Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 5, No. 5
May 10, 2002

Web Posted October 13, 2002
Updated October 13, 2002


It's Alive, Alive!

Greetings, autoduelists. You can blame Edgar T. Lincoln for making this letter incredibly late. I wanted to include his Spokane Game Faire 2002 Car Wars Tournament report in this issue, however Edgar has not yet written the piece. Shame on you, Edgar, for not fulfilling your obligations to your fellow duelists.

Seriously, I want to thank Edgar, Tom Lentz, Howard Lalicker and Greg Nokes for making my first Spokane Game Faire in four years a wonderful experience. It was great to see the AAIE and 8X scale destructive model Car Wars again. Take your time on the report, Edgar. I am sorry for not participating in the final round of the tournament, but the temptation to play in a 3X scale Formula De race was too strong to resist.

Car Wars Fifth Edition has been released. Whether you feel the game is positive or negative for Car Wars, all duelists must agree on one point. The release of Fifth Edition has made the newsgroups and pyramid.sjgames.carwars extremely active. The emotions are extremely tense at times and flames are being shot frequently, however it is nice to see the two oldest Car Wars newsgroups have discussions again.

Even though this issue is 20 days late, this issue is short. Once again, I need all of you to send me articles. I am particularly interested in receiving strategy articles about Fifth Edition.

Where's WADA?

I apologize for letting the statistics go static for over a month. Expect the standings for the 2052 League to be updated this week.

Where's SWAT?

One of you keenly noticed on the SWAT Schedule Page the group was going to start meeting again in January 2002, however it is May 2002 and no schedule of current events is on that page. SWAT is now actively recuiting new members (and trying to have its old members return to the arena). Games should start in June. If you are interested in playing Car Wars in the Seattle area, drop me a line.

I hope to get the next issue out before June 10th, therefore I need your submissions before June 5th.

Drive offensively,

Michael P. Owen



Car Wars HQ
April 11, 2002

Along with the new look of the Car Wars pages, we've updated the FAQ with some of the more common questions that have popped up. If you can't find the answer to your question there, e-mail me and I'll do my best to get you an answer ASAP.

While we try to avoid errors as much as possible, sometimes a few manage to slip through. To see the ones we know about, check out our Errata page. If you find one that isn't on our list, e-mail me.

Car Wars HQ: Errata

We all hope you're enjoying the Division 5 Sets. Division 10 Sets are on their way!

Paul Chapman
Car Wars Line Editor


The Daily Illuminator
May 1, 2002

The following products are now shipping, and should be available from your friendly local gaming store very soon:

Car Wars Division 15 Set 1 -- Hotshot vs. Piranha

This is the first of three Division 15 starter sets. Each one gives you rules, full-color 2-sided counters, a turning key, and two evenly matched car designs. Get one and play; get all three for a high-powered free-for-all!

The Hotshot is a luxury car that spits fire in all directions, with twin machine guns to the front, twin flamethrowers to the rear, and another FT on each side. The classic Piranha is a carload of trouble, with three front machine guns, plus a rocket launcher . . . and three gunners to fire them all at once.

16 pages with full-color counters. Stock #40-1201, ISBN 1-55634-583-6. $5.95.

Car Wars Division 15 Set 2 -- Lightstrike vs. Banshee

This is the second of three Division 15 starter sets. Each one gives you rules, full-color 2-sided counters, a turning key, and two evenly matched car designs. Get one and play; get all three for a high-powered free-for-all!

The Lightstrike is a heavily armored compact that mounts a single computer-targeted laser. The screaming vs. Banshee is a mid-size that shatters its foes with a sonic cannon!

16 pages with full-color counters. Stock #40-1202, ISBN 1-55634-584-4. $5.95.

Car Wars Division 15 Set 3 -- Vindicator vs. Dragon

This is the third of three Division 15 starter sets. Each one gives you rules, full-color 2-sided counters, a turning key, and two evenly matched car designs. Get one and play; get all three for a high-powered free-for-all!

The Vindicator features a turreted recoilless rifle with an extra magazine, a machine-gun to the front, a minedropper, and a gunner . . . and over 200 points of armor! The deadly Dragon breathes fire with twin front-mounted heavy flamethrowers . . . and its tail carries a deadly sting, with a heavy rocket and a micro-missile launcher.

16 pages with full-color counters. Stock #40-1203, ISBN 1-55634-585-2. $5.95.


Subject: Jumping Rules Playtest at sjgames.playtest.carwars.arenabook1 (n/t)
Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 13:20:10 -0500
From: Paul Chapman <>
Organization: Steve Jackson Games Pyranews
Newsgroups: sjgames.carwars

Paul Chapman
Car Wars Line Editor

Editor's Note: A new Pyramid discussion forum, sjgames.playtest.carwars.arenabook1, has been created for playtesting jumping rules to be published in Car Wars Fifth Edition Arena Book 1.


The Daily Illuminator
April 20, 2002

The new Car Wars releases go to distributors in packages of six, cleverly named "Six-Packs," to save them and us from doing accounting on a
huge number of $5.95 books. The distributors sell them to the retailers this way.

It has come to our attention that some retailers don't realize that the Six-Pack should be opened before the books go on the shelf. Therefore, at a
few stores, there are no Car Wars books visible . . . just shrinkwrapped blocks with a plain paper label and, in some cases, a retail price of
around $30. And anybody buying this would get TWO of each Starter Set.

