Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 5, No. 2
February 16, 2052

Web Posted April 01, 2002
Updated April 01, 2002


Greetings again fans of motorized mayhem. What is my excuse this time for the lateness of this letter? I have run almost completely out of news, duel reports and articles. As a result, this issue is smaller than usual. If I were to have published on February 1st, I would have almost nothing to present to you. The moral of the story: If you want this newsletter to appear on time (and to keep running), I need submissions from all of you on a regular basis.

This issue has two special features. First, you can read a preview of the Car Wars 2002 rules, courtesy of Kirk Draut, the president of HADES. Kirk was able to observe a Car Wars 2002 playtest at OwlCon (Rice University, Texas) earlier this month. A discussion of these observations has been occurring on Dueling Debate, my Car Wars message board. Second, Paul Gilpin sent me a collection very interesting variants for power sources and their accessories. These alternative rules are now in the Daemon Mechanic section of the SWAT Web site.

I am targeting March 1st for the date when I finalize the standings of the 2051 WADA Car Wars League. Please look carefully at the statistics and notify me if you see any errors or omissions.

Drive offensively!

Michael P. Owen



Paul D. Gilpin
October 2001



February 6, 2002 Posted: 9:02 AM EST (1402 GMT)
By Daniel Sieberg
CNN Sci-Tech


Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / CW2002: Good News/Bad News
From: MiB3347 (RDEIS)
Date: Jan 31, 2002, 3:36 pm

I have good news and bad news from SJ Games. The good news is they've announced that there are outside playtesters working the project, and those folks are long time players and fans. There has not been any talk about who they are, only that they've been asked not to publicly comment on what they find. The bad news is this playtesting is taking time, so the new release page slipped Car Wars to March. Also, they're kicking around ideas for Gen Con Car Wars events.

Rob Deis



Forum: Dueling Debate <>
Subject: General / OwlCon Report
Date: February 10, 2002, 7:01 am

Howdy. I made it to the con (at Rice University, Texas this weekend), but I arrived too late to join in the (Car Wars playtest) duel. I did get to talk to the MiB about contacting local players next time. I also got to sit and look through the new rules and watch the game play. My impressions (of the new rules):

* Very streamlined. A lot of the issues that have been vigorusly debated on this board have been either resolved or eliminated.

* You now have a certain number of DP for your tires and a separate DP for your rims.

* The fire system is completely revamped. You take the number of points of damage you took from the incendiary weapon (double damage for flamethrowers) and roll 3d6. If you roll below that number, you get a fire marker on your car (up to three fire markers.) You can roll to
put out the fire, modified by your speed, the number of PFEs used, if you have a on-board FE, and what kind of armor you have (standard, fire-resistant or fireproof.)

* Mines now detonate if you get within 1" of the counter.

* Gunners get a +1 to hit.

* Ramplates are a compromise between old ramplates and revised ramplates. Light ramplates add +1 per die, heavy ramplates add +2 per die;  both reduce your damage by half.

* The Crash Tables are gone. If you blow your control roll, roll 1 die: 1 or 2 -- fishtail; 3 or 4 -- spin; 5 or 6 -- skid. Then your roll again to determine the severity of the maneuver.

* Speed is now handled in 10 mph increments. Movement is a three-phase system. Maneuvers may be made on each inch of movement.

I will be buying it when it comes out, but I'll still use my 9x cars. Hot Wheels are just too small for me.

My impressions of OwlCon: It reminded me why I never liked going to cons. Rules-lawyering is alive and well. I really felt sorry for the MiB running the Car Wars demonstraion. Three of the four guys playing were squabbling over every minute detail. He should have just clamped down on them at the start. Give a rabid gamer an inch . . .

My wife had never been to a con. We were walking past a WWII Battleground game in progress when she noticed the hundreds of meticulously painted minis on the battlefield in play.

My wife: (picks up infantryman) Look how cute!

WW2 players: AAAAUUUUUUGGGHHHHH! (except one power gamer who noted, "Hey look, she made an opening in the barbed wire!")

Me: Um, honey, they're in the middle of the game.

The WW2 guys were cool about it though. It looks like a neat game. An expensive game, but cool.

Kirk Draut
HADES President


From: Donald Jacques <>
To: Michael Owen <>
Subject: NOVA CDC results
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 22:56:49 -0600

Hi, Michael. Here's the results of our CDC held last night.

January 26
2051-2052 NOVA Div 25 CDC
Crossroads Arena, Denver, Colorado
Duelmaster: Norman McMullen
Players: 7

1. Michael Garrity: killed Marty, Joe, Nick and Norman
2. Andy Koehler: no vehicular kills
3. Nick: firepower kill on Don, killed by Mike
4. Norman McMullen: mobility kill on Don, killed by Mike
5. Donald Jacques: mobility-killed by Norman, firepower-killed by Nick
6. Joe Petito: killed by Mike
7. Marty Koehler: killed by Mike

Take care,

Norman McMullen
NOVA President


Subject: 2051 WDC Submissions
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 11:10:18 -0800 (PST)
From: Possum Knavel <>
To: Michael Owen <>

There are a couple of duel reports that I sent in that seemed to have been lost to the ether.

