Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 5, No. 3
March 17, 2052

Web Posted April 01, 2002
Updated April 01, 2002


Happy St. Patrick's Day autoduelists. This newsletter is late once again but I am happy to announce a lack of articles is not the reason (the editor's work schedule interfering with autodueling activities). Thanks for all of you who fired off many duel reports and news releases to me in a short amount of time.

It is beneficial to you this issue is late because it contains major announcments from SJ Games regarding the new Car Wars line, now called Car Wars Fifth Edition. Most of this news was announced only this week, therefore your patience for this issue should be rewarded. The first nine Starter Sets are at the printer and will be in store shelves within a few weeks. The Official Car Wars Web Site (Car Wars HQ) has been updated for the first time in several years. There are new graphics, new features, and new files to download. Even the AADA section of Car Wars HQ, a section that has been static for a very long time, has received a facelift. Many thanks to whomever performed the re-design of the site. I particularly like the glowing eyes of the skull icons when the user's cursor is placed on them.

Congratulations to Christopher J. Burke for being given the task of editor of Autoduel Times, the electronic magazine to appear on Car Wars HQ. It appears the rumors of the magazine being published are finally coming true. With the former editor of Driving Tigers Magazine at the steering wheel, Autoduel Times should do well. Good luck, Chris.

WADA and Fifth Edition

The AADA has been suspended until further notice and SJ Games will no longer be supporting Car Wars games that do not use CW5 rules. As far as WADA is concerned, I will continue to award points in the 2052 WADA League for CWC2.5 events. I will also give points for events that use CW5 rules. When you send me reports of duels and races, make sure to tell me which system you are using.

Trivia Challenge #1

With the release of Fifth Edition as this issue goes to press, let us look back at the early days of our sport, now in its 21st year.

1. List all of the titles of the products where the Car Wars core rules were published. The answer can be found on Dueling Debate but try to answer it before looking.

2. List all of the sources where the Midville rules were printed. Although this question is also on Dueling Debate, the answer is not there.

3. What was the inspiration for the Midville rules?

4. Where was the AADA motto, "Drive Offensively," originally printed?

5. Who published the Autoduel line of auto-combat miniatures?

6. What was the first arena presented to Car Wars players? Where could you find this autodueling venue?

7. List the titles of the Car Wars interactive novels (gamebooks) published.

8. Who was the first AADA World Dueling Champion?

9. Who drove a main battle tank through Midville? What was the name of that MBT?

10. How were collisions resolved in the early days of Car Wars?

By the time the April issue is released (if I have enough articles, hopefully you can expect it to appear the first week of April), Fifth Edition should be in many of your hands. I look forward to hearing your comments and experiences with the new rules on the various discussion forums available. Please also send me comments and variants for this venerable newsletter.

Drive Offensively,

Michael P. Owen

P.S. It is the fourth anniversary for CWIN with this issue's release. Congratulations to us. Thanks for your support.



Subject: Points System
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 08:28:41 -0800
From: Rob Hagmaier <>
To: Eric Freeman <>, Michael P. Owen <>


I thought maybe you would like to put this in the next issue of CWIN.

SCAB has been playtesting a tie-breaking points system and has come up with something that almost completely eliminates ties, while
still encouraging aggressive dueling. It is much simpler than what I previously proposed to Eric Freeman.

Basically, you assign points normally (+/- 40 full kill, +/-20 partial kill) then you assign tie-breaker points. In all examples we will assume a 10 player duel. Set n = 10, the number of players present, and set m = 1:

First person to earn a kill earns 10 tie-breaker points (n)
The first person killed earns 1 tie-breaker point (m)

Second person to earn a kill earns 9 points (n - 1)
Second person killed earns 2 points (m + 1)

Third person to earn a kill earns 8 points (n - 2)
Third person killed earns 3 points (m + 2)

You continue in this way until someone wins the game. Then, you assign each surviving player a number of tie-breaker points that is one more
than what the last person killed earned. So if 6 people died, the surviving 4 players would earn 7 survival points each.

A player is killed when he is fully or partially killed. Tie-breakers are only earned when a player is first killed. However, if a player kills himself, no points are awarded to anyone for killing him (although he does earn points for being killed). If he mobility kills himself, someone can still earn points by completing the kill on him, but he does not earn additional points for being killed (he already earned them when he was mobility killed). Additionally, partially killed people cannot earn a survival bonus since they earned points for being killed.

In this way, you will get very few ties. Additionally, this system has the following effects:

1. It rewards those who score kills, the earlier the better.

2. It also rewards survival. However, someone who does nothing, and survives, will always lose to someone who scores a kill, and is killed.
I personally feel that this is the way it should be. I realize that this is a value judgement that not everyone would agree with, but if you do,
this point system will enforce it.

3. Most of all, it rewards kills and survival, as it should.

This system has a couple of ties it won't resolve:

1. Two players who do nothing, and manage to survive to the end will tie. They will lose to almost everyone else, though. I don't really mind
ties for last.

2. If two players kill each other simultaneously. In this case, you add the number of points for the two kills, and the number of points for
being killed, and divide by 2. Example: Two players go head-on and kill each other. They are the 4th and 5th kills, respectively, in a 10-player duel:

4th kill: 7 points
5th kill: 6 points
4th to be killed: 4 points
5th to be killed: 5 points
Total points: 22 points
Each player earns 11 points

This will result in a tie (unless one of the duelists has other points). I think that is OK, since they really should be tied anyway.

Remember that these are tie-breaking points. It may seem odd rewarding the 6th player killed with 6 tie-breaker points, when the person who
scores that kill only gets 5 tie-breakers, but remember, the points are not being used to break up the same ties. The person who was killed is being rewarded more than those who were killed before him, and less than those who were killed after him. He will still lose on regular points to the duelist who killed him. The player who scored the kill, on the other hand, scores more tie-breakers than those who score kills after him, and fewer than those who scored kills before him.

I realize that not everyone routinely plays with 10+ players, but when you do, ties can become a problem. It is not unusual in our duels to
have 4+ players tied, even though some of them scored kills, and some did nothing. The standard system, as articulated in the CWRQ will give
you a clear winner, but can result in several multi-way ties. This tie-breaking system is designed to help alleviate that without having to
rely on checkpoints or calculating damage done.


Subject: [SCAB] [sjgames-mibs] [PR] Car Wars Relaunch Sent to Printer, Due In Stores This Month
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 17:07:53 -0600 (CST)
From: Robert Deis <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

M.P. Owen, you seem like the sort of press that would be interested in this. The rest of you enjoy, or "I'm sorry," as applicable.

March 12, 2002

For Immediate Release

Car Wars Relaunch Sent To Printer, Due In Stores This Month

Austin, TX -- Steve Jackson Games is proud to announce that with the dispatch of nine (!) game books to the printer, the Car Wars relaunch
is a reality. The game is expected to be on store shelves by the end of the month.

"We are extremely excited with the new edition," Car Wars Line Editor Paul Chapman said. "A lot of work went into it, and it shows. It
looks really, really good."

Each book, at $5.95 each, has the basic rules plus two cars and  enough counters to take the action to the street. Each pair of cars  is unique (with variants and other alternate designs), and the books cover three autoduelling classes -- three each for Divisions 5, 10,
and 15.

Car Wars is the classic game of futuristic auto combat that was Steve Jackson Games' first big hit. Debuting in 1981, Car Wars put the company on the gaming map, and has sold well in excess of 100,000 copies. The game has spawned dozens of expansions, supplements, and spinoff products, including miniatures, pick-a-path adventure books, and novels.

The new books take Car Wars back to its low-cost roots -- just you and your opponent, screaming down a lonely highway, guns at the ready. Or you can add more books and players and duke it out in a wild free-for-all in the arena, in front of thousands of fans and millions more on TV!

The initial release of these nine books is just the start for this Fifth Edition of Car Wars. Future releases will cover motorcycles, trucks, city duelling, arenas, custom car building, and much, much more. Chapman said, "We're filled to the brim with ideas, and we're committed to keeping all the expansions in the same price range, with a consistent feel and look. We think the line will appeal to both the hardcore Car Wars junkie, as well as the new player."

For more information, contact Paul Chapman <> at (512) 447-7866.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

Q. What's the big difference between this and previous editions?
A. Visually, the big difference is: the scale is three times as large, and there is no longer a grid (or a map). The Turning Key rules.

In terms of play, this edition goes much faster. In the last office playtest, for instance, seven players, all of them new to this edition and some of them new to the game, finished a Division 15 game in 1 1/2 hours. That's with six kills. It's fast because we dropped a lot of complexity. We went back to First Edition and redeveloped from there . . . though of course we did keep later editions in mind, because there WERE a lot of good ideas in the past 15 years.

Q. The other big difference is vehicles are pregenerated, right?
A. Right, but only for now. The vehicle design system WILL be released before long. We just wanted to keep the starter sets down to the core of the game: combat.

Q. What are some of the other differences in the rules?
A. A few:

Each turn has only three phases. Movement is the same in all phases.
You are now rolling LOW to hit, which speeds your mental calculations and makes the die-rolling quicker.
Wheel hubs are a separate component, making wheels a bit tougher.
Characters are killed by the FOURTH hit.
Most of the charts and tables are printed on the Turning Key, so you don't have to look for them.
Collision rules are vastly simplified.

Q. So is this edition compatible with older editions?
A. No. You can adapt some cars, and old arenas are easy to scale up and use, but this is intended to be a fresh start. Compatibility was not a priority. Any time an old rule got in the way of fast play, we changed it or ditched it completely.

Q. What do I need to play?
A. You need to play Car Wars!

Q. No, no. What items do I require in order to play, other than what's in a Starter Set?
A. Oh. OK. You need a big playing surface, at least the size of a dinner table. You need a few 6-sided dice, some sort of writing implement, and scratch paper. Sticky notes are useful because they let you attach scratch paper directly to the vehicle Record Sheet. And a yardstick or tape measure is handy, though there are inch marks on the Turning Key.

Q. There are nine different Starter Sets! Do I need them all?
A. We'd love it if you bought them all, but no! You only need one for a two-player game. Each set gives you the basic rules, two more car counters, four Record Sheets, and some variant designs.

Q. Why do nine sets, then? What will I do with nine sets of rules?
A. If you plan to run any multi-player games, it is very, very nice to let everybody have their own set of rules. And realistically speaking, if you play this edition as much as people played the last ones, rulebooks are going to wear out! Nine sets might be overkill, but maybe not. Loan one to a spectator to drag them into the game . . .

Q. But you're not going to KEEP reprinting the basic rules, right?
A. Right. The basic rules will only appear in these Starter Sets.


Q. Will Autoduel Quarterly return?
A. Instead of a print zine, we're launching Autoduel Times online. It will be edited by longtime Car Wars ace C.J. Burke. In the beginning, it will be free, and updates will be occasional. If there's enough demand, we'll go to a regular release schedule, start paying C.J. and the writers, and charge a subscription fee, just like with Pyramid and JTAS.

Q. What happens to the World Championships and the AADA?
A. The World Championships will be held at Origins this year. There will be no "seeding" or preliminary event structure . . . since this edition of the game is new, all players will start on an even footing. As for the AADA, we will definitely relaunch it, but we're waiting to get Autoduel Times up and running, and we want to get some player input. As of now, all AADA offices are vacant except for that of Chief Referee Eric Freeman, who was one of the Fifth Edition playtesters, and there will be no official AADA activities until further notice.

Q. Will there be miniatures for the game?
A. We really intend to do this but we are not ready to announce any details yet.