If you see something like this in your retail store, please do the retailer (and us!) a favor and explain to him that the books are intended to be
individually priced and sold. Thanks . . .

-- Steve Jackson



Subject: Car Wars Version 5 has shipped!
From: Managers of Car Wars MSN Community <>
To: Members of Car Wars MSN Community <>
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 21:12:23 -0700

Announcement from Managers of Car Wars MSN Community

I do not intend on sending any other e-mails out to the entire Car Wars MSN Community like this, lest it be considered junk mail . . .

However, you are receiving this letter because at one time or another, you joined the MSN Car Wars Community. As most of you found out, there wasnt much traffic on the boards, since they were really created for discussion about the new version of Car Wars . . . which as we all know, took a little longer than expected to ship.

Well, it's here! Car Wars Version 5 has shipped, and some of us are now playing and posting questions. The boards are starting to pick up in traffic, and I just wanted to send this one-time-only reminder that now is a good time to get your Car Wars fix and join the discussion.

This is just a message board, so if anyone is looking for a decent Web site related to Car Wars, I highly reccomend the home page for SWAT and the WADA. Michael Owen is the Webmaster there, and has been keeping a great history with the Car Wars Internet Newsletter, a record of other Car Wars websites, and just tons of info in general.

Seattle Washington Autoduel Team

Just to reiterate, you really wont see any more emails like this in the future, I just wanted to let everyone know the good news.

Thanks for reading, and have fun!

"Mad Dog" Matt Taylor,
President of the newly formed chapter, DEAD END
(Dedicated Elite Autodueling Enthusiasts of North Dallas)


Subject: More Car Wars Stuff
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 22:06:27 -0700
From: Kannik Lynx <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Greetings, fellow autowarrior. More fodder for your newsletter.

I have put another couple of items on my RPG page pertaining to Car Wars (the, er, old Car Wars now, I guess, what with that new release): A new record sheet with a rather ingeneous (I think, anyway -- neat if nothing else) method of keeping track of  speed and HC, and a quick-ann-dirty set of gameplay/chart pages. Both are in PDF format.

Aim true!



Subject: Car Wars Vehicle Builder
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 17:58:47 -0800
From: Jarett Weintraub <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

While this may quickly become obsolete, I've finally got my FileMakerPro-based vehicle builder up on the Web for people to download and test
out. The second URL directs you to a compressed file version of the program. Let me know what you think.

Jarett Weintraub


Subject: RE: RoadBlasters File Cards
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 16:28:22 -0500
From: John Kent <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>


The Web site is up! Granted, there is some work to be done -- I had six of the cars completely done and then Tripod froze up and lost the changes . . . not the first time and not the last, probably. Excuse the placeholder pictures all over the place -- I am still working on getting some scans.

The only car page that is working right now is Carpow, but you can see the line extensions that never were in the catalog pages. I am working on getting the rest up and running. Let me know if you have any suggestions -- or if I hit the bandwidth wall yet again. Thanks for all your help -- I might have to try and get Parasite from you. I have some lots coming and I think he might be the only one I will need soon.


Subject: Updated the RoadBlasters Site
Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 15:46:19 -0500
From: John Kent <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>


All of the Turbo Force pages are chock full of information now -- just need Street Eater's file card and it will be all done as far as the cars are concerned. Thanks for all your help!






Subject: Another Batch of Car Wars
From: Wesley Twitchell <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 21:34:20 -0700

Greetings Duel Fans,

With some delay, due to the phone company, I have another batch of duel reports for all of you. I've lost all the details for the first duel, so I'll just give you the nitty-gritty for that one.

March 19
AAIE Div 15 Weekly Rumble
AAIE Modular Arena
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 8
Special Rules: 3X Scale

1. Tom "Leapin" Lentz (48, VK x 3)
2. Howard Lalicker (18.5, VK x 2)
2. Edgar "Guru" Lincoln (18.5, VK x 2)
4. Carol Daugherty (4.5)
4. Wesley Twitchell (4.5)
6. Bryan Rider (3)
7. "Disco" Steve Carder (2)
8. Paula Grenvik (1)

The next duel was an adaption of Tag. The person starting off as "It" was the one with the highest reaction roll, and extra points were given as
follows; If you shot the person who was It, you gained one point. If you killed the person who was It, you gained an two points and became It. If It shot someone else and hit, they became It. Due to other circumstances I was unable to be at this game, so I just have the results.

March 26
AAIE Div 30 Weekly Rumble
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 4
Special Rules: 3X Scale, Vehicular Tag

1. Carol Daugherty (24, VK x 1)
2. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (11, VK x 1)
3. Howard Lalicker (2)
4. Paul Grenvik (1)

The last duel was a short and very messy game. The area was two concentric squares made of up jersey barriers, and the standard tofu pit in the center. Howard took off towards Edgar, but Edgar maneuvered out of the path of Howard's ram car.  But that opened up a nice of fire for Tom to double tap VFRPs on Edgar's right side, killing Edgar's gunner, and Howard to a ram on Tom and confetti him.  Howard then fishtailed through a couple of the barriers before regaining control and circling around the arena to do a nice AAIE on me for a mutual confetti. During this time, Edgar circled around, favoring his breached side, and Ken drove around to close quarters. Ken ended up forcing Edgar into the arena wall and taking out Edgar's engine in the process.

