Greetings Duel Fans!

This last duel was quite a blast. We had a friend stop by, so we drug him into the game, and Edgar gave him a Boom Boom to play with. We played down at the Tri-Cities Hammer Downs, and in Matchbox scale, making it quite tight for everyone.

The game started off with Howard and Harry turning towards each other for the AAIE manuver, Harry survived, Howard confettied. Bryan and Steve started off on the top level, and since Steve didn't want to go for a big collision, he flew off the top level away from Bryan, but Bryan jumped as well, and was able to reach Steve for a mid-air sideswipe.

Meanwhile, I was running around the top level, and Edgar and Ken had a small shooting duel with little effect before Ken took to lower jumps.
Back around to the other side of the arena, Steve and Bryan landed, but because of his higher speed, Bryan was unable to get back to Steve, and drove past Edgar, circling back through the arena.

Steve however, was able to line up on Edgar, and rammed him.  Edgar confettied and Steve crumpled up like a beer can.

Back to the surviving people, Harry worked his way back to speed, and caught Bryan as he came around. Harry got a side shot lined up, and
rammed.  The attack/collision combo was enough to take out all the left side tires on Bryan's ram truck making him a kill, and coasting at 120 mph towards a jump. Harry, now a firepower kill, started making his way towards the nearest exit.

Now down on the ground, I tried hitting Ken, who was running around on the top level, but to no effect.  Ken however, was able to snipe at my
top armor as we raced down trying to reach each other.

Back on the other side of the arena, Bryan after hitting the ramp and flying, slammed into the side of the remains of Steve's car, which was enough to bring him to a quick stop.

Harry, on his slow trek to the gate, hit the mines that Steve dropped on his flight. They did minor damage, but they also triggered the explosive
spikes Howard had dropped.  The spikes ripped through Harry's tires, making him a total kill.

As I made it across to the top level, I tried lining up a ram on Ken, but I skidded into the wall, and he spunout trying to avoid me.  Going too fast to risk spinning around right there, I continued around the upper level, intending to come back and finish him off, but he shot off all his ammo, trying to hit me, making him a noncombatant, ending the game.

AAIE August 13, 2052 Weekly Rumble
Tri-Cities Hammer Downs
Div. 40, 3X scale, CW2.5 Rules
Edgar Lincoln, GM
7 players

1. Harry Reed    42, 2 vk
2. Bryan Rider         20
3. Ken Fourn           12
4. Steve Carder         4, 1vk
5. Wesley Twitchell     3
6. Edgar Lincoln        2, 1vk
7. Howard Lalicker      1

Next week's duel will be a Division 30 game in The Carousel. See you there!