Q. Will there be rules for trucks, cycles, vans, 18-wheelers, hovercraft, helicopters, pogo sticks, submarines, and zeppelins?
A. Pickups, vans, and cycles, yes. 18-wheelers, probably. Hovercraft and helicopters, probably NOT. One of the things that got so out of hand with previous editions was trying to turn Car Wars into "Every Random Vehicle You Can Think Of With A Gun Stuck On It Wars."

Q. Hey, I liked reading some of those books.
A. Yeah, maybe. But we intend this game to be played, not just read. We don't want to take our time and your money making up "splatbooks" that nobody will really use.

Q. Are you going to do a computer version?
A. Love to.

Q. You didn't actually answer the question.
A. We didn't? Why, you're right! We didn't.

Q. You think you're cute, don't you?
A. In fact, we can produce witnesses.


Q. Are the physics in this new version of Car Wars really accurate?
A. That depends on your point of view. How do you feel about the paleontology in "Jurassic Park" and the political science in "Apocalypse Now"?

PDF Downloads

The following PDF files contain extra printable counters for use with your Car Wars sets:
Division 5 Set 1: Killer Kart vs. Shrimp
Division 5 Set 2: Stinger vs. Firecracker
Division 5 Set 3: Dagger vs. Napalm
Division 10 Set 1: Firedemon vs. Hammer
Division 10 Set 2: Joseph Special vs. Scrambler
Division 10 Set 3: Eradicator vs. Blitz
Division 15 Set 1: Hotshot vs. Piranha
Division 15 Set 2: Lightstrike vs. Banshee
Division 15 Set 3: Vindicator vs. Dragon

Car Wars Products

In Print
Car Wars Card Game (#SJG1401)

At the Printer
Division 5 Set 1: Killer Kart vs. Shrimp (#SJG40-1001)
Division 5 Set 2: Stinger vs. Firecracker (#SJG40-1002)
Division 5 Set 3: Dagger vs. Napalm (#SJG40-1003)
Division 10 Set 1: Firedemon vs. Hammer (#SJG40-1101)
Division 10 Set 2: Joseph Special vs. Scrambler (#SJG40-1102)
Division 10 Set 3: Eradiator vs. Blitz (#SJG40-1103)
Division 15 Set 1: Hotshot vs. Piranha (#SJG40-1201)
Division 15 Set 2: Lightstrike vs. Banshee (#SJG40-1202)
Division 15 Set 3: Vindicator vs. Dragon (#SJG40-1203)

In Production
Arena Book 1 (#SJG40-2001)
Division 5 Vehicle Guide (#SJG40-1004)
Road Wolves (#SJG40-3001)
Foretress Town (#SJG40-3002)


The Daily Illuminator
March 12, 2002

We finally got the new Fifth Edition of Car Wars -- all nine starter sets -- to the printer. Massive thanks to everyone who helped . . . Sekret
Playtest Korps, long-suffering production staff, non-production staff members who volunteered to help . . . and very definitely Philip Reed (who
has been through projects like this before and knew what to expect, but forged ahead anyway) and new Car Wars line editor Paul Chapman
(who had not been through anything like this before, and now he knows).

I think this is going to be a very, very fine edition of the game, and if we are extremely lucky it might even make GAMA.

Now, don't anybody follow the link to the CW website yet, because we're nowhere near through updating it.

-- Steve Jackson


The Daily Illuminator
March 14, 2002

Look here! We saw proofs of the nine new Car Wars books today. They are beautiful, absolutely beautiful . . . the covers are even brighter and bolder than we had expected.

And of course, we had found a way to further optimize some of the vehicles in the interim, so they got tweaked. Panic, panic, fix, fix, done. (As this is written, we have faxed approval of the changed proofs back to the printer.)

You can hope that some of these beautiful proofs show up in the auction, but most of them are going to be divided up among the development team or sent to the lead playtesters.

This is going to be so massively neat . . . Yeah, I'm excited. So sue me.

-- Steve Jackson


The Daily Illuminator
March 15, 2002

"Take a moment to imagine you're a teenager, new driver's license burning a hole in your pocket. Imagine seeing your dream car, a
fully-armored, lightning-fast machine of destruction, twin guns mounted to either side of the rocket launcher. Imagine wanting to take the wheel,
to tear up the desolate roads of your post-apocalyptic hometown, gunning down any vehicle foolish enough to be in your lane or leave its
blinker on.

"Now imagine the dream car belongs to your dad, and you want to borrow it."

So begins the Car Wars contest on But you'll have to go there to see the rules and prizes. Heh, heh.

"Borrow The Car" Car Wars contest on

Steve Jackson Games is working together with the cave dwellers of OgreCave to bring you a chance at glory.

Take a moment to imagine you're a teenager, new driver's license burning a hole in your pocket. Imagine seeing your dream car, a fully-armored, lightning-fast machine of destruction, twin guns mounted to either side of the rocket launcher. Imagine wanting to take the wheel, to tear up the desolate roads of your post-apocalyptic hometown, gunning down any vehicle foolish enough to be in your lane or leave its blinker on.

Now imagine the dream car belongs to your dad, and you want to borrow it.

In 100 words or less, tell us what you'd tell good old dad to get him to hand over the keys. Pitch your case to us at <> (only one attempt per e-mail address, or you won't even be allowed in the driveway). We'll reprint the best responses on OgreCave as part of our big Car Wars feature, and the one we like best will receive the main prize: a complete set of the first nine books for the new Fifth Edition of Car Wars by Steve Jackson Games. The winner will get the prize hot off the presses. Heck, six of the
books won't even be in stores yet!

So what are you waiting for? Be original, be entertaining, be ruthless . . . but be quick, 'cause after 12 midnight (PST) on March 31, we'll go over all the entries and pick our one true road warrior. So pull on your driving gloves and get to typing!

All entries submitted become property of, and submitting an entry constitutes acceptance of these terms. Entries may be reprinted on OgreCave for entertainment purposes. Only one entry per e-mail address.

Car Wars is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games.



From: Wesley Twitchell <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: January AAIE Tournament Results
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 22:17:07 -0800

Greetings duel fans. With some delay, here are the duel reports and results of the 2051-2052 AAIE Championship.  Some of the details may be missing, but the important stuff is here.

Note the point totals shown are for the WADA rankings.  The winner was calculated based on total prestige earned through the championship.  The prestige totals and kills are shown after the reports.

January 15
AAIE 2051-2052 Div 5 Chapter Dueling Championship Duel 1
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 5
Special Rules: 3X Scale

1. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (30)
2. "Leapin" Tom Lentz (14)
3. "Disco" Steve Carder (2.5)
3. Howard Lalicker (2.5)
5. Carol "Erin" Dougherty (1)

January 22
AAIE 2051-2052 Div 20 Chapter Dueling Championship Duel 2
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 6
Special Rules: 3X Scale

1. Bryan Rider (36)
2. Carol "Erin" Daugherty (17)
3. "Leapin" Tom Lentz (10)
4. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (3)
5. "Disco" Steve Carder (2)
6. Howard Lalicker (1)

January 29
AAIE 2051-2052 Div 50 Chapter Dueling Championship Duel 3
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 6
Special Rules: 3X Scale

1. Bryan Rider (36)
2. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (17)
3. "Leapin" Tom Lentz (10)
4. "Disco" Steve Carder (2)
4. Carol "Erin" Daugherty (2)
4. Howard Lalicker (2)

And the results for this are as follows:

1. Edgar "Guru" Lincoln: 2 Kills, 12 1/2 prestige
2. Bryan Rider: 3 Kills, 11 prestige
3. Tom "Leapin" Lentz: 2 Kills, 8 prestige
4. Carol "Erin" Dougherty: 1 Kill, 4 prestige
5. "Disco" Steve Carder: 1 Kill, 1/2 prestige
6. Howard Lalicker: 0 Kills, -1/2 prestige

A great job by all who participated, and a great way to start off the year. See you soon with more reports.

From: Wesley Twitchell <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: RadCon 3B Car Wars report.
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 23:05:50 -0800

Greetings Duel Fans. Here is the duel report for the Div 20 game held this year at RadCon 3B.  It was an impressive game with 12 people from all over. Had a couple of newcomers to the game who did quite well, placing third and fourth among all of us. The arena was created by tossing three tables together in the gaming area. The middle one was slightly taller that the others so it became a slight hill. No penalities to drive up/over it, but a -1 cover penalty shooting onto or across it. Also had a pair of 60mph ramps, and the arena was dotted with trees and rock piles, providing plenty of driving obstacles.

February 16
RadCon 3B Div 20 Duel
AAIE Modular Arena
Sponsor: AAIE
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 12
Special Rules: Hills, ramps, trees and rocks.

1. "Leapin'" Tom Lentz (72, VK x 3)
2. Johnny Motley (WA Indep, 35, VK x 2)
3. Dale Eagles (WA Indep, 22, VK x 1)
4. Marty Malchow (WA Indep, 15, VK x 1)
5. Jeff Holman (AAIE West, 8)
6. George Neal (7)
7. Lenard Hatcher (5.5)
7. Don Juneau (WA Indep, 5.5)
9. Ben (AAIE South, 2.5)
9. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (2.5)
9. Jen Stutesman (AAIE West, 2.5)
9. Wesley Twitchell (2.5)

That's it for this convention. The next AAIE-sponsored event will be the (U.S. Northwest Regional Dueling) Championships held at Game Faire 2002, April 26-28, Spokane Falls Community College. Hope to see you there!

From: Wesley Twitchell <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: February Car Wars reports
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 22:17:43 -0800

Greetings Duel Fans,

With a bit of a delay, we have the results of all the recent events of the February 2052 season.  Some of the details are missing, so I'll just give you the most I can.

First up is something new and wacky. We decided to try out something new: jousting. Each car had a lane, two inches across, with a dividing line between each pair.  The objective was to win by either killing your opponent, forcing them to go out of control and cross the center line to disqualify them, or be the first to exit the gate on the far side of the lane. This was a two-round game, with the winners of each lane going on to another round. In the first round, Howard and Theo had the first lane, Bryan and Edgar had the second, Carol and Suzanne had the third, and Tom and I had the last.

Theo won by blasting Howard for a kill, and forcing him out of control and over the center line for a disqualification. Edgar and Bryan traded
some shots, but Bryan had a fast car with racing slicks made for boot-scooting it across the lane for a quick win, but a small vehicular correction at the end of the lane made Bryan spinout and crash into the wall due to the flame clouds and flaming oil jets Edgar liberally tossed at Bryan's finishing gate. Carol and Suzanne had a nice duel along their lane, but Suzanne had the better punch, killing Carol and getting the win for her lane. The last lane was also the most boring one. Tom had a car named "Hawking's Folly," and all it did was toss out a few mine-looking counters at the end of my lane, and my car had a spinal-mounted tank gun in the rear, designed to blast 'em after they passed. Due to a mis-calculation on movement, I was unable to hit Tom when I got in range, and lined up next to one of the "mine" counters when it went off.  I was right to be scared with a car driven by Tom with a name like it. The counters were loads from a black hole dropper, and I was instantly sucked up and a kill. Not a very exciting lane at all. Second round, we decided that any of the first round losers could play off for further placings if they wanted to. So the second round lane placings were, Tom vs. Theo, Edgar vs. Suzanne, and Howard vs. Carol.  Bryan and I declined to fight. Anyways, Theo know what was going to happen to him, but wasn't able to take Tom out before he reached the black holes at the end of his lane. Edgar and Suzanne had a shootout, and ended up mutually killing each other. Finally, Carol and Howard had a face-off for the best of the first kills, and Carol won that one.