April 02
AAIE Div 20 Weekly Rumble
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 5
Special Rules: 3X Scale

1. Howard Lalicker (30, VK x 2)
2. Ken Fourn (14, VK x 1)
3. Wesley Twitchell (3, VK x 1)
4. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (2)
5. Tom "Leapin'" Lentz (1)

Two weeks until next game due to the school meeting, but we'll be having a Division 25 soccer game. Hope to see you there!

Wesley Twitchell

Subject: AAIE Weekly Rumble, April 16, 2002
From: Wesley Twitchell <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 02:16:03 -0700

Greeting Duel Fans,

We didn't do the soccer thing tonight, but Howard brought over a scaled up version of an arena element we call the Carousel. A wheel about two feet wide sat in the middle of the arena spinning clockwise at 25 mph. It was held in place by four bunkers at the secondary compass points. There also were walls on the outside edge of the wheel that sometimes blocked access depending on where the wheel was in the spin. The walls were thick steel, and sharp enough on the ends that if you were unlucky enough to have your vehicle half on the wheel when the wall pushed you into th  bunker, it'd shear your vehicle in half.

We also had eight checkpoints placed around the arena. In addition to being worth half a victory point, they also activated your weapons. Until you hit a checkpoint, you couldn't take any aggressive maneuvers (ie; ram) or fire weapons. To activate, you had to cross at least half of the counter, and roll to check if it was keyed to your system.

As the game started, we spent the first two turns driving around the arena, running over checkpoints without any luck. At the beginning of the third turn, Howard ran over a checkpoint and his weapons went live. Right in front of Steve who went "Oh bleep." He then took a couple of D6 turns to turn away from Howard.  Unfortunately, he went into a spinout and crashed through the arena walls, exiting the game. During that time, Edgar went live, and blocked off a checkpoint in the wheel with flaming oil. Meanwhile, Bryan, Paula, and myself were all bearing down on the same checkpoint.

Bryan hit it first, and managed to get his weapons live. He then dropped down a flame cloud streamer right in front of Paula and me. At the beginning of the next turn, Bryan did a hard left turn towards me for the classic AAIE maneuver. I managed to confetti Bryan, while he was
only able to take out most of my car. Thanks to component armor around everything in the front, I was able to survive the crash . . . right before my gas tank detonated . . . which left Paula right in the middle of a debris field. Meanwhile, on the other side of the arena, Carol got her weapons live, and started moving towards Edgar and Howard, who were making a mess out of the wheel with flaming oil and gas clouds.

Paula was finally able to find a checkpoint that made her go live, right as Edgar left the wheel aiming right at her.  Edgar closed enough space that Paula was only able to get a sideswipe on him with her ram car.

After a bit of dueling in the middle with Howard, Carol left the wheel and promptly caught on fire due to Howard's flamethrowers. Carol then circled the arena, as Howard made a trip around the wheel. They met up on the far side with Carol shooting out one of Howard's tires right before she got a t-bone on him. Which left Howard with a breached side, and Carol out of weapons, and out of control.  Carol then collided with
one of the bunkers, totally rendering her car useless. Meanwhile, while circling back towards the fray, Edgar caught on fire due to earlier hit by Howard.  Paula then caught up with Howard, and turned his car into a crumped can with a t-bone. His gas tank exploded, and with facing the arena wall, Paula had to turn right into all of Howard's debris, and mines he had just placed. With Paula slowed down considerably, Edgar was able to catch up to her, and smack her in the side for a t-bone, and the final kill of the game.

April 17
AAIE Div 25 Weekly Rumble
The Carousel
Duelmaster: Edgar T. Lincoln
Players: 7
Special Rules: 3X Scale

1. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (42, VK x 1)
2. Carol Daugherty (20)         20pts
3. Wesley Twitchell (12, VK x 1)
4. Paula Grenvik (3.5, VK x 1)
4. Bryan Rider (3.5, VK x 1)
6. Howard Lalicker (2)
7. "Disco" Steve Carder (1)

Due to an extra school meeting, we decided against a game without Edgar. But the weekend following, April 26-28, will be Game Faire here in Spokane, with AAIE sponsoring the Northwest Regional Tournament. See you soon!

Wesley Twitchell

From: Wesley Twitchell <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: AAIE April 30 Weekly Rumble
Date: Sat, 4 May 2002 02:29:00 -0700

Greetings Duel Fans,

This last battle was a doozy. We had action and AAIE custom, head-on collisions with confettied vehicles left behind all throughout. To start off, we left the carousel from the last battle in the arena, but it wasn't active this time. In the center of it was a checkpoint that was worth an extra point and something random off of the magic chart.

Howard, in his ram car, went right after Steve's trike. As they closed, Steve let go with a massive volley from his front- and side-mounted VFRPs. Unfortunately, only four hit out of the massive volley, and Howard kept on going right into Steve's trike for a head-on, a confetti, and the game's first kill.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the arena, Carol evaded both Tom and Edgar, and managed to catch Paula in her side for a t-bone, and another
confetti. Back across the arena, Bryan got a couple of shots through Howard's now weakened front armor to take out his engine and to knockout his driver. Then he turned inward, and caught Edgar coming right off of the carrosel for a head-on. Bryan got his second kill in as many phases, and Edgar confettied.