I was the CDC for SHAAG for 2051. Hugh Swindoll is the CDC for SHAAG for 2052.

November 01
2051-2052 SHAAG Chapter Dueling Championship
Div 100 Off-Road Duel
Eudora Earthworks

1. Hugh Swindoll
2. Dwight Dawkins: killed John
3. John Blaylock: killed Dwight, Curt, Tom, Chris, Sperry and Todd
4. Curt Workman
5. Tom Ferguson
6. Todd Thrash
7. Chris Ziemer: killed Denise
8. Sperry Workman
9. Denise Blaylock

I have one report for the Division 20 duel I ran at Shadow Con. I will submit it later, with Hugh's report of the 2051-2052 CDC. It will be for the 2052 season.

John Blaylock
SHAAG President


Subject: Last Three SPARK Duel Reports for 2051
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 11:13:44 -0600
From: Brian Strassman <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>

Hi, Michael. Just trying to get these in before the deadline. These are the reports from the last three duels that SPARK held in its 2051 circuit
season, which ended November 3rd. Due to various time problems and holiday commitments and all that, they were also the last three duels that SPARK held for the 2051 WADA year as well. We will be starting up again in January with some off-circuit duelling, and will be starting the 2052 circuit season sometime in late March or early April with our Club Championship. On to the reports:

September 29
SPARK Div 25 Duel
Killebrew Memorial Arena
Duelmaster: Brian Strassman
Players: 8

1. Pete Jansen: +6 points, killed Lon, half-kill on Becky due to fire
2. Flip Nelson: +4, killed Jacob
3. Mike Miller: +1, survivor
4. Becky Teed: 0, killed Eric, killed by Pete and Eric
5. Eric O'Denius: -2, half-kill on Becky due to fire, killed by Becky
6. Jim Beecher: -4, self-inflicted kill due to roll
6. Lon Johnson: -4, killed by Pete
6. Jacob Shafer: -4, killed by Flip

October 13
SPARK Div 20 Duel
Rainbow Bay Blast Furnace
Duelmaster: Brian Strassman
Players: 7

SPARK rookie duelist Jacob Shafer scored his first duel win in this, only his second dueling event. Also, for the first time in the SPARK duels held in the Rainbow Bay Blast Furnace, the arena flame bunkers claimed a victim.

1. Jacob Shafer: +3 points, firepower kill on Eric, split mobility kill on Eric with Mike
2. Mike Miller: +1, split mobility kill on Eric with Jacob
3. Becky Teed: 0, killed Pete, killed by Eric
3. Eric O'Denius: 0, killed Becky, firepower killed by Jacob, mobility-killed by Mike and Jacob
3. Tim Pangburn: 0, killed Jim, killed by arena bunkers
6. Pete Jansen: -4, killed by Becky
6. Jim Beecher: -4, killed by Tim

Going into the final duel of the season, the top of the circuit standings was a three-way fight between Pete Jansen, Mike Miller, and Jim Beecher, with Pete holding a slim lead over Mike and Jim. It looked like Pete could hold on and take the circuit championship, but (in a Chris Berman voice), that's why they play the game.

November 03
SPARK Div 30 Off-Road Duel
Sand Table Arena
Duelmaster: Brian Strassman
Players: 6

1. Jim Beecher: +6 points, mobility kill on Eric, mobility kill on Jacob, firepower kill on Eric
2. Mike Miller: +4, killed Becky, killed Pete, killed by Eric due to fire
3. Eric O'Denius: 0, killed Mike due to fire, mobility killed and firepower killed by Jim
4. Jacob Shafer: -2, mobility killed by Jim
5. Becky Teed: -4, killed by Mike
5. Pete Jansen: -4, killed by Mike

Thanks to his win in this duel, Jim Beecher claims the 2051 SPARK Circuit Championship.  Mike Miller finished tied with Jim at the top of the circuit, but with Jim's three duel wins to Mike's two, Jim wins the circuit on tiebreakers.

That's all that SPARK has for this year. See you in 2052, and drive offensively!