February 05
AAIE Div 30 Joust Duel
AAIE Modular Arena
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 8
Special Rules: Jousting Rules

1. "Leapin'" Tom Lentz (48, VK x 2)
2. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (23, VK x 2)
3. Suzanne Haller (14, VK x 2)
4. Theo Hill (5, VK x 1)
5. Carol "Erin" Daugherty (4, VK x 1)
6. Howard Lalicker (3)
7. Bryan Rider (1.5)
7. Wesley Twitchell (1.5)

Next up was a Division 20 in The Junkyard. We had a new friend join us by the name of Paula Grenulk. We picked her up at InCon and have been warping her since. The only things special were the Junkyard's walls and the evil Jack in the Box snowman. He had a 2d laser in his nose, would track onto you if you got within 4 inches of him (on a roll of 9-12), and he would turn at a rate of 90 degrees a phase.

February 19
AAIE Div 20 Duel
The Junkyard
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 7

1. Ken Fourn (42, VK x 1)
2. Howard Lalicker (16, VK x 1)
2. Bryan Rider (16, VK x 1)
4. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (4)
5. Carol "Erin" Daugherty (3, VK x 1)
6. Paul Grenulk (2)
7. Wesley Twitchell (1)

Last up, (don't you just love the short month?) was tonight's Division 10 duel. We decided on a new rule on how much prestige people are worth. If you currently hold the top ranking in a club or another organization, you would be worth an extra prestige point. It only counts for one point, so it's non-stacking. So that makes Edgar and Tom an extra juicy kill with Edgar being club champ, and Tom being World Champ.  If we had someone from another group come over and join us, and if they were their club's current champ, they'd be worth an extra point.

To start off, Edgar shot at Tom with a heavy-duty flamethrower, catching Tom on fire, and hoping he'd burn up quickly. Carol and Paula shot a couple salvos at each other but only wounded each other. Howard went up, and t-boned Ken with his ramplate, leaving a nice dent, but not quite enough to take him out. Steve and I turned towards each other, and shot. His ATG hurt my front armor pretty badly, but I shot out his front right tire with my rocket launcher.

Tom and Carol used the classic AAIE maneuver, which did enough damage to hit Tom's confetti number, but not enough to breach his front armor. Edgar drove by Howard and sniped out his front right tire, and managed to make him catch fire in the process. Ken drove down and rammed Steve for a kill, right before Steve caught fire from my burn mods.

Howard and Paula rammed to cause Paula to confetti, and her driver to go flying. After she got back up, she shot out Howard's other front tire for a kill as a pedestrian. Edgar and I met up and traded shots with little effect. While Tom lobbed grenades and debris at us from his defensive spot in the middle of his car's ruins.

Edgar ended up spinning into the wall, and then exiting the arena due to lack of ammo.  I moved over and got a kill shot through Carol's breached front armor, while Ken drove back into the fray and caught me in the left side to do a nice crumple number to my car.

February 26
AAIE Div 10 Duel
AAIE Modular Arena
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 8
Special Rules: 3X Scale

1. Ken Fourn (48, VK x 2)
2. Paul Grenulk (23, VK x 1)
3. Carol "Erin" Daugherty (14, VK x 1)
4. Howard Lalicker (5, VK x 1)
5. "Leapin'" Tom Lentz (4)
6. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (3)
7. Wesley Twitchell (2, VK x 1)
8. "Disco" Steve Carder (1)

Next week we're doing unlimited subcompacts with a prestige point for most money spent. See you there!

From: Wesley Twitchell <>
To: AAIE Mailing List
Subject: Weekly Rumble, March 5th
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 22:37:29 -0800

Greetings Duel Fans! Tonight's game was an interesting and fast paced one. It was an unlimited subcompact duel, with an extra prestige going to the person who had spent the most amount of money. Steve won the extra prestige with a car valued at $190,000+ containing super rockets, NBC shielding, and other goodies.

That game started off with Bryan being the lucky one to blow his tranny right out of the gate, so his ram car was off to a bad start.  Halfway through the first turn, Steve got lined up for a side shot, and blew a super rocket through his left side for a clean kill. Next turn, Steve lined up on me from across the arena, and shot off another of his super rockets. It penetrated the front armor, and took out my front gun and engine for his second kill.

Edgar then caught up to Steve with his ram car, and asked for Steve's surrender.  Steve, now out of offensive weaponry, accepted.

Back on the other side of the arena, Howard and Carol drove towards each other, and traded some shots.  Carol then t-boned Howard, and the
resulting collision, coupled with their CA frames, was enough to confetti both cars, and both drivers were able to survive. But this time, Edgar had raced up towards Tom, and as the last pair up, went for the AAIE manuver. Edgar's ramplate was enough to confetti Tom, but Tom was only able to take out Edgar's engine.

March 05
AAIE Div Unlimited Subcompact Duel
AAIE Modular Arena
Duelmasters: Edgar T. Lincoln and Tom Lentz
Players: 7

1. Edgar T. "Guru" Lincoln (42, VK x 1)
2. "Disco" Steve Carder (20, VK x 2)
3. "Leapin" Tom Lentz (12, VK x 1)
4. Carol "Erin" Daugherty (3.5, VK x 1)
4. Howard Lalicker (3.5, VK x 1)
6. Wesley Twitchell (2)
7. Bryan Rider (1)

Next game will be in two weeks due to the monthly meeting, so we'll be back on the 19th with a Division 15. See ya there!


Subject: [SCAB] RMADA February 23rd Duel Report
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 10:18:27 -0600 (CST)
From: Robert Deis <>
To: RMADA Mailing List <>
CC: SCAB Mailing List <>

Saturday held a very fun, and very different, RMADA Division 15 duel. The arena was a standard leafed table, with the sides pulled apart and the leaf replaced by two small bridges, much tighter quarters than we're used too, making for a lot of extra chaos. All vehicles started at 50 mph.

Gates, Players and Vehicle Descriptions

Gate 1: Mike Fal -- Two FTs left, 4 dischargers (2R, 2L), airdam, spoiler, ramplate.

Gate 2: Rob Deis -- VFRP front, 2 HRs back, 4 dischargers (2R, 2L), airdam, spoiler, ramplate.

Gate 3: Tom Arend -- ATG front, airdam, spoiler, ramplate.

Gate 4: Arthur Samuels -- Arthur's Ram Car (Description not available at press time).

Gate 5: Ken Deis -- LL front, airdam, spoiler, ramplate.

Gate 6: Dave Melancon -- Two MMLs (each with incendiary rockets) front, napalm mines back, 4 dischargers (2R, 2L), airdam, spoiler, ramplate.

  +---5---+  +---6---+
  |       |--|       |
  |   O   |--|   O   |
  4       |  |       1
  |   O   |--|   O   |
  |       |--|       |
  +---3---+  +---2---+

Duel Summary

Everyone charged out of their hard on the gas. Mike went for the arena center, and Rob and Dave charged to meet at Mike's gate. Arthur turned toward Tom, who wisely decided to cross the bridge rather than deal with a head-on ram. Arthur crossed tight on his heels, with Ken following a ways behind.

Rob slipped past Dave next to the wall, and Dave circled down near Gate 2, watching the oncoming freight train accross the bridge as Mike (gasp) headed toward the bridge from the opposite side. At the freight train came off the bridge Mike closed to point blank on Tom, and sprung his concealed ATG (the FTs were fake) into Tom's left side armor, which sucked it up.

Arthur, frustrated with the rear-end bumps against Tom, saw Mike as a ripe t-bone target and took the opportunity despite Mike's warnings of
impending doom. The ram crushed Mike, but not before his stickyfoam/flame cloud discharger combination deployed under Arthur.  The
warning of impending doom was correct- Arthur promptly left his wheels, turning sideways and rolling onto the bluff. (As if it wasn't crowded
enough with three of us!). Mike's hulk fell ran off the side of the bridge into the chasm, just as Ken was came accross and rear-ended
Arthur in his top, killing the PP. Score 1 for Ken. Meanwhile, Rob was circling around Gate 6, wondering if there would be any targets left for him to engage . . .

Tom and Dave closed head-on near Gate 2, and Tom maneuvered to sidestep the head-on collision. Dave took him for the sideswipe instead, droppong the same discharger combination under Tom in the process, and Tom also left his wheels.

Dave rounded the bunker just to the right of Arthur's tumbling machine, Ken was left of it, and the three of them now closed head-on with Rob. Rob slipped outside of Ken, and handed him the choice between head-on and sideswipe. Ken fired his Light Laser into Rob's front, and two
blow-through concealed Heavy ROckets jumped from their hiding places to follow suit. All three bounced harmelessly off of Rob's metal ram plate. Ken gulped.

Seeing as how Rob was undanaged and Ken's ramplate had already been through one collision, Ken judged it smarter to take the sideswipe
over the head-on even though he could see Rob's dischargers, and bent slightly toward Arthur.

Careful maneuvering on Ken's part deployed the bumper-trigger early, so he took the ram hazard before entering the stickyfoam/flame cloud combination but all of the hazards ended up causing him to fishtail into Arthur, who hit Dave, and the three played pinball for a little while until Ken broke off toward Gate 6, Arthur's hulk came to a stop, and Mike slammed into the pillar.

For his part, Rob had misjudged his handling and also skidded into the wall next to gate 2, about the same time that Tom's rolling car slammed
into the wall next to Gate 1 and (amazingly enough) stopped on its wheels!

Tom hit the gas and sped off toward Rob with Ken close on his heels. Rob began plinking away at Tom with single VFRP rockets to build up sustained fire for a good shot when Ken (I don't remember what happened here. Did he hit Dave's stickyfoam?) and lost it again, ending up in front of Rob against the wall on his top. Rob, seeing a target of opportunity, had time to unload two full volleys into Ken, stripping him of all armor and protection, but not fully killing him, before Tom's AT gun pierced Rob's front and destoyed the VFRP.

Rob, who had little speed as yet, stopped and spun around to bring the HRs to bear, firing one into Tom's now-breached side as he went by, killing the driver (Score 1), and then ramed into Ken at a whopping 15 mph -- piddly damage, but enough to kill the driver (Score 1/2).

Dave, now seeing red since Rob had stolen the kill he expected to score in Tom, finally came on the scene charging hard at 30, plugging away with the MMLs. Rob's metal back armor shrugged off the MMLs with no effect.

Once Dave closed to point blank, Rob let loose with the other HR, which also tracked true to the crew compartment and wounded the driver.  Dave rear-ended Rob, pushed beside him, and lost control, skidding toward the chasm between the bluffs. Rob, suddenly boosted to 15 mph  forward again, slowed to 10 to let Dave pass, then cranked a 90-degree turn for a 10-mph ramplate-assisted t-bone. Four points of damage were inflicted, killing Dave's driver just before Dave's car went over the edge.

Final Results

1. Robert Deis: 2.5 points
2. Ken Deis: 0.5 (Who killed Ken?)
3. Dave Melancon: ?
4. Arthur Samuels: 0
5. Tom Arend: ?
6. Mike Fal: -1


Subject: [SCAB] Southwest Regional Dueling Championship Results
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 11:50:34 -0800
From: Rob Hagmaier <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

This President's Day Weekend, Steve Jackson Games and SCAB hosted the Southwest Regional Dueling Championship. The tournament consisted of two preliminary duels, with players being able to participate in both, keeping their best finish only, and a final. The winner of each prelim duel would automatically advance, with the rest of the finals being filled out based on points. Rob Hagmaier, the SCAB Club Dueling Champion, was automatically seeded to the finals, so did not participate in the preliminary events. In addition to the tournament, there was also a "Consolation Duel," and a Sunday evening off-road event (duel notes for these non-tournament events to follow).

Preliminary Duel 1: This Division 30 duel attracted 15 players, which were split into two separate tables.