Bryan crossed over the center point with Carol shortly behind him and Tom close by in pursuit of Carol, who closed distance on Bryan,
got a surrender out of him as it was unlikely that he'd survive a rear-end collision.

By this time, I circled back around to join in the fray, and a nice little collision gets set up. I swerved to sideswipe Carol's front so I could avoid a t-bone, and Tom turned toward us, involving me in another sideswipe. Carol then had her other movement and pushed me forward, and in turn I moved Tom a little bit. We ended up in a nice equilateral triangle for a brief moment. Then my next inch of movement forces me to go head-first into the side wall, taking out my front armor and going to a complete stop.

Being in a fairly helpless position, I surrendered to Carol to prevent a rear-end collision. Carol leaves the carrosel with Tom, yet again, in pursuit of her. This time she doesn't get far as Tom manages to shoot her up for a kill and the end of the game.

Final Results

April 30
AAIE Div 15 Weekly Rumble
Airway Heights Modular Arena
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 8
Special Rules: 3X Scale

1. Carol Daugherty (48, VK x 3)
2. Bryan Rider (23, VK x 2)
3, Tom "Leapin" Lentz  (14, VK x 1)
4. Howard Lalicker (5, VK x 1)
5. "Disco" Steve Carder (3.5)
5. Wesley Twitchell (3.5)
7. Paula Grenvik (1.5)
7. Edgar "Guru" Lincoln (1.5)

See you next week!

Wesley Twitchell


Subject: DSI Event 9 Results
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2002 08:35:37 +0100
From: David Hudson <>
To: DSI Mailing List

Event number 9 took place at a replica of the arena used for GenCon 18 -- a square arena featuring jumps, ramps, bridges and walls. The event was open to any land vehicle of Division 45 rating, using CW2.5 rules.

BLADES Real Deal -- Luxury, 3 RLs (each with AP rockets and LGL), ramplate.
DRAGON Hedgehog -- Luxury, 10 MGs (2 in universal turret, 2 in sponson turret right, 2 in sponson turret left, 2 front, 2 back).
Feralgrin Black Goblin Mark 2 -- Luxury, 2 ATGs.
BUMS Double Entendre -- Six-wheeled luxury, 2 HMGs in turret, LRW, several dropped weapons.
Archdiocese Ascension -- Sedan, GG in turret.

The duel got off to a slow start, with the cars fairly well spread. The first aggressive act came from the BLADES car, using his speed to launch a volley of rockets at the BUMS vehicle, to no effect, due to the latter's use of a laser reactive web and smokescreens. The BUMS vehicle assured that he would not be followed through an opening in the wall, by laying (catalytic) spikes and flaming oil.

Double Entendre seemed then to be going head-to-head with the DRAGON Hedgehog, until the latter car turned towards the centre of the arena, apparently to cut off the speeding BLADES, though the two did swap several shots with each other first, with the DRAGON car taking the brunt of the damage.

Both the Hedgehog and Real Deal entered the central section in less than perfect control, with the BLADES vehicle zipping through the area at high speed, and heading towards Feralgrin and Archdiocese. The Black Goblin passed Real Deal, with each car taking relatively minor damage, before the Goblin turned onto one of the central ramps, to avoid the Hedgehog.

As the Archdiocese and BLADES cars closed, the Archdiocese vehicle turned away, allowing its opponent to hit the rear with an almighty volley, doing over 30 points of damage. As Archdiocese turned, so too did BLADES, maintaining a close distance and line of fire, despite several heart-stopping moments for the latter, due to excessive maneuvering. The inevitable happened all too soon, with the very powerful rockets blasting a hole through the rear armour. A handily placed BUMS car (typically for this event) took advantage of the opportunity, and fired through the breach, killing the AD gunner. Feralgrin also seemed keen to join in the carnage, and headed into the scene of the combat.

Continued frantic maneuvering, ending in a desperate T-stop, prevented any of the opponents from completing the job, and Archdiocese were able to continue, shielding the non-existent rear from all-comers.

Sensing that he had missed the opportunity, the BLADES driver switched tactics and rammed Feralgrin, with both cars coming off poorly -- Feralgrin's left side was ripped apart, whilst the ram car's front crumpled (having previously taken heavy damage from AD's gauss gun and Feralgrin's ATGs) wiping out the now ammo-less front weapons and damaging the engine. The engine took a catastrophic hit, catching fire and damaging the transmission, leaving BLADES little option but to limp towards the arena exit, though the gods smiled down on him, allowing the driver's personal fire extinguisher to put the fire out less than a second after it started.

Unsure of the status and intent of the BLADES car, and with the BUMS and AD vehicles still close by, Feralgrin made a desperate turn immediately after being rammed, resulting in him losing control and spinning his car towards BUMS. Never one to turn down opportunities, BUMS hit the spinning car at the right moment, sending HMG rounds through the breached side armour, killing the driver instantly, with the wreck eventually smashing into a wall.

Once BLADES had successfully escaped, only three vehicles remained, with the DRAGON vehicle now caught between BUMS and AD, the former slammed the brakes on and pivoted towards the BUMS car. The latter, surprised by the maneuver, lost a front wheel to the point-blank MG volley, but maintained control and rammed the front of the Hedgehog, whilst returning a hail of bullets. This combined attack left the Hedgehog with no front armour and one MG destroyed. Meanwhile, AD continued hitting the DRAGON car with gauss gun rounds, reducing the left side armour to rubble.