Brian Strassman
SPARK President


Subject: SCAB Club Dueling Championship Duel Report
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 07:20:36 -0800
From: Rob Hagmaier <>
To: SCAB Mauiling List <>

The Southern California Autodueling Brotherhood (SCAB) hosted our Club Dueling Championship on Saturday, January 26th. The winner of the event is automatically seeded to the finals of the Southwest Regional Dueling Championship to be held in February. Turnout was good, with a full complement of 12 SCABers packing Towers Arena for this Division 20 showdown:

Players and Vehicle Descriptions

Gate 1: Tom LaLonde -- Compact, electric PP, HVMG front.
Gate 2: Erik Rasmussen -- Station wagon, gasoline ICE, 3 linked RLs front.
Gate 3: Mike Hording -- Streamlined/sloped compact, electric PP, 2 HMGs front.
Gate 4: Eric Cogswell -- Luxury, electric PP, ramplate, RL right, FOJ left, SD back, ramplate.
Gate 5: Rob Steinke -- Reversed x-hvy. trike, gasoline ICE (with rocket booster and N2O tank), ramplate.
Gate 6: Jeremy Willis -- Station wagon, electric PP, 2 HRs on rocket platform, 4 HRs in rocket EWPs, 7 HRs front, LGL for all 13 HRs.
Gate 7: Rob Hagmaier -- Sloped light trike, electric PP, pulse laser left.
Gate 8: Hans Reiner -- Camper, electric PP, HR in cupola, 3 HRs below cupola, 4 HRs front, LGL for all HRs.
Gate 9: Rick Cross -- Luxury, electric PP, BC right, FCGS back.
Gate 10: Aaron Cappocchi -- Sloped compact, gasoline ICE, OG (with flaming oil ammo) right, ramplate.
Gate 11: Jarret Weintraub -- Sloped mid-size, electric PP, MF front, ramplate.
Gate 12: Peter Cossaboon -- Sloped compact, gasoline ICE, ramplate.

Duel Summary

Right out of the gates the hostilities began, with Rick and Hans swapping fire. They then go head-on, mobility killing Hans. Tom is firing his HVMG repeatedly at Peter, to no avail. After three seconds Tom becomes a mobility kill, as Peters's death machine plows into him. Tom is not declared a full kill as he still may be able to shoot his weapon with effect.

Looking to emulate Peter's success, Robert Steinke fires his rocket booster and shoots up to 80 mph, then fires his nitrous to push him even faster, as he looked for a victim to ram. Jeremy, meanwhile, was looking for a target for all those big rockets of his, painting first Jarret, then Rob Hagmaier with his targeting laser. He would later waste a single rocket on the speedy Rob before shifting his attention elsewhere. Rob quickly blows off Hans's front right tire with his laser (before Hans is rammed), but then switches to try to ward off Robert Steinke, who is blazing in. He manages to blow off Roberts's wheelguard and remove the rubber flap from his plasticore tire, causing Robert to spinout.

Eric Cogswell connects once on Mike Hording, then Erik Rasmussen and Mike swap a few shots, with Mike coming out on the short end as Erik Rasmussen's rockets manage to finish him off. Jarret takes a couple of shots with his mine flinger at Erik, but misses. Aaron comes charging towards the corner where Rick, Hans, Rob and Robert are all converging, firing his flaming oil gun as he comes.

Jarret then elects to ram Peter, with both of them surviving. Jarret, not getting enough of a good thing, would go on to ram, and finish the kill, on Tom. Rob Hagmaier manages a couple of shots into Rick's rear, and manages to destroy Ricks' FCGS, but nothing else. At this point Rob and Aaron are playing a game of high-stakes chicken around the carnage created by Rick and Hans. Aaron slips past Ricks's FGCS counter just before it ignites, and Rob makes a tight turn, getting sideswiped by Rick as he goes by, but avoiding a confrontation with Aaron. Jeremy, takes a shot with three rockets at Rick, but misses the laser. He then parks his car and unloads on Rick again, this time with four rockets. Again Rick is blessed as the laser narrowly misses. Rick, however, has not been idle. He is hammering away at the cupola of the immobile Hans, but Hans's armor is just too thick.

As Aaron shoots by, Rick blows off one of his back tires, while Aaron fires his flaming oil gun repeatedly towards Hans and Rick, landing one under the immobile Hans. Aaron then rams the spinning Robert Steinke, getting a full kill. He also manages to nail Rick with some flaming misery, eventually setting him on fire. Erik Rasmussen fails to finish Peter off although he does remove one of Peter's tires. Rob plays another game of chicken, this time with Eric Cogswell, dodging behind a pillar as Eric tries to arrange a Rob-ending ram. Eric instead sets his sights on the parked Jeremy, who sits patiently as Eric comes charging in, then fires one last volley of three rockets towards Eric. The rockets hit, mangling Eric's ramplate, but leaving enough for Eric to eliminate Jeremy.