Table 1 Gates, Players and Vehicle Descriptions

Gate 1: Chris Ganiere -- Luxury, electric PP, driver and gunner, 2 MFs right, 2 JDs (1L, 1B), OJ back.
Gate 2: Peter Cossaboom -- Sedan, gasoline ICE, ramplate.
Gate 3: Rick Cross -- HMG in turret, 2 fluid projectile guns (each with ice ammo) right.
Gate 4: Emilio Segura -- Mid-size, gasoline ICE, driver and gunner, 2 HMGs in turret.
Gate 5: Chris Wilcon -- Sedan, gasoline ICE, driver and gunner, 2 HMGs (each with incendiary ammo) in turret, MD.
Gate 6: Paul Dreyer -- Luxury, electric PP, 2 HDFTs (each with HT fuel), SkDs linked to LRWs, 3 MnRs.
Gate 7: Empty
Gate 8: Eddie Gallie -- Van, HVMG in turret, MG front.

Duel Summary

Turn 1: Chris Wilcox and Emilio swap a couple of shots early.

Turn 2: Paul lights up Emilio's tire with his FTs, and sets him on fire. Chris Ganiere begins creating a Superfund Cleanup Site, polluting the
arena with oil and junk.

Turn 3: Paul hits Emilio's other front tire, causing him to flip. As Emilio rolls he sideswipes Paul with his top armor. Emilio would later explode.
Chris Ganiere hits Eddie with both mines, blowing through the underbody and damaging Eddie's radiator.

Turn 4: Paul spins out and recovers a couple of phases later, in reverse at 45 mph!

Chris Wilcox changes targets to Rick, managing to set him on fire after a couple of shots from his incendiary HMGs. Peter rams Rick at 90 mph, but fails to kill Rick. Peter's bumper trigger fires his nitrous oxide, which causes Peter's tranny to crack. Rick earns a mobility kill on Peter a few seconds later since Peter can no longer accelerate. Chris Ganiere continues to harass Eddie and blows off one tire of a rear pair.

Turn 5: Paul hits Chris Wilcox with both FTs and damages the engine, causing Chris' tranny to crack. Paul then promptly rams the wall, in
reverse, at 30 mph, coming to a stop. Chris Wilcox takes out one of Rick's tires with his HMGs. Chris Ganiere, not to be outdone, blows off three of Eddie's tires with his mines, earning a mobility kill. In one phase, Eddie screeches to a stop from 50 mph.

Turn 6: Paul gets hit by Peter's paint, but still manages to connect on Peter with both FTs, setting Peter on fire. Chris Ganiere then t-bones Eddie, completing the kill and removing all of his own front armor, bumper spikes and airdam.

Turn 7: Paul flames Rick, but fails to penetrate. Peter tries again to kill Rick, rear-ending him and finishing the job.

Turn 8: Peter rams Chris Wilcox, but fails to kill him. The fire in Chris Wilcox's car destroys his guns, giving Paul the completed kill.

Turn 10: Peter explodes, giving the kill, and the win, to Paul.

Final Results (Victory Points/Tie-Breaking Points)

1. Paul Dreyer: 2 Full Kills, 1 Completed Kill (100/16)
2. Chris Ganiere: 1 Full Kill (40/11)
3. Peter Cossaboom: 1 Full Kill, Killed (0/7)
4. Rick Cross: 1 Mobility Kill, Killed (-20/5)
5. Chris Wilcox: Killed (-40/3)
6. Eddie Gallie: Killed (-40/2)
7. Emilio Segura: Killed (-40/1)

Table 2 Gates, Players and Vehicle Descriptions

Gate 1: Jeremy Willis -- Luxury, electric PP, driver and gunner, SS (with hot smoke) front, SS linked to LRWs, 2 BCs (1R, 1L).
Gate 2: Tom LaLonde -- Luxury, driver and gunner, HVMG front.
Gate 3: Mike Heim -- Luxury, gasoline ICE, 3 RRs front, SD back.
Gate 4: Travis Jones -- Mid-size, electric PP, driver and gunner, 2 HMGs in turret.
Gate 5: Aaron Cappocchi -- Sedan, gasoline ICE with rocket booster, FPG (with flaming oil ammo) right, ramplate.
Gate 6: Scott Lunceford -- Luxury, gasoline ICE, driver and gunner, 2 ATGs (each with APFSDS ammo) front, 3 FCEs (1R, 1L, 1B).
Gate 7: Bernard Hansel -- Lt. trike, electric PP, pulse laser left.
Gate 8: Mike Rosenberg -- Hvy. trike, electric PP, ML in turret, 2 RLs (each with LGL to ML) right.

Duel Summary

Turn 1: Aaron and Travis shoot at each other, Travis getting the better of the exchange, hitting Aaron twice with his HMGs. Scott joins the
fun, hitting Aaron's side with his ATG. Mike Heim and Tom mix it up right away, with Mike hitting Tom's front tire with his RRs, taking it
out. Jeremy hits Mike Rosenberg's side with his BC and Mike returns the favor hy hitting Jeremy with his medium laser. Jeremy's vehicle puffs
out a cloud of defensive smoke, convincing Mike to find an easier target for his laser-guided rockets.

Turn 2: Bernard and Mike Rosenberg swap a couple of shots, with Bernard almost taking out one of Mike's tires. Aaron lands a round from his FOG right in front of Travis. Travis, who was heading straight towards a pillar, is forced to maneuver on the oil. He blows the manuever and goes rolling into the pillar, a full kill for Aaron. Scott harasses Aaron by connecting with one of his ATGs. Jeremy continues to annoy Mike Rosenberg, weaving back and forth so he can hit him repeatedly with his blast cannons.

Turn 3: Mike passes Tom, with his spikedropper on automatic, then does a bootlegger reverse so that he can bring his weapons to bear on Tom's other side.

Turn 4: Scott manages to line a point-blank shot on Mike Rosenberg with his dual ATGs, but misses both shots on the open armor facing. Mike
tries to avoid a ram with Scott and blows the manuever, rolling his vehicle into Scott, becoming a full kill. Aaron uses his rocket booster to speed up to 95 mph, then pushes his plant to 115 mph in an attempt to head-off Bernard, as they both come screaming towards Tom and Mike Heim. Aaron's engine protests loudly from the stress, and promptly bursts into flames. Mike's radical bootlegger manuever pays off, as he is able to blow off another of Tom's tires, earning the mobility kill.

Turn 5: Bernard tries to manuever to avoid Mike's spikes, and fails to maintain control, rolling his trike. Tom nails Aaron's side with his HVMG, but Aaron manages to hang on. Aaron then tries to bend into Bernard, but his luck doesn't hold, and he spins out, right through Mike Heim's spikes, which take out two of Aaron's tires. Mike, meanwhile, drops flaming oil under the immobile Tom to begin a "Tom-b-que."

Turn 6: Bernard slams into the wall, creating a large cloud of multicolored trike confetti (how pretty). Aaron plows into the wall at 95 mph, surviving, but getting stunned for six phases! Aaron's car continues to burn, and the wheels melt off, denying the kill to anyone since he started the fire himself. Mike Heim blows a bend at low speed and spins to a stop. Scott lines up a shot on Jeremy from behind, as Jeremy puts his smoke screen on automatic, but Scott connects and does big damage, with a couple of points injuring Jeremy's driver. Scott and Jeremy swap paint, and Scott begins laying down a path of flame cloud destruction. After sitting in the flaming oil, Tom catches fire, but doesn't explode.

Turn 7: Tom blows off Scott's tire, causing him to roll, but he fails to earn the kill. Jeremy attempts a minor bend, but his injured driver blows it and he spins out into a pillar and stops. He then takes damage from Scott's flame cloud.

Turn 8: Jeremy wisely decides to back up out of Scott's flame cloud. As Scott goes rolling by, Mike Heim hits his underbody, penetrating and
killing Scott's driver. The very next turn Mike hits Scott again, this time in the side, blowing through and exterminating Scott's gunner, just
before Scott hits the wall, denying the kill to Tom and earning the victory.

Final Results (Victory Points/Tie-Breaking Points)

1. Mike Heim: 2 Full Kills, 1 Mobility Kill (100/14)
2. Aaron Cappocchi: 1 Full Kill, Killed (0/10)
3. Scott Lunceford: 1 Full Kill, Killed (0/9)
4. Jeremy Willis: No Kills (0/7)
5. Tom Lalonde: Mobility Killed (-20/2)
6. Bernard Hansel: Killed (-40/4)
7. Mike Rosenberg: Killed (-40/3)
8. Travis Jones: Killed (-40/1)

Preliminary Duel 2: This Division 10 duel attracted 13 players in a single event.

Gates, Players and Vehicle Descriptions

Gate 1: Paul Jacobs -- Mid-size, electric PP, ATG front, RL back.
Gate 2: Chris Ganiere -- Compact, electric PP, MML in turret.
Gate 3: Tom LaLonde -- Compact, electric PP with rocket booster, ramplate.
Gate 4: Peter Cossaboon -- Hvy. cycle, FOJ back; hvy. sidecar, MD (with napalm mines and extra napalm magazine) back.
Gate 5: Eddie Gallie -- Compact, electric PP, ramplate.
Gate 6: Jeremy Willis -- Compact, electric PP, 3 MMLs left.
Gate 7: Michael Rosenberg -- Med. trike, electric PP, HDFT.
Gate 8: Chris Wilcox -- Compact, electric PP, HMG right, SG left.
Gate 9: Aaron Cappocchi -- Rev. lt. trike, electric PP, LFT (with HT fuel).
Gate 10: Rick Cross -- Compact, electric PP, VMG front, SD back.
Gate 11: Empty
Gate 12: Emilio Segura -- Vehicle description not available at press time.
Gate 13: Bernard Hansel -- Compact, electric PP, FPG (with flaming oil ammo) right.
Gate 14: Travis Jones -- Compact, electric PP, ATG (with APFSDS ammo) front, ramplate.

Duel Summary

Turn 1: Tom fires his 45 mph rocket booster, then turns towards Chris Ganiere, lining up a ram. Chris Ganiere takes aim at Tom, repeatedly
missing with his MML. Paul shoots at Travis with his ATG, who turns towards Paul and floors it. Michael targets Chris Wilcox with his FT, but misses. Jeremy, meanwhile, repeatedly takes shots at Michael with his three MMLs, failing to rack up a big fire modifier as he only hits with one in any given turn. Chris Wilcox shoots at Michael as well, but misses. Rick fires a couple of times at Chris Wilcox with his VMG.

Turn 2: Tom comes screaming in to crush Chris Ganiere, but Chris zigs left at the last possible second, narrowly avoiding a ram that certainly
would have ended his career (at least). Travis goes head-on into Paul, killing him, but slowing to 10 mph, leaving himself vulnerable to the speeding Tom, who turns his ramplate at the helpless Travis, vowing not to let another victim get away. Chris Wilcox changes his attention to Aaron, missing a couple of shots with his spike gun. Bernard heads towards Travis, Tom, and Chris Ganiere, but before he gets there all three are killed. Peter fires his jettison-joined sidecar, which immediately begins dropping mines. Peter also turns on his FOJ.

Turn 3: Michael hits Chris Wilcox in two successive turns with his flamethrower, setting Chris on fire. Tom t-bones Travis, earning the full kill.

Turn 4: Chris Wilcox gets sideswiped by Rick and gets set on fire by Michael's heavy-duty FT.