Sensing imminent death, the DRAGON driver attempted to get away from the combat, but failed, and was forced to surrender to save himself, gifting the kill to Archdiocese.

The two remaining cars then jockeyed for position, each taking heavy damage, with both cars soon reduced to no front armour. A last-ditch maneuver from the BUMS vehicle put him side-on to AD's breached front, with the latter surrendering, to avoid losing another crew-member.

Post-event scrutineering revealed that the BUMS vehicle was using an non-approved (cheap and lightweight) fire retardant insulator around the flaming oil jet, making their vehicle illegal (the true stats. for which are shown below). Therefor, BUMS have been disqualified from the event, and will be fined the value of the two vehicles killed/surrendered, subject to an appeal for the surrendered vehicle.

Final Results

1. Archdiocese (Ann Smith/Alasdair Brooks), 1 kill
2. DRAGON (David Hudson)
3. BLADES (Paul Spence)
4. Feralgrin (Andy Troman)
5. BUMS (Geoff Lambourne), 2 kills, disqualified

BUMS Illegal Vehicle

Double Entendre -- Luxury with six-wheel frame, x-hvy. chassis, 150 ci ICE (with VP turbocharger and 1-gallon duelling fuel tank), hvy. suspension, 6 FP PR tyres, driver, 2 HMGs (each with HD ammo) in universal turret, 2 SDs (each with catalytic spikes; 1RBC, 1LBC), FOJ (with fire-retardant insulator) back, 4 SSs (each with 5 hot smoke shots, blow-through concealments and LRWs; 1F, 1R, 1L, 1B), HRTC, HDSAs, 7 links (four SS-LRW, HMG-HMG, SDs-FOJ, HMGs-back dropped weapons). Sloped LRFP plastic armor: F36, R36, L36, B36, T36, U12, two 9-pt. LRFP plastic AWHs front, two 9-pt. LRFP plastic WGs back, 10 pts. FP plastic CA around ICE. Accel. 10, Top speed 62.5, HC 3; 6,622 lbs. (22 lbs. overweight), $45,075.

Archdiocese's Winning Design

Ascension -- Sedan, x-hvy. chassis, 200 ci ICE (with VP turbocharger, laser battery and 1-gallon duelling fuel tank), 4 FP SB solid tyres, driver, gunner, GG in turret, extra GG magazine below turret, FCE back, HDSAs, HDABS, SWC. Sloped FP plastic armor: F49, R49, L49, B49, T24, U19, four 5-pt. FP plastic AWHs. Accel. 15, Top speed 80, HC 3; 6,112 lbs., $44,154.

Event number 10 will take place at the Double Drum Arena, with two Division 20 vehicles (any type) per team, one in each "drum." The gates between drums will remain closed until one combat is reduced to a single vehicle, at which time, the remaining vehicle will join in the combat from the other drum.

I'd like to pencil this event in for the evening of Sunday, April 23rd. If this is likely to cause anyone problems, please let me know ASAP.

David Hudson,
DragonSlayers, Inc.


Arena Watch: Provo Aqua Stadium, Rockford Speedway
Nightmessenger Archive: Vol. 15, No. 3


Subject: SCAB Racing Championship
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 22:17:27 -0700
From: Rob Hagmaier <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

On Saturday, April 6th, SCAB hosted their Club Racing Championship. Turnout was good with 10 players trying to take the title of Club Racing Champion. The venue was the Freeman Towers arena, and the rules were simple. You could score points as usual, by earning kills, or you could also score points by completing "circuits" around the arena columns (9 points per column in the circuit). You could also do a combination of the two.

Gate 1: Tom Lalonde (fast IndyCar)
Gate 2: Jarrett Weintraub (reversed trike with MG and SD)
Gate 3: Empty
Gate 4: Empty
Gate 5: Jeremy Willis (super-duper really fast IndyCar)
Gate 6: Peter Cossaboom (ram car)
Gate 7: Aaron Cappocchi (Mid-size with turreted laser)
Gate 8: Michael Rosenberg (x-hvy. trike with BC right and BC left)
Gate 9: Bob Steinke (luxury with two laser-guided AP VFRPs)
Gate 10: Rob Hagmaier (almost, but not quite, as fast as Jeremy's IndyCar)
Gate 11: Rick Cross (luxury with turreted laser)
Gate 12: Erik Rasmussen (mid-size with VMG)

The race started off fast and furious, with all three IndyCars lighting up rocket boosters, and everyone else blasting away with their guns.  First kill came in Turn 4, when Peter rammed Michael's trike and confettied it. The resulting obstacles made Peter roll. Immediately afterwards, Aaron and Robert Steinke had a massive collision, resulting in more confetti and more body bags as neither managed to survive.

Then, to everyone's horror, Peter's rolling car came to rest on its wheels. Meanwhile, Jarrett has been leaving a long trail of explosive spikes and Jeremy has been leaving a long trail of oil, both of which would become a serious impediment to driving. Rob managed to swing wide around both, in his attempt to circle all eight pillars, but Jeremy needed to cut one pillar out of his circuit, not knowing if he would be able to avoid the spikes.