Jarret and Peter come flying across the arena to join some of the fun at the other end, but Rob manages to blast through Jarret's front, destroying his power plant. Jarret, having nothing to lose, rams Peter again and finishes him off, but takes himself out of the running too, as
confetti litters the arena. Rick finally succombs to the flames as his vehicle explodes. Aaron and Eric Cogswell decide to test each other's
mettle, taking each other out in a massive collision. Rob and Eric are the only surviving contestants. Whomever manages to take out the other  wins the duel. Rob gets his tiny trike up to speed, making it very tough on Eric, who takes the best shots he can, but to no avail.  Rob manages to mobility kill Erik, then screeches to a stop behind the defenseless Erik, who sits patiently while Rob fires again and again into his rear armor.  After several shots Erik's driver and gunner are both killed, securing the win for Rob.

Final Results

1. Rob Hagmaier (repeats as champion from last year) -- 1 full kill, 1 mobility kill (Jarret), survives
2. Aaron Cappocchi -- 2 full kills, 1 completed kill, killed
3. Eric Cogswell -- 2 full kills, killed
4.  Jarret Weintraub -- 2 full kills, killed
5. (tie)  Erik Rasmussen -- 1 full kill, killed
5. (tie)  Peter Cossaboon -- 1 completed kill, 1 mobility kill, killed
7. Rick Cross -- 1 full kill, killed
8. Hans Reiner -- mobility-killed
9. Jeremy Willis -- killed
10. Robert Steinke -- killed
11. Mike Hording -- killed
12. Tom LaLonde -- killed

Rob Hagmaier
SCAB President

Subject: WADA League 2052: Jan 20th SCAB Div 20 Duel (2052 TCM Championship League Game #1)
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 20:51:15 -0800
From: Jeremy Willis <>
To: SCAB Mailing List <>

Game #1 of the 2052 TCM Championship League Season happened on January 20th, 2052. This Division 20 duel took place at Riverhead Tangram, which was in its 10-gate configuration. Five duelists participated with one empty gate between each vehicle.

Players and Vehicle Descriptions

Tom Lalonde: Compact with CA frame, rocket booster, ramplate

Jeremy Willis: Luxury, tight-beam sonic cannon front, FOJ back. Sloped LR metal armor (48 points), 4 CA compartments.

Hans Reiner: Mid-size, sonic cannon front

Jarett Weintraub: Reversed x-hvy trike, ramplate.

Josh Rust: Sedan, ATG (with APFSDS ammo) front.

Duel Summary

1/1    Tom ignites his 45 mph rocket booster and keeps control of his car. He's now going 85 mph!
1/5    Hans fires his sonic cannon at Jarett and misses.

2/5    Jeremy flips his FOJ on automatic. Josh fires his ATG (with APFSDS ammo) at Jarett and misses. Hans fires his sonic cannon at Jarett and misses again.

3/3    Hans hits Jarett's right side for 8 points of damage.
3/5    Jarett rams Josh, doing 122 points of damage and killing him, but loses control and rolls onto his side (they eliminate each other).

4/2    Jeremy hits Hans with BC for 18 damage.

5/1    Jeremy sees Tom coming his way and turns his car hard away.
5/2    Tom delicately manuevers trought a space in Jeremy's flaming oil.
5/3    Tom T-bones Jeremy into wall, giving less damage that he recieved, but still surviving and getting the kill on Jeremy. However, Tom's car stops due to the arena wall.
5/5    Hans hits Tom with his sonic cannon for 4 points of damage.

6/5    Hans hits Tom with his sonic cannon for 8 points of damage.

7/5    Hans misses Tom's front-left tire.

8/1    Tom bend tightly onto some of Jeremy's flaming oil for moderate tire damage. Hans hits Tom's back-right tire, rolls boxcars for damage, and blows it off Tom's car.

9/1    Tom does a slight manuever on oil. He fails his control roll and sideswipes a wall.
9/3    Hans takes off Tom's other back tire for a full kill on Tom.

Final Results

1. Hans Reiner: 44 points, kill on Tom (40), first blood (1), driver alive (2), still moving (1)
2. Tom Lalonde: 2, kill on Jeremy (40), killed (-40), driver alive (2)
2. Jarett Weintraub: 2, kill on Josh (40), killed (-40), driver alive (2)
4. Josh Rust: 0, kill on Jarett (40), killed (-40)
5. Jeremy Willis: -39, killed (-40), still moving (1)

TCM Cumulative Results

30 points    Hans Reiner
8.5    Tom Lalonde
8.5    Jarett Weintraub
2    Josh Rust
1    Jeremy Willis

1 kill each for Hans Reiner, Tom Lalonde, Jarett Weintraub, and Josh Rust

Jeremy Willis
TCM League Manager



Not much here yet except a large JPEG file of car and truck counters, many ripped from Grand Theft Auto, others found on the Web, and a few originals. I'll soon be adding aircraft counters, vehicle designs, an update to the AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide for New Hampshire, and possibly even a vehicle design program.

-- Deathshadow
August 2001


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Over 20 years ago, moviegoers were introduced to the world of Mad Max. It is a post-apocalyptic world of despair and violence that
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