Turn 6: Michael hits Jeremy with his flamethrower. Aaron joins the fun by putting a fire mod on Jeremy as well. Jeremy catches fire soon after.
Chris Wilcox spins out, as his vehicle continues to melt away. Chris Ganiere manages to t-bone Tom, killing him, but causing his own
car to roll. He ends up on his roof with his guns at the wall, earning Tom a full kill. Since everyone at that end of the arena is dead, Bernard turns back the other way to find a victim. Peter rams Eddie, head-on, Peter's cycle at 110 mph and Eddie's ramcar at 90 mph. Peter's bumper trigger fires a 190 mph rocket booster, which instantly destroys his vehicle's frame, but jumps the collision up to 390 mph (off the Movement Chart). A total of 75 dice of damage were rolled, and despite his 1/3 DM, Peter still manages to exactly destroy Eddie's front armor and power plant, making him a full kill. Peter, on the other hand, takes 395 points of damage, confetting him 15 times over. While this was a truly spectacular collision, everyone agreed to beat up Peter if he does it again.

Turn 8: Chris Wilcox finishes burning up, becoming a full kill for Michael.

Turn 9: Jeremy t-bones Rick, killing him and earning a full kill.

Turn 11: Jeremy succumbes to the fire, and his kill is split between Michael and Aaron.

Turn 12: Bernard tries to join the fun, but he gets there too late to affect the duel much.

Turn 16: Michael Rosenberg t-bones Aaron at 90 mph, but fails to kill him. Emilio shows him how it is done by ramming Aaron again at 90 mph, this time confetting Aaron.

Turn 18: Emilio then rams Michael at 75 mph, but Michael's bumper-triggered Ice Discharger cause Emilio to vault, securing the victory for Michael.

Final Results (Victory Points/Tie-Breaking Points)

1. Michael Rosenberg: 2 Full Kills, 1 Completed Kill (100/15)
2. Tom Lalonde: 2 Full Kills, Killed (40/10)
3. Bernard Hansel (0/15)
4. Emilio Segura: 1 Full Kill, Killed (0/11)
5. Jeremy Willis: 1 Full Kill, Killed (0/10)
6. Travis Jones: 1 Full Kill, Killed (0/7)
6. Chris Ganiere: 1 Full Kill, Killed (0/7)
8. Peter Cossaboon: 1 Full Kill, Killed (0/6)
8. Eddie Gallie: 1 Full Kill, Killed (0/6)
10. Aaron Cappocchi: 1 Completed Kill, Killed (-20/11)
11. Rick Cross: Killed (-40/8)
12. Chris Wilcox: Killed (-40/7)
13. Paul Jacobs: Killed (-40/1)

Southwest Regional Final: This Division 20 event featured eight players. Seeding to the final was based on points from the prelims (with Rob
Hagmaier being seeded due to his victory in the SCAB Dueling Championship).

Gates, Players and Vehicle Descriptions

Gate 1: Rob Hagmaier -- Rev. lt. trike, pulse laser left.
Gate 2: Bernard Hansel -- Mid-size, electric PP, ramplate.
Gate 3: Paul Dreyer -- Compact, gasoline ICE, HVMG front.
Gate 4: Michael Rosenberg -- Rev. hvy. trike, electric PP, VMG right, FOJ back.
Gate 5: Mike Heim -- Luxury, electric PP, RL (with incendiary rockets) right, FOJ left, SD back, ramplate.
Gate 6: Tom Lalonde -- Compact, electric PP, rocket booster aimed back on EWP top, laser right.
Gate 7: Aaron Cappocchi -- Compact, gasoline ICE, FPG (with flaming oil ammo) right, ramplate.
Gate 8: Chris Ganiere -- Streamlined compact, electric PP, HMG (with incendiary ammo) in turret, HMG (with incendiary ammo) right.

Duel Summary

Turn1: Aaron fires his FOG right in front of Tom, damaging the tires and underbody which are not fireproof. Chris tries to snipe a couple of tires, trying first on Rob a couple of times, then on Aaron. He fails to connect, though. Mike fires his incendiary RL and hits Michael Rosenberg for minor damage and a fire modifier of 3. At the end of the turn Michael catches on fire and promptly explodes, earning Mike a very rare Turn 1 kill and Michael the sympathy of the entire group.

Turn 2: Rob starts harassing Bernard by attempting to shoot out his tires with his pulsed Laser. Aaron fires again at Tom with his FOG, causing Tom to take more fire damage, 2 points of which pass through the underbody and damage Tom's electric power plant, which catches the car on fire. Tom begins firing his personal fire extinguisher in a vain attempt to quench the flames.

Turn 3: Rob connects with Bernard's tire, but the armored hub protects the tire from certain destruction. Bernard, meanwhile, tries to find a target to ram. One of Tom's tires burns off, while Tom fails to put out the fire again. Tom strongly suspects that when the salesman said it was the "Cadillac" of fire extinguishers, he was exaggerating.

Turn 4: Rob finishes the job on Bernard's tire, but Bernard maintains control due to his very high handling class and active suspension.
Tom burns. Tom's Fire Extinguisher fails to change this. A string of obscenities can be heard coming from Tom's direction. Chris hits Aaron's wheelguard for 1 point of damage and a fire modifier of 2 with his incendiary HMG. Aaron rams Paul for minor damage, but on ice, which causes Aaron to fishtail, and lose lots of handling. The next phase Paul begins to roll. Mike shoots Bernard in the back with his RL, blowing through the thin armor and killing the driver. At this point, Mike has scored two kills and will be declared the winner if he survives for five full seconds. All eyes (and a few guns) turn towards Mike.

Turn 5: Chris's HMG hits Aaron's side and bumps the fire mod up to 4. Aaron, who cannot afford to manuever due to his low handling class,
elects to ram the wall instead. Realizing that his fire extinguisher is actually a Thermos painted red, Tom decides that he does not want to die in a horrible fire. He chooses instead to die in a horrible ram, head-on with Chris, which confetties both of them.

Turn 6: As Mike goes weaving through the debris field created by Tom and Chris's confetti, Rob follows closely, and tries to slow Mike down by shooting one of his front tires, but fails to destroy it. Paul abruptly stops rolling as he slams into a pillar with his side, ending the roll on his wheels. He immediately hits the gas and charges back into the action. Aaron catches fire and explodes giving the kill to Chris Ganiere

Turn 7: Rob loses arc on Mike's damaged front tire, so instead opts to blow off his back tire damaging the guard and the tire.

Turn 8: Rob finishes off the back tire, causing Mike to roll.

Turn 9: As Mike continues to roll, Rob takes a shot through his top armor and kills his driver.

Turn 10: With only Paul and Rob remaining, it is clear that whoever kills the other driver will be the winner. Rob and Paul manuever frantically,
firing at each other repeatedly, but failing to score significant damage, with the only exception being when Paul hits Rob's side and destroys most of the armor in a single shot.

Turn 14: Paul manages to line himself up right behind Rob, at point blank range. Both drivers fire their weapons. Paul elects to shoot at Rob's
rear, which is lightly armored, leaving the tire alone due to the difficulty of the shot, and the armored wheel guard (which turns out to
be fake). Paul's damage penetrates Rob's rear armor and nearly destroys the component armor around the plant. Rob decides to shoot out Paul's
tire and succeeds, sending Paul into a roll

Turn 15: As Paul continues to roll, he lands on his wheels which destroys his remaining tires. Since he had no ammo remaining, he is a full kill
and Rob secures victory in the Southwest Regional Dueling Championship.

Final Standings

1. Rob Hagmaier: 2 Full Kills
2. Mike Heim: 2 Full Kills, Killed
3. Chris Ganiere: 2 Full Kills, Killed
4. Tom LaLonde: 1 Full Kill, Killed
5. Paul Dreyer: Killed
6. Aaron Cappocchi: Killed
7. Bernard Hansel: Killed
8. Michael Rosenberg: Killed

Subject: Non-Tournament OrcCon 2002 Events
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 12:48:24 -0800
From: Jeremy Willis <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

Michael, I recieved some complaints and corrections about the off-road duel at the end of this report. Please use this corrected copy of the report instead of the previous copies I've sent out. Sorry and thanks.

To start this report, here's little background on the Ugly Oval. The El Segundo Ugly Oval is a traditional SCAB duel series that takes place in our hotel room at the Strategicon Game conventions held at the Westin hotel by LAX. The hotel rooms usually come with an oval shaped end table that serves as the arena with the addition of four Ugly stickers arranged in the middle as pillars and the edge considered wall (on the occasions that our rooms lack the table we swipe one from the elevator lobby). We use our set of Micro Machines miniatures and, for this event only, we use old Amateur Night rules with base level characters and reaction rolls. The entrance to the arena is via evenly-spaced aircraft carrier style catapults that force vehicles into the tiny arena at 60 mph (players can alter this speed with their acceleration and deceleration ratings). The fact that these events take place in one of our private rooms allows for activities such as getting drunk to take place, so play is a little different from other SCAB games played at open gaming spaces at game stores or conventions. Please note that all Ugly Oval participants were over 21 years of age.

El Segundo Ugly Oval Duel 1 started at about 10 p.m. Saturday, February 16th with Jeremy Willis, Rob Hagmaier, Tom Lalonde, and Rick Cross using the same vehicle design, the Killer Kan II.

Killer Kan II -- Compact, x-hvy chassis, medium electric PP (with SuperCons and HTMs), hvy. suspension, 4 PR tires, driver, 2 linked HMGs (each with 15 incendiary rounds) front, HRSWC, bumper trigger, plastic airdam, plastic spoiler. Sloped metal/plastic armor: F19/22, R0/16, L0/16, B0/16 T0/6, U0/9 (19 points/85 points), two 10-pt. plastic AWHs front, two 10-pt. plastic WGs back. Accel. 5 (10 with HTMs), Top speed 92.5, HC 3 (4 at 60 mph +); 4,400 lbs., $14,996.

Rob piqued everyone by rolling a 6 for his reaction roll. Tom scored the first kill on Rick in Turn 3 with Jeremy scoring a kill on Tom soon after. Then Rob got on Jeremy's butt and took him out after a couple turns. Many beers were downed between dice rolls.

Final Results

1. Rob Hagmaier: +40, fully kill on Jeremy, last man standing
2. Jeremy Willis: 0, full kill on Tom, died
2. Tom Lalonde: 0, full kill on Rick, died
4. Rick Cross: -40, died

El Segundo Ugly Oval Duel 2 started at about midnight on Saturday, February 16th and had the four of us with randomly picked cars Rick supplied. Someone came up with the idea that no vehicle descriptions would be allowed. (Can you tell we were starting to get trashed?)

Tom LaLonde's Biggus Discus -- Compact, medium electric PP with SuperCons, 4 PR tires, driver with body armor, MF (with radio-detonated mines and extra magazine) right, FOD back, weapon timer, SWC. Metal/plastic armor:  F6/21, R14/2 L0/21 B6/21, T0/6, U0/6, 10-pt. plastic AWH right-front, 5-pt. plastic AWH left-front, 10-pt. plastic WG right-back, 5-pt. plastic WG left-back. Accel. 5, HC 3, $10,000. Note the extra magazine broke the third-spaces-per-side rule.

Jeremy Willis's Kiss Me Baby -- Streamlined compact, x-hvy. chassis, medium electric PP (with PlatCats and HTMs), 20 mph rocket booster back, hvy. suspension, 4 PR tires, ramplate, 2 SaDs (1F, 1U), bumper trigger. Sloped metal/plastic armor: F24/48, R0/12, L0/12, B0/12, T0/6, U0/11, two 10-pt. plastic AWHs front, two 1-pt. plastic WGs back, 10 pts. plastic CA around driver. Accel. 10, HC 3; 4,408 lbs., $9,990.