In Turn 8, Jeremy scored the first circuit, 7 columns, but Rob quickly scored his circuit of 8 columns just a fraction of a second later. Tom managed to complete his own circuit of 6 columns a few phases later. At this point, Tom needed a circuit of 6 columns to win, Jeremy needed only 5, and Rob needed only 4. Jeremy had a bit of a head start, and a slightly faster car then Rob. Both Jeremy and Rob could outrun Tom, who was hoping the speed demons would blow it. All three begin to push their power plants, with speeds in excess of 250 mph being reached.

As both Rob and Jeremy approached the last stretch of their circuits, things appeared to be very close. The first one to complete their circuit would be the winner. Tom was very close to completing his second circuit, which would have put him in a tie for second. Rob dropped some dischargers as he weaved past some slower traffic, denying Jeremy the nice line around the corner, and both had to swing wide to avoid Peter, who was looking to create problems. Rick managed to blow off Rob's wheel hub, but left the tire undamaged.

As they rounded the last bend, Tom, Jeremy and Rob all had their feet to the floor and their eyes on the finish. All three were pushing their power plants well beyond the safe limit, their cars screaming in protest. The finish was close, but in the end, Rob completed his circuit just a phase before Jeremy completed his, ending the game and scoring the win, with Jeremy having to settle for second. Tom was only a phase or two away from his circuit, but still managed to claim third.

Final Results

1. Rob Hagmaier (12 total columns +108 points)
2. Jeremy Willis (7 total columns +63 points)
3. Tom Lalonde (6 total columns +54 points)
4. Peter Cossaboom (Full kill +40 points and 10 TB points)
5. Aaron Cappocchi (Full kill, killed 0 points and 11 TB points)
5. Robert Steinke (Full kill, killed 0 points and 11 TB points)
7. Erik Rasmussen (0 points and 0 TB points)
7. Rick Cross (0 points and 0 TB points)
7. Jarrett Weintraub (0 points and 0 TB points)
10. Michael Rosenberg (killed, -40 points and 1 TB point)

Subject: [SCAB] Trailer Duel
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 07:56:50 -0500
From: Bob Steinke <>
To: SCAB <>

April will be a packed month of dueling for SCAB. In addition to the Racing Championship and Family Car Challenge there will be a trailer duel on April 21st at noon at Game Zone.

Each participant will be given a Division 20 budget for a car and a separate Division 20 budget for a car trailer. Money from the two budgets cannot be mixed.  The car can have driver or driver and gunner. The trailer can have zero, one, or two gunners. Hand weapons must be bought from the budget of the vehicle that person is riding in. Any component that must be bought "per wheel" (such as HTMs) do not have to be
bought for trailer wheels. Standard SCAB construction rules apply (gas engines must have 150 mile range, etc.).

The car-trailer combination must enter the arena connected and able to accelerate under its own power. After that, anything goes. Remember, if the  trailer becomes detached accessories like computers, fire extinguishers, etc. will not work without a laser battery.  I will also allow both acceleration and top speed to be recomputed if the trailer is detached.

Each car is worth a full kill (40 points), and each trailer is worth an additional half kill (20 points) for firepower. If the trailer has no offensive
capability then an extra half kill is added to the car's value. For example, Peter's damage class 4 pickup/20' trailer combination with no weapons would be worth one and a half kills when he rolls on Rob's ice discharger. I don't yet know what arena we will use, but there will be checkpoints. Passing a checkpoint will be worth 2 points for each car or trailer that passes them. So if your car and trailer stay connected and drive around at high speed, you can earn a lot of points for checkpoints. Additionally, there will be the standard tie-breaking point scheme based on kill order.

If you can, let me know that you are coming and what size trailer you will bring. I am making homemade trailer miniatures and need to know how many and what sizes to make. Don't worry, they will look cool. I will bring some samples to the Racing Championship and Family Car Challenge.

Subject: [SCAB] Trailer Duel Report
Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 00:47:43 -0400
From: Bob Steinke <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

The trailer duel was quite an event. The combatants were experienced, but apparently hadn't had much practice driving cars with trailers. Chaos and explosions ruled the day.

1/1    Aaron hits Jeremy with a BC. Jeremy starts dropping spikes from both his car and trailer. The trailer tires roll over the spikes dropped from the car and take no damage revealing normal spikes and solid tires.
1/2    Bob hits Paul's trailer with 3 HDFTs which are stopped by FP armor. Tom fires his turreted TL at Rick.
1/3    Paul misses Mike with a HDFT.  Rick cleans Bob's front tire with a BC. Bob manages to remain in control at 40 mph, but it is not a good sign to lose a tire in Turn 1.
1/4    Aaron fires a second BC from his trailer at Jeremy and misses.

2/1    Bob hits Paul's trailer again with two HDFTs and penetrates. The non-fireproof internal components take a burn modifier which sets the trailer on fire.
2/3    Jeremy hits Mike's front tire with a VMG, but doesn't do enough damage to destroy it.  Mike misses Jeremy's front tire with an ATG.
2/5    Tom continues firing his TL at Rick, and this time includes three incendiary HRs for effect. All of the rockets hit, penetrate the armor, destroy Rick's power plant, and make a burn modifier of 12. With no fire extinguisher, Rick automatically catches fire and on his first opportunity, rolls a 1 and explodes. In the following turn, his uncontrolled trailer moves across the debris field from the explosion. The trailer rolls and ends up on its side for a full kill and trailer kill (Tom +60).
2/5    Explosion #1 (or "How to earn points by having your trailer confettied"): Mike and Jeremy manuver for position. Mike winds up sideswiping Jeremy for minor damage. However, the collision conforms Jeremy so his trailer swings right in front of Mike.