Rick Cross's Balooga! -- Compact, x-hvy. chassis, medium electric PP (with PlatCats and HTMs), hvy. suspension, 4 PR tires, spinal-mounted ATG (with APFSDS ammo) front, SWC. Metal/plastic armor: F20/30, R0/20 L0/20, B0/11, T0/5, U0/5, two 8-pt. plastic WGs front, two 5-pt. plastic WGs back. Accel. 5, HC 2; 4,350 lbs., $9,993. The ATG was spinal-mounted to make the vehicle look scarier.

Rob Hagmaier's Danger: Third Rail -- Compact, x-hvy. chassis, medium electric PP with HTMs, hvy. suspension, driver and gunner, 4 PR tires, HMG (with 15 HD rounds) in turret, SWC. Plastic armor: F24, R21, L21, B24, T5, U6, two 10-pt. plastic AWHs front, two 10-pt. plastic WGs back, 10 pts. plastic CA around driver, 10 pts. plastic CA around gunner. Accel. 10, HC 3; 3,766 lbs., $9,995.

Rob managed to roll another 6 for his reaction roll. We were all pretty buzzed by now and all I remember is butting heads with all three other cars for three complete kills and still having some ramplate left when it was over. The other players remembered even less. When asked about the game a few days later, Tom mentioned that he was glad it ended when it did because he couldn't see the table anymore.

Final Results

1. Jeremy Willis (+120pts, fully killed Tom, Rick, and Rob, last man standing)
2. Rob Hagmaier (-40pts, died)
2. Tom Lalonde (-40pts, died)
2. Rick Cross (-40pts, died)

We were going to run a third duel but thought better of it! Here is some dialogue from just after the second game:

Rob: "Tom, go to bed."
Tom (seated): "<mumble> <mumble> Satan <mumble> <mumble> <mumble> Satan"
Rob: "Dude, don't sleep in the chair, you'll drool on your shirt."
Tom (still seated): "<mumble> <mumble> Satan <mumble> <mumble> <mumble> Satan"
Rob: "Really Tom, the bed is right <DELETED> there, just stand up, you are sure to fall onto it."
Tom (still seated): "<mumble> <mumble> Satan <mumble> Debbie Gibson <mumble> <mumble> Satan"
Rob: "Aw, <DELETED> it."

The next day, Sunday, February 17th, dawned much too early and we headed down to the CarWars tables for the Regional Final and the ever so popular losers table. The duelists that didn't qualify for the final round of the Southwest Regional Championship brought their Division 20 vehicles to the newly constructed El Segundo Ugly Pentacle in hopes of venting some of their frustrations. This small five-sided arena has four pillars (right triangles) in the center with a big square piece over the middle (15' ceiling) that created two short intersecting tunnels. The start of the duel was slightly delayed by last minute arena construction allowing Mike Rosenburg, who got knocked out of the Championship final early, to squeeze another copy of his car into the losers table at the last minute. Six gates were arranged evenly arround the arena's five sides.

Players and Vehicle Descriptions (Clockwise around arena)

Rick Cross -- Mid-size, ATG (with APFSDS ammo) front, sunroof.

Peter Cossaboon -- Sloped compact, gasoline ICE (with blueprinting and N2O), airdam, spoiler, ramplate.

Mike Rossenburg: Rev. hvy. trike, VMG right, FOJ back.

Chris Wilcox: Sloped compact, HVMG front, 2 dischargers, airdam, spoiler.

Jeremy Willis: Sedan, driver and gunner, ATG (with APFSDS ammo and bumper trigger) front, RR (with HESH ammo and bumper trigger) front.

Travis Jones: Sloped mid-size, VMG in turret, VMG front.

Duel Summary

1/1    Mike's VMG hits Peter for 11 points while his linked FOJ flips on automatic.
1/2    Rick's ATG (APFSDS ammo) misses Peter.
1/3    Chris's HVMG misses Rick. Travis's turreted VMG misses Jeremy while his linked VMG front misses Mike.
1/4    Peter tosses a grenade at Rick for no real effect. Jeremy’s driver misses Mike with a RR (HESH ammo).
1/5    Jeremy's gunner misses Mike with a ATG (APFSDS ammo).

2/1    Rick's misses Peter again. Jeremy’s driver and gunner miss Mike again as Mike heads into the tunnels from the south side while leaving his trail of flaming oil.
2/2    Peter drops an ice discharger at the eastern entrance to the tunnels as he enters it. Chris tries for Rick's wheel and misses.
2/3    Travis's turreted VMG hits Jeremy for 8 points while his front VMG misses him. Mike gets line of sight on Peter in the ugly intersection but misses him.
2/4    Jeremy drives over Mikes FOJ trail and takes 6 points of tire damage.
2/5    Peter t-bones Mike in the middle of the ugly intersection. Peter's ramplate and bumper triggered nitrous tank do 27 points while Mike's bumper triggered point defense grenade does 4 points. Mike then sideswipes the tunnel wall for 3 points.

3/2    Rick collides head-on with Jeremy. His bumper triggered RR misses (needed a 4!) while his ATG hits for 20 points. Rick's bumper triggered ATG and the ram damage destroys Jeremy's front armor and weaponry.
3/3    Mike misses Peter.
3/4    Travis goes over Mike's flaming oil for 6 points of tire damage. Chris's HVMG hits Rick's rear armor for 13 points.
3/5    Chris rear ends Rick for 28 more points scoring a kill!Travis misses Jeremy with both VMGs (the turret needed a 3!).

4/1    Chris rams Jeremy for 5 points then fires his HVMG to destroy his plant and gunner!Travis's turret hits Chris for 13 points.
4/2    Travis T-bones Chris for 24 points (some internal) while also sideswiping Jeremy for 4 points.
4/3    Jeremy's driver coasts backwards through Mikes flaming oil for minor damage. Mike hits Travis for 7 points of VMG damage.

5/3    Mike rams Chris for 43 points.

6/1    Travis goes over the flaming oil for 7 points of tire damage. Mike's VMG hits Travis on the oil for 10 points and a D5 hazard.
6/3    Travis hits Chris for 10 points.

7/1    Travis hits Chris again and destroys his engine.
7/2    Mike hits Chris for 8 points.
7/3    Mike rams Chris for 24 points but dies. Chris survives the ram to win the duel.

Final Results

1. Chris Wilcox : +100 points, full kill on Rick, full kill on Jeremy, full kill on Mike, mobility killed
2. Travis Jones: +20, mobility kill on Chris
3. Peter Cossaboon: 0 points
4. Mike Rossenburg: -40, killed
5. Jeremy Willis: -40, killed
6. Rick Cross: -40, killed

A big off-road Division 45 event took place at OrcCon on Sunday, February 17th at 5 p.m. A large wilderness area was walled off that included hills, trees, brush, and a few water pools. All vehicles were off-road modified with the exception of Travis Jones's van.

Players and Vehicle Descriptions (clockwise around arena)

Rob Hagmaier -- Luxury, driver and gunner, FPG (with ice ammo) front, FPG (with flaming oil ammo) right.

Tom LaLonde -- Luxury, 2 linked HMGs front, cyberlink.

Paul Dreyer -- Sloped luxury, RL (with incendiary rockets) in turret, 2 linked RLs (each with incendiary rockets) front, smart link (turret RL and 2 front RLs).

Rick Cross -- Luxury, 4 linked HRs (each with weapon concealment) front, TL (with weapon concealment) front, LGL, bumper trigger,

Travis Jones -- Van, driver and gunner, HVMG in turret, RR front, SD back.

Michael Rosenberg -- X-hvy. trike, 2 linked GGs right, FOJ back.

Eddie Gallie -- Luxury, HVMG front.

Peter Cossaboon -- Luxury, MD (with proximity-fused napalm mines and 2 extra magazines), ramplate.

Jeremy Willis -- Luxury, driver and gunner, 2 BCs (each with HESH ammo; 1F, 1R).

Rob started the action by harassing Jeremy with OGs that shot flaming oil then ice ammo to the extreme detriment of Jeremy's handling class. Jeremy braked heavy and returned the favor with four BC shells but only hit with one. Rob then turned the wheel hard to avoid a small pond but slid his car into it and sunk. Right about now Paul cores Tom's car with three linked RLs (incendiary rockets) for a full kill and Rick rams Travis with four bumper triggered, laser-guided heavy rockets for a full kill. A little later Peter scores a mobility kill on Eddie from the tire fires caused by Peter's napalm mines. After a few more seconds Mike rams Jeremy head on for a net 135 mph collision that destroys both vehicles. Then Paul blows off one of Rick's wheels earning him a mobility kill. Paul's RLs then catch Eddie on fire that earns Paul a completed kill. A few seconds later Paul drives into a pond and sinks to deny anyone the kill points for his car! After a few more seconds Peter rams Rick killing him and ending the duel. When the tie breaker points were tallied, Paul ended up winning by one tie breaker point due to his intelligent choice of driving into a pond on purpose! What a way to end OrcCon!

Final Results

1. Paul Dreyer: +40 points, 13 tie-breaking points, killed Tom, mobility kill on Rick, completed kill on Eddie, killed
2. Peter Cossaboon: +40, 12, mobility kill on Eddie, completed kill on Rick
3. Rick Cross: 0, 10, killed Travis, killed
4. Mike Rossenburg: 0, 7, killed Jeremy, killed
4. Jeremy Willis: 0, 7, killed Mike, killed
6. Eddie Gallie: -40, 4, killed
7. Tom LaLonde: -40, 3, killed
8. Travis Jones: -40, 2, killed
9. Rob Hagmaier: -40, 1, killed

Subject: [SCAB] 2052 TCM Championship League Game #3
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 21:16:04 -0800
From: Jeremy Willis"<>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

The third duel of the 2052 TCM Championship League Season was a Division 10 duel that took place on March 10th. Due to the minimal turnout, the duelist unanimously agreed to move the event from the Pasadena Municipal Autoduel Arena to the Fly-by-Night Arena. Each of the four duelists got to add two pillars of his choice to this 480 foot by 480 foot square arena. The resulting configuration had a few tight spots, but mostly open area to duel in. Each duelist started from the middle of one of the four outer walls.

Players and Vehicle Descriptions (Clockwise around arena)

Jeremy Willis's TCM T42 -- Compact, medium electric PP with HTMs), hvy. suspension, 4 PR tires, driver (Driver +2, Gunner +2), gunner (Driver, Gunner +2), VMG (with 15 HD shots) right, SWC (gunner and VMG). Plastic armor: F40, R40, L40, B30, T3, U7, 5-pt. plastic AWH right-front, 10-pt. plastic AWH left-front, 5-pt. plastic WG right-back, 10-pt. plastic WG left-back, body armor and PFEs for both crewmembers.

Mike Hording's TCM Lead Shedder -- Compact, hvy. chassis, medium electric PP with HTMs, 4 PR tires, driver (Driver, Gunner +2), 3 linked LMGs (one with 12 standard shots, one with 12 standard shots, one with 12 HD tracer shots) right, SWC, IFE. Plastic armor: F40, R40, L40, B35, T4, U9, two 9-pt. plastic AWHs front, two 10-pt. plastic WGs back.

Rick Cross's Chrysalis -- Sloped compact, hvy. chassis, medium electric PP, 20 mph rocket booster back, hvy. suspension, 4 PR tires, driver (Driver +1, Gunner +1), HMG (with 12 incendiary shots) in turret, SWC, airdam, spoiler. Plastic armor: F24, R24, L24, B24, T6, U6, two 10-pt. plastic AWHs front, two 10-pt. plastic WGs back, 10 pts. plastic CA around driver.