3/1    Mike T-bones Jeremy's trailer and confetties it for a trailer kill (Mike +20). The speed change from the collision destroys Mike's hitch. His car and uncontrolled trailer are just about to roll over Jeremy's spikes. Rick hits Paul with a BC. Jeremy hits Mike's trailer with a VMG.
3/3    Mike's first movement after the collision takes his car and trailer over Jeremy's spikes and debris field from the confettied trailer. Mike's car
loses two tires and his trailer rolls eventually winding up on its side for a mobility kill and trailer kill (Jeremy +40).
3/4    Paul hits Mike with a HDFT.
3/5    Paul hits Mike with an incendiary VMG from his trailer and Mike catches fire.

4/1    Bob hits Tom with a HDFT. Paul hits Aaron with a HDFT. Aaron starts dropping flame clouds and flaming oil.
4/3    Explosion #2: Tom hits Bob with three incendiary HRs. Bob catches fire and explodes for a full kill (Tom +40). However, he is traveling slow enough that his trailer stops before rolling and remains in the game.
4/4    Paul takes damage from Aaron's flame cloud and flaming oil.
4/5    Paul sideswipes Aaron's trailer which jacknifes and comes loose, but eventually rolls to a stop on its wheels.

5/1    Mike fires his ATG at Paul's trailer and misses.
5/3    Paul hits Aaron with a VMG. Aaron's car mounted BC hits Mike and completes the kill (Aaron +20). Aaron's trailer mounted BC misses Jeremy's tire. Jeremy misses Aaron's tire with a VMG.
5/5    Explosion #3: Paul's trailer finally explodes from the fire set by Bob in Turn 2 (Bob +20).

6/1    Tom hits Aaron with an incendiary HR which sets him on fire.
6/4    Bob's trailer hits Jeremy with a HDFT. Aaron's trailer hits Jeremy with two RLs. Aaron's car destroys Jeremy's front tire with a BC.  Jeremy hits Aaron's car with a VMG.
6/5    Jeremy T-bones Aaron's car and drops spikes. Paul misses Tom with a HDFT.

7/1    Aaron hits Jeremy's spikes. Bob misses Jeremy with two HDFTs. Tom destroys Jeremy's second front tire for a mobility kill (Tom +20).  This gives Tom 120 points and starts the five second clock to end the duel.
7/2    Tom closes range with Aaron's trailer. The range is too close because the trailer fires a flame cloud gas streamer right on top of Tom, who had decided it was not necessary to defend the back of his car. It turns out to be a bad decision as the flame cloud burns through the one point of armor and knocks his driver unconscious for a full kill. In a more mysterious decision, Tom also decided not to armor the top of his turret-mounting trailer. The flame cloud burns through the one point of top armor and destroys his TL, rendering his rockets useless for a trailer kill (+60 Aaron). This stops the five-second clock.
7/5    Aaron's trailer hits Jeremy with two RLs. Aaron's driver and gunner succumb to the effects of the fire set by Tom for a full kill (Tom +40).

8/1    Bob and Aaron simultaneously kill Jeremy's gunner.
8/5    Paul hits Bob's trailer with a HDFT setting it on fire.

9/1    Bob and Aaron simultaneously kill Jeremy's driver to share the completed kill (Bob +10, Aaron +10).
9/5    Explosion #4: Bob's trailer explodes for a trailer kill (Paul +20). The only combatants left at this point are Paul's car and Aaron's immobile trailer. Paul tries desperately to get out of Aaron's firing arc, but doesn't make it and is killed.

Final Results

1. Tom LaLonde (+100, full and trailer kills on Rick, killed Bob, mobility kill on Jeremy, killed Aaron, killed, trailer killed)
2. Aaron Cappocchi (+90, completed kill on Mike, full and trailer kills on Tom, half completed kill on Jeremy, killed Paul, killed)
3. Jeremy Willis (-20, mobility and trailer kills on Mike, killed, trailer killed)
4. Bob Steinke (-30, trailer kill on Paul, half completed kill on Jeremy, killed, trailer killed)
5. Paul Dreyer (-40, trailer kill Bob, killed, trailer killed)
5. Mike Rosenberg (-40, trailer kill on Jeremy, killed, trailer killed)
7. Rick Cross (-60, killed and trailer killed)

Bob Steinke

Subject: [SCAB] Fifth Edition Demonstration Duel
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 12:55:41 -0700
From: Jeremy Willis"<>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

Wednesday's Car Wars Fifth Edition demonstration at the TCM Proving Grounds was great. We had a six-player arena duel on a 4 by 8 foot table. In order to give non-ram cars some extra help, I layed out two long, thin minefields (a line of fragmentation next to a line of shape-charged) terminating in oil slicks in the arena to split it into thirds. I also added lots of evenly spaced large pillars. I put two ram cars (Dagger and Napalm) at the far ends of the arena and four non-ram cars (Stinger, Shrimp, Fiend, Killer Kart Racer) coming out of the long walls just to the outside of the minefields. These four cars had the option of turning toward the middle section of the arena where the ram cars would have to go around the minefields to ram them. This format worked great. The players all rolled randomly to pick cars. The players were myself (Jeremy Willis), a SCAB member (Michael Hording), two players from last week's demonstration (Tony Salazar, Michael McAffrey) and two new players (Levon Jihanian, Paul Chantarangsu). The game lasted just over two hours.