Aaron Cappocchi's Design -- Rev. lt. trike, x-hvy. chassis, medium cycle electric PP, cyclist (Driver, Gunner +2), 3 radial PR tires, FT (with HT fuel) right, 3 dischargers, SWC, airdam, spoiler. FP plastic armor: F11, R10, L5, B22, T3, U4, 10 pts. plastic CA around PP, FP plastic AWHs, FP plastic WGs.

Duel Summary

1/1    Rick fires his 20mph rocket booster and hits 60 mph.
1/2    Aaron and Jeremy do D1 bends toward each other.
1/3    Jeremy's gunner misses Rick with his right mounted VMG (HD ammo).
1/5    Jeremy and Rick do D3 drifts to close range on each other while Mike bends (D2) toward Rick.

2/1    Jeremy's gunner hits Rick for 9 points and gets the first blood bonus.
2/2    Jeremy does a D2 bend left.
2/3    Mike misses Rick with all three of his linked LMG’s while Jeremy does another D2 bend left.
2/4    Jeremy does a D1 bend left.
2/5    Aaron hits Jeremy with his FT (HT fuel) for 8 points and a fire modifier of 5 with a burn duration of 1. Jeremy's driver puts out the fire modifier with his PFE.

3/1    Aaron hits Jeremy again for 3 points and a new 5/1 fire modifier.
3/2    Jeremy does a D4 bend right. Mike hits Rick with one of his three LMGs for 1 point.
3/3    Jeremy's gunner misses Aaron's back armor by one.
3/4    Rick needs boxcars to hit Aaron with his turreted HMG (incendiary ammo) and misses.
3/5    Jeremy's driver puts out his fire modifier again!

4/1    Jeremy's gunner hits Aaron's back for 7 points.
4/2    Jeremy;s driver turns off his HTMs. Mike needs 10s to hit Aaron's front with his LMGs and hits with all three for 11 total points, breaching his armor and destroying his airdam!
4/5    Rick misses Jeremy by 2. Aaron misses Mike.

5/1    Jeremy gunner misses Aaron.
5/2    Mike hits Aaron with one of his LMGs for 4 points while Aaron returns fire missing by one.
5/3    Rick does a D5 bend right to start tailgating Jeremy.
5/5    Rick hits Jeremy for 3 points, a 2/1 fire modifier, and a heavy fishtail. Jeremy's driver fails with his PFE.
End of Turn 5    Rick needs snake eyes to set Jeremy on fire and fails.

6/1    Mike tries a D3 bend to avoid a pillar and skids into it taking 22 points to his left side and comes to a stop!
6/2    Jeremy tries a D2 to avoid a pillar and barely succeeds. Rick hits Jeremy again for 2 points and another 2/1 fire modifier and Jeremy barely keeps control. Both Jeremy's crew try their PFEs and fail!
6/4    Aaron does a D1 bend and barely keeps control.
End of Turn 6    Rick needs a 4 to set Jeremy on fire and succeeds! Jeremy's car takes a point to everything!

7/2    Rick shoots at Jeremy, rolls a 3 and misses. Jeremy’s driver tries his PFE and fails.
7/3    Jeremy’s gunner tries his PFE and also fails!
7/5    Aaron tries another D1 bend and barely succeeds.
End of Turn 7    Jeremy’s car takes another point to everything. His VMG had 1 DP left!

8/1    Jeremy’s driver tries his PFE again and succeeds!
8/2    Rick hits Jeremy’s back for 3 points, a new 2/1 fire mod, and a minor fishtail.
8/4    Rick rear ends Jeremy for a 10mph net collision doing one point to each vehicle. They are now both going 75mph.
8/5    Jeremy gets a point blank shot at the front of Ricks tire and does 10 points destroying it!  Rick needs a 6 to maintain control and succeeds!
End of Turn 8    Rick needs snake eyes to set Jeremy on fire and fails.

9/1    Jeremy does a D2 bend to avoid the outer arena wall. Rick hits Jeremy’s back-right wheel guard for 5 points and another 2/1 fire modifier. Jeremy's gunner gets another point blank shot at Rick’s other front tire and does 12 points destroying it and causes Rick's car to start rolling!
9/3    Aaron misses Mike. Jeremy tries a D1 bend and succeeds.
9/4    Jeremy tries another D1 bend to avoid the outer arena wall and starts skidding.
9/5    Jeremy skids into wall for a 75 mph sideswipe and takes 2 points to his left side and a moderate skid.
End of Turn 9    Jeremy doesn't catch fire

10/3    Rick rolls into arena corner and stops on his roof, but the rolling damage was enough to destroy his turreted HMG (full kill for Jeremy)!
10/5    Jeremy’s driver succeeds with his PFE.

11/2    Aaron misses Mike by two while Mike hits Aaron with one of his LMG’s for 2 points.

12/1    Jeremy takes a shot across the arena at Aaron and hits his left side for 12 points with 7 going internal and killing his driver (full kill for  Jeremy)!
12/3    Mike hits Jeremy with one of his LMGs for 4 points.

13/1    Jeremy hits Mike for 13 points!
13/2    Mike hits Jeremy with one of his LMGs for 3 points.

14/5    Mike hits Jeremy with one of his LMGs for 2 points.

15/1 Mike hits Jeremy with all three of his LMG’s for 11 points total.
15/2 Jeremy t-bones Mike going 85 mph and does 40 points to both vehicles, killing Mike but destroying his power plant in the process (mobility kill for Mike, full kill for Jeremy)!

Final Results

1. Jeremy Willis: 104 points; completed kills on Rick, Aaron, and Mike (120); mobility killed (-20); first blood (1); still moving (1); crew alive (2)
2. Mike Hording: -19; mobility kill on Jeremy (20); killed (-40); still moving (1)
3. Rick Cross: -38pts, killed (-40), crew alive (2)
4. Aaron Cappocchi: -40pts, killed (-40)

Points for 2052 TCM Fuel #3

24    Jeremy Willis
11    Mike Hording
2    Rick Cross
1    Aaron Cappocchi

3 kills for Jeremy Willis

2052 TCM Championship League Season totals to date

55.0    Aaron Cappocchi
41.0    Jeremy Willis
37.0    Mike Hording
30.0    Hans Reiner
13.0    Tom Lalonde
8.5    Jarett Weintraub
5.5    Robert Steinke
4.0    Rick Cross
4.0    Peter Cossaboon
3.0    Paul Dreyer
2.0    Josh Rust
1.0    Mike Rosenburg

4 kills for Jeremy Willis
2 kills each for Mike Hording and Tom Lalonde
1 kill each for Hans Reiner, Jarett Weintraub, Josh Rust, Aaron Cappocchi, Rob Steinke, and Peter Cossaboon

Jeremy proves that even with a small turnout, huge gains can be made in the 2052 TCM kill division. He also proves that with 50 skill points per character, having a gunner is worthwhile, even in low divisions. We'll see if anyone tries it at the Division 5 duel on Cinco de Mayo!


Subject: [SCAB] Div 60 OR Duel Report
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 17:47:53 -0500 (EST)
From: Eric Freeman <>
To: SCAR Mailing List <>

TSAR held a Div 60 off-road duel on Sunday, January 6, 2052. The Division 60 event was played in the Towers Arena where dirt
was poured over the arena floor to give the off-road conditions. Players in attendance included: Eric Freeman, Jeff Dodge, Curt Lindmark, Joe Reynolds, Bryon Gray, Joe Barlow, Helen Mitchell, Jill Bialy, and Dave McGee. A variant allowing three-space turrets on station wagons was tried.

Gates, Players and Vehicle Descriptions (Starting from the eastern gate on the south side)

South Gates

Gate 1: Helen Mitchell's Banzai OR '52 -- Sloped luxury, gasoline ICE (with laser battery and IFE), OR suspension, OR snow tires, driver, gunner with extra driver controls, 2 pulse lasers left, 3 FODs (1R, 1L, 1B), 6 FCDs (1R, 1L, 2T, 2U), HRSWC, spoiler, HD brakes, HDSAs, LRW, plastic armor, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back, body armor and flak jackets for both crewmembers.

Gate 2: empty

Gate 3: Bryon Gray's The Matrix -- Sloped sedan, gasoline ICE, OR suspension, driver and gunner, VMG in turret, BC (with HESH ammo and blow-through concealment) front, 5 FODs (2R, 2L, 1B), SkD under, 2 HRTCs, metal/plastic armor, 4 AWHs, 2 WGs back,

Gate 4: Jill Bialy's Design -- Six-wheeled pickup, OR suspension, HR on rocket platform, SaD front, 2 GGs right, 4 FCDs (1R, 1L, 1T, 1U), 3 IcDs (1R, 1L, 1B), HRSWC, LR plastic armor, 2 LR plastic AWHs front, 2 LR plastic WGs back.

West Gates

Gate 5: Eric Freeman's Banzai OR '52 -- Sloped luxury, gasoline ICE (with laser battery and IFE), OR suspension, OR snow tires, driver, gunner with extra driver controls, 2 pulse lasers left, 3 FODs (1R, 1L, 1B), 6 FCDs (1R, 1L, 2T, 2U), HRSWC, spoiler, HD brakes, HDSAs, LRW, plastic armor, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back, body armor and flak jackets for both crewmembers.

Gate 6: empty

North Gates

Gate 7: Jeff Dodge's Swiss Cheese -- Station wagon with roll cage, electric PP with HTMs, active OR suspension, driver in safety seat, VMG in turret, VMG front, smart link (turret VMG and front VMG), 4 FCDs, HDSAs, HRTC, AL brakes, ramplate, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

Gate 8: Joe Barlow's Design -- Sloped station wagon, OR suspension, HVMG in turret, spoiler.

Gate 9: Joe Reynolds's Design -- Sedan, OR suspension, GG in turret, cyberlink, spoiler, LR armor, 2 LR plastic AWHs front, 2 LR plastic WGs back.

Gate 10: empty

East Gates

Gate 11: Curt Lindmark's Lumberjack -- Luxury, driver and gunner (each in safety seats), 3 RLs (each with AP rockets and blow-through concealment) right, SaD front, 2 FCDs (1R, 1L), 3 stickyfoam dischargers (1R, 1L, 1B), 2 FmDs (1T, 1U), HRSWC, cyberlink, HDSAs, HDABS, 2 PFEs, ramplate, plastic armor, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back, body armor and FP suits for both crewmembers.

Gate 12: David McGee's Design -- Sloped compact with CA frame, gasoline ICE, OR suspension, FP OR SB solid tires, HVMG (with HD ammo and blow-through concealment) front, spoiler, cyberlink, standard metal/LRFP plastic armor, fake ramplate.

Duel Summary

Eric turns south out of his gate towards Jill. He takes a long range shot at Joe that misses. Jill goes straight north out of her gate, while Bryon turns west towards her.

As Bryon closes, they decide to hold their fire against each other as Jill passes in front. Eric takes a shot at Bryon's left-front tire, hitting with one laser. After the shot, Eric turns east, and Bryon passes on a close shot on Jill to fire on Eric's front with his BC (which missed?). After Jill
gets out from in front of Bryon, she turns East in the middle of the arena and takes a shot at Bryon, nailing him with at least one of the GGs.
Bryon and Eric pass each other. Eric takes another shot at the weakened tire and shears it off.  Bryon's return fire with his VMG hits Eric's

Dave and Reynolds pass each other and Dave takes off one of Reynolds's wheels.

Dave continues to go straight west from his gate towards Barlow, firing his HVMG at him. Barlow turns straight towards Dave to get his turreted HVMG in line. They close on each other quickly and collide in a huge head-on ram which kills them both (Barlow +0, Dave +0).

Curt lines up Reynolds and t-bones him, breaching his left armor. While passing the carnage, Helen takes a pot shot at Joe and succeeds in taking the second of his wheels for a mobility kill (Helen +20, Reynolds -20).

Curt picks on the immobile Reynolds with a rocket salvo through his breached armor, hitting only the engine, but later finally finishing him off with another t-bone through his breached side for the completed kill (Curt +20, Reynolds -40).

Jeff heads straight south with both Jill and Eric in his sights. He decides to fire on Eric and nails his left side. Meanwhile, Eric returns fire and takes off one of Jeff's wheels, crippling him. Jill fires her GGs on Eric and nails his left side as well with both. Jill closes on Helen and Helen takes off a wheel.

Bryon has managed to turn back east at this point and Jeff and he exchange fire. Helen is cruising on the north side of the arena.  She takes off a wheel on Jeff garnering the mobility kill and then keeps on peppering his armor to finish the kill off (Helen +60).

Curt and Eric engage each other in the east side of the arena. Eric shears off one wheel, while Curt almost takes off what is left of Eric's left armor. Eric misses with one laser on another wheel shot, severely wounding a second tire on Curt, but not finishing it. Curt's return fire breaches Eric's right side and hits the breaches the gas tank, which catches fire but the IFE does not put it out. At the end of the next turn, the IFE still does not put it out and Eric's lasers are destroyed. As Eric tries to get out of Dodge, Curt gets one last crack at his right side and takes out the Gunner (it looks like I forgot to roll for my flak jacket)

Helen turns her attention to Bryon and takes off a wheel for a mobility kill (Helen +80). The five-second game end clock starts ticking.

Curt turns back East away from the fleeing Eric to engage Jill. From a stationary position, Byron gets Jill in the arc of his BC. He takes a long range shot at a wheel and takes it out. Jill is a full kill since she does not have any ammo left (Bryon +20).

As Helen leaves Bryon, Curt and she engage. Curt's fire misses while Helen's return fire takes off Curt's weakened wheel for a mobility kill
finishing the duel instantly (Helen +100).

Final Results

1. Helen Mitchell: 100 points, full kill on Jeff, mobility kill on Curt, mobility kill on Bryon, mobility kill on Reynolds
2. Bryon Gray: 23, full kill on Jill, mobility killed, survival, checkpoint
3. Eric Freeman, 4, survival, 2 checkpoints
3. Curt Lindmark: 4, mobility killed, completed kill on Reynolds, 2 checkpoints
5. Joe Barlow: 1, killed, full kill on Dave, 1 checkpoint
5. Dave McGee: 1, killed, full kill on Barlow, 1 checkpoint
7. Jill Bialy: 17, mobility killed, 3 checkpoints
8. Jeff Dodge: -39, killed, 1 checkpoint
9. Joe Reynolds: -40, killed

Subject: [SCAB] TSAR Club Racing Championship
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 08:55:39 -0500 (EST)
From: Eric Freeman <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

TSAR hosted it's Club Racing Championship on Sunday, February 3, 2052. Players in attendance included Eric Freeman, Jeff Dodge, Curt Lindmark, Joe Reynolds, Bryon Gray, Joe Barlow, and Dave McGee. The Division 45 event was a hybrid duel/race inspired by a format explored by SCAB played in the Towers Arena. The duel featured some interesting designs, several spectacular crashes, and the usual mayhem, mirth, and music (Dave has got to update his MP3 files).

The arena has eight pillars, laid out in two rows of four pillars.  Victory points were scored by earning kills in the normal fashion or by completing laps around the around the pillars.

+20 points for a mobility kill (-20 for being mobility killed)
+20 points for a completed kill (-20 for being completed killed)
+8 points per pillar circled - This means that if you do a circle around one pillar, you get 8 points. If you do a circuit around 2 pillars, you
get 16 points. You could circle each individually, or both with a single circuit. A circuit will be defined as any path that starts and ends in
approximately the same spot (within 2").  You must declare when beginning a circuit (a marker will be placed to indicate location).  Only one circuit "beginning" point can be had at any time.

No points were awarded for partial circuits.

Players and Vehicle Descriptions (Starting from the eastern gate on the south side)

South Gates

Gate 1: Joe Barlow's Road Runner -- Sloped compact, gasoline ICE with overdrive, racing slick tires, tinted/no-paint windows, airdam, spoiler, HDSAS, HDABS, ramplate, four AWHs, two WGs back.

Gate 2: Eric Freeman's Accu-Ram -- Luxury, electric PP (with HDHTMs and overdrive), active suspension, radial tires, driver, gunner with extra driver controls, SaD front, laser right, FCGS right, 3 FODs (1R, 1L, 1B), 2 bumper-triggered IcDs (1R, 1L), FCD top, HRSWC, airdam, spoiler, HDSAs, plastic armor, ramplate, 2 AWHs front, AWH right-back, 2 WGs back, 10 points plastic CA around all internal components, body armor and flak jackets for both crewmembers.

Gate 3: Empty

Gate 4: Dave McGee's Escape Velocity -- Sloped compact with CA frame, gasoline ICE, active suspension, racing slick tires, FPG (with sand ammo) front, airdam, spoiler, HDSAs, HDABS, LR plastic armor, 4 AWHs, 2 WGs back.

West Gates

Gate 5: empty

Gate 6: Bryon Gray's Quiet Storm -- Sloped Can-Am, gasoline ICE, laser in turret, 8 dischargers (1F, 2R, 2L, 1B, 1T, 1U), 4 AWHs, 2 WGs back.

North Gates

Gate 7: empty

Gate 8: Curt Lindmark's Shell Shock -- Luxury, electric PP, 3 RRs (1 in turret, 2 in frame), SD (with explosive-tipped spikes), 4 stickyfoam dischargers, 2 AWHs front, 2 WGs back.

Gate 9: empty

Gate 10: Joe Reynolds's Design -- Sloped pickup, electric PP with HTMs, racing slick tires, pulse laser in sponson turret mount left, SaD front, IcD right, PS back, 2 FCDs (1T, 1U), airdam, spoiler, HDSAs, 4 AWHs, 4 WGs.

East Gates

Gate 11: empty

Gate 12: Jeff Dodge's Swiss Cheese -- IndyCar, electric PP with HDHTMs, FOD, 3 pyrophoric oil dischargers, 7 SaDs, 4 AWHs.

Race Summary

1/2    Bryon starts off the fireworks by firing at Curt's right side with his laser and missing. Later in the turn, Eric takes a shot at one of Jeff's
wheels and misses.

2/2    Curt opens up with his RRs while spewing spikes, trying to perforate Reynolds, who takes this the wrong way (go figure), and fires back in kind. Eric starts to turn west while Dave turns east. Both announce starting circuits.

2/3    Bryon starts a circuit.

2/4    Curt is southbound and starts a circuit.

2/5    Barlow joins in the fun, and announces the start of his circuit. Eric closes on Dave and goes for Dave's right-front tire but misses. Dave offers up thanks to the dice gods. Jeff finally realizes IndyCars are for racing, and announces his circuit start.

3/1    Eric re-routes his laser to Dave's right side, inflicting minimal damage thanks to LR armor. Eric ducks to the south of Dave as they pass.

3/5    Curt heading southwest finds himself behind Jeff, who speeds out straight west from the start and is now turning back south. Curt's RRs
find their mark as his spikes run out, and pepper Jeff's rear.

4/1    Curt continues to pick on Jeff's escaping IndyCar (now at 130 mph) and breaches him, but winds up with only target practice as Bryon cruising in from the west vulches the kill by threading the breach (Bryon +40, Jeff -40).

4/2    Dave is unable to avoid Jeff's unguided missile of a car, and sideswipes it.

5/1    Bryon, now finding Curt hot on his tail, lights off a FOD.

5/2    Curt fires at Bryon's R side, tagging him for minimal damage.

5/3    Reynolds who headed west from his gate now closes on Eric on the eest side of the arena. Reynolds tags Eric for moderate damage on his right side. Eric returns the favor to Reynolds's left side. Joe has his laser linked to his PS and puts on automatic. This shields Joe from Eric's fire for the next few turns.

5/5    Jeff's car winds up on the East wall at 125 mph.

6/1    Curt continues to tail Bryon, removing armor from his back side. Sometime around here Reynolds and Bryon pass. Reynolds  tries to sideswipe Bryon with an IcD but can't get the collision to happen.

7/2    Lots of action on the west side of the arena. With Reynolds firing at him, Curt tries to get revenge on Bryon for stealing his kill, shredding
his rear armor.

7/3    Bryon completes a three-column circuit (+24, +64 total).

7/4    Once again, Curt is frustrated as Barlow swoops in from the east and t-bones Bryon in the NW section of the arena (Bryon +24, Barlow +40).

8/2    Eric and Curt try to tag-team Barlow to no avail. Eric completes a five-pillar circuit later in the turn (Eric +40). Eric turns back west after
the circuit and starts another.

9/2    Reynolds tails Joe as they both head east, and tries (unsucessfully) to take out Barlow's right-back tire. Using his overdrive, Eric reaches the top speed reached in the game of 135 mph.

10/1    Eric closes on Reynolds and Barlow from the east. He catches Barlow in a sideswipe and drops an IcD under Joe's slicks, who avoids rolling by the thinnest of margins (with some help due to an error in calculating the sideswipe hazard).

10/2    Eric and Reynolds attempt to finish off Barlow, but Reynolds's laser beats Eric to the punch. The resulting hazard forces Barlow into a
roll! And, of course, Eric nails Barlow, a very split second too late.

10/3    Curt finally gets some satisfaction by completing a five-column circuit (Curt +40).

10/4    Eric heading North along the Western part of the arena relies on deja vu and sideswipes the southbound Dave (who nearly completed an
eight-column circuit) using his left side. This smears ice under Dave's slicks, causing Dave to roll! Eric barely retains control himself, fishtailing back and forth, but escaping anything more serious. His left side is breach from the sideswipe damage. Meanwhile, Barlow loses consciousness, giving Reynolds the kill (Reynolds +40, Barlow -40).

11/3    Eric gets a kill as Dave loses consciousness from the roll (Eric +80, Dave -40). The five-second clock to victory starts ticking.

After the ram with Dave, Eric struggles to regain handling. Eric and Curt exhange some fire. As Eric nears the NW part of the arena he turns east. He tags the previously untouched Curt with a FCGS.  Curt shrugs it off.

Curt lines up a couple shots on Eric as he heads south. He nails him a couple times and manages to breach Eric's right side taking out Eric's
laser. Eric hits Curt again with a FCGS for small damage. Reynolds has been cruising around the east side of the arena (in an effort to complete an eight-tower circuit). He takes a shot at Eric's breached left and misses.

Joe cuts off his 7 tower circuit to a 6 tower circuit to keep his laser bearing on Eric (Joe +88). Eric survives the barrage of fire and completes a three-tower circuit to win the game (Eric +104).

After the referees viewed all the instant replays and tallied up the points, the rankings followed:

1. Eric Freeman: 104 points, full kill on Dave, five-tower circuit, three-tower circuit
2. Joe Reynolds: 88, full kill on Barlow, six-tower circuit
3. Curt Lindmark: 40, five-tower circuit
4. Bryon Gray: 24, full kill on Jeff, killed, three-tower circuit
5. Joe Barlow: 0, full kill on Bryon, killed
6. Jeff Dodge: -40, killed
6. Dave McGee: -40, killed

Subject: [SCAB] New CWRQ and ODQ
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 08:49:37 -0500
From: Eric Freeman <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

My well overdue update is finally here. There is still a lot I want to put in both documents, but I figured just to throw them in the next
revision instead of continuing to delay an update. As always, any comments are much appreciated.

Editor's Note: Visit the TSAR Web site to download the new CWRQ and ODQ.