One player (McAffrey) decided to charge the Dagger (Hording) with his Killer Kart Racer, shooting at him twice and then turning sharply away to flee the ramplate. The Dagger started tailing him while shooting MML shots. As they both headed toward the minefield, the Killer Kart Racer decided to go over one of the shape-charged mines during the chase. Maximum damage was rolled and Hording lost his power plant in the process. The two vehicles then went different ways around one pillar.

On the other side, the Killer Kart Racer got the move and barely T-boned the Dagger for a kill, but took damage that knocked the driver out. The Stinger (Tony) decided to head for mid-arena to avoid the Napalm's (Paul's) ramplate. The Napalm managed to get the Stinger in range and hit him a couple times with his FTs, but didn't do much damage or place fire counters. The Fiend (Jeremy) took a couple of early shots at the Killer Kart Racer, then headed toward mid-arena to play chicken with the Stinger. When the time came, Tony had the move and tried to do a big "question mark" turn to T-bone me but choked his control roll. Tony skidded into a pillar, destroying his front armor and MG, then rotated clockwise to face me and came to a stop. I turned the wheel hard and rammed him for the kill.

Meanwhile, the Shrimp (Levon) decided to make an attack run on the Napalm, who hit him with both FTs. The burning Shrimp attacked and inflicted damage, but when Levon tried a sharp turn to put a minefield between his car and the Napalm, he lost traction and slid right into its ramplate and was confettied. The Napalm backed up after the collision and hit some of the scattered debris, which caused a tire to go flat. The Fiend started at the Napalm, which returned fire. After a couple rounds of both cars taking hits, the Fiend managed to take out the Napalm's driver for a second kill and the win.

1. Jeremy Willis (2 kills, alive, still moving)
2. Michael McAffrey (CA Independent, 1 kill, unconcious, first blood)
3. Paul Chantarangsu (CA Independent, 1 kill, died, still moving)
4. Michael Hording (1 kill, died)
5. Tony Salazar (CA Independent, died)
6. Levon Jihanian (CA Independent, died, confettied)

Jeremy Willis

Subject: [SCAB] Cinco de Mayo Duel
Date: Sun, 05 May 2002 20:54:36 -0700
From: Jeremy Willis"<>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

For this duel, players were allowed to pick any Div. 5 car and adjust armor and weapon facings for this duel. Attending the game were myself (Firecracker), Mike Hording (Rocket Shrimp), Ted Tschopp (a new player who hadn't played Car Wars in ages; Shrimp), and veteran SCAB member Aaron Cappocchi in his first Fifth Edition game (Napalm). Nobody changed any weapon facings and I believe armor was slightly changed on Aaron's car only. We used a 4' by 4' table which we set up with four pillars and the remains of previous dueling still in place (we put out tons of debris and obstacles, a couple dead cars with trails of spikes or mines behind them, plus a long swath of oil in the middle).

Mike scored first blood on me, but afterwards he did a bootlegger reverse only to be T-boned by Aaron resulting in driver injury and a dead power plant. After laying down all my spikes, I hit Aaron with my heavy rocket for 5 lousy points and then rear-ended him for some more damage. Then I drove into Mike to complete the kill on him. After this I was going slow and didn't wanting Ted to shoot me from behind so I decieded to do a bootlegger reverse to face him with my heavily armored front (poor choice!). Before I came to a stop, Aaron came at me and flamed off one of my front wheels (adding a fire counter), and them Ted got point blank on my other front wheel and took it off, leaving me with no weapons and no mobility. Aaron and Ted started a rat race arround the arena. Aaron was tailing Ted and flamed the rubber off a rear wheel when Ted was heading into a corner at 60 mph. Needless to say, Ted skidded into the wall. Aaron then accelerated to 70 mph, hit Ted with both flamethrowers, and rammed him for a big confetti explosion and cheers from the crowd!

Final Results

1. Aaron Cappocchi (mobility killed Mike, killed Ted)
2. Ted Tschopp (killed Jeremy, died)
3. Jeremy Willis (completed kill on Mike, died)
4. Mike Hording (died)

Jeremy Willis


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: AADA Events and Tournaments / New PBEM Game
Date: Apr 29, 2002, 9:06 am

I am hosting a new PBEM game. Check it out.


John Blaylock


Subject: Classifieds and Conventions / Gen Con Team Challenge
Date: Apr 29, 2002, 9:14 pm
Forum: Dueling Debate <>

Well, since Sunday seems to be (mostly) clear.

SPARK hereby invites the resident dueling clubs to participate in a special Team Challenge Duel, Sunday morning at Gen Con 2002.

Basic format: Teams will have some amount of cash to make one vehicle per player for a duel with teamplay allowed. Vehicle Construction and the duel itself would be run under similar rules as the Worlds have been run the last two years (CWC 2.5, UACFH, and Eric Freeman's CWRQ and ODQ). Number of players per team, arena, money amounts, and other changes/restrictions would depend on the number of interested teams. Full rules would be set by June to give everyone plenty of time to design vehicles. Trophies for the winning team and other prizes would be awarded.

If your group is interested, reply to this message or send me an e-mail.

Thanks, and drive offensively!

Mike Miller